60 Minutes of INSANE NFL Highlights

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16 Fev 2022



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Comentários 1 686
Sam 9 meses atrás
I love how they couldn’t just leave Richardson Sherman’s pick in there by itself. They had to include the interview.
Hayes Pipes
Hayes Pipes 19 dias atrás
@Devon Cantrell He went to Stanford.
Tyvek Homewrap
Tyvek Homewrap 19 dias atrás
The reporter just standing there like 😐
Devon Cantrell
Devon Cantrell Mês atrás
@smallgoon Nah he was heated bc even after his incredible game people were calling him a “dumb n*gger.” He graduated from Harvard with a perfect GPA in case anyone was wondering.
Devon Cantrell
Devon Cantrell Mês atrás
@Keith Morreale lmao you seem like you’re fun to be around.
Brandon Buzz
Brandon Buzz Mês atrás
BG RS6 9 meses atrás
The moment you realize how tough it is being a Lions fan when their entire collection of positive highlights were decade(s) old footage of Barry Sanders, Calvin Johnson and black and white footage from the 50s.
ThA MAN C MAcK Mês atrás
@DEAD MEAT JB Top 3 every F’n yr 🤨
JGRAHAM Mês atrás
@Henry Rodgers I'm a vols fan, I've been saying maybe next year since Peyton left. And it's finally out year. Just neve lose hope. The lions will get there next play off win in 2091. A century thing lol
FugginRambo Mês atrás
I love the Lions highlight when A Rod throws the game winning hailmary in Detroit. Incredible stuff!
G Curtin
G Curtin Mês atrás
@Peet Ti3 no love for Sproles???
Moody Arteaga
Moody Arteaga Mês atrás
You have one of the best running backs ever Barry Sanders it's all good old school broke all these records even though he didn't win one hey he's up there though you hear me with the best of the best if he ain't the best
Highlight Heaven
Highlight Heaven 9 meses atrás
very entertaining video, great collection of clips!
DD Mês atrás
damn he's in it with the nfl, probably on contract
xanderthesweet 4 meses atrás
@dandruff Exactly why they changed it now so that both teams get possession of the ball in overtime, before it goes to sudden death!
Mike Armstrong
Mike Armstrong 6 meses atrás
@The Other Trex0r not sure if I'm understanding what you're saying??
The Other Trex0r
The Other Trex0r 6 meses atrás
@Mike Armstrong no but I’m gonna sub to everyone to comments to so…
Mike Armstrong
Mike Armstrong 6 meses atrás
@The Other Trex0r Do you watch Facts Only Sports BRvid channel?
Jaime Terreforte II
Seattle Seahawks fan here. DK Metcalf running basically the entire field to catch Budda Baker was freakishly insane speed....and what can I say about beastmode but what an awesome run !
Indioprophecy81 9 meses atrás
I have never seen that before 32:17. throws an INT, then fumbles, got recovered then fumbled again, recovered by the QB who threw the INT ran it for a TD. Wow.
Davin Desborough
Davin Desborough Mês atrás
That has to be one of the longest plays for ball travel on a single play. I think it was about 120 yards.
JayBigDadyCy 2 meses atrás
Definitely the wildest play ever. The fact that it was the QB who threw the pick ended up with the TD is just madness lol. I'd love to see the play by play in the box score for that.
Nicholas Normile
Nicholas Normile 9 meses atrás
That might honestly be the craziest play of all time.
Last First
Last First 9 meses atrás
47:19 the David Johnson run is so good. Sad he never kept that pace in the league. Guy was a beast for 2 years.
Yodel Odelstein
Yodel Odelstein 2 meses atrás
@jb111082 True. As well as a few more guys. NFL running back is not the job you want if you are looking to have a long career. Overall, RB’s average only 4 years in the league. Even HOF’ers like Terrell Davis only had a few (in his case 6) productive years.
Organic Teletubbies
Organic Teletubbies 2 meses atrás
@jb111082 crazy thing the cardinals had both of them 2015-17
Zachary Shepard
Zachary Shepard 3 meses atrás
Dude carried my fantasy team for those 2 years man good times
jb111082 9 meses atrás
Reminds me a bit of CJ2K
Tim Wing
Tim Wing 9 meses atrás
48:03 That Vick pass was 62-63 yards in the air and he didn't even throw it as hard as he could. He could easily throw it 70 yards.
Connor Dudley
Connor Dudley 5 meses atrás
a lot of NFL QB’s can throw at least that far
Snickidy 9 meses atrás
he could throw it over them there mountains
Anopo Abednego
Anopo Abednego 9 meses atrás
It was 65 yards but he has thrown 75 or close to it at the pro bowl competition. The only one to beat him that year was Brett Favre.
D.I.G.I.T.A.L. 9 meses atrás
Cunningham in the back of the endzone with Bruce Smith on his neck looked further
Lifewalk 9 meses atrás
Harrison in the Super Bowl was insane. Directly after the run he needed oxygen, I will never forget that:D
Steffins Mês atrás
Every time I watch it I get chills. I spilled my beet and dumped Doritos all over the place watching that run!!!! #1 pick six of all time.
NewAgain 2 meses atrás
Yeah. I don’t think I ever seen a play where the player was hit by like 10 players for the other team 😟 AND STILL SCORED.
Donasium 2 meses atrás
@Yodel Odelstein chill bro, i watched the vid but i didnt start following the nfl until only few years ago so i didnt recognize the play
Yodel Odelstein
Yodel Odelstein 2 meses atrás
@Donasium How about just watch the video. If you are unfamiliar with that play, probably the single most iconic Super Bowl play in NFL history, you most likely haven’t seen any of the other plays and they are most certainly worth watching.
Donasium 2 meses atrás
time stamp?
Evyn Bryant
Evyn Bryant 2 meses atrás
That Buff vs Tenn highlight was the most forward pass I ever seen.
Joustwave 18 dias atrás
There was a lot of talk about that during the game itself but when they reviewed the rest of the camera angles it was a lot less obvious from the sideline.
Mark Petersen
Mark Petersen 20 dias atrás
I went to comments to see if anyone else noticed
Beast Mode
Beast Mode 20 dias atrás
Yup, thank you
Brendan 20 dias atrás
What a joke
MrMattyD 20 dias atrás
I was thinking the same thing
Papa Peaches01
Papa Peaches01 9 meses atrás
My goodness Joe Buck comments on the most incredible plays in NFL history like a bingo caller in a nursing home.
mike leon
mike leon 8 dias atrás
@jimmyboy1582 bingo
Ryan Haase
Ryan Haase Mês atrás
I'll take Buck over Gus Johnson, who gets overly excited on a three yard run on 1st & 10.
The Messenger
The Messenger Mês atrás
Mitchell. Mitchell.. Mitchell... Mitchell.... Touchdown.
Driftless 1
Driftless 1 Mês atrás
Best comment of all time!
Tony Lovell
Tony Lovell Mês atrás
correction: MY goodness
RevenantEternal Mês atrás
Diggs, sideline, touchdown. One of the best calls to go with one of the best plays in playoff history.
Chase Klein
Chase Klein 8 meses atrás
Michael Vicks throw at 48:00 mark with the velocity it has is just unreal. I don’t think you’ll see another play for awhile who could throw it as quick as vick. He’s definitely one of the best
mclohan 2 horas atrás
That was a 60 yarder on a rope. Prime Vick was a cheat code. Elite arm strength and one of the fastest on the field? Yes please.
Rancid Crawfish
Rancid Crawfish Mês atrás
@Marco Marin idk what you're saying and idk why 2 people liked it
Collin Buckley
Collin Buckley Mês atrás
@JuJu his prime wasnt that short tbh
RoboNinja Mês atrás
@JuJu 😂😂😂
piojonumero10 2 meses atrás
@ThePugChugzChannel 💀💀💀💀💀💀
Kevin McNicholas
Kevin McNicholas Mês atrás
This is 60 minutes of pure NFL awesomeness!!
Rikki Craft
Rikki Craft 7 meses atrás
As a Seahawks fan, knowing that one play that’ll break your heart 😩
Jordell Freshbreeze
Jordell Freshbreeze 2 meses atrás
And it’s never going away🙄🙄
MAYKO101 3 meses atrás
Try losing two sbs you should have won -____________x
stratslngr 5 meses atrás
Every fan has one but that one is so bad knowing Brady was sitting on the sideline realizing he had lost and then...
ProfaneLizard 6 meses atrás
Same as a Bucs fan watching the Rams this year. Just another gut punch.
Joe Jackson
Joe Jackson 6 meses atrás
Same for Pats fans watching Eli's highlights. That Kearse catch nearly killed us all.
HillbillyJedi88 8 meses atrás
Watched every play. Great list! Thanks for taking the time to put it together!
mclohan 2 horas atrás
4:56 Favre still had a cannon at 40. All his flaws aside, his arm strength was always impressive. In fact I remember seeing a stat in 2015-16 showing ball velocity over the years and Favre only lost like 3-5% from 2000 to 2010. They were saying most QBs lose about 10-12% at the end of their careers. With the exception of Peyton Manning who lost nearly 30% over his final 3 seasons alone. But we all know that story with the neck problems. Favre honestly could have kept going if he wanted to.
louis skulnik
louis skulnik 7 meses atrás
I am a Saints fan but I give mad props to Beastmode. He beat us fair and square. He is a shoe in for the Hall of Fame.
Myn6211 9 meses atrás
Really loved this highlights video. Jim Brown, Gale Sayers, Franko Harris, Walter Peyton, Jerry Rice, Lynn Swann, Barry Sanders, on and on and on. Sure brings back memories. Wow!. Dang I must be getting old. 😃
aspenrebel 6 meses atrás
Did we see Crazy Legs Hirsch or Cookie Gilchrist?
Amazingkook 143
Amazingkook 143 9 meses atrás
9:13 that might be the most intense NO ever uttered in sports. Although 13:15 might be a close second.
Freddy Cureton
Freddy Cureton 5 meses atrás
I think the kicker did that on purpose guys 😭
Andrew Padaetz
Andrew Padaetz 5 meses atrás
13:15 is better..Paul Allen wears his emotions on his sleeve like no other team announcer and the Vikes have had some serious pain over the years with one notable exception (Minneapolis Miracle-Allen's call of that is epic).
MaddDogg316 7 meses atrás
@🐯WHO-DEY🏉, came to say this. You are a scholar and a gentleman.
🐯WHO-DEY🏉 7 meses atrás
Jon Bois has a video on the first one
Bring It Back Sports
Bring It Back Sports 9 meses atrás
I love this comment. I laughed out loud in my room after confirming that you did in fact compare them.
Cullen Stewart
Cullen Stewart 2 meses atrás
Watched every play. Great list! Thanks for taking the time to put it together
bigsirenguy 3 meses atrás
I'll never forget that Harrison interception. I was 12 years old and it's one of the first solid memories I have watching Pittsburgh sports. The same goes for the Penguins Stanley Cup run that year.
Sebas or Wen Ruiz
Sebas or Wen Ruiz Mês atrás
🐟🐟 🐟 🐟 🐟 🐟 🐟 🦈 🐟 🐟 🐟 🐟 🐟 🐟 🐟 🐟 🐡 🦈 🐟 🐟 🐟
Sebas or Wen Ruiz
Sebas or Wen Ruiz Mês atrás
8️⃣ 9️⃣ 🔟
Jason Victoriano
Jason Victoriano 9 meses atrás
9:10 This is the best and I mean, the BEST, commentator reaction EVER! 😂
Nico Robin
Nico Robin 13 dias atrás
lmaoooo i wanted to see if someone else noticed him.... he wanted the saints to win so bad
DJ Rhude
DJ Rhude 2 meses atrás
That man was HURT lmao
Milk With Pulp
Milk With Pulp 2 meses atrás
you could say it's... Pretty Good.
ROCKaholic 2 meses atrás
Lol. *"NNNNNNOOOOOOOOO!!!!!"* He was SO invested in that game.
Ben Strout
Ben Strout 3 meses atrás
I nominate 13:18 and 29:12 as runners-up!
George Banks
George Banks 2 dias atrás
Colts fan here - I was soooo friggin’ angry when the Saints pulled the onside kick trick to start the second half of XLIV … but it was pure genius, there’s no doubt. The Saints deserved that win!
Siklone 2 meses atrás
1:14 man, I feel so bad for Larry Fitzgerald. Even as a 49er fan I gotta say, that man deserved AT LEAST 1 ring. But he had the talent for multiple. I wish I could give him the tools that AZ has now.
Rick Mês atrás
3:08 The Titan's "miracle" was a forward pass instead of a lateral. Buffalo was robbed.
Sam Mathey
Sam Mathey Mês atrás
So many insane plays. The throw Vick made to Desean Jackson on mnf is so crazy. Threw it probly 70 yards in the air right on the money to one of the fastest guys ever
Ser Fernando Montalvo
Ser Fernando Montalvo 3 dias atrás
Michael Vick is one of my favorite players of all time because of that ability you mentioned
Dark Aneurysms
Dark Aneurysms 8 meses atrás
Watching this makes me happy to be a football fan! And the USFL is coming back soon too, it'll keep me entertained until the NFL starts back up again.☺️
aspenrebel 6 meses atrás
Oh yeah USFL all games played in one stadium. I watched one game there were no fans in the stadium.
No Accuracy
No Accuracy 9 meses atrás
Richard Sherman talking about Crabtree is one of the greatest highlights of all time. What a legend lol
Dallas Wood
Dallas Wood 2 meses atrás
Andrews face said everything the tv audience was thinking…what the hell is he talking about
RVforestgreen2903 3 meses atrás
I remember watching that live and thinking: dafaq 😂
Marco Marin
Marco Marin 6 meses atrás
Marco Marin
Marco Marin 6 meses atrás
no entiendo estoy aquí viendo el artido
Messier11 9 meses atrás
Watson a tight end running down Bailey who was one of the fastest players in the league at the time is incredible
Edgar Ramirez
Edgar Ramirez 9 meses atrás
Remember it like it was yesterday.
Todd Miller
Todd Miller 5 meses atrás
I see so many of these videos, but never see the ones from my childhood that were so great. I want to see the Eric Metcalf punt return as he tightrope walks down the sideline to beat Pittsburgh in Cleveland. I want to see Christian Okoye run over Steve Atwater. Bring back the old school plays.
Raymond Obouvie
Raymond Obouvie 9 meses atrás
I love those guards and tackles that are running for their life - we need more of those. It's magic when big boys do smth cool, not only dirty job.
Stacie Orico
Stacie Orico 9 meses atrás
mshat18 9 meses atrás
The Dan Connelly play was still the greatest clip ever. Never seen anything like it before or since. I wish he had been able to score.
aspenrebel 6 meses atrás
It was like nobody on defense even tried to tackle Him.
Townsvilleball Mapping
Townsvilleball Mapping 9 meses atrás
big man with ball!
Bryan Seas
Bryan Seas 9 meses atrás
Barely started this video and knew automatically ur talking about my boy dan running it back against greenbay, that breakaway speed was insane by a linemen when u got past that furst hurdle🤣
tjw Mês atrás
I gotta tell you. That catch from Moss, gave me goosebumps. that was a nice pass by Bradey.
A B 5 meses atrás
So many great memories, thank you for this.
O'Dell Tres Long
O'Dell Tres Long 2 meses atrás
1 Team
James Doss
James Doss 7 meses atrás
7:52 I remember watching this game with my dad. We were both screaming at the Packers. I will never forget that moment, the moment where we lost.
Jackson Battenfield
cadmanwatching 4 meses atrás
Great job mixing vintage clips with modern clips. Love it!
OB three
OB three Mês atrás
As a Bears fan I feel I have to talk about Barry Sanders. Watching him even now I’m astonished. The cameraman could barely keep up with him. I still haven’t seen someone who could change direction and hit the openings like Barry. Had he continued playing he’d probably hold every rushing record in NFL history. I’m not old enough to remember Walter and Gale but my dad loved Payton. He said he remembers Gale when he was a kid and he said that he was incredible. He said as great as Walter was Sayers was better.
_IamSkeezz 5 meses atrás
what an awesome compilation of some of the greatest play I've ever seen. got my subscribe ! great work !
Trev Mac
Trev Mac 2 meses atrás
Harrison's 99 yard pick 6 was amazing considering the importance of the game (A Super Bowl)
Bobbers Down
Bobbers Down 3 meses atrás
42:08 is the best catch I have ever seen live...unreal!
Snoope X
Snoope X 9 meses atrás
12:36 probably the most satisfying commentary of all time… just reminds me how simple life used to be.
andrew lehr
andrew lehr 2 meses atrás
@Sampson...To rack up six points for the Lions
Sampson 2 meses atrás
"keeps right on his merry way" 😂🤣
ian fuentes
ian fuentes 4 meses atrás
blackosprey 25 dias atrás
Love the older clips with announcers screaming so hard tge audio's peaking out. Pure hype
Joseph209 3 meses atrás
Me (a Saints fan) : “oh yay I love watching highlight videos, this should bring back some old memories!” First clip: beast-quake. Me: “Well that’s enough of that.”
Rob WHODAT Campbell
Rob WHODAT Campbell 2 meses atrás
Cornelius 7 meses atrás
36:00 I will always remember Tim Couch as the second most impressive #2 ever to throw a touchdown for the browns.
quetzalcoatlz 6 meses atrás
My dad had season tickets when he played for Kentucky. I watched him from 97-99 and became a browns fan once he got drafted. He could have been one of the greats. I moved to CLE 11 years ago crazy!
Jay R. aka. Just Pelé
Jay R. aka. Just Pelé 9 meses atrás
Barry Sanders could have his own 1 hour video of nothing but highlights. The man was superhuman. 20
Dutch The Gawd
Dutch The Gawd 6 meses atrás
@Lighthouse in the Storm they use to call him the human highlight reel
YaBoyKels1 2 meses atrás
Man…plays like these makes the NFL the greatest sport of all time…unbelievable sportsmanship
Alexander Phillips
Alexander Phillips 9 meses atrás
I think that's my grandpa at 11:23. He wore 43 for the LA Rams from 1953-60
Brendan Provo
Brendan Provo 9 meses atrás
Will Sherman?
Ryan K
Ryan K 5 meses atrás
It still shakes my soul: "No!!! He missed the kick wide right."
dcbandnerd 5 meses atrás
24:33 We had such high hopes for the RGIII era. Moments like this made it seem like we *finally* had a 21st century playmaker under center. But it wasn't meant to be - a number of things, including the FedEx Field turf - put an end to all that.
Trig The boss
Trig The boss 27 dias atrás
It's crazy to see just how quickly the viewing experience's quality rose so drastically.
Etula 5 meses atrás
I would just like to say, the last clip of this video, I was with a Seattle group at the super bowl and we just knew we were going to win, painful. Great times nevertheless.
Aldo Williams
Aldo Williams 6 meses atrás
I remember seeing the Odell catch live as a kid dreaming of being that good someday
James Ireland
James Ireland 4 meses atrás
Great clips of great games it's hard to watch a regular season game after this
RicksClips Mês atrás
That defense is playing absolutely insane 😳
Bernard Tassart
Bernard Tassart 7 meses atrás
Insane,you got that right!! OUTSTANDING 🏈🔥🔥🔥✅👌👌👌
Anopo Abednego
Anopo Abednego 9 meses atrás
I would argue that if you're calling Mike Alstott a "FB" then he is the greatest FB of all time and belongs in the Hall of Fame. Had he been the RB taking all the snaps his entire career he'd already be in.
billny33 7 meses atrás
35:45 Don Criqui may not be my favorite announcer but I get a kick out of the fact that he sounds so composed so much of the time and on the rare occasion something insane happens he absolutely lets loose and makes it sound like all of reality is on fire. Very much the case on this clip.
Benjiareyouokay 9 meses atrás
Paul Allen’s “NOOO!” Is so ledgenday on that cardinals Vikings playoff game. You can hear the hurt in his voice 😩
Sam Haanen
Sam Haanen 9 meses atrás
that wasn't a playoff game, it was week 17
redsoxu571 9 meses atrás
One of my all time favorite sports calls!
Shane L
Shane L 9 meses atrás
Bro I still remember watching this game at 32:58 I was like...Marshawn who?... Derek Henry is just simply a scary individual, Tennessee hit the lottery when they picked that dude up
Joshua D
Joshua D 2 meses atrás
I never seen this before, he absolutely disrespected those mfs 😂😂😂😂😂
EasonTV 6 meses atrás
This highlight reel does a great job of telling the story of the league. If you had to sum up the nfl in 1hr this would be it. Great job!
Patrick Stovall
Patrick Stovall 3 meses atrás
I do love Mahomes run against the titans in the AFC championship game, that was awesome. 41:01 was a great play as well. the chiefs never give up on any play. But nothing is as great as "The Wasp"
TROOTHSEEKER 3 meses atrás
Justin Ruiz
Justin Ruiz 9 meses atrás
13:39 the agility of Lamar is unreal but the the best part is..OH!!!!!! HE BROKE HIS ANKLES!!!
Joe Reinartz
Joe Reinartz 5 meses atrás
if ui freeze frame that play right b4 he spins it looks like hes got noway out of that with nowhere to go.. Lamar is winning his second MVP this season watch. Book it
JClaus1221 2 meses atrás
My fave moment in this vid is the great Guy McIntyre ramblin like a friggin rhinoceros 25 yards downfield to block for Young on that TD scramble. And he did it from a dead stop, facing the opposite way blocking and giving Young 10 yards ahead of him. That one moment of offensive lineman hustle should be shown as a requirement to every lineman strapping on a helmet.
Bass Man
Bass Man 5 meses atrás
I witnessed most of these live. The bills and chiefs game end of last season was the best football game I've ever watched. That entire last 12 minutes could be on here. Mahommes and Allen are both walking highlight reels.
Alexander Beaumont
Alexander Beaumont 3 meses atrás
Respectfully there is always a tape delay during sporting events so unfortunately you did not witness most of these events live but rather saw most of these events through delayed broadcasted images. I understand the mix up I just don’t want others to assume you are liar on purpose.
Bass Man
Bass Man 3 meses atrás
@Alexander Beaumont thanks for the English lesson. Games are broadcasted live, if I had been there Ida said I went to the game or was there for them. 🙄
Alexander Beaumont
Alexander Beaumont 3 meses atrás
Ok you should make that more clear because that is not what witnessing something live means whatsoever so it seems like you are a liar which I am sure you didn’t mean to do
Bass Man
Bass Man 3 meses atrás
@Alexander Beaumont thanks to the great invention of the television. Witnessed live on TV not live in person. That would be incredible to see that many games in person.
Alexander Beaumont
Alexander Beaumont 3 meses atrás
I apologize humbly if this is rude as I’m bot from America but how did you go to so many stadiums so often to see most of these live?
Sports studios
Sports studios 9 meses atrás
I’ve watched this so many times and never gets boring
Michael Churgin
Michael Churgin Mês atrás
Barry sanders was incredible.. I cried when he retired.. so fun to watch and so humble for being the greatest to ever lace em up!!!
Tyler Jones
Tyler Jones Mês atrás
Emmitt would have something to say about that
TRT Jogan
TRT Jogan 9 meses atrás
That was some amazing blocking around 1:10 when Harrison picks the ball and runs it all the way back.
hisvorpalsword Mês atrás
As a professional sports video editor I have to say this is one of the best comps I've ever seen.
TheLyricsGuy 9 meses atrás
One thing that this video demonstrates is the importance of great commentators.
Stacie Orico
Stacie Orico 9 meses atrás
Tyler Hazlett
Tyler Hazlett 2 meses atrás
I was at that chargers and vikes game. Whole game was absolutely bonkersville.
ElikTM Mês atrás
5:25 is insane. Not only was it a great return for the touchdown, but it was a really impressive catch reeling in the failed field goal as it was going out of bounds.
Heyoka1980 5 meses atrás
Beast Modes run against the saints never gets old!
Darwin Thompson
Darwin Thompson 3 meses atrás
I’m surprised Derrick Henry’s epic stiff arm on Newman wasn’t in this
Ashton Hutchinson
Ashton Hutchinson 9 meses atrás
So glad to see so much Seahawks footage!
Jacob Canaday
Jacob Canaday 9 meses atrás
I'm a cowboys fan but damn I gotta recognize Randall was ahead of his time
Happy Days
Happy Days 18 dias atrás
7:51 Thank you for posting. Devon Hester was one of the most under-rated players. He was the only reason to go to a Bears game while he was playing. Seeing his magic again .... no words.
Dust in the couch
Dust in the couch 5 meses atrás
Really cool to see Dante Hall get some love from the NFL, he was an electric player.
Westech Cal-CRIS
Westech Cal-CRIS 9 meses atrás
This is the best football highlight reel ever made!
James Armstrong
James Armstrong 8 meses atrás
I loved how you mixed the old with the new, awesome video!
Eric packers
Eric packers 8 meses atrás
Crazy seeing Vince Young and cam newton footage making you wonder if there will be another college qb on their level especially cam newton winning a national title as a Heisman and going 15 and 1 and making a super bowl and wish he had more years left but can't underestimate his greatness
David Dooley
David Dooley 4 meses atrás
This is such a good video. Great job to whoever made this.
SmittyDitty SittingPretty
I grew up with the great Baltimore Colts TE John Mackey’s children. Let me tell you, he was very intimidating. May he Rest In Peace.
CypiX 9 meses atrás
9:19 *_OMG, what an interception!!_*
dc chilin
dc chilin 9 meses atrás
Cooper kupp full season highlights
Sampson 2 meses atrás
26:38 Marion Barber forever a legend for that run!
Zalis116 9 meses atrás
23:33 - Isn't that a touchback? He placed a body part down out of bounds in the end zone, while the ball was still in the field of play. That should establish possession as "out of bounds from end zone," similar to fumbling the ball at the 1, bobbling it in the end zone, and recovering out of bounds -- a touchback.
Yodel Odelstein
Yodel Odelstein 2 meses atrás
Every time I see the DaSean Jackson “Miracle in the Meadowlands” punt return, I fantasize about that last defender staying with the play and tackling Jackson at the 1. I can’t imagine how frustrated he must have made his coaches.
Mark Blaine
Mark Blaine 2 meses atrás
Excellent video man. Love the mixture of old and new.
T Rope
T Rope 2 meses atrás
HOW FUN IS THIS!!!! Reliving almost ALL the mid-late 90's an early 2000's greatest plays! along with all the other great plays that we 33-43 yr olds grew up watching on nfl films! all in one great compilation!!!! SO FUN MAN!!!! LOL
DLuxe 3 meses atrás
I love hearing older announcers saying “He broke his ankles!!”
JuliusS Klan
JuliusS Klan Mês atrás
21:02 "The earth is shaking". 💪💪💪🤣🤣My favourite call. All time classic!
Ash Bennett
Ash Bennett 5 dias atrás
At 3:10 love that miracle play.. the one where they lateraled and then through a 5 yard out in a KR
John Mellas
John Mellas 5 meses atrás
How was Josh Allen's hurdle of Anthony Barr not on here? The video title is "INSANE" and I'm not sure what is more insane than a QB hurdling an all pro middle linebacker for a 1st down... Other than that, it was quite the collection of plays! Love that old and new were scattered and not in chronological order
2Glock30s 2 meses atrás
The nostalgia is unreal!
FrankensteinDabs117 2 meses atrás
That one from the Seahawks rb doing that spinning flip and lands on his feet is impressive
John Harris
John Harris 9 meses atrás
Finally a Cris Carter highlight at 23:34☆He made some unbelievable catches in his career☆
John Harris
John Harris 9 meses atrás
@Michael Wilson true so true
Michael Wilson
Michael Wilson 9 meses atrás
That's because we live in the age of technology. Hell the people would riot if we didn't have instant replay
John Harris
John Harris 9 meses atrás
@Michael Wilson they slow the game down too much☆Checking this and checking that☆
Michael Wilson
Michael Wilson 9 meses atrás
Absolutely not
John Harris
John Harris 9 meses atrás
@Michael Wilson if that play happened in 2day's NFL, they would have not gave it to them☆
Goonerman's play
Goonerman's play 2 meses atrás
Richard Sherman talking about Crabtree is one of the greatest highlights of all time. What a legend lol
Benzobaby 9 meses atrás
This video was lit, so many wild plays I completely forgot about in top quality video. NFL BRvid channel getting certified‼️‼️‼️
Robert Franzo
Robert Franzo 2 meses atrás
Lamar Jackson's speed is unbelievable. That dude could MOVE!!
The Train
The Train 2 meses atrás
The Steve Young run was incredible
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