5 Most Extreme Minecraft PRISON ESCAPES!

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5 Most Extreme Minecraft PRISON ESCAPES! with PrestonPlayz 👊


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MrBeast Gaming - The Hardest Lava Escape!


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24 Jan 2021



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Comentários 26 649
PrestonPlayz Anos atrás
Which escape was your favorite?! Subscribe and let me know!
Mara Lara
Preston:ok there's a camera so I have to be sneaky
Victor Vazq
Victor Vazq 7 horas atrás
I like how prestonnevwr gives up and keeps going in prison escapes
Josh Faries
It's just so cool how he escapes
did you not notes that the prisoner that told you about the hidden tunnel system has the same name as the mad scientist
Crazy Ninja
I love all of 'em and please make more prison vids!.
PlushyTrap Anos atrás
Preston I love your vids I watch them everyday you never fail to make me laugh! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Daisha Vaughn
I really love his videos
Itz_Bella Anos atrás
Its cool how Preston just escapes prison so easily
Cane Kang
Fun fact: Again when you tried to open the lock chest you just Spam click it
Nelly Rivera
this is sick and what you said in 4 minutes i like you🔥🔥
Cane Kang
Fun fact: When you found a key and try to open the cell I saw that you did it multiple times in the chat literally
Krisaundra Wolfe
I love your channel so much I subscribed and my mom wouldn’t let me and I did it without her knowing
Preston: "I don’t go well in water or liquids except lava"
Brenda Moore
Brenda Moore Anos atrás
🔥🔥🔥 I love watching yours videos
Gaming With Cam Cam!
🔥 You rock Preston! 🔥
Abha Shah
Abha Shah Anos atrás
His videos are so..... awesome I jut love them.
Aasta Dickens
I like the position of the video here it goes without saying but I really appreciate you getting these messages from everyone
kingmez kingmez
kingmez kingmez Anos atrás
I watch every single vid u got Preston I love u can I please have. shoutout
Naru Playz
Naru Playz Anos atrás
I love how scripted it is
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