[4k, 60 fps] A Trip Through New York City in 1911

Denis Shiryaev
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Upscaled with neural networks 1911 New York footage taken by the Swedish company Svenska Biografteatern on a trip to America:
💌 You can reach me here:
✔ FPS boosted to 60 frames per second (DAIN);
✔ Image resolution boosted up to 4k (ESRGAN, custom weight);
✔ Resorted video sharpness (AE and other plugins);
✔ Colorized - I'am still unsure about this, but regarding to high request from the subscribers decided to test DeOldify NN on this video.
⚠ Please, be aware that colorization colors are not real and fake, colorization made only for the ambiance and do not represent real historical data.
Source video (with ambiance sound):
Please, keep in mind that 4k resolution playback mostly not available on the phones.
#1911 #Upscale #old #NYC #Newyork

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23 Fev 2020



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Comentários 100
Denis Shiryaev
Denis Shiryaev 10 meses atrás
Hi all! This video has recently been getting a lot of attention from the media. In some articles they are crediting me for having done something unique, but in my opinion this is unfair. Anyone can repeat this process with algorithms that are currently published on Github; all of them are in the video description. Credit should go to DIAN, Topaz AI, ESRGAN, Waifu2x, DeOldify and other developers who are part of the worldwide ML-community and contributing to humanity by making these algorithms publicly available. Thus, for future reference, you do not need to ask my permission to use this video; you can do with it whatever you want 💖 Welcome to the future, friends
Retarded F2P
Retarded F2P Dia atrás
Claire Mvondo
Claire Mvondo 7 dias atrás
Diegão 7 dias atrás
@George Ramos actual recording, but with colors and super HD from 1911, amazing
George Ramos
George Ramos 7 dias atrás
Wait; is this a remake, or actual live recorded footage at that time? I was born in NYC in 1975, & do not recall seeing anything like this.
Diegão 10 dias atrás
So proud that an upscaler is called Waifu2x lol
omgsicle 3 horas atrás
the composition of all these clips are actually quite nice.
Ebenezer Sam
Ebenezer Sam 6 horas atrás
The onerous velvet cytopathologically jump because milkshake gradually relax amidst a ten top. waggish, flippant plough
Orthane 7 horas atrás
It feels so strange seeing your own country just a little over 100 years ago. It's really not that long ago but it feels like walking into a different universe.
9 to 1
9 to 1 7 horas atrás
4:33 camera stabilizer is so damn good
steffi brugel
steffi brugel 8 horas atrás
Looking for Vito Corleone
Alejandro Briglia
Alejandro Briglia 9 horas atrás
Genial!!! fantástico video!!!!
Timdog Dawg
Timdog Dawg 10 horas atrás
I would love to go back and live like this for a week or two just for the experience. This is beautifully done...the way it takes you there is amazing! 😍 Many thanks to the uploader 😉👌🏽
LewdLeaf 12 horas atrás
This bothers me, but in a weird good way
Unknown 14 horas atrás
it so damn creepy to think about how all the people in the video are probably dead...
Wis tick
Wis tick 19 horas atrás
1911 BRvid: nope 1912 BRvid: nope 1913 BRvid: nope 1914 BRvid: nope 1915 BRvid: nope 1916 BRvid: nope 1917 BRvid: nope 1918 BRvid: nope 1919 BRvid: nope 1920 BRvid: nope 1921 BRvid: nope 1922 BRvid: nope 1923 BRvid: nope 1924 BRvid: nope 1925 BRvid: nope 1926 BRvid: nope 1927 BRvid: nope 1928 BRvid: nope 1929 BRvid: nope 1930 BRvid: nope 1931 BRvid: nope 1932 BRvid: nope 1933 BRvid: nope 1934 BRvid: nope 1935 BRvid: nope 1936 BRvid: nope 1937 BRvid: nope 1938 BRvid: nope 1939 BRvid: nope 1940 BRvid: nope 1941 BRvid: nope 1942 BRvid: nope 1943 BRvid: nope 1944 BRvid: nope 1945 BRvid: nope 1946 BRvid: nope 1947 BRvid: nope 1948 BRvid: nope 1949 BRvid: nope 1950 BRvid: nope 1951 BRvid: nope 1952 BRvid: nope 1953 BRvid: nope 1954 BRvid: nope 1955 BRvid: nope 1956 BRvid: nope 1957 BRvid: nope 1958 BRvid: nope 1959 BRvid: nope 1960 BRvid: nope 1961 BRvid: nope 1962 BRvid: nope 1963 BRvid: nope 1964 BRvid: nope 1965 BRvid: nope 1966 BRvid: nope 1967 BRvid: nope 1968 BRvid: nope 1969 BRvid: nope 1970 BRvid: nope 1971 BRvid: nope 1972 BRvid: nope 1973 BRvid: nope 1974 BRvid: nope 1975 BRvid: nope 1976 BRvid: nope 1977 BRvid: nope 1978 BRvid: nope 1979 BRvid: nope 1980 BRvid: nope 1981 BRvid: nope 1982 BRvid: nope 1983 BRvid: nope 1984 BRvid: nope 1985 BRvid: nope 1986 BRvid: nope 1987 BRvid: nope 1988 BRvid: nope 1989 BRvid: nope 1990 BRvid: nope 1991 BRvid: nope 1992 BRvid: nope 1993 BRvid: nope 1994 BRvid: nope 1995 BRvid: nope 1996 BRvid: nope 1997 BRvid: nope 1998 BRvid: nope 1999 BRvid: nope 2000 BRvid: nope 2001 BRvid: nope 2002 BRvid: nope 2003 BRvid: nope 2004 BRvid: nope 2005 BRvid: nope 2006 BRvid: nope 2007 BRvid: nope 2008 BRvid: nope 2009 BRvid: nope 2010 BRvid: nope 2011 BRvid: nope 2012 BRvid: nope 2013 BRvid: nope 2014 BRvid: nope 2015 BRvid: nope 2016 BRvid: nope 2017 BRvid: nope 2018 BRvid: nope 2019 BRvid: nope 2020 BRvid: lets do it
Beast of Bmore
Beast of Bmore 20 horas atrás
For people watching this remember these people are closer to the the Civil War than from then and today
Beast of Bmore
Beast of Bmore 20 horas atrás
90 years later this city changed forever
BlitzGames 23 horas atrás
It's sad how most of the people from this time are dead.
John Carter
John Carter 23 horas atrás
All of the people in this video are VERY likely dead. Really let that sink in. You're watching a video... on a modern platform... where every person in it has been dead for at least 20 years (most likely)... IN COLOR!
Yeter Ulen
Yeter Ulen Dia atrás
olum bu atatürk aynı bunlar gibi giyindirmiş ya milleti, ben özümden koparıldığım için atatürke hakkımı helal etmiyorum.
Christophe Rémond
Bravo Denis ! L'esprit avec lequel tu fais ce travail pour tous est remarquable et permet de croire encore que l'humanité a quelque chose de bon en elle, que le service de tous existe encore, juste pour la beauté, la mémoire, l'esprit. C'est merveilleux et tes vidéos sont fantastiques. Mille mercis du fond du cœur depuis Paris !
Paniekzaaier tje
Paniekzaaier tje Dia atrás
All these people worked hard to leave a good world for us, and today's politicians destroy everything they all worked for with their idiotic 'corona measures'.
gvn2fly96 Dia atrás
I just think it fascinating to see the Manhattan bridge back then and know it’s still there today while everyone and everything else is gone.
John Doe
John Doe Dia atrás
I don’t think I’ve ever watched a video with so many dead people. If even one of the kids are still alive, that would be a miracle.
Julie Braden
Julie Braden Dia atrás
Please do one of old baseball footage next.
Mr_ MightyZ
Mr_ MightyZ Dia atrás
Nobody at home playing XBOX or on their phone, everybody just enjoying the moment.
emma lisa
emma lisa Dia atrás
This is AMAZING!!!!! thank you!!!!
NET Alliance
NET Alliance Dia atrás
Craziest part about this is that every person we see in this video is gone now. Time's crazy, man.
Welsh Lad
Welsh Lad Dia atrás
What they once where we are , what they are we will be.
Millionär 1.000.000
Angel Girl
Angel Girl Dia atrás
Very interesting video from the turn of the century
jesse chan
jesse chan Dia atrás
The world seemed more lively and more dignified back then
Xoxxo Bob
Xoxxo Bob Hora atrás
It certainly did seem quite simpler than it is now!
Ian Birchfield
Ian Birchfield Dia atrás
girl: "Ew, she's wearing the same hat as me!" guys: 1:27
Dev_Invincible Jeet
They all look highly professional and classy. Today's people are just running around like retards ..
Sana Oll
Sana Oll 11 horas atrás
No not rly
Foo Doggie
Foo Doggie Dia atrás
Shut the fuck up
R Evans
R Evans Dia atrás
Wow the air pollution was awful (and so was everything else) by modern standards. Those were the bad old days but they are interesting to see.
HOT NEWS international
lunecker Dia atrás
I wish i could time travel to see the world from each century...
bülent arslan
bülent arslan Dia atrás
Her canlı ölümü tadacaktır. Sizden öncekiler gibi.
bülent arslan
bülent arslan Dia atrás
Fabricio Alves
Fabricio Alves Dia atrás
3:30 how beautiful Singer Building was with less buildings around it.
smeagol 2 dias atrás
fun fact: someone managed to find the sole surviving descendant of the family at 4:00 and show her the footage. They were a really wealthy family according to records. They were unfortunately not able to get a lot of info on the Black driver.
Nolasco 2 dias atrás
Looks like that hat the gents were wearing was mighty popular 😅
죄서연 2 dias atrás
I love how outfits were degrading through time
ScriptedBlanket 2 dias atrás
This is nostalgia you huskwits!
G J 2 dias atrás
Look at the teck It is Mind boggling . I mean the boat at the end
Jack O' Lantern
Jack O' Lantern 2 dias atrás
The passage of time lends most of our human affairs unimportant in the end. How many people above were worried about the task for the day, whether they would have enough food, enough money for the rent, the mate they were pursuing and other life side quests. I love the work that goes into such restored footage. Like brilliant fossils etched into the eternal web of time.
Bret Harley
Bret Harley 2 dias atrás
See? These people aren't staring into their smartphones every second of the day. No they kept them in their pockets and talked to people they're with .
ColeinOne 2 dias atrás
John Marston is somewhere in here....
Hanaa Ali
Hanaa Ali 2 dias atrás
‏هل تحس منهم من أحدٍ أو تسمعه لهم ركزا؟ كل اللي في الفيديو تحت التراب يالله 🥺
Revolta GAMES
Revolta GAMES 2 dias atrás
It's kind of weird watch those people and know they are dead
Odie-Wan Kenodie
Odie-Wan Kenodie 2 dias atrás
The sad part is that everyone shown in this video is dead.
Jstar 2 dias atrás
People when they were being filmed in 1911: Smiles People now: sT0P fIlMiNg mE I cAn SpEaK tO tHe MaNaGeR aNd GeT y0U fIrEd!
Foo Doggie
Foo Doggie Dia atrás
Shut up nigga
Z0mbify 2 dias atrás
Of course, there's always that one guy without a leg when I watch these kind of videos.
lesley mbuyi kayembe
lesley mbuyi kayembe 3 dias atrás
Everyone was so well mannered Now u see gangs left right and centre 🤦
SammyT 3 dias atrás
Amazing to think that watching people from that era is like those people watching a footage of George Washington! All that mass of humanity is long dead now; goes to show how fleeting life is.
F G8
F G8 3 dias atrás
This is amazing! The closest thing to time-travelling
Sokrates 3 dias atrás
TasosJoker 3 dias atrás
My mind is exposing
Oliver Roberts
Oliver Roberts 3 dias atrás
Every one of them looking for meaning. I hope they found it.
Spoon Legend
Spoon Legend 3 dias atrás
Different times, civilized time.
oswald levi adri
oswald levi adri 3 dias atrás
Long gone the time where almost everyone wears a hat
allykatt1849 3 dias atrás
It's an absolute honor to view this. Thanks for sharing! 💜💯
뉸뉴냔냐 3 dias atrás
nothing in the video is alive now
Joaquin Fonticiella
Joaquin Fonticiella 3 dias atrás
hats..hats...everywhere hats
Ito Lopez
Ito Lopez 4 dias atrás
Imagine smoking a joint back then in the streets and just not giving a fuck
S U 4 dias atrás
We cannot go back in this period.
Dicky Satria
Dicky Satria 4 dias atrás
8 years later. They would experience the great depression and king kong would die to his death from the empire state building. Also they would use car by 8 years later And their sense of fashion would changed too
Castleridge Studios
Castleridge Studios 4 dias atrás
What are those 'horseless carriages'? Even then they were tailgating! Damn! It is nice to see the Flatiron building. Everyone is dead.............
Krishna Choudhary
Krishna Choudhary 4 dias atrás
6:30 there’s a guy who clearly sees the camera and buttons his jacket. The guy in front of him too
Rebekah Davis
Rebekah Davis 4 dias atrás
The color really does bring it to life and makes the city feel more modern.
Lucas. 4 dias atrás
2:18 I wonder if just for a single second in a tiny fiber of his being if he felt 17 million eyes from the future looking back at him through that lens
Rodízio de Pizza
Rodízio de Pizza 4 dias atrás
2:56 so beautiful
Sam Newman
Sam Newman 4 dias atrás
such a different world back then. Racism was probably at an all time high during this time, cars only just got invented etc.
James Nope
James Nope 4 dias atrás
I wish I could go back
dora the explorer
dora the explorer 5 dias atrás
wow they walk like normal people too, not the stiff, jerky movements of film from that era
В те времена в Америке были небоскребы,
Из этих людей не кого нет в живых, они жили свое время
Deras buim nope fas moilop zesa
The Wizard Trader
The Wizard Trader 5 dias atrás
Not a single phone in sight 😍
h7 5 dias atrás
Glad I wasn't born back then 🤠💩
h7 5 dias atrás
The sound fx kinda ruined it
PJ ChJ 5 dias atrás
Titanic was sinking that time.......109 years later we watching this on youtube
John Jones
John Jones 5 dias atrás
we not going talk about the driver????
Christophe Tirman
Christophe Tirman 5 dias atrás
With everything on youtube and tiktok, in 300 years.from now, people will have a lot of hires videos to see how the life was 300 years ago. All these videos, songs, etc will surely be still readable
Selva Nan
Selva Nan 5 dias atrás
I can see mustang everywhere.
Silent Gamer
Silent Gamer 5 dias atrás
3:02 "Hey Bob Look! it's one of those contraptions they call cameras!"
HelloItsKebu 5 dias atrás
-_- 5 dias atrás
3:44 can i hear finnish voice ? Male voice "Varo niitä!" Female voice "Nii joo ooks mä kerran laitta...." Can some other finnish human confirm this with me
Ray Ray
Ray Ray 2 dias atrás
Most likely not the original audio, so they added just this audio for effect.
solonasnci 5 dias atrás
6:18 gay couple spotted
Xoxxo Bob
Xoxxo Bob 54 minutos atrás
The term "Gay" meant something completely different back then ! As for the two of them holding hands people probably thought they were just friends not a couple.
Akira Redd
Akira Redd 5 dias atrás
literally everyone u see in this video is dead
안녕하세요 5 dias atrás
5 dias atrás
I know it’s only natural, but no one doesn’t watch smartphone.
XxxxDVPxxxX 5 dias atrás
3:59 Мне ведь не кажется как на заднем плане разговаривают 2 русскоговорящих челика? -Я на рыбалку... -В Саянск... (судя по вики - город Саянск был основан в 1970г., так что хз)
Agung Widi
Agung Widi 5 dias atrás
This is a budget time travel we all can afford
zep909 5 dias atrás
Rigboss 6 dias atrás
2:16 this man got 1 leg and he still looks dapper
Adrian Arthur Lim
Adrian Arthur Lim 6 dias atrás
A to Z
A to Z 6 dias atrás
Women were classy and looked decent, unlike the modern harlots roaming our streets today.
skiddty 3 dias atrás
Wurdswurth 6 dias atrás
Back when the car horns went "aaayuuuuuga!".
Steve Jurgens
Steve Jurgens 6 dias atrás
A lot was about to happen to the people in this video.
Georgia Fitzgerald
Georgia Fitzgerald 6 dias atrás
4:00 the little girl in the front is a whole mood
Akhom Chanthavong
Akhom Chanthavong 4 dias atrás
I noticed her
Roll-A-Ball! 6 dias atrás
check the curves on the sassy chick at 2:54 😋😁😁
Li Totorino
Li Totorino 6 dias atrás
Rare footage of John Marston in 4K
Н Д 6 dias atrás
Ощущение нечто, словно в другой мир попала @
Get Real
Get Real 6 dias atrás
Titanic sank a year later
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