73 Questions With Hailey Bieber | Vogue

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While model Hailey Bieber (née Baldwin) gets ready to shoot her Vogue cover, she answers 73 intriguing questions. Hailey talks about planning her wedding with Justin Bieber, her desire to learn the Shake Shack secret sauce recipe, and (almost!) shows us how to open up a beer with your teeth.

Shot on location at Villa Carlotta, Los Angeles.

Interviewed and directed by Joe Sabia
Producer: Marina Cukeric
DP: Jess Dunlap
PM: Josh Young
Edit and Color: Ryan Powell
Post Sound: Bang World
Styling: Taylor Angino
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73 Questions With Hailey Bieber | Vogue


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8 Fev 2019



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Comentários 16 019
TuanDapen Gaming
TuanDapen Gaming Hora atrás
Vogue can't interview Justin so they set up with Hailey to ask about Justin, lol
Yingying Gan
Yingying Gan Hora atrás
the house is amazing, love the design
Anja Bailey
Anja Bailey 2 horas atrás
She is sweet
*lorde rose
*lorde rose 3 horas atrás
1:41 "I can't say much but it's kinda like an off white color" 😏⚡️
OMG stoptalking
OMG stoptalking 3 horas atrás
Her expressions are so stiff!
Brandon Gray
Brandon Gray 5 horas atrás
It’s an off-white color. Aw, Easter Egg.
Fashion 8 horas atrás
CATHARINA Holz 10 horas atrás
She seems so fake
Sharon Pereira
Sharon Pereira 14 horas atrás
She said the dress is off white ❣️nice hint
Krista w
Krista w 16 horas atrás
How much did Postmates pay her for advertisement?
Krista w
Krista w 16 horas atrás
Well that didnt sound scripted at ALL. 🙄
Line Leknesund
Line Leknesund 17 horas atrás
Hailey is so pretty!!!
Megan Higgins
Megan Higgins 17 horas atrás
When she hinted towards her wedding dress and said it was an “OFF-WHITE colour”!!!
Hannah Silverman
Hannah Silverman 18 horas atrás
I could not understand what he said on question number 73. What about her husband's song titles and the interview?
χαρα Χαρούλα
She's famous because of Justin. She doesn't have a special personality she's just an innocent irrelevant barbie. So young to be married without no experience etc. They will break up Definitely
Shizukesa Hanta
Shizukesa Hanta 21 hora atrás
HAHAHA title: 73 Questions for Hailey Baldwin! Realistically: 73 Questions for Justin Bieber! ✨
Theresa Carmody
Theresa Carmody 23 horas atrás
watching after the wedding and realizing she says the color is "off white" because off white was creating her dress!
Nicknatters Dia atrás
Off white.. haha i get it
Heli Marlina
Heli Marlina Dia atrás
This is the first time i see her. Ilove the way aja answer all of the questions
Stephanie gold
Stephanie gold Dia atrás
She’s so sweet :)))) ❤️❤️❤️
*cough cough* Selena Gomez...
Karen Suchy
Karen Suchy 2 dias atrás
This is super awkward the entire time.
Belly D
Belly D 2 dias atrás
She has such a big mouth
Bingbong44 Like
Bingbong44 Like 2 dias atrás
I was hoping justin was in the whole video
Shreya Sureshkanna
Shreya Sureshkanna 2 dias atrás
Lol do 73 questions with the guy who asks 73 questions xD😂
Kate Shortall
Kate Shortall 2 dias atrás
Did he mention Justin’s song titles throughout?
ORA THE MOLECULE 2 dias atrás
I am hooked!
Roberta Kroteva
Roberta Kroteva 3 dias atrás
Hailey is so natural, i love it
Lyri Bean
Lyri Bean 3 dias atrás
Were doing a project in theater where you have to mock a celeb's mannerisms so I'm choosing her.
Chris Hepburn
Chris Hepburn 3 dias atrás
Come on Justin. You could have done better than her. She's fugly.
Pipit Harahap
Pipit Harahap 4 dias atrás
Justin love her So much cus She is an her.
Edgie Dane
Edgie Dane 4 dias atrás
love her So much
Videl Lee
Videl Lee 4 dias atrás
Supe cute 😘
Hibu Joni
Hibu Joni 4 dias atrás
Do 73 question with Eminem G eazy Macklemore Mgk Nf Logic Snoop dog Wiz khalifa Ice cube
Tye Williams
Tye Williams 4 dias atrás
Every time the door bell rung I wanted it to be Justin Bieber 😢
Dianna Harris
Dianna Harris 4 dias atrás
She looks very sweet and nice. She is such nice Christian thou.
Ash Smyly
Ash Smyly 4 dias atrás
She has her *corona*
JuiX Life
JuiX Life 4 dias atrás
These interviews feel so staged and fake
Big Draco
Big Draco Dia atrás
Cuz they rehearsed it and she was given the full list of questions so she can prepare answers to answer fast enough.
Rebella VEVO
Rebella VEVO 5 dias atrás
In the beginning he acts exactly like me walking after my crush who hated me in 2nd grade
Aya Cool
Aya Cool 5 dias atrás
Собака сутулая
Carlotta Mähler
Carlotta Mähler 5 dias atrás
She’s not that pretty tho
Jujum Chicago
Jujum Chicago 3 dias atrás
Are you kidding??? Hailey is BEAUTIFUL
Japhiahchrstv 201824
Japhiahchrstv 201824 5 dias atrás
no wonder justin's so inlove with her. she's so sweet and humble🥺❤️
Miisa Liimatta
Miisa Liimatta 5 dias atrás
Aw She is so sweet
Berni Fi
Berni Fi 5 dias atrás
73 Questions with Sonny Moore/Skrillex please!
Alisha Thakuri
Alisha Thakuri 5 dias atrás
Baby baby baby ohhhh thought you always be mine mine. 😎😍❤️😘
VVV zzz
VVV zzz 5 dias atrás
I have a question She want bieber death for her or live for her or deatg for bieber ?
VVV zzz
VVV zzz 5 dias atrás
Yes She is cindarella in grim ( girl) And princess ( boy ) Very nice and strong
Agrippina The Traveler
I love Selena. But she’s cute actually. I hope the best for Justin and Hailey
LightBulbStudio 5 dias atrás
She is so nice! She is not bratty, she cares for others and so down to earth Dream girl...
Luanda Sampaio
Luanda Sampaio 5 dias atrás
Gia Jackson
Gia Jackson 5 dias atrás
Why does this sound like a dj small eyes interview 😂
patisonn xd
patisonn xd 5 dias atrás
She's so cute omg
Caroline Mhlongo
Caroline Mhlongo 6 dias atrás
What are post mates?
Black Widow
Black Widow 6 dias atrás
no one realized she actually looks like lily james
Young Plum
Young Plum 6 dias atrás
Her and Justin looks like brother and sister!
spare 6 dias atrás
omg "off-white colour" hints hintsss
praveen peddi
praveen peddi 6 dias atrás
I hate hailey bieber and Justin bieber 👎🏻
Katy Tentinger
Katy Tentinger 3 dias atrás
praveen peddi then why you here?
nurlita kusuma
nurlita kusuma 6 dias atrás
Thankyou justin bieber to show us your mom
Idzell N. Blanc
Idzell N. Blanc 6 dias atrás
She seems a really kind person also is very smart. 💕
STR33T TUN3R 6 dias atrás
Sweet little girl. 17k dislike wish they her or him lmao love y’all folks commenting on here
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