#61 Chase Young (DE, Football Team) | Top 100 Players of 2021

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14 Ago 2021



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Comentários 587
IntroSpecktive Anos atrás
That 4th and goal stop against the Bengals really shows how special this guy is. I haven’t seen a football instinct like that in DC since Sean Taylor, and he’s changing the culture around here alongside Ron Rivera. Haven’t felt this excited for a season in a long time. I’m hoping he has a long and great career here in Washington
DaseanceDoesGEEK Anos atrás
Lol intro is everywhere…Pokémon videos, music videos, battle rap videos, smash videos, and now football 😂
Just a simple man working his way in the universe
Actually gonna be fun to watch the team.
S Genetti
S Genetti Anos atrás
I'm a HUGE Bengals fan and while I hate that Foreskins game because of the injury later to Burrow, as a fan of football, I couldn't help but love that play. So athletic. Burrow scores a TD there if Chase doesn't exist. Instead, he does exist and Burrow gets hit so hard he ends up fumbling while being parallel to the goal line.
DeShawn Thomas
DeShawn Thomas Anos atrás
Imagine seeing you here Intro hahahw
YEAH AIGHT ㉨🤔 Anos atrás
Not a bad spot for the defensive Rookie of the year. He had such a great year this season future Dpoy 🤷🏽‍♂️has mad great energy, and runs on a great engine on and off the field. Well deserved 🔥👌🏼
Sam Preciado
Sam Preciado 11 meses atrás
@YEAH AIGHT ㉨🤔 he played 9 games and had 1.5 sacks, at that rate he would have ended the reason with 3 sacks in 17 games 😂
YEAH AIGHT ㉨🤔 11 meses atrás
@Sam Preciado wasn’t he injured???🤣💀
Sam Preciado
Sam Preciado 11 meses atrás
Man had a really bad sophomore slump L bozo :(
jonny Anos atrás
U forgot SB MVP
Hoder Harris
Hoder Harris Anos atrás
Talent, brains and leadership. This guy, if he stays healthy is going to be doing things on the field no defensive lineman has ever done in the NFl.
thatonebillsfan Anos atrás
I can’t wait to see what he’s gonna do for Washington in the upcoming years! He’s going to be exciting to watch for sure.
Certified PG
Certified PG 8 meses atrás
@John Taylor only his second year in the league. He’s gonna comeback and still win a dpoy, hater. I’ll be back to see how your comment ages
John Taylor
John Taylor Anos atrás
This didn't age well..
Gregory Lightbody
Gregory Lightbody Anos atrás
@Donschningo Lmao delusional
Bruce Johnson
Bruce Johnson Anos atrás
Donschningo Anos atrás
i can tell what comes no playoffs the next 20 years
Cad Chamberlain
Cad Chamberlain Anos atrás
when a rookie immediately becomes the leader of a veteran team... hes special
Jonathan Ramírez
Jonathan Ramírez Anos atrás
Or it’s a bad team hahah
James fox
James fox Anos atrás
Dwanye Haskins a true leader in the strip club
Logical Dude
Logical Dude Anos atrás
@Cad Chamberlain That was the first player that came to mind. Good company to be in.
Cad Chamberlain
Cad Chamberlain Anos atrás
@illbyno1 Ray Lewis but it was an expansion team and the whole team was new
Braden Houser
Braden Houser Anos atrás
@JCW871 darius leonard
b47ance vic
b47ance vic Anos atrás
As a cowboys fan he terrifies me. He’s a monster. Much respect man
b47ance vic
b47ance vic 11 meses atrás
@Jose Gonzalez DAWG Parsons gives meaning to me being a cowboys fan with how bad things have been. He’s a MENACEEEEEEE
Jose Gonzalez
Jose Gonzalez 11 meses atrás
Now y’all got parsons so the fear is mutual 😭
Averkin Swing
Averkin Swing Anos atrás
@Josh Koleade 😂
JB Anos atrás
Cowboys fan - took this man in our Fantasy League (IDP). This guy is special!
Josh Koleade
Josh Koleade Anos atrás
@Mekhi Morris At least you have the cowboys offensive line - Giants fan
Dave Kelly
Dave Kelly Anos atrás
He's going to be on this list for at least the next decade. Great talent.
hybridce99 Anos atrás
He is what everyone thought Clowney would be. An absolute monster on the edge.
Kwesi Anos atrás
Clooney was a good player, he’s just REALLY inconsistent
hybridce99 Anos atrás
@thekingbradable Who said he was trash? I think Clowney was/is a good player, just not the monster ppl thought he would be.
thekingbradable Anos atrás
Clowney wasn’t trash, just didn’t live up to the hype
KobeFan Anos atrás
Clowney was amazing for about 2 years max, just couldnt keep up the consistency.
Tarik Mickey
Tarik Mickey Anos atrás
As a Washington fan I am so glad we drafted this guy His potential is through the roof. My favorite player on defense
Silly Goose
Silly Goose Anos atrás
u should be thanking daniel jones and the giants in 2019...otherwise he'd be a giant right now
Straight from the kangaroo's pouch
So much hype when into this guy and he's lived up to it. Proud of him. Maryland represent. Hopefully his team gets a name in the next few years.
Mobb Creep
Mobb Creep Anos atrás
The washington red tape
Dig1tal Anos atrás
I'm pretty sure they said they will have a name before 2022 season
Straight from the kangaroo's pouch
@JimmeeG team name lol
JimmeeG Anos atrás
A name as in an actual football team name or playoff success/relevancy? Lol
DW SPORTS Anos atrás
I can't wait to see what he does for Washington the next few years he's going to be a joy to watch
Kollin Carpenter
Kollin Carpenter Anos atrás
E Ardlow yes
JAYC2fly Anos atrás
E Ardlow you’re one of those people 😐
Tony's NFL Football
Just his first game against Philly I already knew this guy is going to a superstar one day.
TDoanLe Anos atrás
Tomlin - “I don’t ever want to lose enough games to get a guy like you.” Man, Chase is one of my favorite defensive dudes. Dude so talented and super likable. As a Steelers fan, I do not want him to eat Najee for breakfast.
TJ -
TJ - 11 meses atrás
@TDoanLe najee will run over him like he does everyone else
TDoanLe 11 meses atrás
@TJ - chase is almost 40 pounds heavier in muscle. Najee gone get eaten by breakfast time lol
TJ -
TJ - 11 meses atrás
You mean najee eat him for breakfast
Cameron Hunt
Cameron Hunt Anos atrás
On that 49ers FR returned for a TD, all I saw was Sean Taylor recovering a fumble against the eagles and returning it for a TD. This man is the best Defensive player we’ve drafted since then and has potential to be the best ever.
Riquo Anos atrás
Yeah. ST wasn’t able to achieve his max potential because of his death, so chase really could be our greatest defensive player ever.
Logical Dude
Logical Dude Anos atrás
There's rarely a prospect that comes out that has "can't miss" written all over them like this guy. Talent, physicality, athleticism, awareness, instinct, passion, intensity, leadership. He brought a Ray Lewis kind of presence to the defense immediately from the get-go.
GJ Anos atrás
It's sad we dont see Sweat in here, was equally productive last year. Chase has done great in his first as well, just as sweat did in his first year.
tchoopee514 Anos atrás
@D B you tripping if you think chase young is on a complete different level than Sweat
D B Anos atrás
@SpicyPepperón So he tied the rookie
SpicyPepperón Anos atrás
@D B montez had a pick 6
D B Anos atrás
Chase young had 7.5 sacks 4 FF 3 FR and a TD in 15 games. Sweat barely had 9 sacks 2 FF 0 FR 0 TDs Chase young is overall just on another level
Vince Sin
Vince Sin Anos atrás
Young and Sweaty! Oh ya! Dont forget Montez.
William Jacobs
William Jacobs Anos atrás
Saw Chase play in person when he was at OSU and he just looked different compared to everyone else on the field. Dude is a monster
DW SPORTS Anos atrás
Got to respect the grind one of the NFL's Bright Stars
Jaelan Harney
Jaelan Harney Anos atrás
Interviewer: “Any OL you couldn’t handle last year?” Chase: “To be honest……Nah”
RJ Anos atrás
@Silly Goose you’re a Washington fan hating on chase?
Will Morton
Will Morton Anos atrás
@Rashad Aljouwani cry harder
Silly Goose
Silly Goose Anos atrás
@DarKshine ThaKid how many sacks did chase young have FOR THE ENTIRE SEASON against QBs or OTs who werent backups? I have about 4 for the season. four. he's a good player. he needs to get A LOT better for washington to matter. they dont matter, currently. they're just another avg team.
DarKshine ThaKid
DarKshine ThaKid Anos atrás
@Silly Goose Brady's teams always get the call..
Silly Goose
Silly Goose Anos atrás
@Pure Rage who cares about him. What i say is fact.
Connor Miller
Connor Miller Anos atrás
As a Buckeye fan, just wait till he hits his prime years. He’s already showing what he’s made of and he’s just gonna get better and better. I said he would become the next great DE. Can’t wait to see what he does this year.
Grey Klopstock
Grey Klopstock Anos atrás
He's the perfect model of an all time defensive end. Think, he's got the body of a friggin Adonis, AND he's got the technique of those bosa boys he went to school with. I saw how good those boys were when lil Nicky changed life for my niners as a rookie. Nick and Joey are known for their technique, but they're not as perfect in the physique department (kinda short arms for the position, etc. Doesn't make them bad players but it meant they developed great technique to take away physical advantages of o linemen). Chase has all the moves, has the IQ, AND he's built like a built 1 of 1. As a niners fan, when I heard before the draft that of all the awesome DEs Ohio State has had the past few years, THIS guy was supposedly the best, I thought, "DAMN, he must be an absolute unit!" The vets were talking hall of fame about a rookie! That's how you know; Chase Young is generational. He could an all timer. The skins (or should I say, the teamers?) got one of them ones
Tammie A
Tammie A Anos atrás
Loved Chase at The Ohio State. He was amazing.
TheSoggyPanda Anos atrás
As an Ohio State fan, I love Chase Young. An amazing player. As a Giants fan, I’m scared. 😂
Captain Flarbnarg
Captain Flarbnarg Anos atrás
Thank you for giving us chase tho😁
Seung Yang
Seung Yang Anos atrás
This dude is going to make the league look silly his sophomore year. Absolute beast.
Jose Cruz
Jose Cruz Anos atrás
Von Miller 2015 version, his style is unique just being healthy at his position is the work
Stephen Cifuentes
Stephen Cifuentes Anos atrás
man if young keeps up this pace and continues to dominate like he does , he will no doubt be a future 1st ballot hall a famer.
JK YouTube
JK YouTube Anos atrás
Already at #61 as a rookie? He’s going places for sure
Mark Jaramillo
Mark Jaramillo Anos atrás
As a diehard Rams fan and loves the defensive side of the ball ( Aaron Donald ) , i always appreciate great defensive players and Chase Young is one of those guys he's a physical specimen man 6'-5" 265 built like a Mack Truck, he's going to be that next generation of DE's to dominate the League, love watching this guy play.
Anthony G.
Anthony G. Anos atrás
In due time he's going to be a regular in the top ten. Dude is an absolute force. Feel sorry for opposing tackles & TE's or whoever else has to go up against him.
Lucas Nogueira
Lucas Nogueira Anos atrás
"I don't ever want to lose enough games to get a guy like you" is a great quote
Adam Ford
Adam Ford Anos atrás
Future DPOY and HOFer. Absolutely unbelievable talent.
DAN THE MAN Anos atrás
Chase is absolutely unstoppable
Stuart Smith
Stuart Smith Anos atrás
If Trent Williams is saying that stuff about a guy, you KNOW he's legit.
Adam the Spiny GIANT
As a Giants fan, I have nothing but respect for this champ.
ThyHeraclez Anos atrás
Chase Young battling Andrew Thomas twice a year will be magical. AT hasnt given up a sack yet ;)
Like Terry said again one day Chase is going to be a DPOY one day for what he showed in his rookie season goes to show why he's gonna get to where he needs to be which is a hall of famer and I mean his relentless streak I can't even say enough for
young_YP Anos atrás
He's definitely gonna be one of the greatest defensive linemen
AO strong
AO strong Anos atrás
The thing that makes him special is he has all the tools but his motor is what's going to put him on a different level
Mike's Madden School
My Man Chase, a DMV boy through and through. Let's Go skies the limit.
Jpxx Anos atrás
Chase is gonna be a thorn in the side of the NFC East for years to come.
Michael Plummer
Michael Plummer Anos atrás
Very grateful he’s on our team
Pole To Pole Travel
This dude has to be one of the most awesome, friendly, hype man of all time. Want this guy on me team, party, family etc lol.
Brookelyn Scott
Brookelyn Scott 3 meses atrás
I love you Chase💜. Keep grinding💪🏽. We see your hunger for the game. Soon enough you’ll be fed #99WC❤️💛
Us and them
Us and them Anos atrás
Never forget what coach Tomlin told him lol
VVA Sevvo
VVA Sevvo Anos atrás
Mike Tomlin went on to lose that game and the last 7 or 6 after that😂😂🤦‍♂️
Bryce Peters
Bryce Peters Anos atrás
Someone like Chase Young would be a first overall pick over lots of good qbs that were drafted.
Meditation Mayham
Meditation Mayham Anos atrás
Yeah it's true... There are guys that athletic in 3rd or 4th round but they typically have absolute horrible intangible skills. (Projects)
BigBird98 Anos atrás
Facts 🤣
Gon Anos atrás
Rookie captain of the team love to see it 🙏🏽
Perspestive92 Anos atrás
Out of all of OSU's DE talent.... This is a different kind of killer. Got hall of fame potential
Geoff Owens
Geoff Owens Anos atrás
Chase is why the reason your in my top 5 DE Young Man Chase.👍👍
Ms. Diva 2U
Ms. Diva 2U Anos atrás
I love watching Chase play.😀
Johan Arreola
Johan Arreola Anos atrás
This guy is gonna be a scary son of a gun in his peak 💪
John David Hutchison II
This guy is scary good for his age. Washington will be a good defensive team for a long time if they can keep him and the rest of that D line.
Brotherly Love Studios
I can only pray my guy Mailata will be up to the challenge. Much respect to this dude from Philly
jmobile35 Anos atrás
i can already see him moving up into a top 30 spot
Xavi M
Xavi M Anos atrás
When i saw chase young for the first time i knew hed be a monster in the nfl, just has the all around game that not all d-ends have. That being said 61 is too high this guy is easily in the top 25 in my opinion
Mason Brown
Mason Brown Anos atrás
Seeing the first pick and the second pick collide chase and burrow that gave me goosebumps seeing that
Cosmos Fristachi
Cosmos Fristachi Anos atrás
I knew watching Chase Young at Ohio State that he was going to BE somebody in the NFL.
Nick Johnston
Nick Johnston Anos atrás
He will be in the top 15 next year guaranteed
Owen YNWA4eva
Owen YNWA4eva Anos atrás
This dude has the best hands for a DLineman in the league. Tackles can never grab a hold of him, he just glides past them
KobeFan Anos atrás
@Silly Goose I completely agree with you. I dont know where you thought I said that Young had no technique. He definitely does, its just mostly relied on his athleticism and not hands and footwork (Most of the time) He definitely hasn't perfected his counter moves yet either, but he will get there sooner than later
Silly Goose
Silly Goose Anos atrás
@KobeFan young needs to develop a power bull rush move to counter OTs' counter to his scoissors technique. so. you are wrong to suggest there is no technique in young. there is technique with EVERY OSU edge rusher. they are all taught by larry johnson, sr who teaches a very precise combination of scisscors and angle technique. all OSU linemen learn it, the best perfect it. he wasnt drafted #2 overall without having perfected this technique at the college level. his bend off the edge (which is AS MUCH TECHNIQUE AS IT IS ATHLETIC SKILL) is top notch. young reads Olinemen, sets them up well, at least he did at the college level. his game is much more nuanced, technique and mental oriented then you care to understand. However, where you are *CORRECT* is his game is not as advanced as either bosa brother , both of whom entered the league as superior talents. in order for young to close that gap he must develop a power move to offset the top tackles who understand the mechanics of pass pro at this level. to oversimpliify this is to say, OTs win against young when they keep their arms at their sides until the last minute, removing the hand checking, swim move *TECHNIQUES* that an osu-educated edge rusher with the skill level of young employs. at that point, the counter to this would be to fire into the chest of the lineman with a bullrush similar to what his former teamate ryan kerrigan was talented at. young spent his rookie season avoiding this and relying on athleticism of running around the tackle which doesnt work in the nfl because the QBs processing speed is too quick. the entire nfl game is too quick for that. thats why most of youngs sacks as a rookie came against either backup OTs or backup Qbs or both. there is room for improvement for him for sure and if he makes it, his combination of *technique AND athleticism* will make him dangerous.
KobeFan Anos atrás
@Treon General You never watched either Bosa then. They both have some of the best technique in the league, they live off of it. Chase Young not so much, he relies on his athletic ability most of the time. Can you explain to me why im wrong?
Treon General
Treon General Anos atrás
@KobeFan u sound crazy lmaoo
KobeFan Anos atrás
@Owen YNWA4eva Not better hands than either bosa brothers either, but Chase Young is easily one of the most athletically gifted defenders in the entire NFL
Erlexar Anos atrás
What’s crazy is that he isn’t the only good DE at Washington. You got Montez Sweat whose a beast too. That defensive front overall is scary: Ionnidis, Payne, Allen, Sweat and Young are beasts.
J Gunzler
J Gunzler Anos atrás
He pops off the screen unlike any pass rusher I’ve seen in a long time. He had no business stopping Burrow from diving in for a TD across the field but GODDAAAAAMN he made it his business! Only true studs make that kinda play!
The-Turkish King
The-Turkish King Anos atrás
No doubt he’ll be DPOY one day miss him being a Buckeye Let’s go chase young and all the Buckeyes in the league
Otto Anos atrás
The kind of football IQ he has, combined with his passion, preparation, amd physical gifts, could be Lawrence Taylor-esque if things keep breaking right for him.
Jeff Anos atrás
He’s a culture’s more than just ratings
CHAMP Anos atrás
Jonrich Corpuz
Jonrich Corpuz 6 meses atrás
Love how Trent was giving him love he should’ve not gotten injured sm on the skins
Just Saying
Just Saying Anos atrás
found out about this guy for the first time on Thursday as a Pats fan, he's really the real deal... Gonna be higher on this list next year.
Just Saying
Just Saying Anos atrás
@Eli Yudin ye 👍 whether or not it was technically an incomplete pass doesn't matter he was there to make that play against a very competent well coached Pats O line. That's nothing to scoff at, the dude can ball, he'll be a problem this year for sure.
Eli Yudin
Eli Yudin Anos atrás
strip sack on 12 snaps... wild. (i know they called it an incomplete pass but cmon)
JJ Harden
JJ Harden 9 meses atrás
He’s a beast #motivation
Creamypeppersauce Anos atrás
As a Cowboy fan love seeing this man play can’t even be mad when he kills my team
IEMV Anos atrás
These clips make me appreciate him more
TheChosen Won
TheChosen Won Anos atrás
Generational talent
Tjskeyblade Anos atrás
I really enjoyed your video and yes I really think Chase Young can do it and can play defense for the Washington football Team
MrBinoSan ( CAM)
MrBinoSan ( CAM) Anos atrás
Rookies now a days real don't take a moment for granted they really ballin
Avery Austin-Curry
Avery Austin-Curry Anos atrás
As an Eagles fan this guy scares me he’s so good
𝓕𝓸𝔁𝔂 Anos atrás
Redskins really got a deadly defensive lineman. These upcoming years, I really fear for the Saints right now hoping they can keep up with the Redskins d line especially Chase.
Braden Houser
Braden Houser Anos atrás
@Gabriel Mojica i understand that but most where fans of the team my myself would see it as a honor just like i do the patriots but i get ur point
Gabriel Mojica
Gabriel Mojica Anos atrás
@𝓕𝓸𝔁𝔂 it actually is the Washington Football Team now. It’s on their branding, stadium, jerseys, etc.
Gabriel Mojica
Gabriel Mojica Anos atrás
@Braden Houser well, it was offensive to some Native American tribes. That’s why they changed it
clownin dan
clownin dan Anos atrás
I'm nervous for my o line going against them for the season opener. That d line might be the best in the nfl.
𝓕𝓸𝔁𝔂 Anos atrás
@Gabriel Mojica Washington Redskins*
Harvel Jeanty
Harvel Jeanty Anos atrás
Next big superstar on defense 🔥🔥🔥🔥
DatDudeTrav Anos atrás
I can't lie...I was skeptical of the pick. Didn't think he played NASTY enough or had enough domination for as big as he was vs his college competition. Even seemed to disappear at times last year but i'm happy to admit I WAS WRONG! His impact as a rookie was impressive but MAKE NO MISTAKE-Montez Sweat is just as freaky on the other end and with both of these dudes getting more experience the d-line is poised to tear it up this season!
Brandon Smoot
Brandon Smoot Anos atrás
He's gonna have a Sean Taylor type of impact for this Defense.
Brandon Smoot
Brandon Smoot Anos atrás
@Bradley Dickson That's not at all what I meant. You should troll somewhere else. It's sick to disrespect the deceased like that. I hope you get the help that you need.
Geezer D Luffy
Geezer D Luffy Anos atrás
I know von miller hasn't been great after super bowl 50 but damn guys he deserves to be atleast #100
MinePlay 512
MinePlay 512 Anos atrás
He's going to be one of the best pass rushers. Future is bright for Chase Young heading to year 2.
SSMG ENT Anos atrás
Let’s go Chase !!!
timothy bruns
timothy bruns Anos atrás
Damn OSU delivers real talent on the defensive side of the ball.
Kevin Nguyen
Kevin Nguyen Anos atrás
Helps out alot when you line up with Allen, Payne and Sweat...but he is a beast thought!
Cavangaa Anos atrás
Fully deserved Monster
Animesempai0 On twitter
If the Washington offense can get any type of lead, this pass rush is going to be ferocious for Washington
jonny Anos atrás
Future 2021 SB MVP
Wyatt Hunter
Wyatt Hunter Anos atrás
I hope Washington can build a team that can contend for a Final in the next few years. They have some really interesting players, but lacks some top players in offense.
Diego Esquivel
Diego Esquivel Anos atrás
He’s a monster
Matthew Clark
Matthew Clark Anos atrás
He's beast asf, that one spin move against the Eagles wtf 😂
Derek Rau
Derek Rau Anos atrás
This is the first time I saw that Joe Burrow hit. God damn he hit him harder then I’ve seen qb hit.
Saroeut Soeung
Saroeut Soeung Anos atrás
Dude is a monster..!!!
Oh my gosh for a guy that's built like him and it really goes to show why he picked 2nd overall
John Canery
John Canery Anos atrás
Which of his 1.5 sacks this year is your favorite?
JahNuhThun Dee The One And Only
When it’s all said and done, Chase Young will go down as the best defensive player in Washington history since Sean Taylor.
C J Anos atrás
Someone get Darrell Green on the line
GJ Anos atrás
I really can't pick between him and sweat. I think if there's 1 stat I want to see for them and whole DL is getting a ring. I think they all need 1 to cement themselves as top players. If not, its going to be the same all biased BS. Some of the best D linemen are in WSH and we dont see them in this list.
ThyHeraclez Anos atrás
wouldnt have happened without TANK BOWL
Devin Williams
Devin Williams Anos atrás
Whew, boy I didn’t know where you we’re going with that nice save! Sean Taylor all day son!
dedmanic Anos atrás
HEC Anos atrás
Can’t wait to see him to 10 few years from now
TMT Anos atrás
Can't wait to see him up against Tyron Smith, that will tell everyone exactly just how far he's got to go before he's great because Tyron rarely gives up any rushes.
TMT Anos atrás
Mike Tomlin is hilarious 🤣
envy. Anos atrás
Absolute monster
Andrew Garratt
Andrew Garratt Anos atrás
fast forward a couple years he'll be top 15 if he stays healthy and keeps working
Nothing you can say about his motor it's nonstop to say the least
Metro Leek
Metro Leek Anos atrás
Putting on for the DMV yessir 🔥💪🏾
Alex Robles
Alex Robles Anos atrás
Am I the only one that laughed as soon as they saw Robby 😂
Zip Molly
Zip Molly Anos atrás
Young built different faktz🔥
The Hidden Technique of Nick Bosa
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