725HP BMW 325i E30 Turbo vs Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4

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During yesterdays RACE1000 I have filmed a battle between a modified BMW 325i E30 Turbo with 725HP against a Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4! This is a 1/2 Mile straight (804 meters) drag race! I hope you enjoy the video.

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Chris /CvdZijden

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13 Mai 2018



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cvdzijden - Supercar Videos
Guys, come on.. Why is everybody thinking that the Lamborghini won? The 1/2 Mile is all about top speed. So the BMW won!
Сам Свс
Сам Свс Dia atrás
@Felipe Morais 👍точно
Bekno 2 dias atrás
Nothing to with time no
Julio Tercero
Julio Tercero 14 dias atrás
Soy Eloso73
Soy Eloso73 17 dias atrás
You must be the one driving the BMW, don't embarrass yourself like that...
Fernando 18 dias atrás
@David John Baron q
Stephen Howell
Stephen Howell 11 horas atrás
The BMW could have been a nano second closer IF he had driven in a straight line!
Марат Салихов
Музыка для ушей...
Sergio Moreno Vazquez
Sergio Moreno Vazquez 18 horas atrás
Recordar es vivir cuando se modifica un tracción automotriz😊😊😊
ТРАМБОМБЕС 19 horas atrás
Понты это все.хочешь сидеть за то что убил человека за рулём?
extras82001c 22 horas atrás
Word out on the street is the beemer is still catching up.
Ramiz Kijakovic
Ramiz Kijakovic Dia atrás
Lamborghini. N1
Dj Melle On King IXL
Somebody brought a knife to a gun fight 😳
Pahit manis no1✌️
Pahit manis no1✌️ 2 dias atrás
คนไทย เชื้อสายไทย
จะเอาอะไรไปสู้ว่ะ สมองฝ่อหรือไง.
یعقوب لیث
یعقوب لیث 2 dias atrás
koalajs 2 dias atrás
I ll have that E30 any day :) beautiful beemer
Клара Тулолиева
бйвы сила
Joseph Rodriguez
Joseph Rodriguez 3 dias atrás
Not a ho dea daughter 911 holding gabriel ransom thalia
Joseph Rodriguez
Joseph Rodriguez 3 dias atrás
2431 york ct waldorf md spice nasty
Joseph Rodriguez
Joseph Rodriguez 3 dias atrás
At 2431 york ct liars
Joseph Rodriguez
Joseph Rodriguez 3 dias atrás
They have my family held
Joseph Rodriguez
Joseph Rodriguez 3 dias atrás
Maggen cR she held
UCIHA MUKHLISIN 5 dias atrás
So amazing
Fredrick Williams
Fredrick Williams 4 dias atrás
Wow!!! Imagine trading and stocking up Bitcoin from now till then!!!!
Andrzej Nowacki
Andrzej Nowacki 5 dias atrás
Na co on tym BMW liczył to ja sobie wyobrazić nawet nie jestem w stanie 😂🤣😂
My Sector
My Sector 5 dias atrás
Mike jones
Clau Voivada
Clau Voivada 5 dias atrás
O cara se achou tanto e ainda perdeo
Not a Chance
Not a Chance 5 dias atrás
and the vid has 39k dislikes bc these lambo fans are mad lol
Not a Chance
Not a Chance 5 dias atrás
for all the lambo fans yall just got absolutely CLAPPED
Keletso Thipe
Keletso Thipe Dia atrás
TF u talking about😳 the lambo won the race.....
Yabba Dabba Doo
Yabba Dabba Doo 5 dias atrás
The Elvis Fabby has a 4 inch diameter pipe hacked thru the front 1/4 panel so saving weight on under body pipe work. Easy win here lol
Pablo South
Pablo South 6 dias atrás
The BMW was later sold for parts because most of engine compartments, that are made of plastic, fell apart 🤔
el Macho
el Macho 6 dias atrás
The bmw looks garbage.
عبدالرحمن المساعيد
هاذ بس 725 حصان سوت هيك طب كيف الي بل الاردن عندو 881 حصان
ziaul hoque
ziaul hoque 6 dias atrás
Nice car
Federico Rivas
Federico Rivas 7 dias atrás
Si vale la Pena. Saludos desde Guatemala.....!!!!!
White Snake
White Snake 8 dias atrás
BMW💩 😂😂😂
Phương Nam pro
Phương Nam pro 9 dias atrás
Mai tau mua mấy con chạy chơi
Official Music Videos Radwan, Muhammad
I wish everyone who clicked on this video more love, peace and abundance. You are much closer than you realize. I love you (💞)
Frei Denker
Frei Denker 6 dias atrás
Thank you I have enough.
Икром Мусаев
БМВ только квакать могут,а как до дела дойдет так и обкакаются
Nia Dancsó
Nia Dancsó 11 dias atrás
Michael Savior
Michael Savior 11 dias atrás
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kym traylz
kym traylz 11 dias atrás
Are you stupid? That Lambo smoked that beemer, no question about it son.
Karl Thewanz
Karl Thewanz 11 dias atrás
German's are good builders.
Endi Alfarizi
Endi Alfarizi 11 dias atrás
Pankaj social
Pankaj social 11 dias atrás
Wonderful to stay in DUBAI
Dave Tuting
Dave Tuting 11 dias atrás
It's still hard to believe a slower accelerating car can achieve a higher top speed at a 1/4 mile than a higher accelerating one, but the physics kinda shows that. I'd still rather have the Lambo though!
Dave Tuting
Dave Tuting 11 dias atrás
The Lambo went off like an arrow and left the BM standing. How can those figures be right? Give me the Lambo any day!
Jairo Peña
Jairo Peña 12 dias atrás
El que hace mucha bulla y quiere creer que es mejor siempre se lleva la sorpresa del que en realidad es bueno y no hace tanta bulla
ARCSTREAMS 12 dias atrás
beamer got smoked
Медленно, но верно
Вы бы еще Жигули поставили
big cenoura
big cenoura 12 dias atrás
piyo carlos
piyo carlos 12 dias atrás
BMW won the race
Селемин Александр
Привет всем твоим и не говори что такая возможность то я не говори когда наступит
Strully76 12 dias atrás
Lionel messi
Lionel messi 12 dias atrás
hrrga juga beda yaa jelas lah kalah
Sun dav
Sun dav 12 dias atrás
Lambo's stronger than BMW
Emeka Isuochi
Emeka Isuochi 13 dias atrás
Shalina Dookie
Shalina Dookie 13 dias atrás
Dunce Lamborghini Aventador
fedewt prato
fedewt prato 13 dias atrás
Ma ci provano gusto anche a burcarne......
Evangelos Giannoulis
Evangelos Giannoulis 13 dias atrás
If anyone believed that BMW could win it is better to quit from race cars channels.
Theepan Precise
Theepan Precise 14 dias atrás
Tweak is good but it's just overclocking a system... Lamborghini is built already overclocked....engine can take it
magic wand
magic wand 14 dias atrás
Love Beamer till death ...but kinda rooting for Lambo on this one
Jaime Martinez
Jaime Martinez 14 dias atrás
LOLLL it looked like the BMW had 100HP... Cheers
sammlertube 10 dias atrás
@Jaime Martinez the answer is very simple: it's not necessary. It doesn't take more than an old German car to f°°k italian wannabe 😁
Jaime Martinez
Jaime Martinez 10 dias atrás
@sammlertube Not sure... But why not use a bigger more powerful and newer BMW?
sammlertube 10 dias atrás
That must be the reason, it at least won the top speed challenge against the Lambo over the half mile. 😁😁😁 Germany-Italy: 1:0. 😁😁😁
Leocadie Voumby
Leocadie Voumby 14 dias atrás
Manu graphic 48
Manu graphic 48 14 dias atrás
Je me suis abonnés à Ta chêne👍
motsi tong
motsi tong 15 dias atrás
Du-wayne Scott
Du-wayne Scott 15 dias atrás
No lamb for dinner tonight 😆
Philippe Zsiga
Philippe Zsiga 15 dias atrás
Time 4 awakenning
Time 4 awakenning 15 dias atrás
Still would buy the Lambo over Barbarian motorworks .
Islombek Yuldashev
Islombek Yuldashev 15 dias atrás
Bryan Bellamy
Bryan Bellamy 16 dias atrás
Jesus Christ the lam tires didn’t even spin big traction he knows how to drive her !
Trevor Clinkscales
Trevor Clinkscales 16 dias atrás
Higher top speed doesn't mean he won. Especially if it took him long as hell to get there. I'm not convinced the Lambo lost. Someone help me out, please. Lol
Alejandro Rodríguez
Alejandro Rodríguez 16 dias atrás
Bueno, bueno, parece que la diferencia es que el BMW esta modificado y el Lamborghini no lo está, así que es una competencia desigual.
john vitali
john vitali 16 dias atrás
Wow! Talk about wait for the green and look both ways! That was extremely slow reation times
Rafael Rodríguez
Rafael Rodríguez 16 dias atrás
Fuck you BMW ja ja ja ja ja ja ja ja bu shit 🤮🤮🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Mohamed Hlipa
Mohamed Hlipa 16 dias atrás
josh Farria
josh Farria 17 dias atrás
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Dany Peter
Dany Peter 10 dias atrás
*cough* bots *cough*
Charlotte Ernest
Charlotte Ernest 16 dias atrás
I need help 🙏
Charlotte Ernest
Charlotte Ernest 16 dias atrás
I wrote to him and also sent friend request on FACEBOOK but he has not responded yet. I got his Watsapp details from his FACEBOOK. Please I really need his help in trading for me.
Andrew Buhr
Andrew Buhr 16 dias atrás
Can i start with $1,000? I don't have much
Make Mark
Make Mark 16 dias atrás
@Jackie Hamilton thank you, I'll write to him ASAP.
А И 17 dias atrás
Сравнили хер с пальцем!
Soy Eloso73
Soy Eloso73 17 dias atrás
Dude, what the fuck was that?? Please, PLEASE don't embarrass yourself like that, show more respect for the Lambo..
Mickey 010
Mickey 010 17 dias atrás
Launch 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Младен Лазендић
A globalno otopljavanje? zagađenje prirode? CO2?🤔
Alessandro Manno
Alessandro Manno 17 dias atrás
Bye bye BMW 👎👎👎
Leonardo Righi
Leonardo Righi 17 dias atrás
Che figura di merda bmw🤣
Manuel Alvarado
Manuel Alvarado 17 dias atrás
That's not even fair just cuz they both similar hp does not mean they are going to be compatible
Dimitrios Mantzos
Dimitrios Mantzos 18 dias atrás
ΟΔημήτρης Μάντζιος είναι ο μπαμπάς μου Δημήτρη Ματίς με μπαμπάς μου
Dimitrios Mantzos
Dimitrios Mantzos 18 dias atrás
Δημήτρης ο Μάζης είναι ο μπαμπάς μου
Veg Very
Veg Very 18 dias atrás
Съёмки ГОВНО
Kubix Youtube
Kubix Youtube 18 dias atrás
ᴍᴄᴍxᴄɪ 19 dias atrás
Lmaoo ✌
Quarantined Citizen
Quarantined Citizen 19 dias atrás
Now that's how you use the launch control. Good job lambo dude!
Jellyboy 19 dias atrás
Buy ev don’t pollute the air
Miguel Salami
Miguel Salami 19 dias atrás
Lamborghini went through 5 gears lol don't know if I like it better than the Diablo but it's Nice🔥
Michael Olsen
Michael Olsen 19 dias atrás
seems like a bad time to take a nap...
ceco kojuhi
ceco kojuhi 19 dias atrás
Yep all BMW suck 😁
Chai Kubจริงครับมันเป็นแค่ข้ออ้าง
Philip B.
Philip B. 20 dias atrás
It's not about speed, it's about finish time
just like but
just like but 20 dias atrás
msmerlin60 20 dias atrás
both beautiful cars,,the bmw is the winner in my viewing,giving a £200k run for its money,
Darrell Stevens
Darrell Stevens 20 dias atrás
Better leave that Lamborghini alone 🤣
Brad Kalfee
Brad Kalfee 20 dias atrás
Typical broke beamer owners trying to make a real car look bad. Smh
Max Muster
Max Muster 20 dias atrás
der bringmichwerkstatt braucht noch bölkstoff
Max Muster
Max Muster 20 dias atrás
bescheuerter schrottwert bmw gegen königsklasse lambo
autogatto70 20 dias atrás
First time I see a luxury car owner who knows how to start well. Too bad shooting with a single camera!
sarhan 21 dia atrás
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