73 Questions With Emily Ratajkowski | Vogue

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Emily Ratajkowski invites us into her artsy L.A. loft for a game of chess, a record-listening party, and an impromptu drawing session. The model and actress fills us in on what she’d do as president, why Patti Smith is her fashion icon, the one thing nobody knows about Lena Dunham, and why IDGAF is her life motto.

Filmed in a single shot, we ask some of our favorite personalities 73 questions to see what they like, what they hate, and most importantly - what they know.
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73 Questions With Emily Ratajkowski | Vogue
Created by: Joe Sabia
Director of Photography: Brian Quist


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1 Out 2015

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Comentários 4 463
Sirius Black
Sirius Black 9 horas atrás
she has zero personality, wow
Aniss scott
Aniss scott Dia atrás
The ad for the pizza company is so undercovered...
Ekaterine Gasparian
Country of Georgia is watching :)
Vale Mai
Vale Mai 2 dias atrás
#noscript tho😂😂😂
Antonio Supico Horgan
Antonio Supico Horgan 5 dias atrás
This guy got laid
Waffles 8 dias atrás
73 questions with the Vogue question dude
jesus schoof
jesus schoof 8 dias atrás
is giving away the rook :(
Christopher Lucey
Christopher Lucey 8 dias atrás
It’s Irish not Gaelic and she said quiet not shut up
ja jq
ja jq 9 dias atrás
Shes such a boring person wow
LittleZakie 10 dias atrás
Not scripted at all, so natural...
Sara Siddiqua
Sara Siddiqua 10 dias atrás
she iz si kind 😍
Gary Peyton
Gary Peyton 11 dias atrás
I would let that women give me the newest version of AIDS
Shota Burjanadze
Shota Burjanadze 12 dias atrás
George damenaxe
Abdelrhman Obay
Abdelrhman Obay 12 dias atrás
Looks like marzia #pewdiepie
keefstagram71 12 dias atrás
Nick Wiebe
Nick Wiebe 13 dias atrás
I finally figured out how to pronounce Emily's last name properly
Bryan Diaz
Bryan Diaz 14 dias atrás
Maxima 14 dias atrás
Love her apartment
I say shotgun, you say wedding
I don't know who she is but this is one of the more legit interviews, not very stiff
aashay shah
aashay shah 17 dias atrás
Anyone know what music she played?
reculture 17 dias atrás
When is the part when guy puts down camera and they get to it? ... Oh.. This is wrong site...nvm
roger8654 19 dias atrás
She said the multiple language thing twice
Ohora 20 dias atrás
It's not shut up it's be quiet but close enough
Crazywill 20 dias atrás
how to fold a jumper tutorial :D
Bink Creme
Bink Creme 21 dia atrás
73Questions with Justin
Joanna de Maigret
Joanna de Maigret 21 dia atrás
Comrade Corbachev
Comrade Corbachev 21 dia atrás
"How many shoes?" "A lot but not as many as most people"
LOKMAN COSTA 21 dia atrás
Music plays for 00:00 Him: I love it
Swathed ZiBO
Swathed ZiBO 21 dia atrás
WHO is she
Lyvelon 22 dias atrás
That was cringe af
LoveJoy 22 dias atrás
I hate these fake sponteanous interview..."can you rate my dance move? great".. the guy just moved his camera for 1 seconde....pls be more creative.
novia paramita
novia paramita 22 dias atrás
im watching it over 4x for her loft
Zaylan_ Styles.
Zaylan_ Styles. 23 dias atrás
If you watch the 73 questions with Kendall Jenner her outfit is almost the same as Emily's haha
bethybabenz1 24 dias atrás
Everyones always packing a tiny suitcases in 73 Q's.. we all know the truth, you're gonna have like 10 full suitcases somewhere!
Taypha Jr
Taypha Jr 24 dias atrás
6:25 it just wasn’t checkmate though
Vice Ćuška
Vice Ćuška 24 dias atrás
That was one fast pizza delivery...
Morozov Roman
Morozov Roman 25 dias atrás
Девушка не о чем!!! Вообще не понятно почему у нее так много фоловеров.
EminenTFoX 25 dias atrás
like fake interviewer
nsalt7 25 dias atrás
It's 2018 and that's still not checkmate...
Ponfizius 26 dias atrás
whats the book she recommended? :)
laue Jensen
laue Jensen 26 dias atrás
These videos are the weirdest
Tom Heal
Tom Heal 26 dias atrás
with her until she said, "let's redistribute wealth". Yeah because stealing is fine if everyone does it right?
M.K. A.
M.K. A. 26 dias atrás
perfect woman
Holy Xvii
Holy Xvii 26 dias atrás
Anyone know the name of the song she played?
Kneegrows 26 dias atrás
69 questions with Emily please
Sudip Chatterjee
Sudip Chatterjee 26 dias atrás
Vogue- What's your favourite animal? MRata - baby dinosaur! 😂😂😂
Darius Kokoszko
Darius Kokoszko 27 dias atrás
look scripted
Sunday Seance
Sunday Seance 27 dias atrás
came to comment "spoiled, overrated", saw that I commented 2 years ago
A V 27 dias atrás
tdreamgmail 28 dias atrás
Beta male
MJTV 28 dias atrás
“Syrian refugee”, “Let’s redistribute the wealth of thuis country”... hahah.. bunch of hypocriets
Richard Kadar
Richard Kadar 28 dias atrás
Thats an extremely wet martini btw
Karambai 29 dias atrás
Is everyone ignoring the fact he ordered a vegan cheese pizza
Albert Monson
Albert Monson Mês atrás
wants to redistribute wealth yet lives like a queen above the hovel in the street. LOL. any two things in that apt. could support a homeless veteran for a year. give away your own money emily and leave mine alone.
tydumeproductions Mês atrás
This is so rehearsed I wish they would do this but make it more genuine and believable and just in general real
Ιερώνυμος Κοράκης
"Redistribute wealth". While living in a $4000/month loft in LA......wearing $5000 worth of clothes.....with art on your walls, worth 100's of thousands of $, hypocrite much?
Joe505 Mc
Joe505 Mc Mês atrás
“Let’s redistribute wealth in this country....” I mean, do you actually do that Emily?? How much of your wealth (which coincidentally is earned through doing pretty much nothing) do you “redistribute?”
Calln  Reiman
Calln Reiman Mês atrás
5:07 she is literally communist
乇乂ㄒ尺卂 ㄒ卄丨匚匚
This was clearly rehearsed before hand
Mateusz Czeladka
Mateusz Czeladka Mês atrás
saucy minx :)
Ivane Bruneau
Ivane Bruneau Mês atrás
I really love cheese cake to !!!
Ginga Tetsudō Surī Nain
this is the first time i hear her voice
Saleha Noori
Saleha Noori Mês atrás
i cant believe she is an SJW
Emily Ghoul
Emily Ghoul Mês atrás
73 questions with ariana grande
Ece Karakartal
Ece Karakartal Mês atrás
She look a like natalie portman
Rebeca Ibarra
Rebeca Ibarra Mês atrás
Why do I feel like there videos are rehearsed?
Adolfo Montoya
Adolfo Montoya Mês atrás
mira que la pava me mola pero es to roja joder
Chris Bretherton
Chris Bretherton Mês atrás
Don't know much about Emily , but she came across intelligent , confident and friendly. Not to mention , she's smokin' hot as well.
Simon Coulthard
Simon Coulthard Mês atrás
That's not checkmate, King can come to c2.
jstarr23kid Mês atrás
Yes. Just, yes.
Noah Marks
Noah Marks Mês atrás
1:15 rubber soul
mjccmc82 Mês atrás
What song did she play? if you know, could you please tell me please? Thank you.
Onion Interface
Onion Interface Mês atrás
Strongly dislike.
yokehuatgoh Mês atrás
whoa, she's naturally beautiful and photogenic at any angle at any frame.
Lynn D.
Lynn D. Mês atrás
She looks like a llama.
Bailey Pope
Bailey Pope Mês atrás
Lol try to make it look natural but it’s so fkn scripted. No one talks/interviews like this.
Gumtree Koala
Gumtree Koala Mês atrás
73 questions with Conor Mcgregor.
Yellowstone300 Mês atrás
It´s not checkmate
1001 Secrets de Beauté Paris
I love her flat OMG. Got the same full of art in Marrakech! Come Emily!
Cheyanna Musgrove
Cheyanna Musgrove Mês atrás
she found spirituality in my artwork // but its IMPOSSIBLE TO MIMICK SPIRITUALITY // so she studies & became a better artist herself then any of the royal family up there. -- art competition THIS IS WHY WIZ HOLDS THE MONEY
Cheyanna Musgrove
Cheyanna Musgrove Mês atrás
the only way to get her story across // art // who had hidden messages in artwork?? me -- so she chose me completely RANDOM and the anger towards someone in this -- wealth distribution -- who's that for?
Cheyanna Musgrove
Cheyanna Musgrove Mês atrás
Jim Bautista
Jim Bautista Mês atrás
73 questions with the one who is asking...
Is there Anthony Davis on 6:33? They would be a great pair)
Donald Trump
Donald Trump Mês atrás
Pretty women, don't tell Melania. God bless America. Donald.
Gugu Kahfi
Gugu Kahfi Mês atrás
no checkmate there!
Ianel Mês atrás
Alexis Roussine
Alexis Roussine Mês atrás
1:36 song name pleeeease 🙏🏻
Imstevnco Mês atrás
Please do Penelope Cruz!
laura michelle
laura michelle Mês atrás
Hate how liberal she is.... 🙄
MykTheOccultist Mês atrás
Joanna Newsom "Ys" is pronounced "EEEz" not "Why's"
Gabriel Jolabero
Gabriel Jolabero Mês atrás
73 Questions With Jordi El Nino Polla!
Gabriel Jolabero
Gabriel Jolabero Mês atrás
73 Questions With Johny Sins!
Maroon Blossom
Maroon Blossom Mês atrás
Her comment about redistributing wealth makes me like her so much. Very humble young lady!
LaMaletadePia Mês atrás
She is so sweet! I love her 😍
maksik. Mês atrás
I didn't know the question camera guy was a robot
Yasamin Hassan
Yasamin Hassan Mês atrás
(plays 1 sec of the song) " Nice I'm lovin it" dfkmm
cassi Skins
cassi Skins Mês atrás
Nom de la musique à 1:37 par hasard ?
no oo
no oo Mês atrás
Ella es tan hermosa
no oo
no oo Mês atrás
She isssss soo perge t
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