73 Questions With Kendall Jenner | Vogue

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Kendall Jenner opens up about growing up in front of the cameras, who her favorite sister is, and what part of her body she wishes people paid more attention to.

Filmed in a single shot, we ask some of our favorite personalities 73 questions to see what they like, what they hate, and most importantly - what they know.
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73 Questions With Kendall Jenner | Vogue
Created by: Joe Sabia


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16 Ago 2016

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Comentários 21 878
Shevon Dowden
Shevon Dowden 2 horas atrás
I don't care about others, Kendall is my favourite💞😍,people say she is rude but she is not
blue blue
blue blue 11 horas atrás
For short kardashian house tour
Awesome Girl
Awesome Girl 14 horas atrás
Y’all are so rude and even if it’s scripted she seems quirky
Mexsand 20 horas atrás
She’s not that bad
Arianator Amber
Arianator Amber 22 horas atrás
Vicky MUNYWOKI 23 horas atrás
She's so pretty but arrogant
Red Panda Slimes
Red Panda Slimes Dia atrás
Will u please do this for Camila Cabello?
Samantha 1234
Samantha 1234 Dia atrás
Kendall: 73 Interviewer: *whispers* that's a good number
Purple hearts For Vsoo
Ask her about Hendall✨!
Purple hearts For Vsoo
Kendall is ❤️✨
Purple hearts For Vsoo
I ❤️ you
Purple hearts For Vsoo
She is so beautiful ✨
Haaris Tirandaz
Haaris Tirandaz 2 dias atrás
Well I can make pig noises
Rramans 2 dias atrás
Why am so in love with Kendal
PiroPit 0228
PiroPit 0228 2 dias atrás
What about 73 questions with Dua Lipa
Reham Sayed
Reham Sayed 3 dias atrás
4:48 til 4:51 she said no in a kinda rude way lol
J Palance
J Palance 3 dias atrás
Why isn't Kendall richer than she is? Because of the gender PAY GAP! All women, but especially Kendall Jenner, need more respect and more money than all men.
Joey Ngarambe
Joey Ngarambe 3 dias atrás
Alexander The Great
Alexander The Great 4 dias atrás
Pink Princess
Pink Princess 4 dias atrás
Kendall is Kendalltastic Lol
sarah que
sarah que 4 dias atrás
"Whos your spirit animal" This girl said Tupac Shakur
Julia Cee
Julia Cee 4 dias atrás
I’m sorry the greatest rapper of all time is not an animal you uncultured swine
Judge Kawaii
Judge Kawaii 4 dias atrás
*2019?? 😉😍* someone?
SaLaExclusive Tube
SaLaExclusive Tube 5 dias atrás
she's so cute
whatever 5 dias atrás
I think kendall has the prettiest 73 q's tumbnail
GAMING with Florin
GAMING with Florin 5 dias atrás
Anissia Rain
Anissia Rain 5 dias atrás
Wow shes so beautiful but she has no personality :/ she's so shallow (not in the vain way, i mean in the intellectual way) & simple minded. Such a waste.
s p
s p 5 dias atrás
ok but how is tupac this privileged white girls spirit animal tho????
Rosy Jackson
Rosy Jackson 5 dias atrás
so she DOES have a talent... making bird noises
Rosy Jackson
Rosy Jackson 5 dias atrás
you can see her nipple piercings through her shirt
FMC_ WIZARD 5 dias atrás
Why tf did she say tupac Shukoor ? Lol 😂
Belieber for life
Belieber for life 6 dias atrás
73 questions with Justin Bieber please 🙏🙏🙏
AbbyKitten Santos
AbbyKitten Santos 6 dias atrás
*when somebody’s fridge is more organized then your room*
Dela Amanda
Dela Amanda 6 dias atrás
Phat_Chungus 6 dias atrás
Kendal or kylie?
bella 7 dias atrás
me and Kendall have the same birthday that’s why she’s my favorite Jenner
manesk caleski
manesk caleski 7 dias atrás
Maybe Kendall thinks that looking miserable, mean and hungry is fashionable... no, not! This should ve bern in a sportsfield... or during something Kendall s good at. I really felt bad for her. She seems like she doesnt have a soace of her own.
manesk caleski
manesk caleski 7 dias atrás
Worst 73 questions i ve ever watched. She lacks personality and this shows in the video. Whenever people got into the scene, their dialogue ended up in awkward silence. Her dialogues with the make up artist, her mom two times as well as the guy in the pool were horrible and really ended in awkward way. Maybe she needs more help for a front-camera presence than her siblings, but her own self would be much better than a forceful helping hand portraying her a complete idiot. Thkugh most probably she wouldnt hav done any better on her own either! I adored gigi and bella s bogue. Particularly Bella ... it was amazing
WIG S 7 dias atrás
73 Q’s with NINA DOBREV
Ayman Ajaje
Ayman Ajaje 7 dias atrás
Is Kendall plastic or not? Reply if you know the answer
Estefani Juarez
Estefani Juarez 7 dias atrás
Wth die fr !
Maggie Taft
Maggie Taft 7 dias atrás
It's like she was waiting behind the door!!
Madhura Patil
Madhura Patil 7 dias atrás
Even my favourite curse word is F*** we're sooooooooo similar
VenusCapricorn 7 dias atrás
*B A R F* ( Boring Arid Robotic Fool)
Vimla Verma
Vimla Verma 8 dias atrás
kiddy boy
kiddy boy 8 dias atrás
why u guys hating stop ffs..kendall is nice
Estefania Alcivar
Estefania Alcivar 8 dias atrás
She is more friendly than Selena Gomez and obviously more beautiful than her.
Delaney Leary
Delaney Leary 8 dias atrás
Juliet Aderemi
Juliet Aderemi 8 dias atrás
OMG 😂😂why does she looks like Jesus when the filter beard was on her face and also chirping also😂😂💓
Full moon
Full moon 8 dias atrás
“Ummm um uhmmm hmmmm ....” can she stop please
Chelsea Lam
Chelsea Lam 8 dias atrás
do one with ariana grande please !!!!!!
Kay Kay’s World!
Kay Kay’s World! 8 dias atrás
CarmenLydia 9 dias atrás
That house is absoloutley sTUNnning
Astrid Garcia
Astrid Garcia 9 dias atrás
Interviewer "if you had to choose another career what would you do?" Kendal "Id probabaly be on a farm somewhere" HA. YEAH RIGHT. what an idiot.
Panda Production AS
Panda Production AS 9 dias atrás
He asked you have any secret = the answer should be yes not it won’t be a bla bla
Caitlin McKay
Caitlin McKay 9 dias atrás
it looked like she was getting sick of you.....
Jaqueline O
Jaqueline O 9 dias atrás
Delayed flights don't yall have a private jet
Cheese Man
Cheese Man 9 dias atrás
‘’Kendall get you a** over here’’
Love Zuniga
Love Zuniga 9 dias atrás
does she have nipple piercing???
Grace Stew
Grace Stew 9 dias atrás
She says uhhh or ummmm before every answer
Noreen De Loera
Noreen De Loera 9 dias atrás
How many times does she have to say "ummmm..."?
Lyudmila M
Lyudmila M 9 dias atrás
Wtf bird noises 😂😂😂 that's low key kinda cool
King Allie
King Allie 10 dias atrás
North West , South West oohh 👌👌
Sara B
Sara B 10 dias atrás
Admin Dann
Admin Dann 10 dias atrás
Masonic floor
Ethereal Rhyme
Ethereal Rhyme 10 dias atrás
ikε 10 dias atrás
house bigger than my future
yandie kaye
yandie kaye 9 dias atrás
Nahh... zedd's house is bigger
Pagan Subliminals
Pagan Subliminals 9 dias atrás
brighter smile than my future
Winter Wonder
Winter Wonder 10 dias atrás
I use to dig her but this interview has turned me off of her.
Phoenix 5331
Phoenix 5331 10 dias atrás
4:50 if you pause the video at this time you can see that hes taken out his script lol
ElephantsLover 10 dias atrás
Yay. The goodlooking kardashian.
Asereth Azodnem
Asereth Azodnem 10 dias atrás
Her wealth is my dream .😍❤️
TrippCade 10 dias atrás
Take not guys If you see Kendall Jenner in the street *look down*
Sam Adams
Sam Adams 10 dias atrás
Can you name 4 other names that start with K? Cat and Cassandra??
Itskulaabb 10 dias atrás
Imagine being this rich
Gracey Wacey
Gracey Wacey 10 dias atrás
Fiji water💯
Giulianna Lombardo
Giulianna Lombardo 10 dias atrás
is it me or does everyone always treat this guy kind of rudely...
We Are X
We Are X 10 dias atrás
She's so beautiful wow
jharwood85 11 dias atrás
Here's a great question: Can I please have the 7 minutes and 28 seconds I wasted watching this video back?
hiren patel
hiren patel 11 dias atrás
You look soooooo pretty Kendall
jimmy man utd
jimmy man utd 11 dias atrás
chicks an absolute slag
MKK GANG MEMBER 11 dias atrás
Did she just called 2pac an animal i swear she gonna get killed over this
Mariel B
Mariel B 11 dias atrás
*do 73 questions with James Charles*
Mihit Aaditya
Mihit Aaditya 11 dias atrás
She doesn't know about how to treat her guests properly! She didn't offer him even a drink or water!
Demmy Ziana
Demmy Ziana 11 dias atrás
Kris tho😂😂😂
Vikrant Sharma
Vikrant Sharma 11 dias atrás
4:48 the insult
Oof Its Natalie
Oof Its Natalie 11 dias atrás
Omg 73 questions woulda been fire with x 😭
neerod 11 dias atrás
Love how the interviewer puts a beard on her face... 😂😂😂 *low key insult*
Asen Hongs
Asen Hongs 11 dias atrás
Pretty always kendall
Asen Hongs
Asen Hongs 11 dias atrás
She is so cool n prettt
Trent Henderson
Trent Henderson 11 dias atrás
The best part of these videos is how I get to see these rich peoples houses and think about how broke I am.
Midnight Williams
Midnight Williams 11 dias atrás
What’s your spirit animal Tupac 🤔
Matt Powell
Matt Powell 11 dias atrás
Shane Dawson’s version is better
Roserudd 11 dias atrás
Why are so many people calling her conceited and horrible she is just answering questions people really love to hate on people who are thriving🤧💛
Roserudd 11 dias atrás
her sleeve is killing me🤧🤧
Little Maria
Little Maria 11 dias atrás
This is so fake all those lines didn't seem like hers.. And her mother and the other man in the pool, I'm just gonna say fake fake fake!
Varnelia Smith
Varnelia Smith 11 dias atrás
Why is everyone saying she was being rude...
joey 12 dias atrás
3:18 that fridge is literal goalsss
Sarah Özçivit
Sarah Özçivit 12 dias atrás
People hating on her for nothing but anyways who's got 27 million views and is tAlEnTlEsS :)
Miriam Onen
Miriam Onen 12 dias atrás
She reminds me of Blair Waldorf
Hyonii Jun
Hyonii Jun 12 dias atrás
I still wanna get the top she is wearing
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