5G: Explained!

Marques Brownlee
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5G is getting a lot of hype right now... so I had to see for myself!
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Ciência e tecnologia

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19 Ago 2019



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Comentários 24 099
Marques Brownlee
Marques Brownlee 28 dias atrás
Had to see for myself is 5G is worth all the hype. What do you think? Shoutout to NordVPN for sponsoring this video! Get 75% off NordVPN! Only $2.99/mo, plus you get an additional month FREE at: (Promo code MKVPN)
jett888 19 horas atrás
@Daddymooch people are so ignorant to think all this increased radiation won't affect them. How are people so lacking in curiosity or intelligence! I'm glad you've don't the research- keep spreading the facts.
Daddymooch 19 horas atrás
Definitely not go try to get access to scientific literature on the effects radio towers 3g and 4g and the effects it’s had on male fertility. 5g is 10x stronger and more damaging.
Diego Ramírez
Diego Ramírez Dia atrás
Bro, what's up with your elbow
jett888 2 dias atrás
I think you need to seriously look into the HEALTH DANGERS of 5G- believe me- you should be able to live without 5G- otherwise- you won't be living long. Are you aware that 5G is a military grade weapon USED FOR CROWD CONTROL!!! Wake UP BROTHER!!!
Med Med
Med Med 4 dias atrás
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Kisiel2279 8 horas atrás
Isn’t this unsafe for health? Doesn’t long exposure to such frequencies cause cancer?
Itai Bar
Itai Bar 9 horas atrás
Your videos are great and to the point! Good job 👏🏻
Pingu 10 horas atrás
Yeah I remember that good old 3G... EVERY time I sit in the public train in Germany xDDD 5G is so not ready for big parts of the world because not even 4G is great everywhere
Maxx House
Maxx House 11 horas atrás
7:26 what happened to your arm bro??
Daemien21 11 horas atrás
Fucking guy is awesome, always honest in all of his videos, comments straight from the heart.
Girish kumar
Girish kumar 13 horas atrás
All birds going to die and that birds chirping sound under 5G tower is a fake
Topu 13 horas atrás
5G is sure taking their sweet time ;)
Ross Anderson
Ross Anderson 13 horas atrás
No mention of potentially massive side effects to our health? What a tool! This guy's a shill or a complete ignoramus.
Diaa Asha
Diaa Asha 15 horas atrás
Video is loading while watching
Kame Prod
Kame Prod 15 horas atrás
Can someone explain what LTE is, is it faster than 4g or is it the same?
Moriak Potato
Moriak Potato 17 horas atrás
I feel like a new tech will come around before 5G infrastructure is common.
Son Rise Apiaries
Son Rise Apiaries 17 horas atrás
5g will kill your children and animals. Please do everything you can to not let this be in your cities
Ali Ahmed
Ali Ahmed 17 horas atrás
7:26 oof
David McCain
David McCain 18 horas atrás
My soul cries out for all the future embryos and their DNA destruction! A pure Satanic agenda to usher in the coming technocracy..
computerbob06 19 horas atrás
Did Marques say, "Brownlee University"?........ Maybe THAT'S the future?!
citizen1994 19 horas atrás
I dont care if 5g is bad for my health fuck it i need the speed
Branman 21 hora atrás
Nice work. Best explanation I’ve seen on this subject. I smashed the bell.
Carlos Frederico
Carlos Frederico 23 horas atrás
Just awesome see how 5G is working. It one of the main reasons why I'm in Telecommunications Engineering School, I'm excited for what the future can provide to us, based on technology evolution.
Gabriel De Leon
Gabriel De Leon 23 horas atrás
0:40 (open captions) “Hey what’s up guys I’m could be a she here” 😂
Helder Almeida
Helder Almeida 23 horas atrás
It's the future 🔮 but I think that there is a long way to reach all of us in all country's.
Nick EPP
Nick EPP 23 horas atrás
Your phone was heating up because you and your phone were being cooked. Wake up. Shame on you for doing a video on 5G and not even mentioning the massive amounts of deaths hat have already occurred and the THOUSANDS of homes that have spontaneously burned to the ground with 5G towers nearby burning to a crisp as well.
ROADCLUB UK 23 horas atrás
It also fries your b*lls and gives you cancer. Great!
jannis 20 horas atrás
roussel engolo
roussel engolo Dia atrás
And what about 5g and healt?
TinglyDaffodil Dia atrás
What they don't tell you is that the FCC is using the same frequencies that the Weather service has been using. They won't be able to predict hurricanes or storms as early/accurately because the cell towers are interfering with it.
Mellowyellow8888 Dia atrás
physics is holding us back.. this higher frequency ranges is going to be a problem for advancement in technology. There is no way we are going to blanket the US for example with 5g nodes.. What you will see is most major cities will be under 5G and outside its still going to be at 4G. We will see probably 4G be even more efficient.. with data compression and such.. You will NOT see any more major improvements in general with 5G unless companies allow you to install a node in your own house... bu then why bother because everyone probably would have internet service at home that could be running at Fiber speeds!
Lain Iwaku
Lain Iwaku Dia atrás
5G may be good for big city, but i think 4G will stay for a while since you only need one antenna for an area where you need 10 5g antena
UnknownHumanoid Dia atrás
why do we need so much download speed? What do you download?? Videos on BRvid play instantly anyway with 20Mbps. What THE FECK are you doing with 1000??!
Tony Digital
Tony Digital Dia atrás
Your hands remind me of grey alien hands. Great videos!!!!
Bgd RS V.I.
Bgd RS V.I. Dia atrás
Modern life is so burden with New New New teh! It began to bored me so much.I catch miself geting interested in 2G phone in store window....
Person A
Person A Dia atrás
What radiation... wait, who's balls?
Bgd RS V.I.
Bgd RS V.I. Dia atrás
Good 4G is totaly enough for everithing in real life. Listen, it start to be boring with 'New' teh every couple of years- meaning --buy 'New' buy 'New' yours 2yrs device is shit. Its not New and we realy dont need that.
Roronoa Zoro
Roronoa Zoro Dia atrás
its so fast, even when he on youtube, theres no ads lol
Ben Byrne
Ben Byrne Dia atrás
Marques, people with LTE phones should be perfectly fine when 5G rolls out, right or wrong? LTE represents Long Term Evolution... which leads you to believe that it'd support 5G wouldn't it?
BigPaPaRu Dia atrás
Wow 5G is amazing. I did not know that. :0
Troy Sanders
Troy Sanders Dia atrás
Boycott 5G. Go cook something in your microwave.. Simply put that is what millimeter waves are. These are energy directed weapon if on purpose or not. But lets face it the push for it without testing is a bad sign. They already know what the results will be. I love tech. But I'm not down with 5G. Watch! ear cancer will be on a steep increase. This is not hysteria, or exaggeration.. Look into the science behind it. Stay away from the propaganda outlets and ThemTube channels. I think this is one. All communication technicians and anyone who knows about frequencies will tell you they don't want this in their neighborhoods. The human body and millimeter waves don't get along. You made the analogy to microwaves yet missed the mark.... MICROWAVES cook. Yet you wish it was everywhere right now? Your not as quick as I took you for or you got paid to say this. At any-rate. Channel blocked. no time for stupid or sell outs.
H20 Dia atrás
Thats the type of dirty shit att does to get people to get there garbage coverage network! Verizon has the best coverage and they dont lie about 5g!
Martin R
Martin R Dia atrás
Your phone was not the only thing getting hot! We get nothing for free. A pity I thought you were going to show the proof of EMF radiation. Our bodies are electrical and 4G is already impacting on our system. Try applying yourself to the negative before you embrace all things Artificial Intelligence.
David A
David A Dia atrás
Your a smart guy
manofsan Dia atrás
I feel like everyone will be getting cancer from all the electromagnetic radiation
TheBrightjay 17 horas atrás
I know a lot of younger people getting cancer im sure its to do what we eating
Stephen Nehrbass
Stephen Nehrbass Dia atrás
Why not spend all that infrastructure on city wide wifi
the deeliciousplum
Marques, I could not have asked for a clearer explanation of 5G. As someone who is not very cellphone savvy, I did not have any idea what 5G's current advantages and impediments are. 🐇 Thanks for making and sharing this vid.
Robby Chajkow
Robby Chajkow Dia atrás
Didn't you even research the dangers of 5 G...there was a study done
Hjjjk Morei
Hjjjk Morei Dia atrás
5G is horrible it’s cancer, I don’t want to use it and I won’t, even if my phone has a setting to turn it on, I won’t have it on, never, just thinking about it puts me uncomfortable... There was a 4G tower on top of a school in the US and a kid or two got cancer, and they discovered it was because of the 4G thing on top, imagine 5G, everywhere... dark times are coming my friends, good luck 🍀
Matthew Garletts
Matthew Garletts Dia atrás
You need to go back to that ‘node’ with a Geiger counter and then split the video proceeds with me.
Kunal Singh
Kunal Singh Dia atrás
5g nodes dustbin
DJA Dia atrás
Content next level
Hang LIU
Hang LIU Dia atrás
Have u ever tested HuaWei 5G mobile phone? And i heared that 5G is fully studied by HuaWei, is that ture?
Rajath Ramakrishna
Hey Marques, that's a pretty cool t-shirt. Where can I find it?
Tyler Ford
Tyler Ford Dia atrás
That intro 😂
Your friendly Neighborhood Dealer
Pretty damn irresponsible to release technology which affects aren't confirmed yet. If it reacts that way to water and trees, you can only imagine what it can do to a human.
Your friendly Neighborhood Dealer
A human is anywhere from 55%-65% water. Btw how about those still developing, kids will be super sensitive to this tech.
mario serenko
mario serenko Dia atrás
Very dangerous as well cancer will run rampant
Super Savage Akira
how is that economically viable?
Clifton Photographer
Clifton Photographer 2 dias atrás
Great video! Great dig at AT&t! So your thought is it's not worth it to buy a $1,600 phone right now for the 5G Network. Wait, how much did your phone cost you?
Christian Nolte
Christian Nolte 2 dias atrás
Good post MB. Appreciate the explanation of higher frequency waves, their limitations and the “blanket a city with towers” solution. I didn’t know any of that before. Question: so faster is better for sure, and the interconnected autonomous car idea seems like a real idea for the future, but if I was going to do remote surgery in another country wouldn’t I just use wifi? I mean, I’m going to have a super expensive surgery robot, so I’d likely have WiFi too, right? I’m trying to better capture the profound impacts of 5G other than faster download speeds for BRvid, VR, etc.
Mike's Road Trip
Mike's Road Trip 2 dias atrás
lol...loved the intro!
kissgaborfamily 2 dias atrás
And I’m here with 500kb per sec
Brett Rubbo
Brett Rubbo 2 dias atrás
Wish you talked about how 5g isn’t worth the health sacrifice and harmful effects on the human body. We are still organic beings and we should people value ours brains a little higher then our download speeds. WE DONT WANT/NEED 5G. China can keep it along with google.
Hang LIU
Hang LIU Dia atrás
but its not certain that 5G will harm our health
Moko Robson
Moko Robson 2 dias atrás
5G Is A KILLER!!!! Danger Will Robinson Danger.......Peace & Love 2U All...............
Ronan Kavanagh
Ronan Kavanagh 2 dias atrás
Do you have literally a single comment on the possible health ramifications on this level of radiation? I get it, you’re at the cutting edge of tech and that’s your job, but it seems outrageous to just blindly accept all of the criticism just because of that. In fact it’s irresponsible. We should be demanding more from tech. Innovation but absolutely not at the determent of the general public. It’s the lack of this demand and criticism that has led to these pointless incremental iPhone updates and social media no longer a tool for the creator and the public but a tool for the advertisers. You can have a real impact on all of this man, not us. You.
Peluche99 2 dias atrás
Yoo I live in Antigua and we have 4G and I get 80MB
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