6 Cello Suites BWV 1007 - 1012 Petrit Çeku Guitar Complete LIVE CONCERT

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Johann Sebastian Bach
6 Cello Suites
Complete - LIVE concert

six cello suites on guitar
One take recording on Live concert
by Petrit Çeku guitar

0:39 - No. 1 BWV 1007
12:20 - No. 2 BWV 1008
24:29 - No. 3 BWV 1009
41:00 - No. 4 BWV 1010
58:25 - No. 5 BWV 1011
1:15:47 - No. 6 BWV 1012

Petrit Çeku - Guitar
Arranged by Valter Dešpalj

Live @ Croatian music institute Zagreb
22 march 2018

Video Audio Editing
Marko Pletikosa

Petrit Çeku new video

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Petrit Çeku on my channel:

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Full concert Live stream
january 2021


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21 Mar 2020



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Croatian Baroque Ensemble
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Maria B Zanin
Maria B Zanin 15 dias atrás
chan pol
chan pol 3 dias atrás
DANIEL 4 dias atrás
Spartolił już sam początek...
circycle 6 dias atrás
Michelle de lotus
Michelle de lotus 16 dias atrás
Today, you are crying Weeping for me and for everyone Ok pour it out pour the rain of tears loudly very loudly the day you cry I can't work either crying with my heart
Cosmik Debris
Cosmik Debris 17 dias atrás
Mark Williams
Mark Williams 18 dias atrás
An Everest has been climbed. Pacing and phrasing is stunningly beautiful.
It´s so wonderful your performance on guitar Petrit Çeku. Congratulations!!
Cristian diaz
Cristian diaz 26 dias atrás
Aliexpress no me ha devuelto una disputa, es un fraude
Deepak John Cletus Menezes
Unbelievable. Master guitarist
Betina Marker
Betina Marker Mês atrás
que linda musica!!!!
Bernardo Silva
Bernardo Silva Mês atrás
Lorena Souper Lopez
Increíble! un agrado escuchar su interpretación, realmente un titánico trabajo
tk070570 Mês atrás
My lovely Bach's suites for cello! 💖
emil albazi
emil albazi Mês atrás
Lucky audiences 😪
Happy night to your beautiful guitar playing. Thanks for sharing. I wish you a happy day today. To my dear friend...
Antun Leut
Antun Leut Mês atrás
Ausgezeichnet, Weltklasse !!!
DAMAR Mês atrás
Squisita esecuzione.
Cozy Starbucks Cafe
this tunes really gets under the skin and hits the bone
claire breteau
claire breteau Mês atrás
Bravo et merci! Inspiration limpide et rafraîchissante, ressourçante pour les violoncellistes !
Tienda Naturista Manizales Online
Love it!!! best regards.
양은실 Mês atrás
새벽에 듣다보니 해가 뜨네요^^ 아름다운 연주입니다.
坂巻洋 Mês atrás
Bruce Wells
Bruce Wells Mês atrás
This is BY FAR the best performance of the Cello Suites on the guitar that I’ve seen. Simply stunning 🤩. His feel for the music and his skill are simply outstanding!! Bravo!!!
Greg Nicholls
Greg Nicholls Mês atrás
Bach, a man with a guitar living the music he plays and just like that I can join in. Thank you all involved.
Andrew Shantz
Andrew Shantz Mês atrás
Very enjoyable!
Maria Wigent
Maria Wigent Mês atrás
I love the journey this piece takes you on. I was lost inside my mind until the audience clapped. What a beautiful experience. And I thank you for that.....
Daniel Blaze
Daniel Blaze Mês atrás
Quelques imperfections, dommage ! Mais l'ensemble est très beau.
Gardez à l'esprit qu'il joue en direct. pas n'importe qui touche les six suites d'un seul coup.
Silius Seth
Silius Seth Mês atrás
3:13 this one ruined all the Concert! Lol
National Socialist
National Socialist Mês atrás
@mitican he is only joking, take it easy
mitican Mês atrás
In case you didn't noticed the guy is human, not a f**kin' robot. It's easy to criticise, but hard as hell to do the 1% this guy is doing (just in case you ever touched a classical guitar). Keep dreaming on absolute perfection!
Artem Petrovichev
Artem Petrovichev Mês atrás
L'originale non è più ascoltabile.. incredibile musicista.
Thai interCorP
Thai interCorP Mês atrás
สุดยอดอี้หลี่...... Welcome to Thailand ^__^ สู้ๆคร๊าบบบ
Sergey Perov
Sergey Perov Mês atrás
Just Saying
Just Saying Mês atrás
BRAVO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hiroko seki
hiroko seki Mês atrás
Lu Lucy
Lu Lucy Mês atrás
Christian Abarca
Christian Abarca Mês atrás
this is exceptional, pure, and throw u inside yourself.
luciana azevedo flor
Marek Lemarx
Marek Lemarx Mês atrás
Bravo, bravissimo :)
Davis Lindsay
Davis Lindsay Mês atrás
The equable harbor pathomorphologically weigh because india developmentally complete apud a exotic danger. skinny, paltry laura
Неля Диброва
Браво !!! Вдохновения вам маэстро !!! мира...добра...изобилия...земного рая всем желаю...
NatuSumba - Relaxing Music
Woow, thanks for this awesome performance!
Fabio Grandi
Fabio Grandi Mês atrás
The question is WHY? If the music has been written for cellos, why one should ever think to play it with a guitar? JSB would be turning in his grave.
Diego Castro
Diego Castro 21 dia atrás
The advantage if not "superiority" of Bach over his Baroque period contemporary composers is this capability for his works to be played with various musical instruments. His Goldberg Variations, for example, have been transcribed and played with at least 15 various intruments, famous of which are the jazz and synthesizer versions. On the same vein, piano transcriptions of symphonies were made as the most accessible before Thomas Edison's invention of phonograph in 1877.
emil albazi
emil albazi Mês atrás
Bach's music is not only for specific instrument . It can be played with almost every instrument we know , and will be played forever in whatever instrument invented... ie. In the year 2999 🤨 imagine a concert then.
thinkpad20 Mês atrás
Surely you're joking. Bach frequently transcribed his works for other instruments. In fact even he even adapted one of these very suites, the 5th to be precise, for the lute. Bach would not be the least bit concerned, let alone "turning in his grave."
matt bounds
matt bounds Mês atrás
I keep coming back to these wonderful performances. Fantastic to be able to watch and hear them played all in the same place.
Chiara Gayatrii Dolcini
Sean Hennessey
Sean Hennessey Mês atrás
hahaha, man this dude is good...I feel good about myself as a guitarist if I can modal solo or do fancy chordal inversions, lol...I am humbled...again
Muna Gochhayat
Muna Gochhayat Mês atrás
DADDY O Mês atrás
That is absolutely wonderful artistry. He is the modern Segovia!
Ricardo Aguilar
Ricardo Aguilar Mês atrás
Beautifull thanks for this video
呂幸宜 Mês atrás
Nelson Sebastián Olivares Rodríguez
Esto es occidente!
Suleyman Eker
Suleyman Eker Mês atrás
Bravo bravo bravo....👏👏👏
Mario Gandolfo
Mario Gandolfo Mês atrás
Gran talento y buena digitación! En esta época se pueden evitar las repeticiones de partes, es la era de la grabación. Bravo Petrit Ceku!!
Daniel D'Olivier
Daniel D'Olivier Mês atrás
Erik Núñez
Erik Núñez Mês atrás
He is one of my favorite guitarists. He owns exquisite technique and superior emotionality.
Marshall Harrison - Guitarist
Cello? He’s playing music written for the CELLO on a GUITAR...really well btw...incredible
valeria maria figueiredo
Cornelia Abreu
Cornelia Abreu Mês atrás
Segovia would discretely pack away his guitar, sit there and listen....So happy to have found this delightful, giant piece of work!!
Kymberly Terry
Kymberly Terry Mês atrás
The various relation developmentally greet because german currently interrupt under a learned denim. itchy, violet nut
Samuel Siqueira
Samuel Siqueira Mês atrás
Fantastisch sie spielen sehr gut gute Arbeit
Claus Werner Ott
Claus Werner Ott Mês atrás
Este músico é fora de serie, um gênio !!!
gtrmusic69 Mês atrás
Wow.....awesome! I just finished listening to the whole thing. Every note. Very nicely done. Beautiful job.
Leon Petersen
Leon Petersen 25 dias atrás
Brilliant playing...............and i'm appreciative of the the transcription work done......loved it.....just not a fan of the 6th Suite Prelude transcription, gotta say.....but love the rest
abbey sioson
abbey sioson Mês atrás
amazing talent! that was such a treat. thank you for sharing.
r hoellriegel
r hoellriegel Mês atrás
and this all with eyes closed...speechless !
max steinhoff
max steinhoff Mês atrás
It takes the first 5 in order to be warmed up for the 6th.
Marcio Alexandre Gouvea
Bravo, Bravo, Bravo, fantástico trabalho
Luis Perez
Luis Perez 2 meses atrás
Hermosa interpretacion! Bravo!
Max Seep
Max Seep 2 meses atrás
WELL DONE !!!!! Mr John FEELEY :) !!!
きしだまこと 2 meses atrás
Erik 2 meses atrás
jean-françois Masson
jean-françois Masson 2 meses atrás
cet artiste incomparable, commet malgré tout des fautes qui gâchent cette merveilleuse prestation ! l'intégrale en "live" : le choix arbitraire de ne pas faire de liaison! ornements sur 2 cordes comme une moulinette ! avec une pièce écrite pour archet !!précipitations rythmiques,virtuosité inappropriée!, fautes d'articulation,harmonisations parfois lourdes et inutiles, etc.. cela reste malgré tout une performance superbe, exécutée par un guitariste absolument exceptionnel!je préfère malgré tout celle de : Auteur : Jean Sébastien Bach (1685-1750) : Suite Pour Violoncelle N°1 À 6 Bwv 1007-1012 Transcription Par Jean-François Masson Et Christian Chanel Pour La Guitare Editeur : Editions Le Chant Du Monde Mandala Harmonia Mundi Distribution Sortie : 01/01/1997 Nombre de CD : 3
rognonbis jp
rognonbis jp 23 dias atrás
Pub inutile , les affirmations péremptoires ne donnent pas envie de voir plus loin .
Douglas Chapman
Douglas Chapman 2 meses atrás
¡Maravilloso, mejor imposible! No tengo las palabras adecuadas para agradecerlo. ... ¡Toda la arquitectura, el ritmo y el canto melódico de J.S.Bach y además, el tono y calor de la guitarra!
Scott Havens
Scott Havens 2 meses atrás
wow such tone,, thank you.
莊樹銘 2 meses atrás
Johann Schiel
Johann Schiel 2 meses atrás
The arrangements are really wonderful. The playing is masterful as well but sometimes a bit too well-behaved for my taste. And I badly miss some of the repetitions :( (Btw: I'm playing most of this movements on cello quite often and also playing guitar, not so much classical trained, though).
Cesar Rodríguez Neumann
Que esplendida guitarra, gran interpretación. BRAVO.
Brendan Anthony
Brendan Anthony 2 meses atrás
He's not even looking at the frets...
Automan Lastman
Automan Lastman 2 meses atrás
Buckethead Could do it !!!!!!!,,,,2021,,may,,14th,,2:06AM,,,,friday. ........... . .. .New Zealand 🇳🇿 Shoutout,,,oh Yea..
Greg Vinson
Greg Vinson 2 meses atrás
😁🤘😅🤣😅🎸 You win!
Patricia Graham
Patricia Graham 2 meses atrás
Listened again and this is even more amazing that I thought!
Patricia Graham
Patricia Graham 2 meses atrás
Magic fingers. Perfection. Brilliant. Petrit Ceku you bring so much beauty to this world - and handsome too! Love it. xx
산호반지 2 meses atrás
John Woodworth
John Woodworth 2 meses atrás
I really dont like the added base parts tbh. As someone whose played these pieces on viola it would sound fine without the extra bass filler
National Socialist
National Socialist Mês atrás
You should put something on your channel and we can hear it
masajbey RIFAT
masajbey RIFAT 3 meses atrás
Mükemmel . . .
Gabriele Marcelli
Gabriele Marcelli 3 meses atrás
ivan tatar
ivan tatar 3 meses atrás
le méme niveau que Segovia et Julian Bream......sans doute, trés , mais trés pureté du voix aussi extraordinaire...Bravo, M.Ceku!!! by cabalist---si jamais--vous pouvez me voir--you tube tatar ivan and denys de caprona genfi koncert,... etc.
Raquel Hernández
Raquel Hernández 3 meses atrás
Profe gracias por ese lindo despertar
Rose Booth
Rose Booth 3 meses atrás
Absolutely sublime, ...who would take this on but a very courageous soul..
National Socialist
National Socialist Mês atrás
@StopFear playing the 6 suites
StopFear 2 meses atrás
Take on what?
Mémé Miles
Mémé Miles 3 meses atrás
n'oublier pas une chose que nous somme beaucoup dans le monde a vous regarder rt a vous ecouter et j'en fais partie j'adore ce que vous faites merci beaucoup
Fernando Barcenas A.
Fernando Barcenas A. 3 meses atrás
It is just incredible.
Alan Rinehart
Alan Rinehart 3 meses atrás
Absolutely superb!
Richard Levy
Richard Levy 3 meses atrás
Amazing. All the Bach suites. Wish I could have been there for the concert.
Josette Lamy
Josette Lamy 3 meses atrás
Kristian Perez McDougall
Absolutely amazing!
Keith Williams
Keith Williams 4 meses atrás
I am quite sad that I cannot find a vinyl version of this. Petrit... please!
Yukiko kanno
Yukiko kanno 4 meses atrás
とても気に入っている動画のひとつです。Hauser の講演動画で知ったギター奏者ですが、もっといろんな曲を聴いてみたいと思っています。6cello suites も私の好みの曲です。ギターの方がむしろ合っているのではとさえ思います。
Michajeru 4 meses atrás
That's quite an achievement to take on all six suites in one performance. Well done!
Erwin Damian Pucheta Bobadilla
Increíble la perfección en la ejecución de la guitarra. Obras bellísimas. Que agradable escuchar.
President Staatshóofd
President Staatshóofd 4 meses atrás
Bad taste will always be among us. So will Bach
Annemie Bock
Annemie Bock 4 meses atrás
Danke, Danke...Thanks for this perfect performance, I have never heard before such an inspired and with technical brilliance performed Interpretation of " Genius " Bach's cello- suites played by guitar!!!
Augusto Díaz Colodrero
Un verdadero prodigio de la guitarra!! Que hermoso es ver ejecutar de esa forma la música, sobre todo siendo joven.
Carolann Kaiser
Carolann Kaiser 5 meses atrás
totally amazing. Feeling so privileged to listen to this.
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