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It took me so long to get this video out we got 2 more million views then what we had when I recorded!! WHAT!!
THANK YOU ALL! I'm thrilled so many are enjoying what we made! I promise you the future of Hazbin Hotel is my number one priority, but in the meantime I have lots to share about more cartoons and goals for this channel moving forward!!
Stay tuned for an official Helluva Boss trailer soon as it's nearly done and ready for be seen! Helluva has been in production from a new team since the summer and thanks to the amazing artists I worked with for it Hazbin was able to finish in time for it's October release!! So you can thank Helluva for Hazbin being done when it was! I can't wait to share these new characters with you all soon and clue you into the BRILLIANT people who helped with it!!
If you'd like to be part of funding more Hazbin content like comics (possibly even shorts if things take too long to sort out for a season), or brand new cartoons produced for your free entertainment please consider donating on patreon or buying any merch that might strike your fancy!
Video Edited by Fakanza!

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11 Nov 2019



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Comentários 80
Jayden Steve
Jayden Steve 6 horas atrás
36M views now
Michael Dunn
Michael Dunn 7 horas atrás
Kaiyuan Chen
Kaiyuan Chen 12 horas atrás
Adultswim would love a show like this lol
devils blood52
devils blood52 19 horas atrás
pls make more
Max Tundra170
Max Tundra170 20 horas atrás
We are gonna make a season me: *Visible Joy*
penny keir
penny keir 21 hora atrás
Comedy Central might love this! I know I do!.
RedStack18 UwU
RedStack18 UwU 22 horas atrás
Please,new episode for Hasvin Hotel and Helluva Boss!
cool man
cool man Dia atrás
Splatman Veemoson
I have a cartoon suggestion how about u pick angel dust or alestor for a gaming series of one of them in a episode then switch to the other character
Cristina E
Cristina E Dia atrás
I really hope to see Charlie's parents in the second part :)
Ethan the red engine
Episode 2 of hazbin
Miroslav Atanackov
I really hope it stays out of adult swim
MeloD Doug
MeloD Doug Dia atrás
NEVER GIVE UP!! Love You & All You Duwu^^
Spike Medford
Spike Medford Dia atrás
As soon as episode 2 comes out the titanfall community on reddit will have a fresh new batch of meme templates
midnight meztli
midnight meztli Dia atrás
Plllzzzz make more 😍😍😍😍
Natasha Martell
Natasha Martell Dia atrás
When are you going to make another video about hazbin hotel
2 çocuk 1 kanal
2 çocuk 1 kanal Dia atrás
Pls make epsido 2
HELEN_CHAN LUNA 2 dias atrás
i read the comics on the and the comic is only at the What have i told you please continue the comic TwT its very awesome like you viziepop
Splatman Veemoson
Splatman Veemoson 2 dias atrás
If u haven’t sub to vivzepop
Splatman Veemoson
Splatman Veemoson 2 dias atrás
I’ve watched this like 7mil times
Breno Oliveira
Breno Oliveira 2 dias atrás
Adult Swin, Netflix, Amazon prime vídeo or BRvid. I Will Watch anywhere this series go.
Sister Love
Sister Love 2 dias atrás
Gamer Girl21
Gamer Girl21 2 dias atrás
You're cat reminds me of Husk. And it's adorable 😍
wolf gals :3
wolf gals :3 3 dias atrás
YAY :3 UwU I love Angel dust idk why
Tavon Dorn
Tavon Dorn 3 dias atrás
Good job 😀
THE OWO KING OWO 3 dias atrás
Hazbin Hotel 2 please
данил гребенников
Может тут есть русские?... Может мне кто-то объяснит будет ли продолжение?.... Да и если можно сделай субтитры🙏
Matthew Anderson
Matthew Anderson 3 dias atrás
Matthew Anderson
Matthew Anderson 3 dias atrás
Eursia Ameria
Eursia Ameria 3 dias atrás
If I go to hell, it better be like this, or I swear to god...lollllll
CakeIsDecieving 3 dias atrás
We need Hazbin on Netflix
*black Slime*???
*black Slime*??? 3 dias atrás
What?! U have Comics i didnt there was comics and is hazbin hotel gonna become a tv show or something if not i was just questioning hazbin hotel. how much the comics cost?
Laura _
Laura _ 3 dias atrás
I do this you should do actual shows, like TV episodes rather than comics. Comics would be a good thing as a foreshadowing method, but I personally believe that others, including myself, would enjoy animated episodes rather than comics. I love your work and please dont give up! ❤️❤️❤️
EJ Gris
EJ Gris 3 dias atrás
Leave it on BRvid!!
Jose Blancas
Jose Blancas 3 dias atrás
Thank God a season
Miroslav Atanackov
Miroslav Atanackov 4 dias atrás
Vivzie:We're gonna make a season Me:OH HELL YES
pound ninja
pound ninja 4 dias atrás
I would love to watch it on Netflix 😁😊
Captain Qrow
Captain Qrow 4 dias atrás
So they’re just gonna be comics...not continuing the show...unsubscribed sorry
Hard Charger
Hard Charger 4 dias atrás
I dont care if it in hell or not i will still watch it
Pokemon gods1334
Pokemon gods1334 4 dias atrás
Make anther hotel
Xavier Rogers
Xavier Rogers 4 dias atrás
Everyone hears that you wonderful people are making a full season: *Everyone Liked That*
Soulreaper ha
Soulreaper ha 4 dias atrás
We need more of this and thank you for making my day by making hazbinhotel pilot keep up the good work
Вера _
Вера _ 4 dias atrás
Пусть я и ничего и не поняла, но ПОЗДРАВВЛЯЮ!
PUMPKIN KING 4 dias atrás
36m now😂
Kayleen Knows It All
Kayleen Knows It All 5 dias atrás
Now at 36 million for the pilot! 😁
yasser regidor
yasser regidor 5 dias atrás
Make more
Waylon Park
Waylon Park 6 dias atrás
36mil holy shiz
Наталя Фехтель
not a good boi
not a good boi 6 dias atrás
*HaPpInEsS nOiCeS*
Logan Entertainment
Logan Entertainment 6 dias atrás
2020 not going too hot, huh Vivzipop??? I can understand that it's stressful, and probably sucks. :\ :(
Katie Conley
Katie Conley 6 dias atrás
Actually I don’t have a problem with you making hell themed things I really don’t give a fuck make a show about Lucifer for all I care I just love hell of a boss and I love has been hotel they are both amazing projects that you and your amazing people at where you work made and I am eternally grateful for you changing my life with this amazing series thank you you are truly a gem
rabbid weasel bat
rabbid weasel bat 6 dias atrás
Looking at the uploads and I can't believe it's been 8 or 9 months since hazbin hotel was released as a pilot 0w0
barabara85 7 dias atrás
Its 36M view now. Fyi
I like alastor soooo much
Khurt Andrei
Khurt Andrei 7 dias atrás
Don't send it to adult swim has been hotel is amazing and i think you should keep it in youtube
gaming_wolf9911 7 dias atrás
Now 36 million
Flame The Dragon 35
Flame The Dragon 35 8 dias atrás
Lorence Feria
Lorence Feria 8 dias atrás
Hazbin hotel can be both on youtube and adult swim
Nichole Russell
Nichole Russell 8 dias atrás
Where the freak can I watch the full episodes? Or is it just a pilot?!
Colorado syrup
Colorado syrup 8 dias atrás
Tbh I have had dreams of this show and different episodes and it was interesting so I have a lot of hopes for this show X3
alastor Magne
alastor Magne 8 dias atrás
36M of view WOW
Doctor Spin dash2.0
Doctor Spin dash2.0 8 dias atrás
I can't wait to see the next episode
Mewtwo Gaming
Mewtwo Gaming 9 dias atrás
you mean someone HELLp you
Berta Bonilla
Berta Bonilla 9 dias atrás
A entire season 😍😍❤❤❤❤ for both please!!
mayra gallego
mayra gallego 9 dias atrás
:b esperando con ansias la versión en español xd deberían habilitar los subtitulo v: me ayudaría un montón a entender que están hablando
Janii Gilmore
Janii Gilmore 9 dias atrás
But can you put it on Netflix
ISABELLA ABALOS 10 dias atrás
Vivziepop’s Fictional Hell: * Exists* Me a 14 year old “demon”: **Happiness intensifies**
kylie kuhlmann
kylie kuhlmann 10 dias atrás
i ship charlie and Alistor
something 2
something 2 11 dias atrás
It hazbin Hotel is getting a hole season i will watch it but i question is on what channel is gonna come comedy central or adult swim
J e ll y x
J e ll y x 11 dias atrás
I feel like angel was her “I need him in here” because she has had him since 2013 and he deserved a change of colors, and ofc a bit of shine again!
Bluefire- rod
Bluefire- rod 11 dias atrás
Present the idea(hazbin hotel) to Netflix they could give you the money to the show and you as direction could finish the work really fast
kenzy Case
kenzy Case 11 dias atrás
:( please it is so good
Italo Maia
Italo Maia 11 dias atrás
Wakfu is doing crowdfunding. Just saying.
Necrosis 1337
Necrosis 1337 12 dias atrás
Karlos Valdez
Karlos Valdez 12 dias atrás
Master has presented dobby with a Glock Remember that
Ivy the ventrexian
Ivy the ventrexian 12 dias atrás
I really hope they don't change the art style
Nikol Peisahov
Nikol Peisahov 12 dias atrás
how much time its took to do all the season?
Vrendetta 13 dias atrás
comment-idea-that-I-don't-know-who-will-agree-with-me:they should make a card game based on hazbin hotel and helluva boss
• Zyxlez •
• Zyxlez • 13 dias atrás
Lots of lots of lots of blood yeah and gore... dead dead people
Mintie Fox
Mintie Fox 13 dias atrás
I love the fact that u make storylines set in hell! It’s unique and I have loved hazbin and helluva since the beginning
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