360°, Angel Falls, Venezuela. Aerial 8K video

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We present you the full version of our 360° video of Angel Falls - the highest waterfall in the world. Up to this moment nobody was able to capture the Angel waterfall in 360° video format. AirPano proudly presents the world's first 360° video of the highest waterfall on the Earth. Also this is our first big project in ultra high 8K resolution...

Don't forget that this is 360° video: you can change the angle of view.

To watch the VR content in 8K you will need a very powerful computer, so most of you will keep on using 4K. Nevertheless, you may still enjoy the beauty of this remote place of our planet.

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Nowadays you need extraordinary computer power for watching 8K 360° videos. If you have troubles with watching such videos, choose 4K or HD quality in the settings of your BRvid player. We hope that BRvid will find a solution for optimization this videoformat to make it watchable for common users.

Also here is the answer for a frequently asked question about true resolution of an 8K 360° video. Unlike standard videos, in a 360° video you can see only a part of original image (approximately 30 degrees out of 360). As result, the real resolution of the part you can see isn't bigger than 1.3K.

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10 Abr 2017



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