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5-Minute Crafts destroyed my microwave & more debunking!
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Hi I am Ann Reardon, How to Cook That is my youtube channel it is filled with crazy sweet creations made just for you. This week we are developing the perfect Nutella microwave cake recipe, discussing water glassing eggs, is it safe? And is air-chilled chicken better for you? Is chlorinated chicken bad? Is water chilled chicken bad? And watch a 5-minute crafts recipe ruin my microwave. Join me for creative cakes, chocolate & desserts, new video every Friday.

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Comentários 6 327
Brent Conner
Brent Conner Mês atrás
I think Five Minute Crafts owes you a new microwave!!!
Ribozyme 19 dias atrás
@B Well, but just because you wouldn't buy something second-hand (which most second-hand shops would still clean beforehand), doesn't meant everyone else, in particular Ann, wouldn't.
B 19 dias atrás
@Ribozyme Because it comes across as fake relatability. If I had the money to buy new microwave I would 100% choose that over a secondhand one with no warranty and the remnants of someone else's food splattered inside it.
Ribozyme 19 dias atrás
@B That's not my point. My point is, even if Ann can easily afford a brand new microwave, why would she not buy a second-hand one?
B 20 dias atrás
@Ribozyme That's not my point. My point is Ann can easily afford a brand new microwave and will no doubt be buying a new microwave. She also knew that this experiment would destroy her microwave but she chose to do it anyway for the views and $$$. No one owes her anything.
Ribozyme 20 dias atrás
​@B Buying second-hand is better for the environment and often no worse in quality.
Daniel Hauck
Daniel Hauck Mês atrás
Not sure if I'm the first one to point this out, but I hope it helps: The Nutella Jar on the left (like the ones we get here in germany), discernable by that more rectangular shape which turns round through a weird lip at the top, is in fact made out of GLASS. That is why their Jar didn't melt. They used one of the Nutella Glass Jars. Sorry to hear about your Microwave. I was really irritated when the Jar began to melt and burn, because I pretty much only know the glass jars. Also, in germany you need to complete a first-aid course to be allowed to do your practical classes for the drivers licence.
Tamar Harrington
Tamar Harrington 9 dias atrás
I try not to microwave anything in plastic, ever. But why would anyone even _consider_ microwaving something in a PET jar for 15 minutes?! I know Anne takes these debunks seriously, but that's clearly not a good idea, in this case. Don't set your house on fire trying to prove something that obviously won't work, won't work, lady.
Decium 12 dias atrás
​@Ana Nas only the big one is glass. All the smaller ones are plastic. The snack size is like one spoonful.
CallMeCarmen 13 dias atrás
@TimorD I’ve lived my entire life in the US and I didn’t know Nutella came in glass jars. So when I looked at the jar in the beginning, I saw a Nutella jar. A plastic Nutella jar. Because Nutella jars are always plastic in my experience 😂
TimorD 22 dias atrás
I still cannot believe she didn't even address the fact that on the left they used the glass while she used the plastic one. It's almost bizzare, as she is one of the smartest, most informed people I tend to watch
ouhhoh 29 dias atrás
good point, however 5 minute crafts demographic is pretty heavily skewed towards younger ppl and children - so the people watching it aren't even gonna think about that, they'll just see the familiar looking nutella jar and think it's just like the one they have. and, as others have mentioned, glass in the microwave for 15 minutes likely wouldn't be much better
Vampirzaehnchen Mês atrás
I still can't believe that nutella is not sold in glass jars everywhere. I was worried how the microwave managed to smelt the glass at first. ^^°
piou77piou 20 dias atrás
Yeah me too. At first I thought the cake just grew, burned and put the jar down. 😅
MrRedstone 28 dias atrás
Lmao same. I have only ever seen glass jars. Tbh glass jars are better imo because they're dishwasher safe so you can easily reuse them.
Pegged Yourdad
Pegged Yourdad Mês atrás
@Maui Randall I meant that you still need a device or something in order to melt the glass, like, you still can't just stick a glass container in the microwave and expect it to melt without either a microwave kiln or at least pre-heating the glass container. It is pretty neat that microwave kilns exist though.
Maui Randall
Maui Randall Mês atrás
@Pegged Yourdad It reaches a hot enough temperature to melt if Even a small part of it is preheated to the point where the microwave is able to affect it, You don't have to do anything to the microwave. I don't know what you're trying to say. Yeah I was just mentioning an interesting thing about glass and microwaves. Glass is not immune to microwaving, just room temperature glass won't heat up Pretty interesting I thought. Also more people should know about microwave kilns
Pegged Yourdad
Pegged Yourdad Mês atrás
@Maui Randall Interesting, I’d still count that as sone sort of modification since the glass still would not reach hot enough temps otherwise. But cool to know microwaves do get that hot.
TheTabularium Mês atrás
Dave's delivery of "Wow, 5 Minute Crafts, the most trustworthy of content farms" absolutely floored me. To think that we found his limit on what he'd taste test and it was a miniature microwaved Elephant's Foot core 🤣
Alayna ASMR
Alayna ASMR 27 dias atrás
Elephants foot 💀
D. Leighann Batemon
That made me and my husband laugh, too! Dave is so awesome!
VincentR Mês atrás
With so many self proclaimed “nutritionists” and “food scientists” on social media, I really appreciate that you, an actual expert, are using your platform to educate the general population on these topics. p.s: It seems so crazy that you have been a part of my life for more than a decade now 😅 you made me the baker I’m today and made me fall in love with cooking. I love going to your older videos and feel like I’m 12 again and being excited when every Friday came around. Thanks so much Ann.
caustic Mês atrás
That nutella "cake" went through all five stages of grief in 12 minutes.
Adam Touraity
Adam Touraity Mês atrás
Your microwave finally had enough of the crazy crafts. He was a brave soldier...
epicalduck 29 dias atrás
Fs in chat
Donny Reiss
Donny Reiss Mês atrás
he died a hero
Gaylene Wood
Gaylene Wood Mês atrás
@How To Cook That Can you do a cotton candy popcorn in a skillet cause I saw it on 5 min site..
Seboy Warscott
Seboy Warscott Mês atrás
Maybe try the microwaving vinegar hack to get the smoke smell out of the microwave. I'm not sure how long but it should be boiling for a little while.
Emily Rose Lacy-Nichols
@Tyler N I cook rice in a microwave cooker for 5 min on high, then 15 min on 50% power, with a plate under it in case it boils over (way easier to clean than the big heavy glass turntable). I don't think I've ever done anything longer, though.
J Min
J Min Mês atrás
im convinced this was actually a bait and they knew you’ll debunk it anyway so now they know how to make easy nutella microwave cake without doing all the hard work that they’ll feature in their channel in some other form😂 without credits of course always loving your contents Anne!!❤
ouhhoh 29 dias atrás
they'd never bother putting that much effort into anything
Leposava Bouvier
Leposava Bouvier Mês atrás
The funniest thing is, it's FIVE minute crafts. If you use their recipe for FIVE minutes, it's actually okay.
Musical Boarder
Musical Boarder Mês atrás
They arent that smart
LonelyAssassin96 19 dias atrás
RIP Anne's Microwave: It dedicated several years of valiant service before the torture was finally too much to bear. It will be missed. :,(
Haphazard Mês atrás
The other two old timey methods of storing eggs were to dip in wax - usually a blend of paraffin and beeswax - for raw eggs, as fresh as possible from the farm. Or boil them and pickle them. Many room temperature preservation methods came from Europe, where the room temperature is significantly lower than Australia and they used a larder (so cooler still) and the egg preservation was for during winter, when chickens often come off the lay.
L. Wolf
L. Wolf 8 dias atrás
Well, most of these modern day "homesteaders" don't understand that old methods of preservation is only supposed to last through the winter, not years. That or last only as long as it took to ship it to another town or country.
Anna H
Anna H 17 dias atrás
@Tiny Home Chronicles I thought room temperature was 25°C!
Gracie Ouellette
Gracie Ouellette 23 dias atrás
The only thing missing about the egg story is that she was speaking about store bought eggs, which is what most people would use. However, every salmonella issue i've ever heard about was from store bought eggs. Most of us who raise our own chickens know not to wash the egg, it has a protective layer that gets washed off in store bought eggs. And keeping eggs in lime solution does work, easily in a cool dark area. Many people do it, and no stories of salmonella poisoning 🤷🏼‍♀️
Tiny Home Chronicles
Yup. You're absolutely still supposed to keep those eggs in a cooler temp, though not necessarily full refrigeration, but definitely NOT at the full room temp most people think of at 70F/21C. My Mamaw did water glassing in the southern USA and kept the jars in the spring house, where it stayed about 50-55F year round.
Sapphi Tee
Sapphi Tee Mês atrás
Ann: "Don't eat raw eggs" Somewhere in the distance: *angry Gaston-noises*
Sapphi Tee
Sapphi Tee 3 dias atrás
@Azure I'm so happy it made you laugh! ☺️
Azure 3 dias atrás
This was so unexpected and made me chuckle a good long while.
rufusdrumknott Mês atrás
I made your nutella mug cake as a quick snack and I've never had a cake so light and fluffy, let alone that it could be made in a microwave! I was not exact with the measurements either, just went by eye and it still turned out amazing.
Katie Griffiths
Katie Griffiths Mês atrás
In the UK and across Europe most Nutella jars are made of glass. I don't think it would have made a difference to the burning cake though.
grgn 14 dias atrás
Can confirm this for Ukraine and Poland. I have never seen a plastic jar of Nutella in both countries.
•mimi•gacha Mês atrás
Bro when I used France as a stop to vist my family in Algeria and also to vist other family it was glass
Asude Birtane
Asude Birtane Mês atrás
@The Kazoo Queen I ve seen it on my holiday last year tho
Donny Reiss
Donny Reiss Mês atrás
in new zealand we have plastic
Heather M
Heather M Mês atrás
Glass in SA too
NiaJustNia Mês atrás
I didn't know you could get Nutella in plastic containers, I've only ever seen it in glass jars. I feel like you'd have ended up picking bits of shattered glass along with the burnt cake out of the microwave too if you'd had a glass jar!
saki noru
saki noru 27 dias atrás
For the matcha I'd add one little commentary: even if your matcha doesn't leave that fine line and isn't as brightly green, it doesn't necessarily mean it's fake. More often than not it would mean it's either lower quality or it's old (it slowly oxidates when contacting air).
Shelby Caruso
Shelby Caruso Mês atrás
RIP Chef Mike, thank you for your service! You were so brave and fought so hard
Juan Santo
Juan Santo 26 dias atrás
I hope she can do a tribute compilation for mike
Mother of Ahamkaras
I haven't watched in a few months (I love to watch a few new videos in a row) but I've been watching your videos since 2015/2016 and absolutely love it! I really admire how you have adapted to the changes with these debunking videos and absolutely love the intro! Also, RIP to your microwave!
Mother of Ahamkaras
@How To Cook That Thank you!
How To Cook That
How To Cook That Mês atrás
Welcome back!
The Nerdy Tiger
The Nerdy Tiger Mês atrás
It's always weird for me when I hear people talk about refrigerating eggs because here in the uk we don't do it since in America they wash off the natural protective layer with a chemical sanitizer
child of cascadia
child of cascadia 22 dias atrás
@The Nerdy Tiger Its disgusting. Im american and Id never eat a commercial egg from a laying farm. The farms are filthy, chickens crammed in on top of each other, no room to move, beaks cut off, fed chemical and antibiotic laden feed And then the eggs are washed so their natural protection is removed. Its so gross. My major US city allows people to keep up to 8 chickens in their backyards. So theres lots of fresh eggs. I buy some eggs every couple weeks from my neighbor. They are so much better than the mass produced ones.
Krista Jones
Krista Jones 22 dias atrás
The standard American laying farm is filthy, they have to wash the eggs. When I was a kid on a farm we wouldn't wash or refrigerate the eggs for weeks.
TheBlakia Mês atrás
same for Germany. I store mine in the fridge but they are perfectly fine at room temp
Kait2478 Mês atrás
Words can't describe my feelings at hearing about this microwave's demise. RIP Anne's debunking microwave. You were truly a trooper.
Chicago Typewriter
Chicago Typewriter Mês atrás
A true trooper. A trueper.
Spheal Fighter
Spheal Fighter Mês atrás
Rest in Piece ya lil goofy trooper. May you be welcome in the great kitchen upstairs.
ISAF Ace Mês atrás
I tried the microwave mug recipe and gave it to my brother for him to try. He has since asked me to make one regularly and asked for the recipe, it’s a big success in his opinion.
Merip1214 Mês atrás
Mug cakes are so yummy
AllyCatAlice Mês atrás
The look Ann gives the camera at 6:10, you know she's about to educate 😂
L Potter
L Potter Mês atrás
I had the same thought 🤣
AzNeo Mês atrás
The egg portion of the video reminds me of how chinese century eggs are made today and they're generally regarded to be very safe (at least when made properly). The traditional method involved wrapping them in clay mixed with quicklime, salt, wood ash and rice husks.
Wassia Khan
Wassia Khan 8 dias atrás
I feel so bad for your microwave! It survived through a millions of battles against 5 minute crafts but it has to go now. Such a strong and loyal microwave you had....May it rest in peace!!! Will definitely miss it a lot❤❤
jude Mês atrás
for the matcha tip, this is actually useful in telling the quality of your matcha!! poorer quality matcha will have more of the brownish hue that you can see in the regular green tea,, while the high quality matcha will have a more equal green tone throughout. :)
Kidwolf00 9 dias atrás
This! Plus, cheap/filler loaded matcha tastes really bitter, even with lots of sugar added. Good matcha shouldn't need half a cup of sugar added to still somewhat bitter. There are cheaper, but *still good quality* matcha blends that taste slightly bitter but still decent without adding a ton of sugar and clearly still have a vibrant green color. I would still consider these real, but the moment you see any freshly opened "swamp green" powders throw it out!
Starfire Mês atrás
My first thought was: "Why did the glass Nutella jar melt?" Well, didn't know it is a plastic jar in Australia. In Europe we only have glass Nutella jars.
Siri Mês atrás
Canada also has plastic jars
BwooHuraca Mês atrás
@Megilena In the US, I've seen the small glass "stocking stuffer" Nutella jars as well, but not with any special print on them. However, I think Welch's used to produce glass jelly jars like that. We had one with Pepe Le Pew and Penelope for the longest time.
QueenXKnit Mês atrás
denalihedgehog Mês atrás
Makes sense. 5MC are based in Europe, so they probably didn't think that someone would put a plastic jar in a microwave (that still doesn't justify the 15 minutes' cooking)
Tanjirō Mês atrás
But even if its glass, not every glass is microwave safe. Plus the etiquette on the outside doesn't seem safe to put in the microwave either.
Delicate Disaster
Delicate Disaster Mês atrás
When Anne started this channel, she thought she was going to tell us how to cook. I bet she had no clue she would turn into a chemist and a mad scientist! 🤣
patronustrip 23 dias atrás
I'm so glad I watched this video, I live in a msall house with a small fridge, I started to stop putting eggs in the fridge because I saw that in the supermarket they are never refrigerated, so I thought it would be okay if I did keep them outiside to save some space. I think I am very lucky to never have gotten salmonella from them, I feel so stupid now. Thank you for this, I will never ever keep them out of the fridge again!
WateverWatever04 Mês atrás
Aw man I hate bad smells that get stuck in the house! If you put two caps of vanilla extract into an oven safe container and bake for an hour at 300°F, the house will smell better. And if that fails, febreze will probably help lmao Farewell to our microwave soldier 🫡 Edit: PLEASE NOTE I SAID _CAPS_ NOT _CUPS_
vidiya 3 dias atrás
Tumblr veteran?
Cy Monet
Cy Monet Mês atrás
My heart gets so happy when a new video drops from this channel. I enjoy the entertainment as well as the education.
Lara 33
Lara 33 Mês atrás
Hey, I’m from Germany and I’ve actually never seen Nutella in a plastic jar before. It’s always in a glas jar here, so I assumed they probably also used a glas jar in the video. It still probably wouldn’t work like they show it but at least it wouldn’t melt 😅
CircleThinker Mês atrás
We have glass Nutella jars in the UK and my partner's favourite trick for them when we're almost out is to fill them with milk and microwave them for a couple of mins - gives a quick and easy hot chocolate and makes the jars sooo much easier to clean for recycling. I'm genuinely surprised Ann attempted 15 mins in a plastic pot at all! RIP microwave 😂
It’s Serrifin
It’s Serrifin Mês atrás
@Chicago Typewriter probably shipping, popularity, and production expenses as well. There’s three plants in the Americas (Canada, Mexico, Brazil), one in Australia, while there seems to be seven in Europe (If you count Russia), two in their home country of Italy alone.
Comrade Windowsill
Comrade Windowsill Mês atrás
@Chicago Typewriter probably cause europe has better consumer protection and more green incentives
Young Lamb
Young Lamb Mês atrás
@Comrade Windowsill A bit of a both I would say. So far I think I have tried Italian, German, French, Polish, Australian, and US. I used to be a big Nutella addict (3kg per month!) but I've been clean for a year now.
魍魉魑魅 Mês atrás
@Saam Nkosi please confirm if the jar is microwave safe or not, coz it may explode in the microwave or when you take it out 😯
Birb Mês atrás
We used to have glass jars but idk if we do in Australia have them anymore.
Shiymi Mês atrás
I can just imagine the urge to react to these content farm videos with a simple "uh, no." but you do such a good job educating people!
aw panda
aw panda Mês atrás
Rip, microwave. You were an invaluable member of the team, and we'll always remember you.
Tio Phil
Tio Phil 23 dias atrás
Today we see something very rare on the channel: Ann giving something that is edible to Dave
palmieres Mês atrás
What amazed me the most about this was the fact that the Nutella jar was... plastic. I'm used to regular old glass. As for the recipe, my favourite mug cake is very similar to the real one in the black mug, but I use regular culinary chocolate, fill half the mug with the batter, place a table spoon of Nutella in the middle, then cover it with the rest of the batter. After a minute and a half in the microwave you'll have a delicious mug cake with a melted chocolate center. Yum.
Leon Carson
Leon Carson Mês atrás
WindInMyWings Mês atrás
The chicken thing was really interesting. I live in the UK and recently there has been a real backlash against "chlorinated chicken" i.e. water-cooled with chorine added but nobody has been able to say why this is such a bad thing!
Ruth Steen
Ruth Steen 7 dias atrás
Because it means the industry can get away with poorer hygiene and welfare standards earlier in the process.
PBOCG 8 dias atrás
@Rannon I've never heard of that but that would def do it too but without a concrete source I'm more inclined to believe thats a secondary reason. or something used to justify why someone is against the water cooling rather than actual fact, you know?
Rannon 8 dias atrás
From what I've heard, it has more to do with, that chlorination can be used to hide bad practises like keeping the chicken, and the areas where they're kept (both alive and dead) filthy. And has less to do with chemicals = bad.
MsZsc 14 dias atrás
the hell do you drink lol
Stephanie Scheller
Stephanie Scheller 15 dias atrás
Gotta wonder when something like that happens it it's a clever marketing ploy!
Leonie Glaess
Leonie Glaess Mês atrás
I was surprised that your Nutella comes in a plastic jar. In Germany we have glass jars so it would be fine to put in the microwave for a shorter amount of time / at a lower wattage.
Unicornglitterbabe 21 dia atrás
​@hades 🦷 where I come from, most of the knock offs come in glass jars. Never seen a chocolate plastic container... Ok I lied... I think the Nusspli one is in a plastic container but other than that, only the small ones you get at a hotel buffet ready for one bun.
Lady Roza
Lady Roza Mês atrás
in canada they are in plastic jar, if you see glass jar (can be seen in some part of canada) they will be more expensive in comparison to the plastic jar :)
Ligeia Siren
Ligeia Siren Mês atrás
Plastic in Argentina.
Andrew Torrens
Andrew Torrens Mês atrás
@Eagle Owl the glass will likely explode because microwave safe glass needs to have a specific mineral composition and be tempered for heat. If you've ever used a cup that's not microwave safe to reheat your coffee, you may have noticed that the mug heats up more than the contents. I have had glass shatter in the microwave before (in my case I thought that the drinking glass would be fine, since I was only microwaving it for a short time)
asmRTPOP Mês atrás
@Jaquan in the US we still aren’t over all the glass jars that had lead paint in them lmao
Snurph 21 dia atrás
I love how logical, accurate, thorough and clear headed you are in a world full of false information and confusion.
Onuvob Hossain
Onuvob Hossain Mês atrás
I have never been this sad over the death of a microwave. Ann reardon you truly are a wizard.
Clan Improbable
Clan Improbable Mês atrás
Ann, you work so hard on these videos and I'm grateful. Thank you for what you do!
westzed23 Mês atrás
Totally agree. 🙂❤
Erin Thorn
Erin Thorn 5 dias atrás
I am surprised. In Europe, Nutella is sold in a glas container not plastic. That would have saved you from the molten container, but not the burned smell. Love your vids. Mês atrás
As for the microwave - if you happen to still have it somewhere in the garage. Maybe there's a hack to try - Me wifey tried to clean ours with mandarine and orange peels covered in water in a glass bowl (although I do not remember the proportions). She put the bowl with the peels and water in, and microwaved it for a couple of minutes. She claims it works 😃
Alex Gray
Alex Gray Mês atrás
Dave: "Rubbery. Tastes like an eraser." Also Dave: *cheerfully keeps eating the eraser* Bless that man.
James A. Garfield Mapping
i would
GuitarPixie Mês atrás
You should have an extra microwave specifically for shady recipes.
Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus
That was very interesting about air-chilled amd water chilled. I didn't know about the process. Makes sense the difference is so small. I guess the main concern for people maybe shouldn't be the flavour, but the consuming of chlorine. While I get chlorinated water is needed even for our tap water and bottled water, one has to wonder about the long term health effects where everything we consume has chlorine in it.
Rust Kitty
Rust Kitty Mês atrás
Thanks for the mug cake recipe, finally something I was able to make in my tiny kitchen that doesnt have an oven! It was pretty nice, but it's super expensive to use Nutella like this.
Lilium Mês atrás
I think the 15 minutes is a typo and meant to be 1.5. I make something like this sometimes with a mug cake recipe I've been using for over 15 years, but no matter the microwave 2 mins should be the absolute max and usually it'll be less time. Edit: commented before I saw the result, the nutella jars we get here are glass, not plastic, so that's also important info, I didn't know they made them in plastic (I'm in Europe). Also my recipe has more ingredients so probably tastes much better.
david togi
david togi Mês atrás
That typo can cost some parents their micowaves.
It’s Serrifin
It’s Serrifin Mês atrás
I feel so dumb now, I was wondering how you could typo 90 seconds as 15 minutes lol
Pierre Rossouw
Pierre Rossouw Mês atrás
I hope you're still going to be around for a long time! And Dave, of course. It takes a brave man and brave scientist. If Dave keeps on testing and Anne keeps inventing, we may just see the invention of some cure for something. Thanks for your work.
Seymour Pickle Frank
We all know how Ann feels about microwaving anything for 10 or more minutes
Nilanjasa Mês atrás
​@NeRethil WolfssonYeah I always make mug desserts, it needs just 2-3 mins 😂
Risha-Leigh Dummett
I've poked holes in very large spaghetti squash/butternut squash and microwaved it for 15 minutes [before cutting it in half and roasting it in the oven] . Doesn't burn and cuts down on the cooking time.
Jo PlayingTheSims
Jo PlayingTheSims Mês atrás
@Kogarashi I guess so! A 1 minute Google will show 10+ recipes saying about 90 seconds, its not that hard.
Kogarashi Mês atrás
@Jo PlayingTheSims Who would microwave a mug cake that long? Someone who only has experience with toaster ovens and thinks a microwave is the same thing (spoilers: they're not). Either that or someone who's making up recipes with no actual baking experience and thinks you can just use oven times on the microwave.
Chicago Typewriter
Chicago Typewriter Mês atrás
Why would you microwave ANYTHING at home temperature?! If have a heart attack for anything over 5 min
#ffffff34th3r Mês atrás
Thank you! I've had a lethargic curiosity about air vs water cooled chicken that I undoubtedly forget about as soon as I leave the meat section of the store.
Bryan Lowder
Bryan Lowder 12 dias atrás
Great explanation of water glassing, thanks! Admittedly, there's one thing that still puzzles me: I always thought "water glass" referred to sodium silicate solution, which dries into a hard crust.
Monica Rodriguez
Monica Rodriguez 6 dias atrás
I have learned so much from this video. I didn’t know about water and air chill chicken. I never even thought about it before.
Aiden Riley
Aiden Riley Mês atrás
the way i remember seeing and making a very similar recipe to ann’s nutella mug cake on buzzfeed around 2016, which is where i’m guessing where the 5 minute craft telephone game of this recipe started.
Iffat Khan
Iffat Khan Mês atrás
I am from Bangladesh and the nutella bottles I have seen in this country (at least the ones I have seen and bought) are actually glass jars. I didn't even know they are available in plastic ones. Is there a way to understand if they used the one with a glass jar or a plastic one? :/ Thanks, Anne! I always enjoy your videos! The way you present all the information on how something is made, what are the pros/cons, and then do scientific tests is truly amazing. You are one the most hardworking content creators! Thank you so much for your efforts! Best wishes, all the way from Dhaka :)
Brett Collins
Brett Collins Mês atrás
I just wanted to take the time to thank you for having actual (non-auto-generated) subtitles on all your videos. Too many "big" channels don't have them, and they make such a difference.
bcdm999 Mês atrás
Yeah, they're definitely auto-generated and then corrected afterwards. I'm guessing a lot of errors are cleaned up, but quite a few still sneak through - "immersion-chilled chicken" turned into "Asian-chilled chicken" at one point and it threw me for a loop 😂
Meredith Mês atrás
She's mentioned before that Dave edits all her subtitles! It's so appreciated.
Thomas M
Thomas M Mês atrás
@c6 4116 True, there are mistakes, but it's still considerably better than unadulterated auto-gen. Perhaps one more pass to catch mistakes would clear things up a little better.
Meme Lover
Meme Lover Mês atrás
@Madison i noticed the same.
c6 4116
c6 4116 Mês atrás
@Thomas M there are some parts that are way wrong. so it IS auto generated, they just added details afterwards. if they didnt, then im concerned about the person doing the captions because there are so many mistakes. (not just in this video either)
Mrs. Snoot
Mrs. Snoot Mês atrás
Love the way you break it all down for us! I appreciate all you do ^^
Kaneda Mês atrás
matcha is different as well! theres food grade, and then ritual grade matcha. ritual grade matcha is used for, you guessed it, ritual teas. its highly expensive because its all hand ground into that nice fine powder, and uses the highest quality leaves
Ashtar Melendez
Ashtar Melendez 15 dias atrás
Im a simple man. I see Ann Reardon I press like! 🤷‍♂️ queen always slaying 💅
Jenn W
Jenn W Mês atrás
I've loved matcha for years, but never knew about how it is grown and processed. Thanks for educating me!!
Hannah Mês atrás
I wish Ann taught all of my classes I’d learn so much
Kris Mês atrás
I’m honestly surprised it took this long to kill your microwave 😅
1Thunderfire Mês atrás
Damn good make even with being used for things it definitely shouldn't be used for! 😅
Chew Bacca
Chew Bacca Mês atrás
WhatTheFriedRice Mês atrás
One thing I love about this channel is that it teaches critical thinking skills
WhatTheFriedRice Mês atrás
@Aramati that’s a great point
Aramati Mês atrás
A thing sad about this channel is that it's in English and most people I know that needs it don't speak English. kk XD So bad YT closed the comunity subtitles.
Isabel Smith
Isabel Smith Mês atrás
Thank you for explaining so well everything that most people hadn't heard of!
Nikioko Mês atrás
What do we learn? Never leave your kitchen unattended.
Mamasaym Mês atrás
thanks so much for inspiring me to do more cooking, and I'm now making my own cook book, thank you so much!❤
Xien Tau
Xien Tau Mês atrás
You know it's a really bad recipe when Dave even refuses to taste the resulting disaster.
Sifonofor Mês atrás
I always feel it when Dave gets excited about being presented with edible food, even if it's unseasoned chicken. That man knows suffering.
CathodeRayTube Mês atrás
Poor Dave 😁.
Sifonofor Mês atrás
​@Juniper Jade I think we can be pretty sure that the husband of literal culinary icon Ann Reardon eats very well.
Eric Kugler
Eric Kugler Mês atrás
I'm just glad he refused to eat the poisonous melted plastic cup....
TerraHv1 Mês atrás
It's nice to see that there are things even he won't eat, though :p
Amoureux Mês atrás
@Juniper Jade I'm sure he gets to taste test all of the good recipes Ann creates, but man, talk about a Russian roulette of food
Kyflie 29 dias atrás
I love debunking videos!
MrsShocoTaco Mês atrás
I think this video might be the only time I've heard Dave refuse to try something 😅
Chanin Lloyd
Chanin Lloyd Mês atrás
All chicken sold in the UK and EU are Air Chilled for food safety reasons. Also sorry for the loss of your microwave, to be honest it's a suprise it's lasted this long!
W3r3gam3r Mês atrás
With the air vs water chilled, I can imagine the air chilled would be just slightly easier and safer to fry since there is inherently less water. And even that is a stretch. But I am quite surprised how noticeably different the sous vide test was.
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose Mês atrás
quick and easy hot chocolate and makes the jars sooo much easier to clean for recycling. I'm genuinely surprised Ann attempted 15 mins in a plastic pot at all! RIP microwav
Lara Hartfort
Lara Hartfort Mês atrás
In many European countries Nutella is sold in a glass jar and that’s what they are using in the tutorial. Still shouldn’t be in there for 15 min but the jar wouldn’t burn like your plastic jar did, because they are actually pretty solid glass.
Aya Jade
Aya Jade Mês atrás
@Orion 77 they're from Cyprus or at least their parent company is
Αnastasia Cr
Αnastasia Cr Mês atrás
@Anto I'm Greek and I've seen plastic nutella jars. But there are mostly glass ones.
Voldemort Mês atrás
@Eric I think I’ve heard about it before and I think it also owns five min crafts, correct me if I’m wrong
carbolara Mês atrás
@leah_tard_ cyprus is located in the mediterranen sea and NOT part of the middle east. it's even in the EU
neotype2001 9 dias atrás
When you opened the microwave, my nostrils singed from a childhood experience. Crazy how it triggered that horrible smell and metallic coppery taste up in the nostril area
C. Ray
C. Ray Mês atrás
Dave: it’s actually good! whose recipe is this? Ann: mine Dave: ah! of course! I like it! ❤ 😁
Acation x
Acation x Mês atrás
I'm actually amazed your nutella jar only melted. A few years back, I put a nutella jar in the microwave to try and melt the remaining chocolate (glass jar) and the foil on the label sparked and caught fire!
Robot killer
Robot killer Mês atrás
7:43 my favourite piece of bad advice given in old books is from Mrs Beeton, where she advises to mix borax into spoiled milk to make it taste fresh again. Absolutely horrifying.
Heather M
Heather M Mês atrás
Would love to hear your opinion about the safety of eating the chicken that has absorbed the water with chemicals in it!
JH Mês atrás
In Germany, every Nutella glass is still made of glass. But also with a glass jar, the cake would be burned to stone after 15 min in the microwave
Kyrena Mês atrás
@Larisse Yep, that happened when I made tea once. The water was too hot and the tea kettle shattered. Ended up with second degree burns on my foot.
Janet Pendlebury
Janet Pendlebury Mês atrás
@Ju Cal Yes, we have also been making nutella here in Australia for about 40 years.
1Thunderfire Mês atrás
@Zhanna Fehling Total waste of plastic really.
Larisse Mês atrás
@Rezinax It's more about the things in the glass from what I understand. If there's a tiny air bubble or any kind of particulate in the glass (like dyes even) can crack or explode. Unless the glass is specifically labeled as being microwave safe it's just best to assume it's not.
Rezinax Mês atrás
@Larisse tbf nutella jars have fairly thick glass walls, so they might be ok. Not gonna try it though
Maleah Lock
Maleah Lock 7 dias atrás
Thank you for the salmonela/egg glassing information. I have chooks and they're immunised and tested regularly and shamelessly spoiled 😁 I received some eggs from a friend who tried this with their own eggs and gifted us a jar. I knew nothing about it but it didn't seem safe so I surreptitiously disposed of them. My friend and his family all ended up in hospital 10 months later after eating them. 😬
Crowfaerymori Mês atrás
Love when Dave says, "the most trusty of the content farms"! 🤣
Shelly Johnson
Shelly Johnson Mês atrás
I love your vidoes. I learn something new with every video. Plus I love that your closed captions are so good and easy to follow. Thank you for another video
DTLamia Mês atrás
To be fair Nutella usually uses glasjars, at least in their Origin Country so they might not have known. And maybe a lower wattage would've made better results
normajbaker20001 Mês atrás
The world needs more Ann Reardons.
Jessica Fritzges
Jessica Fritzges Mês atrás
“I’m not eating that” is my favorite comment. He’s subjected himself to so many debunking recipes.
asmRTPOP Mês atrás
lol, i mean the house smelled horrendous. who eats things that smell bad 😂
Emily Rose Lacy-Nichols
@Lenore Van Alstine it looked very hard lol
Lenore Van Alstine
Lenore Van Alstine Mês atrás
im not really sure he could have physicaly eaten it if he had wanted to
Ella Well
Ella Well Mês atrás
It honestly looks like something out of a NileRed video
Max Oakland
Max Oakland Mês atrás
First time I’ve *ever* seen him say that
Maria Marth
Maria Marth Mês atrás
About the eggs, I’ve also heard that you can preserve fresh eggs by coating them in oil. It was from an Extreme Prep-per show. They were happily coating their eggs in oil saying it prevents oxygenation and keeps the eggs fresh for years. Just curious if that is also an old time myth.
Luma Noire
Luma Noire Mês atrás
I usually don't comment in videos but this one is pretty special ❤️ Thanks for the amazing content!
M W Mês atrás
This reminds me of that time a kid at my high school forgot the water for his microwave noodles and accidentally set a microwave fire.
Warit Pong
Warit Pong Mês atrás
Although I love these videos because they are informative. I do miss the old baking videos. thankyou Anne
Henry Kessler
Henry Kessler Mês atrás
I hadn't heard about salmonella being inside as well! It's not exactly something I keep to date on, though. Now I'm going to have to google about eggs kept at room temp from local chickens, and that it was only store bought ones that had to be refrigerated due to different processing methods (USA). I heard that was fine, but if it's an increased salmonella risk, perhaps not? I wish you luck finding a nice secondhand microwave for a good deal
Imarabbitama 28 dias atrás
Chickens can also be vaccinated against salmonella, in the Netherlands (where eggs are usually kept at room temperature) commercial egg hens are usually vaccinated.
MurphMunster Mês atrás
On the topic of air chilled vs. water chilled chicken. I worked in a kitchen for several years and this topic was brought up at one point. We asked the head chef why he used water chilled chicken in some recipes and air chilled in others. His way of explaining it was to base your recipe on how the meat was chilled. Air chilled had a lower water content and was better for dishes that required it to be cooked in liquid i.e. boiled, sauteed or sous-vied. While a water chilled chicken would have a better end result when grilled or roasted, due to it being able to afford loosing some water. A good chef, as he explained, will take the preparation of meat into consideration when creating the dish. For most of us home chefs the chilling method is borderline irrelevant. I love the videos you make and just wanted to throw my two cents out there.
Merip1214 Mês atrás
Love to hear from people who know their stuff
PhantomStella Mês atrás
Interesting thanks for the info
Ms. L
Ms. L Mês atrás
Yes, I saw in a Heston video that a juicy roast chicken is made by submerging it into water for a few hours and cooking on low temperature (100-130) so it keeps the moisture. I tried it and it works.
Jessica Vallee
Jessica Vallee Mês atrás
Your two cents are much appreciated!
Kiki Corleone
Kiki Corleone Mês atrás
What I am surprised about is that Nutella comes in plastic containers elsewhere. Here it's glass and I was briefly shocked because I thought that you microwave made the glass melt
clemnthyme Mês atrás
oh no your poor microwave!! really interesting stuff in this video! i appreciate how well thought out your testing methods are ☺️ also i feel so embarrassed but i definitely thought that the salmonella was only found on the egg shell, so thank you for sharing that it is found inside the egg as well! 🙏
Mrs. Thomas - USMC Wife
It is only on the outside if you have farm fresh eggs that haven't been washed. Eggs that have been washed are susceptible to bacteria getting into the inside of the egg.
Lewis Edwards
Lewis Edwards Mês atrás
I love that your showing the REAL five minute craft after proving theirs is bunk lol. Because they’re really good at making me want what they’re showing to be real, so I’m glad you show the right way to do something similar.
Emma Drew
Emma Drew Mês atrás
I once caused a fire with Nutella in the microwave! I was just putting it in for a little bit to soften it to spread better, but I guess a tiny bit of the foil seal was still on there!
mgoforth Mês atrás
Great husband: It's good! Whose recipe is this? Great wife: Mine. Great husband: Ah! Of course! ❤ Also, I agree with your typo theory. "1.5 minutes" would be the 90 seconds. But in any case, your recipe looks so much better.
N P H Mês atrás
I love when Dave says “this recipe is GOOD! Whose is it?” and when Ann replies, “mine” he’s like, ahh well ‘nuff said, it being good goes without saying 🥰 best couple 🥰
FelisTerras 29 dias atrás
Lets have a moment of silence for Ann's beloved microwave. It was taken from us too soon, but we will be forever grateful. I think we can all agree that 5-Minutes Crafts is one of, if not the biggest Foodwaste channel in existence. Not only because of the food they waste during production, but all the produce that people have to throw away, because they followed their "recipes". And yet, YT awards them with golden buttens year after year. Also, thank you very much on lecturing us on both Matcha and chicken chilling; it's always nice to learn about things one took for granted.
jedi Mês atrás
ty for these videos, Ann! they're so helpful!!
Brandi Sturdevant
Brandi Sturdevant Mês atrás
I’m going to use Ann’s videos to teach my students some critical thinking skills. And how an experiment is actually done.
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