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Hey everyone and welcome back to 360 Horizons. This is 360 Gameplay of the Titanic VR Experience. If you'd like to see more, feel free to check out the full experience available on Steam etc. Remembering the Titanic sinking 110 years ago.
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- If you're watching on a computer or laptop, you can click and drag your mouse/finger to look around the video.
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22 Abr 2022



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Just imagine this, unlike these animations, in reality, the night sky was pitch black, so the Titanic’s lights were the only thing illuminating in the night, once they went out, pitch black, the only thing you would have heard is the screams of those left aboard the ship as she goes down, and hearing them go silent after a while. Truly terrifying to think about.
For those who don't know, the lady sitting next to you was a real person named Molly Brown who boarded the titanic and also left with the women when the Titanic sank. She was also the one who insisted to turn back and look for survivors. (The crew she was with ignored her I think?) Once they were safe on the Carpathia, she passed blankets and food to other passengers.
@jason66801 Dia atrás
This is without the doubt the most realistic version I've ever seen i actually felt like I was there
This was terrifingly awesome! Reading the titanic, the reality of it doesnt really hit you but yall giving us the experience really puts it all together.
An incredible experience, even if it must only be a fraction of the trauma those who were there experienced. Especially those in the lower class. Very educational
The whole time the daughter is just worried about her father and whether or not he’ll be alright while the mother tries to comfort her. Then when the ship’s lights go out and breaks in half, the daughter starts uncontrollably sobbing. Not long after that, reality starts to set in for the mother and she starts sobbing too. The whole thing is a tragedy, but I couldn’t help but think about all those families that were separated because of this. Truly sad.
Even in near death situations the camera man is always doing his job. Legend
Now this was cool! By far the most realistic experience! Crazy! Love the videos
This is awesome to watch this in 360°/VR handheld. But it’s sad to watch the ship sink and listen to the people
@rosieparker1526 Anos atrás
This is so good I am going to look at buying the full version. Thanks for showing this, it so gives an idea of what the full game offers.
Thanks for this I have been wondering how this would look on a vr headset. Awesome.
Muito bom!👏
Very neat but it would have been much more horrifying as it was a moonless night (unlike what was depicted here) and much darker in reality. Once the power went out, you would barely be able to see the ship breakup and founder.
Awesome experience! 😊
This was so heartbreaking for me to watch I feel so bad for everyone who had to experience this that tragic night 😢
@telekon2848 Anos atrás
This is simply amazing Mate. So sad. Thanks for the upload. I may take a look at the full version now.
I couldn’t imagine watching that ship sink knowing your loved one is on that ship
Que incrível!!!
One can imagine what the survivors felt then. It's a really emotional moment when you watch a sinking ship and the families dying there. I wouldn't wish that on anyone, it must have been a really horrible death 😰🥺😥
they should make this a Universal Studios ride. LIterally put you in a booth "life boat" with hydraulics to replicate the waves when the ship sinks, and blast that room with cold air.