7 Security Build Hacks vs Pillagers - Minecraft 

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Tonight, a clan of assassins are coming for our villager friend! Yikes! There's no way we can let that happen. Little do they know, we've got a plan to keep them out!
We hope you enjoy our videos. Have a great day!
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3 Dez 2023



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@kg-hk5zu Anos atrás
Last I knew pillagers didnt even cross over berry bushes. I'd use berries alone as barriers funneling them where I want.
We can go to set if we can go get something for dinner
We can go to see if we can go to the next house
My dad said he will come back to me and he can come back to me
We will come in for lunch and lunch for lunch lunch and dinner with lunch and lunch for lunch and dinner with lunch
@anafealmonte5506 Anos atrás
@user-wh7je7yx1m 9 dias atrás
한국어 더빙 너무 좋구요 영상도 너무 재미있구요
You can learn useful things from this video for protecting your base/place from hostile mobs but wont stop flying mobs and enderman!
@KenzoAirlangga 5 meses atrás
Too safe if its bedrock or obsidian with iron door
@JanetWilliams-wy7zk 3 meses atrás
A enderman will tellaport to kill you
@RoniHertanto-wm9hk 2 meses atrás
@RoniHertanto-wm9hk 2 meses atrás
@Obsookbakeryhomemade 2 meses atrás
@cidsuperagent 10 meses atrás
Can Mikey, please add some cobwebs arrows, TNT cannons cannons in a restaurant repeater
Why don't you use an Netherite Armor and Swords instead of an Diamond, and also why don't you enchant your sword with "Sharpness III" In that way... You can "One Hit" The Pillagers :) Nice Securities Maizen! UNSTOPPABLE!
@ajuthomas4336 Anos atrás
If they do like that they won't get good content 🤣
@markstutt9098 Anos atrás
Sharpness V
Aikah Janella Dela Cueva I played Minecraft Java and make security, not like them that they making Creative, I make security in Survival mode
Sonic king 👑 What do you asking in my comment?
@amseljohannes8804 Anos atrás
Please give us links to all your mods in every video 😭🥺
@RMSVAVE1235 6 meses atrás
They Can’t, But You Can Download Your Own Mods If You Need Mobs Like “Aoooooohooohoooohooooo” Or “CaN yOu GiVe MoBs PlEaSe” You Usin’ Emoji, Emoji Sucks Because Emojis Are Disgusting And They Suck
@AyahnnaBrielleIleto 4 meses atrás
@@RMSVAVE1235 mobs lmao It's mods
@maytheexplorer6029 10 meses atrás
"Personal bunker" Blast damage can go through any block, also netherite blocks are blast resistant, and you can push it with a piston, so a netherite block entrance might be good
@lukajavakhishvili3987 7 meses atrás
@user-rd5de1yu2n 6 meses atrás
@mariammoussa4034 5 meses atrás
@shrivasmajumdar2485 5 meses atrás
@marceloileto7776 5 meses atrás
​@@shrivasmajumdar2485obsian:same bedrock sane
@satyaaruna1436 Mês atrás
For a shortcut: just lock the villager in a tower or something, then run away to a nearby town or village
@gamingwithjenelle Anos atrás
Hmm 🤔 but the crafting table might be medium hard for others to understand why can't you just get a trapdoor there? That's really easy for me :)
@heroo890 2 meses atrás
German You know
@davidreihan2617 11 meses atrás
You Should’ve put snow powder and you walk on it with leather boots
@aylaflaherty9261 Anos atrás
when they were building the moat, i thought of an idea like using the walls of obsidian so the pillagers cant mine out of the moat
@gigachad1486 Anos atrás
You do know that pillagers can't mine right?
@indre6692 Anos atrás
@@gigachad1486 Lol true
@larapalacio3282 Anos atrás
Don't forget about your health
@nickiharden622 Anos atrás
I wish I could build as better than this I can't even build this good Mikey and JJ please show me how My wish never came true LoL
@user-wr4lc8it5q 4 meses atrás
Good job
@dailkelley9987 Anos atrás
This was epic im not surprised it took you 20 minutes It would have took 200 minutes to do this
20 mins the vid but he skipped some parts so he took around 1 hour for sure
@PoojaPandey-eq4ol Anos atrás
The fire charge traps were also in the security battle right?
@PoojaPandey-eq4ol Anos atrás
And also the the snow golem turrets
@PoojaPandey-eq4ol Anos atrás
Snow golem was the the 10 security home
@jeonbassig8278 Anos atrás
I suggest nether right gear as it currently the strongest armor in the game not the diamond it is the nether right armor it's the newest armor in the game
@Galaxy_-nj6hx Anos atrás
Its really kind that they cared about the villager not only themselves!
@hamzasamir3015 9 meses atrás
@MrSimply888 8 meses atrás
@@hamzasamir3015 😊
@MrSimply888 8 meses atrás
Uno Dos Tres
@decerosgranada 6 meses atrás
Hey they cared cause game over when one village-
@emsplayground553 Anos atrás
Gate is pretty safe because pillagers can not open anything
@aprilsaz11 10 meses atrás
And it's super cheap
@chrissieberry4556 4 meses atrás
@camrynaustin3859 11 meses atrás
Great work JJ and Mikey! Truly amazing! Just one thing though: you used two chests with just one boat in each. Here’s a much better way you could’ve done it: use one boat that’s already one the ice that you can put there in advanced. That way you don’t have to waste time for each of your to go across because two people can fit one boat
@user-qb9xy3ds1h Anos atrás
can you put the 1.19 update to morph to the warden
@AaronSmith-cz6qx Anos atrás
It's impossible to get through gates since pillagers can't open them
@gmgemmgmge4195 Anos atrás
You know you can also use watter to provent fall damage
Add a reply...
@Rosie257. 9 meses atrás
/kill @e[type=?
@umehaani4693 7 meses atrás
they kno2
@TheGumbyBoys 4 meses atrás
the fire charge trap is a classic
@jakobd.9720 Anos atrás
You should've just made a massive hole around the house it will easily stop them
Pro use tnt
@dingpalibut1945 Anos atrás
@151pyroblaze Anos atrás
And that’s why your not creative lol
@smilingnaveen Anos atrás
That is a good idea..But their video needs to be entertaining!!
@s1mone1985 11 meses atrás
it looks like jj is touching the magma blocks
@provlogger7086 Anos atrás
You sure love redstone powered machines.
@kisskisskick 8 meses atrás
"simple redstone"
@Whirl_Fox 7 meses atrás
​@@kisskisskick and i cant even do it! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
@lora9321 Anos atrás
You don't need to use shovel if you're in creative mode
@halerfamily7250 Anos atrás
btw i think JJ used the shvel for style
@keys._.8075 Anos atrás
If you fly how do you stop the trapsoor from moving if your clicking it?
@ChainsawMan980 Anos atrás
JJ how did you know that assassin's are coming to your house to attack you and Mikey.
@cityoftoronto2643 Anos atrás
Essay The The NEWS
What is the game called
@sumayamahad2619 10 meses atrás
there's a bar to show that the raid is starting
@benjamin3540 Anos atrás
Then you need a void trap and Trap system
@treyhartley8525 Anos atrás
Hi how are you doing you're the new person If your thumbs up
Yea also lava mont jj make a vid of bulk zombies
@debbiebeckey Anos atrás
Are you a yt i subbed to u
@ThatCockatoo 3 meses atrás
I’d like it even more if he sheared the snow golems so that it will show derpy faces
@phillipboddy4714 Anos atrás
Those bamboo make it like a maze in normal shape but none in the middle
@jodijordan760 Anos atrás
I like how you’re just building a security system for a random villager
@leiafoehr5590 Anos atrás
@nardohenry954 Anos atrás
His name is Jeff
@ElizabethPayne682 Anos atrás
@@nardohenry954 yes,they are protecting Jeff the villager😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
@SanSan-qe5kl 11 meses atrás
@SanSan-qe5kl 11 meses atrás
@anshscience Anos atrás
I love the vids, but isn’t it kinda hard to use these traps if we are on survival mode? You guys always use creative mode, so you have infinite resources. Anyway, great traps!
@letoan4016 Anos atrás
@user-wz1gx6ki9p Mês atrás
En el de la lava aprendimos algo muy importante no olvidar y cuidar a los animales para evitar su extinción
Tip: next time use iron golems and lava with a mix of magma blocks, and totems in the dispenser.
@ameliacampbell9986 8 meses atrás
Awesome security for jj and mikey's house
@jcreno3710 3 dias atrás
True life
in last resort cant you just use a ladder to go up
@sylviaruckman983 Anos atrás
What I mean is they should use more basic defense.
@sihamlovesart Anos atrás
I was thinking maybe instead of the bamboo and whatnot, use a pit instead and have a sea of pillagers.. Or, escape to one of the other realms, like the end or nether realm- and leave the upper world behind
But self-destruct also works sometimes
@MLL556 26 dias atrás
@toon534 24 dias atrás
Dublagem top
@aydenplayz4446 Anos atrás
What if an assassin followed you through the secret exit? And what if an assassin fell through the exit…?
@Itz_Twilght Anos atrás
That might be true
@adorableone25 Anos atrás
No therer domu
@user-rd5de1yu2n 6 meses atrás
@ese4832 Anos atrás
I feel like I'm watching PBS kids. Fun and nostagic!
@MoonFiveNights Anos atrás
About the magma blocks if you crouch on them your fine but the mobs can't crouch so if it was like Mikey or JJ they would be fine if they crouch just to let you guys know :)
Magma blocks in the bottom of water makes you sink and you should use this to make the assassin army sink then slowly die to the magma blocks and the water in magma blocks can be almost inescapable for players
@Blueskiplayzblitz Anos atrás
@Christmas-_-lover Anos atrás
Also is it possible if you can put Redstone dust on dispensers?
@Christmas-_-lover Anos atrás
Josianne domenici Okay Ty
@Th3_c00l_kid Anos atrás
@limhockkee1425 Anos atrás
@elliotw7851 Anos atrás
Crouch. Then when you normally interact with something such as a crafting table you will place something down.
@Christmas-_-lover Anos atrás
@@elliotw7851 oh ok
@fahmidaalam9202 5 meses atrás
you can use a beacon to regenerate and heal faster if you go close to it
@vivec6857 Anos atrás
I remeber the wild berries in the beta version wasn't able to damage you.
@maywei5138 11 meses atrás
The bridge looks so fun!
@veronicareynoso9596 8 meses atrás
@ratman4944 Anos atrás
It would of been better if you added rails because they block mobs and there pillagers and pillagers are mobs so it will block the pillagers
@SamiSaba2 3 meses atrás
Then if creepers naturally spawned, they would destroy the rails
Hi Mikey, Hi JJ! For the armor device, you should've have put Netherite armor. Well, keep it up the good work! Have a nice life!
@carolramintas2116 Anos atrás
Yes have a nixe life
I👀 to ask you to do that at the moment I am not sure if I can get a chance to look at it it's not a good idea but I don't think someone will have to do that as a Med but I don't think so but I don't know
@picklesgaming2861 Anos atrás
What about the villager? You do know explosion physics are BROKEN? They can go through ANY BLOCK (even bedrock!!!)
@Nunya_BIZ536 Anos atrás
The villager is DEAD
@mr-hewders3096 Anos atrás
idk what ur sayin but i still dont understand sorry
@FilippHockey 18 dias atrás
Построить хорошую стену не вариант? Оборона ягодами😂😂😂
@meihuazheng1786 Anos atrás
How did you duplicate the dispenser block?
@user-lt6qn1zb7j 9 meses atrás
But, there is still a villager. Will he survive?
@Astral_Vision Anos atrás
Can you tell me how the fourth security system works? Cause I tried it myself and I can’t get it right
@katiesheridan628 Anos atrás
Its a bridge u step on the honeyblock then press the music box then u are on the other side 😊😊
Hi 7:22 7:23 7:26 1: 26
@renesia4547 Anos atrás
JJ is good at red stone at using anything
@UniverseUploadz Anos atrás
Did you know: 1 bed and 1 villager gets counted as a village, so just type /effect give zenichi_maizen bad omen
@asmaghcpathanbe7197 3 meses atrás
Fun Fact you can use dispensers to make villagers wear armor
@aimanezzwan8974 Anos atrás
onight, a clan of assassins are coming for our villager friend! Yikes! There's no way we can let that happen. Little do they know, we've got a plan to keep them out!
@user-kc1vi7zk5g 4 meses atrás
Next time assassins, attack build away, more security measures or build a chai Normas explosion, so that you can actually defeat all of them next time please
@mcplaysx Anos atrás
My man,can you please explain why you dig with a shovel when you are in creative mode?
@dreamsshivom2939 Anos atrás
I knew
@phobigames9452 Anos atrás
Tip:you can shift on magma and you wont take damage
@editz_Sag30 Anos atrás
Fun fact : i just killed pillagers with only stone sword without any security .. 😂
@decerosgranada 6 meses atrás
Fun fact: fire charges came from ghast spits. They are used in dispensers to dispense them like ghasts.
@craftblade1 Anos atrás
Just the moat would have stopped the whole pillager army. Use lava for better damage
@rocksdabox5234 8 meses atrás
We tried to make the bridge, it took us a long time and it did not work after you got our hopes up. But good video!
@mariaferreras3153 Anos atrás
You know you don't have to do all that because the house has a Iron door
@MLL556 26 dias atrás
@keys._.8075 Anos atrás
Put water in the magma moat so the Pillagers can get pulled down to the mamga blocks
@shyamsingha4987 Anos atrás
@ICE_848 Anos atrás
Dude just put a three block hole moat around the house and put lava in the last layer so they don’t get in anyway
@marcelasenerth4257 11 meses atrás
It’s funny that Mikey added wood and then deleted it LOL
@tekiloo2989 Anos atrás
@clayton7072 Anos atrás
What if you in survival
@dannyblackett1546 11 meses atrás
What if you in hordcore🤔
@zxtacos2057 6 meses atrás
​@@dannyblackett1546 hardcore
@robo8713 2 meses atrás
Didn’t notice they put a pressure plate on grass 💀
Why do the enemies cross all the defences and then die suddenly at the last defence
@choxovincentplox Anos atrás
That is literally true
@xViaOnYoutube Anos atrás
i guess it's to showcase all the traps in use in the video
@jeditac5522 Anos atrás
@almeidakids Anos atrás
So true bruh
I like how you call the pillagers assassins
@alonaboyd3603 Anos atrás
I wish i could be in your guys group. Im a fan if your builds! Oh and how did you make that bridge work?
@australiadogs Anos atrás
Watch the video again to find out
@LowQualityCarbink Anos atrás
Watch closely to see how they build it.
Its, so bad
@liamtherobot9656 Anos atrás
@@roninandarierollefstad5021 never say that
@shinatorbiso4180 7 meses atrás
how about making a obsibian bedrock wall with firecharge despenser
@gaynorowen5408 Anos atrás
I’m surprised that maizen doesn’t have 2 mil subs
@user-qh5ie5it6x Anos atrás
@Ohiodudeyey 9 meses atrás
Did JJ and Mikey leave that villager 🤔
@kaiser1829 Anos atrás
Meanwhile me who keeps villager safe in a 1x1x2 leaf box 100 blocks above from ground. Well he is still alive atleast.
@whelmaderamos8412 Anos atrás
I like it when jj said bye bye to the villager
@elliotw7851 Anos atrás
These guys are more godly than dream
@user-rd5de1yu2n 6 meses atrás
Bit rude
@jesskong7160 Anos atrás
And also, how did the pilagers spawn by themself, is it a server or a pillager spawner
@oumzahralalla8710 Anos atrás
Usually, When the pillagers raid, you'll get the raid message and they'll start to spawn. Or else, how will it even be a raid if nothing even spawns?
@kerrisaandrew87 Anos atrás
@@oumzahralalla8710 jjshrke
@catmeows1564 5 meses atrás
( captions ) Mikey: don't leave me behind JJ: yes
@mrbluestick2652 Anos atrás
Everything is fine until someone have creative mode...
@GoldenFire1234 Anos atrás
jj: we will keep the villiger safe! also jj: leaves villager behind did you enjoy todays adventure?
@cooperwallace4895 Anos atrás
I mean they did keep him safe
@ImSaad_of2021 Anos atrás
Character Name: zenechi_maizen
@ImSaad_of2021 Anos atrás
He's saving
@spidermac7112 Anos atrás
@maxduan5625 Anos atrás
When Mikey and JJ build the last resort, they say only for emergencies but every video on security house to defend, they always use the last resort.
@anelamado5282 Anos atrás
Your right
@lostatseachel1235 Anos atrás
@susanjeffrey2213 Anos atrás
Why tell
@Rose-hg9fr Anos atrás
Yeah right
@jenefferdeborja2115 7 meses atrás
Is the viliger a live ???????????????????????
@onkarsingh7185 6 meses atrás
They were vindicators, not pillagers.
@aliakhadijah652 Anos atrás
Mikey, why dont you just use netherite instead of diamond
@ahmadloft7418 11 meses atrás
. J
@bunnymayaplayzz 9 meses atrás
Jj and mikey
@MrPompier3 Mês atrás
Mettre le villageoid dans une prison d'obsidienne pour le proteger et se barrer sans lui, oups
@JohanneGrove7 Anos atrás
The bridge doesnt work, does it have to be teo players on each side of the honey?
@johnsafieddine9950 11 meses atrás
@valayvi 11 meses atrás
@valayvi 11 meses atrás
Only 1 player
@valayvi 11 meses atrás
The bridge doesn’t work for me
@flyingheads6681 Anos atrás
You can create an unlimited ammo fire charge dispenser surrounding the village or even use end crystal spawners to destroy everything
Just build a super large lava around the house so it's honor fist try
@hollysargeant8620 2 meses atrás
Who would use bamboo for a security base
There is a security build that most mobs can’t get through a extremely tall wall or fence that surrounds the house rarely mod get through this
@FanixShorts Mês atrás
villager left the chat
@jarombalansag3293 Anos atrás
can you build an underwater structure that is massive
@avocadoplayz2150 Anos atrás
Villager can have armour, you just can’t see it. To equip it on the villager, you put armour in a dispenser and it’ll equip
@SyphexgameR Anos atrás
Thanks man i tested it its not a lie
@avocadoplayz2150 Anos atrás
@@SyphexgameR I’m a girl but I’m glad it helped :)
@Mr.Robloxer Anos atrás
@@avocadoplayz2150 lol
@SyphexgameR Anos atrás
@@avocadoplayz2150 thank you it dont matters what genre you are, it matters that it helped.
@stuffs8802 Anos atrás
Even though all of these are good defenses I still think that a pit of water with logs with nails sticking out of them is a good defense!
You should have used a Beacon to protect yourselves
@official_c00lkidd Anos atrás
He deserve a sub with all his hard work
@aprilsaz11 10 meses atrás
Ok then sub to him then
@official_c00lkidd 10 meses atrás
@@aprilsaz11 I did
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