5 Easy Breakfasts - You Suck at Cooking (episode 64)

You Suck At Cooking
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Breakfast. It's the only meal that describes the speed at which it should be consumed. But is it worth it? Let's leave that to the scientists.

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17 Ago 2017

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Comentários 4 247
Haylee Haux
Haylee Haux 2 dias atrás
Wtf is a stir or a mix pray tell
Goober Head
Goober Head 3 dias atrás
Man started an entire forest fire
joey fletcher
joey fletcher 4 dias atrás
Does nobody else like to talk about how he slices his avocado
em jay
em jay 5 dias atrás
Its Dav
Its Dav 7 dias atrás
*Top 10 chefs Gordon Ramsay is afraid to diss*
David De Beuckeleer
David De Beuckeleer 11 dias atrás
Why do I feel like his name is Kevin? 🤔
Samurai Worf
Samurai Worf 16 dias atrás
I remember my dad making avocado toasts , hes a home owner now
Rabies Kid McEdgeLord
Rabies Kid McEdgeLord 16 dias atrás
Leaving a like for the dogs at the end 🐶
Nico Paz
Nico Paz 18 dias atrás
The fifth food is gross You didn't take of the crust
NoName ༄
NoName ༄ 18 dias atrás
Wait, isn't this the first YSAC video I've ever watched? Holy shit, time flies.
Dippy_DoT_Mann 19 dias atrás
**quietly looks at the 1.50$ avocado in my hand** Goodbye dreams
Blackcain 19 dias atrás
Oh. The egg is in the mug, hence the coffee needs to be on the plate. Smart!
Amani Abdishakur
Amani Abdishakur 19 dias atrás
One of the few channels that tells you that hot glue burns. Too late though. Too late
THEWILYWANKA 21 dia atrás
I’m so glad to see that I’m not the only one who take his coffee in a plate just black no sugar or cream , I thought I was the only one
Glad Tzivel
Glad Tzivel 21 dia atrás
Quaker quick oats
am i patrick_
am i patrick_ 21 dia atrás
Tip 1. Dont watch buzzfeed this is 10 times better even if you take sarcastic parts seriously this is still better
RealExivus 22 dias atrás
Never salt your eggs before cooking. it makes the texture shitty.
eddie spaghetti
eddie spaghetti 24 dias atrás
Face reveal 2m
Alex l
Alex l 24 dias atrás
Where can I get a shell les egg? Is it near the non stick chemicals?
DOGASS 25 dias atrás
oatz and squatz
Jonathan Nutma
Jonathan Nutma 25 dias atrás
or you get a dutch breakfest, bread butter and chocolate sprinkles (and yes that is universal to almost every household here)
D Fletch
D Fletch 26 dias atrás
Do a 2 mil sub face reveal
saitama opm
saitama opm 26 dias atrás
1:55 I do that with nutella :P
12323109 26 dias atrás
i hate avokado
Ra Luna
Ra Luna 26 dias atrás
Why so much peanut butter?
0 27 dias atrás
I love avocodo toast, what is wrong with it?
0 27 dias atrás
Maxine Vanne
Maxine Vanne 27 dias atrás
chilli flakes on avocado toast is my favourite!
Luna Juiliana
Luna Juiliana 28 dias atrás
Not avocado it’s to expensive no,
Keziah Reiss
Keziah Reiss 28 dias atrás
1:46 looks like my girlfriend's dick after sex
Keziah Reiss
Keziah Reiss 28 dias atrás
Hey baby! 😊 Wanna fuck over avacado toast tomorrow? 😏
Sadie Sunset
Sadie Sunset 28 dias atrás
Oh you!! *blushes*
AngusMathisen 28 dias atrás
1:46 winston would be proud
SUMEDH DOLKE 29 dias atrás
Are you how to basic?
Timmy the Teacup
Timmy the Teacup 29 dias atrás
_i always skip breakfast, im sorry guys._
jacqueline Murphy
jacqueline Murphy 29 dias atrás
Apples and almond butter is actually one of my favourite breakfasts now because of you so thanks 😁
You Suck At Cooking
You Suck At Cooking 29 dias atrás
No problem!
Osteball123 29 dias atrás
Oh yeah yeah
onz lo
onz lo 29 dias atrás
It was doomed from the beginning man I'm sorry but the hippies are taking over
Talula Zuhra
Talula Zuhra Mês atrás
this is the best thing ive ever seen
Chaitanya Joshi
Chaitanya Joshi Mês atrás
R u a Nirvana fan?
Joe Jo
Joe Jo Mês atrás
00:46 chandler is that you😄😄
Rowplayzgames 34
Rowplayzgames 34 Mês atrás
I made the muglet and HOLY CRAP IS THAT GOOD
tatuira93 Mês atrás
You know this channel is supposed to be more comedic than culinary but it's actually one of the best recipe channels on youtube for the simple fact that the ingredients used are the kind of stuff you always have at home, instead of salt from the himalayan peaks kangaroo tongue from the deserts of australia ancient chinese ghost powder Sauron's fingernail
Emily Shervey
Emily Shervey Mês atrás
What the actual fuck.
Olivia J. D. Adji Saroso
Do I really just watch a banana getting zipped? 😂😂
Julia Mês atrás
Was that banana one a troom troom hack 😂
xXWilleKillerXx Mês atrás
Are these really edible
Lxiaoqi Mês atrás
1:57 Troom Troom reference
Anupa Ghimire
Anupa Ghimire Mês atrás
you sure do love your almond butter,;!!!!!
MegaCaptcha Mês atrás
"And don't forget to serve it with a hot plate of coffee". That cought me off guard now I'm crying out of laughter 😂😂😂
Gheorghe Georgescu
Gheorghe Georgescu Mês atrás
Does anyone know the name of that piano composition? You know, during the burning of his grand vision board and all hope.
Noah Stabler
Noah Stabler Mês atrás
Lmao I lost it at the cereal part
FatKids Wiley
FatKids Wiley Mês atrás
No... n-not the avocado toast
Lauren Mês atrás
Do you eat oats hot or cold?
Steve Pineo
Steve Pineo Mês atrás
I can tell you like peanut butter.
superevan07 Mês atrás
These are hardly breakfasts... I'd rather eat nothing at all and save the time. Can't get much nutrition out of any of these
Hyphenated Games
Hyphenated Games Mês atrás
Excuse me, I'll have you know that my friend makes avocado toast and owns a very prominent cardboard mansion
David Dow
David Dow Mês atrás
I remember watching this when I was younger, not getting the jokes, and being very angry
oniria Mês atrás
you know i can't believe i ever went out with someone who actually would have on open flame in the middle of a wooden area
Clash Royale - Jack Peterson
SJM Gaming
SJM Gaming Mês atrás
The peanut butter banana thing is delicious I have had it before
Ann Sm
Ann Sm Mês atrás
Who the fuck in the right mind slices avocado like that??????
7uring Mês atrás
Imma say something you won't like... Avocados are disgusting and you use way too little Sriracha.
NecooMonsoon Mês atrás
avacados aren't that expensive... in Utah. They are really expensive near the east coast though...
Janeth Diaz
Janeth Diaz Mês atrás
What a "mix"?
gacha tuber
gacha tuber Mês atrás
Ben Sears
Ben Sears Mês atrás
This guy started a forest fire to make us a video
Destroyed Foxy 6896
#3 some people can't do this cause they might be allergic to peanuts but I'm not allergic but I eat it with toast.
musical mango
musical mango Mês atrás
I don't like avacados that much
Bittersweet Mês atrás
"kids and mature adults" hahahaha. Oh I absolutely agree. Young adults mostly too edgy for this.
milkboi Mês atrás
What type of maniac cuts avocado like that *I AM DISGUSTED*
Jdman 2008
Jdman 2008 Mês atrás
#6 some cereal
Luna -Draws -Whatever
Joanna is *_QUAKING_*
Random Stuff
Random Stuff Mês atrás
Sponsored by Lucky Charms 0:46
Jragon! Mês atrás
For an added bonus to the avocado toast put an egg on top!
jeffrey peppler
jeffrey peppler Mês atrás
Does he foster puppies?
Priscilla Morales
Priscilla Morales Mês atrás
Who knew it’s called breakfast because you’re breaking your fast from the night before (or whenever you ate last)
Jaime Salazar
Jaime Salazar Mês atrás
1:44 anal; not even once.
Anirudh Sharma
Anirudh Sharma Mês atrás
work with BrothersGreenEats, pls
Pinkerton Mês atrás
Sheila and I are getting back together! :D
Toni Faseemo
Toni Faseemo Mês atrás
m i x?? STIR?! its fucking WANGJANGLE YOU HEATHEN!
Kishibe Rohan
Kishibe Rohan Mês atrás
Please don't microwave eggs, don't be gross
Rog R
Rog R Mês atrás
Clean that microwave
ChrisTheFatB0i Films
I had a dog that looked exactly like the white dog and then I gave him away... 🤔
Mag Mês atrás
I used to make microwaved eggs before school because I didn't know how to safely use a stove, and it got to the point where my dad wanted to murder me from the smell XD
It’s just Josephine
Hot glue will f*ck you up
-KREXX- Mês atrás
2:09 watch here for TroomTroom life hacks
Lazy Potatu
Lazy Potatu Mês atrás
bananas are radioactive
Simon Holmqvist
Simon Holmqvist Mês atrás
It feels like half of these are serious.
Emily Shepherd
Emily Shepherd Mês atrás
Man I love a good plate of hot coffee🤣🤣
Danny 7 dias atrás
+a l How is it 'random'. It is directly related to the comment you are replying to.
a l
a l Mês atrás
Random fact: People used to do something similar were they poured the coffee onto the saucer to cool off. Then they sipped it from the saucer. In Sweden its called "Dricka på fat".
brandi driskill
brandi driskill 2 meses atrás
Y did the avocado look blue?
Kila Jenn
Kila Jenn 2 meses atrás
So hes the reason for all the wild fires
SupaGoku560 Fart
SupaGoku560 Fart 2 meses atrás
*W A N G J A N G L E*
jack wiśniewski
jack wiśniewski 2 meses atrás
So I made the muglette and it tasted... Bad. Maybe I fucked it up, maybe I'm just not an omelug kinda guy. But it was bad
DaL 2 meses atrás
Them hand movements at the beginning. I love your videos omfg
Shanta Roberson
Shanta Roberson 2 meses atrás
you started the Cali wildfire
3mil3 2 meses atrás
Bite bite bite!! Pepper pepper pepper! You’re so cute!!
Mark Lane271
Mark Lane271 2 meses atrás
You gave up your dreams for avocado toast??
Tuxedo Gaming
Tuxedo Gaming 2 meses atrás
I cannot verbally explain how much joy you bring to me
꧁༺That_1MoonlightHowler ༻꧂
Alex_ Storys
Alex_ Storys 2 meses atrás
Really you didn’t do a egg episode on the second breakfast? 😿😿😿😿😿😿😿
́no name`
́no name` 2 meses atrás
Avocado toast need the egg, that’s the most important part-
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