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Dr.Antonika is a health-focused powerhouse that encourages those around her to live an intentional, balanced life full of joy. Living tiny for her means fewer distractions and a more purposeful space to keep life simple. The layout of her tiny house is functional and spacious with an open design. The kitchen connects to the living room allowing for a welcoming hosting area, and the wrap-around porch is perfect for morning routines and sunsets. This 399 sq ft home sits in a community with a garden, walking paths, and several like-minded people working together.
Insta: / tcm.chic.wellness
Shot by: @theirhappytrails
Edited by: @theirhappytrails
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Guias e Estilo

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30 Jun 2022



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Comentários : 402   
@freddiesmith4285 Anos atrás
Nothing's wrong with tiny homes. Nothing to be embarrassed about it. Why need a big house if we hardly at home? We work 8-12 hrs a day. We just need a roof over our heads. Save a lot of money too. Great on bills.
@vfpfootball Anos atrás
This is the future, you're just ahead of the boom.
@drantonikachanel Anos atrás
So true! I hope more people will think like this.
@twain103 Anos atrás
@@vfpfootball I HOPE the companies that build houses WILL take note.They can build tiny communties encompassing trees,a park for the kiddies to play & sidewalks ,clubhouse,community pool & STILL make $$$$$.Some people have the $$$$$$ & LOVE those big houses with the:library,den office,guest ROOMS etc.I don't want ANY houses where I have to WORRY about CHECKING 30 + WINDOWS & DOORS BEFORE I GO TO BED.
@WestVirginia1959 Anos atrás
These aren't cheap homes so I don't think anyone is embarrassed by at all. Lol
Exactly. People are caught up in impressing other people and at the end of the day I really don’t know anybody that’s happy in a big home! One of my businesses is a cleaning business. My clients are miserable. They are only at their home to sleep. They are in debt to their eyeballs. And need to work all the time.
@candid246 Anos atrás
This is such a beautiful home; clean lines and of course, the downstairs bedroom. Oh, that kitchen is to die for! Such a sweet gentle calming personality this lady has.
@shereehylton6670 4 meses atrás
love the wrap around porch. can have raised bed garden too.
@nata3467 Anos atrás
This house seems huge- wow. Very well designed-could easily live on one floor. The wrap around porch is a great addition.
@drantonikachanel Anos atrás
This is the only wrap around porch now. They won't be building another one with the wrap around. If you get one get the porch too! We got lucky.
@trishalaxman8209 Anos atrás
This is one of the best tiny homes I have ever seen on you tube. I wish I could have a home just like this. It's quite spacious
@gloriabass9945 Anos atrás
Someone else who doesn't own a microwave and by the way your tiny home looks huge, it's beautiful. Wrap around porch is Gold.
@clarkclarke Anos atrás
Agree .. don't own one either ... lol!!!
@laureltownley1817 Anos atrás
No microwave in my house either.
@drantonikachanel Anos atrás
Its perfect! Especially cause Tx is accommodating to outdoor living.
@cjofloorish Anos atrás
I haven't had a microwave for 13 years now. Don't miss it.
@hildamorrison6168 Anos atrás
Agree - Haven't had one for years.
@andreabyrd714 Anos atrás
I appreciated that she shared her critiques and things she'd change!
@sarahfebruary Anos atrás
But why would you need a cutting board balanced on an open drawer when you have an ENORMOUS stone peninsula countertop?
@janee9533 Anos atrás
The countertop is high for cutting.
@inthewend07 Anos atrás
She uses it while she records her videos. It's probably easier recording meal prep content.
@drantonikachanel Anos atrás
I do need more space at times when cooking. For me it's about maximizing the space I have. Plus it was a cool idea off Instagram 🤣🤷🏽‍♀️
@lauriesworld7008 Anos atrás
Why do people point out such trivial things? It's an idea, take it or leave it. Stop sweating the small stuff!! Smh
@sarahfebruary Anos atrás
@@lauriesworld7008 Hey, if someone is going to post a video with oceans of pristine counter top, and then pull out a drawer to balance a cutting board, OK, I'm just saying, that's odd. We have ALL seen the open drawer hack. I get it. It just struck me as weird. Calm down. No need to smack yourself hun.
@edwardjones2202 Anos atrás
This woman and her lifestyle just radiate contentedness
@drantonikachanel Anos atrás
Thank you!!! Im so glad my energy transpires! This fills my soul!
@AmiraMuhammad Anos atrás
I just love her home and i pray I will be able to do the same thing which is having a tiny home and eventually go off grid.
@drantonikachanel Anos atrás
I believe in you! You can dream big!!you are totally capable!
You'll do it!! I have 10 acres in Virginia and plan to put up a time home. I have talked about it with my neighbors who are omish and built a solid home!!! Plus I trust them. I've always dreamed of doing this and now it's gonna happen within a couple years. Save your money!! Maybe look for some land in an area that you want to that off and start your time home later. I am 49. It took me awhile to begin living my life and I stopped living for others. There is nothing wrong with putting yourself first. Trust me. I had alot of fake friends in my life that took total advantage of me and it did so much damage to my self worth. Always take care of yourself first!! Much love ❤️!
@dianenaylor2104 Anos atrás
Stunning home! I love that the bedroom is downstairs close to the bathroom. Beautiful place ❤️
@drantonikachanel Anos atrás
Its an amazing space. Apparently resales are made through realtors which is a strange deal. Its some kind of thing the property owner has domain over. Which makes this place more like a home than a mobile RV
@nursedee6791 Anos atrás
Getting ready to start my build. I am so grateful to have watched this video! Great tips, great energy, great house!
@drantonikachanel Anos atrás
Can't wait to see yours and the wonderful things you'll create.
@margaretsmith8624 Anos atrás
Exciting, just sold my 1700+ Sq ft after 28 yrs. Want to go to tiny home community in 2 yrs. Just moved to 700 Sq ft studio with my doodle dog. Want a coastal or warmer weather state. I love gardening and flowers so Want the weather to do it year round. Looking for suggested areas. Like to follow you on your progression.
@kittyhewett4528 5 meses atrás
You have done very well for yourself. I love your Tiny home. You let off alot of wonderful energy. Thank you for sharing both. May God continue to bless you throughout your life. 😊
@Journey_1111 Anos atrás
This is by far my best tiny home tour. I’m currently searching for the biomat lol. Her space look so peaceful and relaxing. Love this!!
@danielguertin9664 Anos atrás
Great lady with an amazing tiny house! You really don't need more than what you have. It is your beautiful home!
This could be the best tiny house presentation and tour I have seen. You brought joy and peace to my morning.
@drantonikachanel Anos atrás
Awe I am so happy! This fills my heart!!
My husband passed away 3 weeks ago and I have not felt a lot of joy. I thank you for sharing your little paradise. Now I have to find mine 🙏
@lwheat3 Anos atrás
@@drantonikachanel hi. I was wondering if you could share who the builder of this Tiny house is?
@Orehia Anos atrás
This has been one of best honest presentations tinyhome I've ever seen. I'm great for the running across people like you.. It offers so much clarity. Looking forward to following you.🏡🤗💞
@jnhosier3 Anos atrás
She gave great feed back, especially about the lights in the loft bedroom. Lights give off heat and those lofts get hot enough!
@drantonikachanel Anos atrás
Yeah they could have put in dimmers or something like it.
@tamiweber7118 Anos atrás
This is a very spacious tiny house beautifully designed. She is the perfect speaker for anyone thinking about downsizing and living minimally while getting involved with the community. Great video. Very informative. Living minimally less is best 💯🌟💜🌟💯
@dowzoo Anos atrás
More counter space! You've already got more than I have in my full size house! I don't believe this is only 400 sq. ft. - no way.
@-._.-KRiS-._.- Anos atrás
I'm thinking the same thing. This looks much, much bigger than my first apartment which was around 300 sq ft.
@bonesonstones1 Anos atrás
Because famously, estimating square footage from a video is so reliable! You people are ridiculous.
@nursedee6791 Anos atrás
I currently live in 500 sq ft Apt, my last was about 250. Her place could for sure be 400 sq ft. If you plan appropriately, it can work and feel large. Also, I feel maybe the 400 sq ft referenced the base of the house, may or may not include loft sq ft, and definitely isn’t counting the sq ft of the wrap around porch. The double lofts and wrap around porch make it feel larger than it is, I think, to viewers
@7Jennifer Anos atrás
She has such great energy about her! What a beautiful home and her outside front/back areas are fantastic as well. And Mille - the best little furry neighbor ever, haha. She's adorable! 😸
@drantonikachanel Anos atrás
Love this soo much! Thank you!💗💗💗💗
@drantonikachanel Anos atrás
Millie oh this one. She's over Every Day! I think we have to be their favorite.
Did I miss all the stats?? Who's the builder for this tiny home? What are the measurements? Where at in Texas is this community located? What are the monthly lot rental fees? Are utilities included in said rent? I have so many questions 🤣🤦
@drantonikachanel Anos atrás
This is in Austin Tx. Clayton Homes is the builder. 399sqft not including loft and wrap porch as living space.
@sammiyen Anos atrás
@@drantonikachanel how much is the rent and utilities? Thanks
@hildamorrison6168 Anos atrás
My observation watching your video: You could make your sitting space between the lofts stairs to hold storage. Cut the wood seat & add hinges to make storage underneath. That first step to that same seating , you could do the same thing to have the front part as a slider with the shelf behind or do it as a hinged door. In the bathroom you could add shelves on the side of the wall cabinet to hold a few towels. You can get one machine that both washes & dries your clothes which would give you a lot of space for shelves above it. The lofts stairs could extend farther out to the back to make them as shelves. I don't use or own a microwave & I hang my clothes to dry.
@sha_na2902 Anos atrás
Beautiful home and layout 💗 I loved the way you walked us through your methodology and design of each room.
While I like these videos about tiny homes, I'd like to know more about the community and how that works. Do you rent your lot, or 'part ' own it? etc.
@drantonikachanel Anos atrás
I rent the lot space $700 a month. Roberts community sold us a dream but are far from living up to their word. They keep changing the rules. So far it's been more about the money than the community no matter how hard us owners try to live the dream. We have our hands tied. 🤷🏽‍♀️
@raybran7865 Anos atrás
@@drantonikachanel that's so sad to hear! What a bummer!
@gi822 Anos atrás
I feel like she could def create some more storage in those lofts with some cube storage
@drantonikachanel Anos atrás
I could but I don't want more stuff. I want less🤷🏽‍♀️ less is more.
@backbeatmtn8562 Anos atrás
@@drantonikachanel Throughout the video you say you would have added storage if it had been custom the stairs, in the wall by the TV, in the office loft...
@valeriacoffee2970 Anos atrás
One of the best tiny house showing ever, you answered every question that I need to know about just living in a smaller home,Thank You
@LiveFree123 Anos atrás
What a lovely lady. This tiny home is very nice and functional.
@christinehutchins123 11 meses atrás
She could definitely get more storage in her bedroom. They have things or you could easily make things to fit the space. Love the outdoor space.
@triciac.3792 Anos atrás
This has to be one of my favorite tiny homes 😍
@drantonikachanel Anos atrás
Awe so glad I inspire!
@BeeKay4444 Anos atrás
Love a lot of the attributes of this home. Anos atrás
You have a very beautiful home and a lovely cat. I was daydreaming watching this video. Perfect life!!!
@freedomdove Anos atrás
Biomats are awesome to an extent. I couldn't afford one so big, so I got the mini bio-belt. Just don't expect them to last forever. The plastic they use to show off the crystals eventually degrades and allows the stones to spill out.
@drantonikachanel Anos atrás
I agree my mini got trashed after all the travel. It kept me from getting sick while traveling 90% of my career.
@paulettemann500 Anos atrás
That’s the BEST tiny home floor plan I have ever seen.
@RuthMTuff Anos atrás
Such a beautiful and thoughtful home design. Love it!
I love your tiny house!! How much does it cost to live on the farm? I'm very interested in moving there!
@lorettaknelsen Anos atrás
Beautiful tiny house. Love the design. 😀
@johnperez29 Anos atrás
I absolutely love this tiny home..I want one.
Love this layout and porch.
@toniabrown819 Anos atrás
What a great outlook and lifestyle. Love it.
@drantonikachanel Anos atrás
Thank you. Hope this inspires you!
@0258325 Anos atrás
I love this Tiny home, I could live in this perfectly 🥰
@caroljackson4093 Anos atrás
Very beautiful home. Definitely my style. Her conversation flowed well, but goodness she’s a talker.
@linacabrera3172 Anos atrás
Beautiful tiny house !God bless you
@LaVern57 Anos atrás
Watch sooo many tiny homes and this is a beautiful one.
@majoyap3403 Anos atrás
The only suggestion is put tiny shelf on the corner for your books and other office materials to make the space uncluttered. It's such a great space and a little organization is the key to maximize it.
@Discerning_Viewer Anos atrás
Love the office chair. My physical therapist would plotz. He always said, "The human body was made to stand, squat or lie [down]."
I feel so inspired by you! Thank you for sharing your life and I love the sense of community and collaboration. Have a wonderful life ❤️
@denisebd1000 9 meses atrás
I like that there are 2 lofts plus the individual bedroom. I feel as though you have room to add some cute drawers in the other sleeping loft to help with storage.
It's gorgeous. I love the balcony
@glendahughes3386 Anos atrás
I would love to know the builder. This would definitely be perfect for me! I need the ground level bedroom and bath. The lofts would be great for guests.
@starfusher Anos atrás
Platinum Cottages is the builder.
@jenmurphy7777 Anos atrás
You can easily add small open shelves in the bathroom. In between your cabinet and the wall.
@kathrinekerns8398 Anos atrás
What a dream of a tiny house. 😍😍😍
@marywest2896 Anos atrás
you can buy lifts on amazon for your bed that will raise it several inches, to allow storage bins that roll under it, I have 3 inch risers, but you can get even higher ones.
@juliettedorsette7048 3 meses atrás
She has a beautiful calm spirit
@tertiasom1 Anos atrás
Great energy...great feeling..thank you. All the best on your journey
@myrtabrowne7805 Anos atrás
Very nice Tiny Home. I have been looking into living in a tiny home and this community intrigues me. Can you share the name of the community in Texas?
@ramblinjudy Anos atrás
You certainly have given the good and not so good ways to think about a purchase in van living. Thank you very much, you are a good speaker and enjoyable voice …
@abnveteran Anos atrás
This is the best layout, location and summation of the tiny house lifesyle EVER!
@rebeccahowie7234 Anos atrás
I love how you pray for your patients with your crystals!!! I love your energy and I really love your home!! It’s beautiful!! ❤️
This, more than any other tiny house video I’ve watched, convinces me that I would love a tiny house. The wrap-around porch is awesome. The C-shape kitchen is as big as any I’ve had with the exception of maybe one.
@saddiej2431 Anos atrás
ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL! Love how you take time to explain everything in detail, keep making others day possible and enjoy your beautiful home!
@elainelipscomb1476 3 meses atrás
Love this tiny house with slidouts.🎉
Fabulous home and lifestyle! Thanks for sharing!
@peggymurphy7917 Anos atrás
Thank you so much for the visit to your beautiful home. Your home is so inviting. ❤️
@traquilasmith831 Anos atrás
Fabulous home and space thanks for sharing enjoy yourself in your home.
@cheriep9831 Anos atrás
I really like the flow of the home.
@carltongirl95 Anos atrás
Beautiful space to live in lol your kitchen has more bench space than I have in my your bathroom actually I just love your house...thankyou for sharing 💜
@dorothydeese759 6 meses atrás
Lovely home. I specifically the outdoors.❤
@luckypenny4263 Anos atrás
I love love that kitchen ! Thats a game changer ! Its where its at for company entertaining. Everything else is just there to sleep/ restroom goals.
@trapbois4573 Anos atrás
The farm aspect is really solid it gets you outside the house and learn about how to grow and harvest crops while living in a home thats easy to maintain.
@freda2758 Anos atrás
Oh, wow! This is me, right here! I love it!
these under 400sqft park models r actually very good to live ♥️
@lancelavelle6311 Anos atrás
They make extension cords with a dimmer switch built into it, I personally use two, one on each side of my bed to dim my nite lites. Home Depot or Lowes has them.
@sugarcookiecube Anos atrás
Great job decorating. Very nice tiny house!
@kayanncee8291 Anos atrás
Really cute. I always love tiny homes with a downstairs bedroom. I would turn the bed in the loft 90 degrees and put a dresser or something where the railing is. That way it would serve as storage and also provide some privacy.
@hutoxipatel3610 6 meses atrás
Excellent built.All fearures of a luxrious home r there in this home specilly the outdoor sitting space.
@YouTuber-mf9wc Anos atrás
How much did it cost?
@bettyteh7745 Anos atrás
You have a very lovely home and the porch surrounding the house is incredible. The view is so awesome. If you do have some cabinets made you can have tons of storage and this is a big tiny house with 2 lofts and a bedroom. Annd what a lovely view so green and the vegetable beds. You are so fortunate.
@jenniferjones4249 Anos atrás
It doesn't look like a tiny looks luxurious
@scottwatschke4192 Anos atrás
I like your tiny house.
@jenocean824 Anos atrás
Your home is absolutely beautiful!
@yellowmama4735 Anos atrás
I like your tiny house. Yes, l agree it needs more storage space, wrap around porch is a bonus nice
@joditorkelson8649 Anos atrás
One of my favorite tiny homes so far. I love the 2 bedrooms
@anamalle8722 Anos atrás
I have in my house 24 inches oven and I can cook a turkey with out problem, I think everyone should go with that size like every one in Europe.
@kimswrld5321 Anos atrás
I love ❤️ your home it’s very cozy especially your office area great ideas you shared ty
@drantonikachanel Anos atrás
Awe!! Yes thank you. Years in the making. Dreams do come true!
@jenp5413 Anos atrás
it looks so much larger than 400 sq feet. really nice!
@slowbaker Anos atrás
Love your Amethyst bio mat.
@janetmoore2025 Anos atrás
Best tiny home tour ever. 😊
@teresadavis6909 11 meses atrás
Kitchen and bath and bedroom !! ❤️❤️
@TanyaRando 2 meses atrás
This could sleep 8 if it has to, and I feel there's a lot of missed opportunity for storage, e.g. The staircases. A rack over the kitchen, to hang lots and pans, growing plants, and even drying things, you let it down when you need to, then pull it back up when you're done. Lots of old farmhouse kitchens had them, and I feel it's a missed opportunity for many tiny homes. It's very open, which I love and could see myself there, it's only that Antoneika was saying about storage, so those were my ideas, even those heavy plastic outdoor storage mini sheds/garages, to put outdoor stuff away if you're going away of the weather is bad. Not criticisms because I love it as it is, just some suggestions for someone who has needs for more storage x
@debrabell2604 Anos atrás
Beautiful space, the wrap porch is great sounds like a nice community as well.
@DierdreKelleher Anos atrás
You don't need to replace any switches or wiring to use Phillips Hue bulbs and Alexa to dim your bulbs. They are available as spotlights.
@godsgrace5777 Anos atrás
I think this is my fav tiny house so far by far. Love it 🥰
Your home is beautiful and you've made the most of the space. I love it and I'm seriously considering using your video as a guide for my contractor. There is nothing I would change. Your design is perfect for me. I'm so glad I came across your video!
@deecanuck5514 Anos atrás
Lovely home!
@degraham9198 Anos atrás
Your house is an adventure, and entirely marvelous. It seems enormous on the inside.
@ChristalBowlby Anos atrás
I absolutely love this one! I love the community also. Do they sell or rent others on this farm? How do I get more info??
@straykittsco.950 Anos atrás
Her home fits more ppl than some roomy! If I could have a tiny home with this set up than I would definitely consider it.
@mowattlavern62 Anos atrás
Beautiful tiny house
@Elegantjewel71 Anos atrás
Absolutely Love it!
@markminton8974 9 meses atrás
WOW,, Beautiful Home and she is Lovely..
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