5 Easy Breakfasts - You Suck at Cooking (episode 64)

You Suck At Cooking
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Breakfast. It's the only meal that describes the speed at which it should be consumed. But is it worth it? Let's leave that to the scientists.

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17 Ago 2017

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Comentários 4 322
Jaden Allbert
Jaden Allbert 23 horas atrás
Could you not have edited out when you said mix? It totally took me out of the immersion, mixing isn't real moron
SpamReciever420 2 dias atrás
Where do I find shell-less eggs? My local grocers only have shell-on eggs
Safa Fatima
Safa Fatima 3 dias atrás
Man where does he live?!
Nate Wynd
Nate Wynd 3 dias atrás
I love how the video that makes fun of the avocado toast gaffe is the one that gets the most dislikes.
Yinqi Tay
Yinqi Tay 3 dias atrás
Why so much peanut butter TT
Franklin Clinton
Franklin Clinton 5 dias atrás
Suck totally you yeah cooking at suck you
Dawgz0 5 dias atrás
What if youre alergic to peanuts
Spill_ thetea
Spill_ thetea 5 dias atrás
Anyone else remember him talking about making apple pants because the almond butter wouldn't stick to it??
Eloise 5 dias atrás
I tried the egg in a mug when I was in elementary. It somehow exploded in my face and gave me burns for a week. Seeing this video not only gives me war flashbacks but makes me especially scared to try ysacs' recepie in fear of my karama for egg mugs that it will try to kill me due to the chaotic dominant energy his egg mug recipe will emit. Peanut banana was good tho, my zipper got jammed.
T R 7 dias atrás
Careful, hot glue will fuck u up. Ou ou ou I just got fucked up😂😂
Caesium Caesium
Caesium Caesium 7 dias atrás
1:43 gay sex lol
HoTeLtRiVaGo 8 dias atrás
2:14 the five minute crafts zombies got to him rUnNnNnNNNN
Plain Talk
Plain Talk 9 dias atrás
Jesika Webb
Jesika Webb 9 dias atrás
You’re so silly!!!! 😂😂😂🤩🤩🤩😂
cate curl
cate curl 9 dias atrás
Triptusmoats. Dang funny
cate curl
cate curl 9 dias atrás
Almond butter noodles 😄
Commander Jellyfish
Commander Jellyfish 10 dias atrás
And this was the day that ysac got arrested no not for starting a forest fire but for making avocado toast and owning a home
Eli Vigil 710
Eli Vigil 710 11 dias atrás
The zipper part got me hahahaha
Elena Ramires
Elena Ramires 12 dias atrás
No one: Absolutely no one: Not a soul: You suck at cooking: 2:14 - 2:20
Sisi Charriere
Sisi Charriere 13 dias atrás
How dare you diss avocado toast that shits fucking delicious, lmao
Erdinc A.
Erdinc A. 13 dias atrás
Tripdismoats xD
Georgia Quest
Georgia Quest 15 dias atrás
Finally someone that thinks avocado toast is just the shittiest thing you could have i love you.
Celina Lange :3
Celina Lange :3 19 dias atrás
What am I doing here... I don’t even eat breakfast....
Wolfie OkaMii
Wolfie OkaMii 20 dias atrás
Ewww beurk 🤢🤢🤮
Santiago Reina
Santiago Reina 21 dia atrás
This was actually depressing
Luke Rowell
Luke Rowell 21 dia atrás
I love peanut butter and banana, but I'm allergic to bananas...
Justin Jake Ashton
Justin Jake Ashton 21 dia atrás
2:10 I bet he had Sticky Fingers after this.
Calypso C
Calypso C 21 dia atrás
Has anyone tried the fabled avocado on toast, is it worththe sacrifice??
dicksoutforharambe 6969
I really find it funny how he goes above and beyond for this it’s halarious
jelly 181
jelly 181 22 dias atrás
Why u hating on my avocada ;(. XD
Cheez !
Cheez ! 22 dias atrás
3:41 damn that butter sounds and looks good
Night 22 dias atrás
The budget side of Babish
Green Ducks #1 Fan
Green Ducks #1 Fan 22 dias atrás
The part about never owning a home hit hard. Now im sad again
Rogue 170
Rogue 170 23 dias atrás
I just lost my appetite. Not because of this video, but because I just made myself breakfast.
Guilherme Souto
Guilherme Souto 24 dias atrás
I actually did the banana and peanut butter before I watched this
Frozen Burrito
Frozen Burrito 24 dias atrás
“If you make this, you’ll never be a homeowner” absolutely killed me
Mar Galexia
Mar Galexia 24 dias atrás
Binging with babish: This entertaining but yeah I can't be do this. Not even gonna try. Nice to dream tho. You suck at cooking: I-I-I thought... Is it possible? I can do this?
FableYable 24 dias atrás
The way you slice avocado makes me sad.
Cory Enos
Cory Enos 25 dias atrás
Idk how I have never seen your channel before but man you are HILARIOUS!!!
ChewDaGum 25 dias atrás
I'm actually eating the egg mug thing and It's fuckin amazing.
Leo Tavera
Leo Tavera 25 dias atrás
I can’t adequately describe the ominous feeling that peeled avocado gave me. I swear that’s the first sign of psychopathy and we’re all just laughing along, oblivious to the carnage this man will surely commit.
Gowther 25 dias atrás
*I just made my own version of the oat in a jar and it tastes exquisite*
i like trains
i like trains 25 dias atrás
"5 easy breakfast you suck at"
Hi It’s Pippa
Hi It’s Pippa 25 dias atrás
Bold of you to assume I wake up in the morning
Adamcflurry 25 dias atrás
1:45 heyy ive done that before!
ganesh raul
ganesh raul 25 dias atrás
This guy is genius
Moriah Kamper
Moriah Kamper 25 dias atrás
The hot plate of coffee caught me so off guard.
Nuck The wolf
Nuck The wolf 25 dias atrás
My favourite food is avocado toast and so is my moms and we live in a very nice house
Kitti Kat
Kitti Kat 25 dias atrás
the end got dark real fast😂😕
Mimsy Lake
Mimsy Lake 27 dias atrás
Jacksfilms vibes for some reason.
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