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🎬 VERTICAL SHORTS: • Valorant Shorts
In this video I try to give you a lot of tips and tricks for the new valorant map pearl. For more pearl tips and tricks, guides and overal valorant tips and tricks, check out my channel! Also, for those who are reading this: Road to ascendant series coming soon :)

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26 Jun 2022



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Comentários : 410   
@kitzforshort Anos atrás
Thanks for the tips Lowlander, I will use these and lose becuase my teamates can’t shift ❤❤
@cellphone1229 Anos atrás
sage wall timestamps :)
@emman2688 Anos atrás
I loved the way the lineups were in picture form bc u can save them and easily scan Tru them mid game. If anyone does some for yoru (specifically flashes and tp) I would really love that.
@E-nfileexe Anos atrás
@Breggo1 Anos atrás
Great vids. I am really enjoying them and they are very useful. I don't play all of these agents (I recently started playing). So it is helpful to see some tricks that I can expect from opponents.
The first viper setup I’ve been doing since the release of pearl. I’ve also found a line up to get the smoke onto the box without going on site, and I’ve also got a line up to hit the spike with poison.
Thank you for the amazing tips on how to play pearl
@bernard7196 Anos atrás
Mrlowlander never gets boring. Keep up the great content!
@lawrencetabaque Anos atrás
@jamez7002 Anos atrás
I actually love you Mr Lowlander. You make playing valorant actually enjoyable!
@adhusker4566 Anos atrás
Tips and line ups this early in the maps release, that’s honestly impressive
@Luzyfilms Anos atrás
There is also a sage one way in A link and there is a really cool sage wall on B if you have a Jett or raze jump on the boxes you can wall them up to peak back site B
@bit_wattheprak Anos atrás
@potato4499 Anos atrás
For the tip with @ a wreck u can use neon then use ur concussion against the piller and it will land on them just wait 3 sec before doing it and then rush
@bishop6347 Anos atrás
Time to use these tips and tricks in the new map thanks mr lowlander!!
@marwanf5889 Anos atrás
As a KJ main, that Ult and Nanoswarm combo is elite, thank you!
@augisoncrack Anos atrás
I appreciate your videos, they helped me so many times its crazy, thanks for helping us silver andy's 💀
@lukeskywalker8427 Anos atrás
Whenever you see yoru's tp in pearl just destroy it. This agent really gives goosebumps in this map☠️
love having the new map be more attacker sided