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Today we try and FINISH the hardest test ever, the impossible quiz!\
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28 Dez 2019



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The Man name DR. QUACK
yoooo ssundee keep up the work man you really help me and a lot of friends trough depression thank you
Steven Smith
Steven Smith Anos atrás
Same keep work up
mauve 8 meses atrás
How wholesome 😊
ihavenoTails 6 meses atrás
The suicidal depression?
BlackImpostor 3 meses atrás
What about 3
BlackImpostor 3 meses atrás
Part 3 IS missing
FastFire 3 anos atrás
In order to beat this quiz, you need to collect all 7 skips and use all 7 of them on the final question. If you use 1 skip, or if you don't collect one, you wont die. 110th question can either be your nightmare or one of the easiest in the quiz.
Animation bot
Animation bot Anos atrás
Truong Nguyen
Truong Nguyen Anos atrás
Lol That's Bad!
jax Anos atrás
@Truong Nguyen you know who's bad? Yo- (gets hit by train)
Pandurang Patil
Pandurang Patil Anos atrás
Pandurang Patil
Pandurang Patil Anos atrás
@Animation bot Nice video
Bowl o' Soup
Bowl o' Soup 3 anos atrás
Ssundee if you’re going to beat the quiz on camera you need to know this, you will need all of your skips for the end of it, don’t skip anything on your final run
Nosker Nosker
Nosker Nosker Anos atrás
I now
Hazzard Family
Hazzard Family Anos atrás
you mean know
🦄LilUni Mercury Queen🌈
I now
Rezzict 6 meses atrás
@🦄LilUni Mercury Queen🌈 you are now?
Jen Bennett
Jen Bennett 2 meses atrás
Came across this, I’ve been watching you for about 2 years now and finally came across this. Nostalgia
Emerald Dev
Emerald Dev 3 anos atrás
I like how he sits there and makes a whole video on like 40 questions, and I’m over here speed running the game
Jacker327 3 anos atrás
Ashtonsquacked 1
Ashtonsquacked 1 3 anos atrás
Emerald Blaze it’s an easy game
andrew lewis
andrew lewis 3 anos atrás
You could just be looking at the answers
JulkaQwert 3 anos atrás
You aint a youtuber you dont have to commentate every 2 seconds. 😂
Emerald Dev
Emerald Dev 3 anos atrás
ja ktos people speedrun on BRvid you know that right?
Cookie Playz
Cookie Playz Anos atrás
Can we appreciate the fact that he does not rage at all during the game especially when having to restart-
Bengamer 2007
Bengamer 2007 Anos atrás
yeah even though he has to restart from the begining
Lilu Mish
Lilu Mish Anos atrás
Ya he is so calm and I like that about him
Emma Claire
Emma Claire 9 meses atrás
Hi everyone how's your day is it great???
Einjel Jean
Einjel Jean 8 meses atrás
amogus AMOGUS
Mario Sans
Mario Sans 8 meses atrás
Mario hates among us
Ronit Sigeoker
Ronit Sigeoker 3 anos atrás
Beautiful video love it thanks for brightening my day
Christopher Kozusko
Christopher Kozusko 3 anos atrás
For the last level, it is literally impossible so you are required to save ALL of your skips until the last level. SO, DON’T USE YOUR SKIPS UNTIL THE LAST LEVEL
Jason Anos atrás
Drkai Anos atrás
Felix Aranegui
Felix Aranegui 11 meses atrás
Rose Kitten
Rose Kitten 10 meses atrás
Okie dokie
Lin 3 anos atrás
Love the vids, continue it!
Charlie Chaplin
Charlie Chaplin Anos atrás
Me to
Lilu Mish
Lilu Mish Anos atrás
Thank you for everything when I am sad you always cheer me up I love your energy and keep up the hard work bye
Orges Kryeziu
Orges Kryeziu 7 meses atrás
even after 4 months he dont even know u exist
MeteorBeast05 6 meses atrás
@Orges Kryeziu *6
MeteorBeast05 6 meses atrás
@Orges Kryeziu and u can’t take an update getting mad over a comment🤣🤣
The Paper Empire
The Paper Empire 3 anos atrás
Ssundee, don't use any skips! You'll need all of them for the last question!
Duolingo Anos atrás
Duolingo Anos atrás
Lesina Nonu
Lesina Nonu 9 meses atrás
@Duolingo uhhhhhhhhh wha-
Peanut Anos atrás
This guy is a LEGEND that he did this, I’m SO IMPRESSED
Felix Aranegui
Felix Aranegui 11 meses atrás
Secret: one has my address and my phone number
Cheryl Anne
Cheryl Anne 10 meses atrás
ash 6 meses atrás
​@Cheryl Anne yeah sus
Dareplayz 101
Dareplayz 101 3 anos atrás
For the last question, you need to use 7 skips to complete the quiz. If you use a skip any other time, you fail.
Emma Claire Manucdoc
Emma Claire Manucdoc 7 meses atrás
WHAT boi you smart
Random Channel With A Person Using It
@Emma Claire Manucdoc WHAT gurl you smart 🤓
Fade Suleman
Fade Suleman Mês atrás
@Random Channel With A Person Using It WOT YOU ARE SMART
OweKnow 3 anos atrás
Just thought you should know, to beat the game you can’t use a single skip. You need all of them to pass the final question
DeaconCC Anos atrás
Yeah that’s what I was going to say
AbbiStar83 Anos atrás
What is the FINAL question???
SFS Rockets
SFS Rockets 11 meses atrás
​@AbbiStar83 use every skip at once
ReKt Nerd
ReKt Nerd 3 anos atrás
Just as a small tip from someone who has completed the quiz... don’t use your skips.... Found that out the hard way lmao.
Mushroomical Anos atrás
Saving skips is EXTRORDINARILY NEEDED, on the last question. It's all or nothing now man.
Zoe Frazer
Zoe Frazer Anos atrás
2022 Wednesday 1st Of June or 2022 Tuesday 31st of May
Bob 3 anos atrás
Pls keep doing what your doing because it’s brilliant
Valbona Debrova
Valbona Debrova Anos atrás
this was so smart. I can't wait for part 3
emy q
emy q Anos atrás
part 3 aint coming lol
B347Я1C3 6 meses atrás
@emy qwe will never know tho
King David Jr
King David Jr 3 anos atrás
The question about the Moss, he totally knew that answer
Topaz Fox
Topaz Fox 3 anos atrás
Hes gonna be so mad when he sees that on the last level you need to use all your skips lmao
Yoo Suk
Yoo Suk 3 anos atrás
The nostalgia is unreal
I like how he goes “Aaaaah” when he clicks every answer
Janelle Heywood
Janelle Heywood 3 anos atrás
U make people happy every second of the day,you are literally the best person on earth
Felix Aranegui
Felix Aranegui 11 meses atrás
You found it!
Felix Aranegui
Felix Aranegui 11 meses atrás
Type in password to get in my account
Felix Aranegui
Felix Aranegui 11 meses atrás
4 numbers
Goose The Cat
Goose The Cat 7 dias atrás
Um no, not the best, but he's good BRvidr
JacQuay Anos atrás
Actually, the Australian stuff that tastes like Nutella is 'Vegemite'
TJ Brothers
TJ Brothers Anos atrás
On question 42, it’s very obvious that the question is 42, so it’s on the top left, but what you answer still makes sense
Desolator4 3 anos atrás
Ian, you actually can't skip any questions because you need to use ALL of them in the last question (110)
Kabir Batra
Kabir Batra 3 anos atrás
When Ssundee uses skips then realizes that he needs all of them to beat one of the last questions
Sans plushie
Sans plushie Anos atrás
Space dogggo army
Space dogggo army 10 meses atrás
It’s been 2 years Ssundee… WE NEED MORE
Hi 3 anos atrás
I really just stayed up all night to watch you video. Best decision I've made in life love your vids
Liam Murphy Year 04
He’s such a genius on 62
Factorish51 3 anos atrás
Dont use skips, you need all of them in the last level
Mkenya Halisi
Mkenya Halisi Anos atrás
wut he did
♡pøtato♡ Anos atrás
@Mkenya Halisi he used a skip ig
Cheese man
Cheese man 2 anos atrás
For question 59, the question is an insta kill so it kills you immediately, so you wouldn’t have ever gotten to question 60 if you didn’t fail. In other words, this means you only have 1 try in question 59. In question 60, it says if you did it on your first go. If it’s no, then you must have died to that bomb already as you wouldn’t have been at question 60 if you died on your first go
Linus Overy-Smith
Linus Overy-Smith 2 anos atrás
Actually, while smart, that's wrong, you have to be actually honest Edit: ok that's weird i just saw him do that question and it should've been right
Lidia Geaman
Lidia Geaman Anos atrás
You confused me ❔❕
oblebrun 3 anos atrás
SSUNDEE: Isn’t Marmite that thing is Australia that looks like Nutella? Australians: TRIGGERED
foxvtg 5 meses atrás
2 years later still waiting for part 3
Sugar Brat
Sugar Brat Anos atrás
That smooth wheeze tho 12:27
Jedi stich
Jedi stich Mês atrás
I like how people are just now realizing there’s no part 3 after 3 years 😂😂 😂
Fade Suleman
Fade Suleman Mês atrás
Imagine people still waiting for part 3! ~Rest In Peace~
dsds sdsdsd
dsds sdsdsd Mês atrás
Henroz Felix
Henroz Felix Mês atrás
Roan Nova
Roan Nova 28 dias atrás
Me staring at my pc after 3 after years💀
Wolfgang Petersen
Wolfgang Petersen 20 dias atrás
I Waited 3 Years For Part 3 And No Part 3 After 3 years
Charlie 3 anos atrás
“Isn’t marmite that Australian stuff that tastes like Nutella?” No, no it’s not, it the mans version of Vegimite
William Pringle
William Pringle 3 anos atrás
I love marmite
OnanaTheGoat 3 anos atrás
ChaZZo yeah it’s the British version of vegimite which tastes like hell
ryan Herbert
ryan Herbert 3 anos atrás
@OnanaTheGoat vegimite is the best
William Pringle
William Pringle 3 anos atrás
I love marmite🇬🇧 on toast
Beepers 3 anos atrás
You should live stream the rest of it. :)
Cat that vapes
Cat that vapes 8 meses atrás
this aged like shit
Ronel Roux
Ronel Roux 3 anos atrás
We look forward to seeing you more
Fernando Rubio
Fernando Rubio Anos atrás
he is so good at the game, Good job ssundee!
Cheetah 3 anos atrás
Wow he plays this different than I did, I just guessed the most random answer 😂😂😂
nick Haigh
nick Haigh 3 dias atrás
The one thing is the skip arrows will carry on if theres an empty spot and last longer
Jonathan Gamlen
Jonathan Gamlen 3 anos atrás
Who's gonna tell him he needs the skips at the end
Jacob Cambri
Jacob Cambri 3 anos atrás
Jonathan Gamlen we should make you the most liked so we can make ssundee see this XD
Ahmed Niyaz
Ahmed Niyaz 2 anos atrás
@Jacob Cambri yes indeed
Estufa 10
Estufa 10 3 anos atrás
you can tell he already knows the answers because hes always getting the correct answers on weird questions and then he tries to act like he didnt know
Magma Vision
Magma Vision 3 anos atrás
I’m from GB and marmite is British and it is a weird taste that is not chocolate. Australians version is Vegemite. The Uk and Australia both have Nutella .
Radioactive Raven
Radioactive Raven Anos atrás
6:01 & 10:11 " *heh?* " 7:38 he might, ya never know, 7:53 ok maybe not. 9:36 "100% chicken. No, that’s disgusting! Chicken McNuggets are made of like *foot powder* " well that escalated quickly.
Daniel Smith
Daniel Smith 4 meses atrás
chye huat sim
chye huat sim 3 meses atrás
Bruh you never said properly
chye huat sim
chye huat sim 3 meses atrás
Buy you have a smart question :)
chye huat sim
chye huat sim 3 meses atrás
@Manuel Manalo what?
Glitch hunter
Glitch hunter 3 anos atrás
Who else laughed completely when they saw the W.D Gaster translator?
Glaggle 5 meses atrás
Question 61 is a reference to MSN Messenger back then
Matty F1
Matty F1 3 anos atrás
5:20 Marmite is British and vegimite is Australian and at 14:22, cillit bang is a cleaning brand in the UK and it’s pronounced (sil - it - bang)
Yatyat Yeung
Yatyat Yeung 2 anos atrás
James Bolto
James Bolto 3 anos atrás
For some reason when something is not funny to me and it is to u i start laughing . so it really shows that you brighten up peoples days
i wish Ian can do it again….. i hope he does
NoonMX Anos atrás
Flapple Duck
Flapple Duck 9 meses atrás
10:11 Me when one of my friends ask me a dumb question.
TG1027 3 anos atrás
Question 48 is a metal gear reference. Every time the character dies, his supporter on the radio would call for snake.
LeqTadeo 10 meses atrás
Who remembered Moonbase Alpha and realized question 48 was the meme/game
Gabriel Gibby
Gabriel Gibby Anos atrás
There's NO way that you made some of those questions first try.
vinardo 3 anos atrás
I love your content it makes me laugh all the time
Dylan Broche
Dylan Broche Anos atrás
Me too
UselessStickMan 3 anos atrás
Anybody know what it is that Ssundee uses to take screenshots/pictures like that? I’ve been wondering for a while.
Howtodo 8 meses atrás
Its been 2 years and no part 2 yet. I think he forgot this game.
jUNKYgAMER 3 anos atrás
Ssundee, if you beat the impossible quiz without any skips, then i am pretty sure that you get a bonus question.
jUNKYgAMER Anos atrás
QuiteImpressive buddy really responded two years late 💀
Goldlessen Anos atrás
im guessing that question 60 [because of the games logic] was talking about the actal last question.
King of awesomeness
King of awesomeness 3 anos atrás
7:57 that fits so perfectly
modahabbab 3 anos atrás
Ahmed Niyaz
Ahmed Niyaz 2 anos atrás
????????? i dont get it dude
modahabbab 2 anos atrás
He was screaming and the character was opening its mouth so it looks like its screaming
Mak Chi Lam
Mak Chi Lam 2 anos atrás
I want to say what did Luke Niyaz
Jaronht Anos atrás
Watch all of these already and all your videos keep up the good work
Corg302 3 anos atrás
Ssundee: Isn’t marmite that Australian stuff that’s kind of like Nutella? Us Aussies: it’s Vegemite *face palm* Americans kryptonite!
Marcie Little
Marcie Little 10 meses atrás
On question 72 when that picture popped up I laughed so hard
Jeremy Anos atrás
Can you please make a part three of this because i love these videos
Wxsper3477 Anos atrás
Can't wait for part 3 (2 years later) still wating
Ash 3 anos atrás
*"Draculas are vampires"* - Ssundee, 2019
Dani Anos atrás
FL 78
FL 78 3 anos atrás
No Ssundee, marmite is the British rendition of vegemite which is an Australian spread and it’s made of yeast extract and are basically the same thing and no they do not taste a tad bit similar to Nutella
Nameless Personnel
Nameless Personnel 3 anos atrás
Looks like Ian played some Undertale if he knows what Wing Dings are
Unknownweird 7 meses atrás
Its cause they can't detect if you die and start over and since the bomb game overs you technically finish it on you're first try
Alex F
Alex F 3 anos atrás
On Question 54, Shang in Mandarin means "up", so the question is basically saying "up high?"
FishAreNeat 3 anos atrás
"No i'm not high, im 20" -SSundee 2019
Me, An Intellectual
Me, An Intellectual 3 anos atrás
Then he realized what he said
TheGenericGod 3 anos atrás
FishAreNeat 3 anos atrás
@Me, An Intellectual i know
John SmithSmith
John SmithSmith 2 anos atrás
8:37 Yes you did
Sofea's Playground
Sofea's Playground Anos atrás
Symphony 3 anos atrás
I really hope he starts the new Crazy Craft series, that'd be fun to watch all you bots freak out about who is the footest foot
Grant Solomon
Grant Solomon 3 anos atrás
Notice how the video is titled 50 of the hardest questions in the world but he only did 40 questions this episode
Olivia Mcgraw
Olivia Mcgraw Anos atrás
i’ve tried dis and there’s like 159 questions 🤣
Lucas Eddington
Lucas Eddington 3 anos atrás
When ssundee skips a question, dies and returns back to the sam place he was, with all his skips left and 3 lives... I question how he did it
Selina Anos atrás
I love it keep going!
Chonky 3 anos atrás
“Chicken McNuggets are made of foot powder.” - Ssundee 2019
The Haaland Brothers
The Haaland Brothers 2 anos atrás
I thought it was made out of baked human tongues ;-;
sus 2 anos atrás
Cow but?
XFootballerx 2 anos atrás
Best chicken nugget ever!!!!!
flow YT 🐐
flow YT 🐐 2 anos atrás
flow YT 🐐
flow YT 🐐 2 anos atrás
Nicholas Macmillan wtf
Tauave Toloa
Tauave Toloa Anos atrás
the 72 question was quite and kinda smooth
Cootie 10 meses atrás
lily Anos atrás
Can we all agree that this man never annoys us with his videos?
Aurora Chan2
Aurora Chan2 Anos atrás
I laughed so hard!LOL
RandomRobloxVideos Anos atrás
Can we all agree that this comment is overused?
Victorydawn 4 meses atrás
I’m sad that he never finished the impossible quiz
change_ofpace 3 anos atrás
When ssundee gets to the end of this game, he's gonna be mad if he uses his skips
The Alpha Sisters
The Alpha Sisters Anos atrás
:o Finally someone who even TALKS about South Africa! I live in South Africa :>
Chong Eann Ong
Chong Eann Ong Anos atrás
Part 3 please.... there are like 100+ questions.
AB 3 anos atrás
I just wanna see the reaction to the final question
Twinkler 2 anos atrás
I know the last question
Maddox King
Maddox King 3 anos atrás
This man had a seperate monitor with the correct answers bc there is no way he is that lucky
SafeGuard Anos atrás
No they just cut out lots and lots of trying, and is lucky.
Sunil Gunawardena
Sunil Gunawardena Anos atrás
Lol, I love those kind of questions! Have you tried Troll quiz or something
Miroslav 10 meses atrás
Can t wait for part 3
Burger King
Burger King 3 anos atrás
The reason why it was Shepard’s pie was because it was a pie made out of Shepherds
Nadeem Abbas
Nadeem Abbas Anos atrás
Can't wait for part three too!
Angel Staffing
Angel Staffing Anos atrás
Josiah Simmons
Josiah Simmons 3 anos atrás
I can't wait until he gets to the last question 😈
Sara2208 Beauty
Sara2208 Beauty 3 anos atrás
Josiah Simmons you’re sooo cute 💜 😩
FlaminFlamingos 3 anos atrás
@Sara2208 Beauty ohhhhhhhhhhh
Ashley Mendoza
Ashley Mendoza Anos atrás
I think ssundee will rage at the last question on the final 10 question
KS1 Gaming
KS1 Gaming 3 anos atrás
Hint for Sundee: you will need all skip for the last level, DON'T USE SKIPS
Blake pegg
Blake pegg 2 anos atrás
I play this game without needing help because of watching this video!
WitchSlime 6 meses atrás
Sean Kenjie San Juan
Sean Kenjie San Juan 2 anos atrás
Skipping is not an option because the "Real" final question makes you use all of the skips you obtained (it must be all of the skips in the game), the question called "(y)" mean "yes" and a thumbs up (👍) also means "yes" (at least that's I think is correct)
Brix Daniel Quintana
And if you type (y) it becomes 👍
Claire Fattore
Claire Fattore Anos atrás
What’s going on here?
ash 6 meses atrás
Beauty Wang
Beauty Wang 10 meses atrás
54. Shanghai from Chinese to English, the literal translation is up sea
Emily Li
Emily Li 3 anos atrás
“Doesn’t marmite taste like Nutella?” -SSundee
Fandoms Galore
Fandoms Galore 3 anos atrás
He really doesn't know much lol
mak mak
mak mak 3 anos atrás
He said if you are from Australia
tomster 3 anos atrás
I tried to play the impossible quiz with a video that shows you how to complete it I tried until I saw the ending of it, I'm like oop-- not a good choice...
elias matteo loyola
elias matteo loyola 7 meses atrás
You deleted your video
Minecraft Roblox
Minecraft Roblox 3 anos atrás
Ssundee always posts at 4 am here and I always stay up to watch it.
someone Anos atrás
Beware of the man that speaks In hands he was the most talented scientist of them all unit he shattered in time
Logan_timber 2 anos atrás
3:15 love how he used a tool to understand w.d Gaster
chigo okafor
chigo okafor 2 anos atrás
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