73 Questions With Kendall Jenner | Vogue

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Kendall Jenner opens up about growing up in front of the cameras, who her favorite sister is, and what part of her body she wishes people paid more attention to.

Filmed in a single shot, we ask some of our favorite personalities 73 questions to see what they like, what they hate, and most importantly - what they know.
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73 Questions With Kendall Jenner | Vogue
Created by: Joe Sabia


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16 Ago 2016

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Comentários 19 767
Lucy Nguyen
Lucy Nguyen 9 horas atrás
73 Questions with Shawn Mendes
Lucy Nguyen
Lucy Nguyen 9 horas atrás
73 Questions with Noah Centineo
Julia Pennington
Julia Pennington 11 horas atrás
Morgan van Eck
Morgan van Eck 12 horas atrás
Euny Ogirri
Euny Ogirri 13 horas atrás
You should do 73 questions with cardi b
multi gamer
multi gamer 14 horas atrás
Denice Agnew
Denice Agnew 14 horas atrás
Đorđe Marković
Đorđe Marković 14 horas atrás
3:43 - 3:51 Eminem - Berzerk "They say that love is powerful as cough syrup in styrofoam All I know is I fell asleep and woke up in that Monte Carlo With the ugly Kardashian, Lamar, oh Sorry yo, we done both set the bar low" .......
KingSlayer 15 horas atrás
Rakshith K R
Rakshith K R 16 horas atrás
I hate Americans(now, especially the Kardashians).
MaddiePlays GrannyAndMore!
Best part 7:28
Two-tone Blue
Two-tone Blue 20 horas atrás
5:11 Aaaaand, I'm out'ta here....
Bethany Reiss
Bethany Reiss 20 horas atrás
This is the only 73 questions that instead of offering him something to drink, she drinks it herself
Violeta Luna
Violeta Luna 21 hora atrás
Huge difference between her and Selena Gómez. She seems rude to be honest.
Chelsea Ramlal
Chelsea Ramlal Dia atrás
Tbh she's the only Jenner I like
coco corcuera
coco corcuera Dia atrás
May i know who is her crush? I really don't hear it clearly
Jermesha Johnson
Jermesha Johnson Dia atrás
This was amazing
Tracey Barry
Tracey Barry Dia atrás
Love you too Kendall
Take It Low
Take It Low Dia atrás
I came here for press dislike button
Yul Min
Yul Min Dia atrás
I like selena more
Darrell Clay
Darrell Clay Dia atrás
setiady robert
setiady robert Dia atrás
Pls can you do 73 questions with Ariana Grande
Starstable Blue
Starstable Blue 2 dias atrás
Omg Marley and me I love that movie I literally cried so hard 😂😂😂😂😭
Pink in the Sky
Pink in the Sky 2 dias atrás
Kris: KeNdAlL GeT yOuR a$$ OvEr HeRe (or something like that)
Alana Victória
Alana Victória 2 dias atrás
She doesnt have the beauty and the friendliness of the brazilian model
Marvin Carter
Marvin Carter 2 dias atrás
Is this 73 Questions or MTV crips
vinayak kumar
vinayak kumar 2 dias atrás
Joe :Will u post a selfie of u and me on Instagram Kendall : No So rude is she
Tiana Jovanovic
Tiana Jovanovic 2 dias atrás
Kendall has her nipples pierced...
Bizzle Cabello
Bizzle Cabello 2 dias atrás
lmao i love her, idc what anyone has to say
Kylee Shane Hampac
Kylee Shane Hampac 2 dias atrás
Stella Perez
Stella Perez 2 dias atrás
Realg4life 3 dias atrás
This video makes me feel poor
Hero Academic
Hero Academic 3 dias atrás
She seems like a Thot
Clumsy Unicorn
Clumsy Unicorn 3 dias atrás
Wow she actually looks most like her mom out of all the sisters.
Dashia James
Dashia James 3 dias atrás
Why when he ask " what's your spirit animal " she said Tupac Shukur. LOL !!
rawrlee 3 dias atrás
i want her fridge
Mea Jones
Mea Jones 3 dias atrás
4:48 that was kind of rude
Mea Jones
Mea Jones 3 dias atrás
4:48 that was kind of rude
johnied850914 3 dias atrás
I know her secret
Chirag thakur
Chirag thakur 4 dias atrás
chanduu charan
chanduu charan 4 dias atrás
She is moving with sooo arrogance....
Anya Fearnside
Anya Fearnside 4 dias atrás
anyone noticed she says um before every question? ahah
Pay Pono
Pay Pono 4 dias atrás
73 Shoes 73 Questions Oke
Unicornsquishys Lynn
Unicornsquishys Lynn 4 dias atrás
My dog is called Marley and of course me
Mrasaalfreaky 4 dias atrás
1:35 worse trend of all Time ... WHITE SNEAKERS?!
Summer Rizzotto
Summer Rizzotto 4 dias atrás
73 Shoes = 73 Questions srsly lol
M 4 dias atrás
this is so boring
Nia Shah
Nia Shah 4 dias atrás
she said "um" 31 times I counted myself
Nat •
Nat • 5 dias atrás
Keisha Morgan
Keisha Morgan 5 dias atrás
Benny the jet Rodriguez is awesome. #sandlot fan4life!!!!!!
Jayla Neal
Jayla Neal 5 dias atrás
That bird noise tho
Armando Sanchez
Armando Sanchez 5 dias atrás
Lots of rrrrrrrr
Emma Styles
Emma Styles 5 dias atrás
Did someone notice her favorite movie is “the notebook “ which is harry ‘s favorite movie ??????
Alex Fan
Alex Fan 5 dias atrás
"Were all super independent woman" *Kylie can't wash her own laundry*
Ready Action
Ready Action 5 dias atrás
Love how confident she is!
Jessi Corn
Jessi Corn 5 dias atrás
Watch the skit that Liza did of this it’s so funny
Marley19 6 dias atrás
Zoe Eisinger
Zoe Eisinger 6 dias atrás
I feel like she just walked around to show off her house
Random Music
Random Music 6 dias atrás
Imagine cleaning that house.
kawaii bitch
kawaii bitch 6 dias atrás
this is so *planned* , *scripted* , and *fake* .
Jill 6 dias atrás
Where is she really going
They say i look like Shalissa
This makes me feel poor
Annika Nebu
Annika Nebu 6 dias atrás
She is so cool.
Samantha Abbygail Mangaliag
I hoped for her to say Kylie xd love her
Cocha Nelco
Cocha Nelco 6 dias atrás
The neediest is actually her haha
Cora Wilson
Cora Wilson 6 dias atrás
interviewer: "what's it like being an aunt?" kendall: "great so i can give them back :)"
Ariana Gomez
Ariana Gomez 6 dias atrás
I love her...❤️❤️ Don’t get Why everyone hates on her!!
Benito 6 dias atrás
I bet they have rehearsed this at least once
Nayana Nile
Nayana Nile 6 dias atrás
Mine too marly and me ..
m. v. harshini
m. v. harshini 6 dias atrás
Isn't it Kylie Jenner
Zoya Aly
Zoya Aly 6 dias atrás
Like....the outfit.
streetfights guild
streetfights guild 6 dias atrás
how is she able to remember all 73 answers?
Tilly Bowyer
Tilly Bowyer 7 dias atrás
0:40 delayed flights yeah right you've probably got your own private jet
Monikzz 7 dias atrás
Look at that fridge Oh my lord adopt me please
Star565 7 dias atrás
She looks a bit like Selena Gomez in the thumbnail lol
Ruth Guite
Ruth Guite 7 dias atrás
What's your spirit animal : 2pac Shakur
Jordan Askari
Jordan Askari 7 dias atrás
She like too many questions XD
Rachael Elliott
Rachael Elliott 7 dias atrás
73 questions with Tom Felton Like if you agree
Colour Cat
Colour Cat 7 dias atrás
Chris sounds like Kim
Elena Khalifeh
Elena Khalifeh 7 dias atrás
I just noticed that she’s not wearing a bra
LAUREN DELA CRUZ 8 dias atrás
she's so freaking beautiful
Varedz 8 dias atrás
Varedz 8 dias atrás
This guy is annyoing
naturalfruit MSP
naturalfruit MSP 8 dias atrás
4:52 "No?, lets go to the pool" rudeeee
Jk Ramirez
Jk Ramirez 8 dias atrás
Cat isn’t with k
Katie L
Katie L 8 dias atrás
I'll join the kardashians. I'm already named katie
Zilka Warda
Zilka Warda 8 dias atrás
Ur glad I’m watching ur video because I wanted to BTS fake love
Macy Haywood
Macy Haywood 8 dias atrás
I feel like her honesty makes her seem rude😂
Jacqueline Sanchez
Jacqueline Sanchez 8 dias atrás
she dint ofer anything
Marianne Sargeant
Marianne Sargeant 8 dias atrás
Image the months it took to practice this..... *WASTE*
Zagado4naya Devushka
Zagado4naya Devushka 8 dias atrás
Asap Rocky’s baby girl💜
Miss Kaye
Miss Kaye 8 dias atrás
When she rejected to post a selfie :(
KAH HOE GOH 9 dias atrás
If I had a penny every time she said 'Um', I would be RICH.
GFTNCF 9 dias atrás
Is that a chicken
Potato Chip
Potato Chip 9 dias atrás
Indira Jolly
Indira Jolly 9 dias atrás
First of all this is obviously scripted even all of the videos
Kassandra Lomeli
Kassandra Lomeli 9 dias atrás
Heyimtete Father teee
Heyimtete Father teee 9 dias atrás
Kris - mas
Cleo Stewart
Cleo Stewart 9 dias atrás
that's my middle name krissnadro
Maryam Kool
Maryam Kool 9 dias atrás
Well actually that was 72 questions because she didn’t answer the question when you asked her about her secret so it doesn’t make sense but I still love you vogue
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