30 Ways To Clutch In Minecraft

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One clutch can turn a horrible situation into a play that you’ll never forget. However not all clutches are equal, so we’re gonna start with the easiest ones and progress towards the craziest MLGs you’ve ever seen!

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Huge credit to: @NotVixios @EliteG @Dream @MLGLOL80 @Kenadian @koshkamatew @poglin

Fun fact: I suck at ladder clutching


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29 Jun 2022



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Comentários 429
Dadusak Mês atrás
If you want to win a free Minecraft account, follow me on twitter - One of you will get the new Java+Bedrock bundle
Gunnin Gamer
Gunnin Gamer 4 dias atrás
@MainObvi_ dont be poor
Rixeq 69
Rixeq 69 Mês atrás
What about for the water mkg you do it on a campfire
SalVaCad Mês atrás
Galaxy Lime
Galaxy Lime Mês atrás
No way!
You forgot the ice clutch
MLGLOL80 Mês atrás
Is that MLGLOL80 in the description? 🤯 Awesome videos! Love the editing style!
Ronish Rohan
Ronish Rohan Mês atrás
@Pondrickbyzle lmao
Pondrickbyzle Mês atrás
@Ronish Rohan yes lol bro thinks he's well known but he's not ._.
Ronish Rohan
Ronish Rohan Mês atrás
abusing checkmark and getting 1 like be like bruh
Pig Boi Chungus
Pig Boi Chungus 29 dias atrás
3:57 “you have too be a really good player to pull it off” Me: gets it first try
AdamDaPlayer Mês atrás
Fire vid!! Techno will always be in our hearts no matter what. RIP Techno we will miss you Fly High Alex!
Roy Blox
Roy Blox Mês atrás
true he will not be forget
Killori Mês atrás
I was once doing a manhunt against my two friends, and I was towering up. However, I realized I didn’t have enough wood for a boat, but i remembered that one of my friends left a chest with a water bucket in case the other needed to clutch with it. (The friend that put it in the chest had towered up a few blocks, then decided to just pearl to the other hunters tower.) The hunters jumped over to my platform, but I remembered the hunter telling the other about the chest with the bucket, so i jumped down, grabbed the bucket of of the chest midair, and clutched with it. I did end up losing the manhunt, but that moment was still awesome.
CorruptedGlitch Mês atrás
Just letting you know, if you hold spacebar while landing on a slime block you only go up 1 block.
Fabio Pezzera
Fabio Pezzera 4 dias atrás
i didnt know that
TVY Mês atrás
The boat clutch only works on java In bedrock u have to get off from the boat before u land
Dave St Pierre
Dave St Pierre Mês atrás
Truly good content unlike some other ytbers. But you shouldnt say things like "later in the video it will get crazy"
Paul Nicholson
Paul Nicholson Mês atrás
Now I feel like a cowboy after that cutch
Capitan No name
Capitan No name Mês atrás
we need time machine to bring techno back
Capitan No name
Capitan No name Mês atrás
i dont think its a joke so technoblade isnt dead Alex ssadly is but he didnt lost to cancer its a tie
ThatFrogBoi Mês atrás
ThatFrogBoi Mês atrás
No need,he never dies
Paul Nicholson
Paul Nicholson Mês atrás
I knew all of them even the floating block clutch
vToggled Mês atrás
The first 5 minutes of this video are clutches that I use extremely often for convenience.
Clips and Clutches
Clips and Clutches 6 dias atrás
@vToggled woah I think you took that a bit too personal. don't let them get to your head thats what they want
vToggled 7 dias atrás
@Mr. Acey You are a guy that makes fall guys and roblox content you really can't say much and then you try to act gangster in your bio
Mr. Acey
Mr. Acey Mês atrás
No you don’t
ConfinedBear58 Mês atrás
I’ve never mlged with a ladder but I’ve done on a stair and I’ve also done a flint and steel
PurpleRiceNoodle Mês atrás
Actually, if you shift on the slime clutch, you dont bounce, but still sont take fall damage. this might only be for 1.8, but it might not
Aayan Mohsin
Aayan Mohsin 10 dias atrás
Nope, this is in every version after as well
tom shuo
tom shuo Mês atrás
So cool and well edited
how do you know all of these clutches? I never knew until I start watching your videos!
Natha White
Natha White Mês atrás
My favorite clutch I've ever done is a bed clutch when I first did one I felt like a god although it has to be nighttime to bed clutch
Leva Filippov
Leva Filippov Mês atrás
When you regenerate health, you can't take damage right at that second
ELDRIX0240 Mês atrás
Tip: I use this every time I got to my smp so lose 3and a half hearts and eat a normal golden Apple and fall at the perfect damage that will drain 10hearts and it will say you died but your still alive Minecraft mechanics actually think that the extra hearts are not there but it saves you from the regeneration BED ROCK ONLY oh yeah and you can't even die and even feel the damage
tom shuo
tom shuo Mês atrás
Dadusak: hits a child Dadusak: IT WILL ONLY GET MORE CRAZY
Voidark Mês atrás
Number 19, the boat 2 right click is actually really easy to me. but like dreams crafting + doing that, ITS IMPOSSIBLE
Monke shorts
Monke shorts Mês atrás
Dadusak: *hits a child* Dadusak: IT WILL ONLY GET MORE CRAZY
Banana God
Banana God Mês atrás
So cool and well edited
sharp blade
sharp blade Mês atrás
There is also the ice mlg(place an ice and then break it with a gold pickaxe)
No have a achieved it yet and camman18 said they all had respawn immunity the people who did this mlg
Hadeus 6 dias atrás
dream did the boat clutch legitly on the uncut version of this manhunt you can see sapnap(or someone else idk) placing this crafting table
Ali Yalcin
Ali Yalcin Mês atrás
R.I.P Techno he will be remembered
Brysonboiyeet Mês atrás
“BUT JUST WAIT Till You See What’s Coming!” 🤣 never gets old
TheSeazGamer Mês atrás
The double one is called a double extension clutch
 ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎‎‎‎minecraft12
Imagine doing the boat craft clutch on bedrock. Now if you do that you're a REAL gamer.
Unknown Gaming
Unknown Gaming 25 dias atrás
Clutch no 69 in a few year: Did you know you can clutch using the dragon and the wither
One of One of the best things about dude is that he never disappoints us with his content and he never takes credit for himself hats off to this guy who is a good guy and he never takes credit for himself hats off to this guy who is a good guy and he never takes credit
MainObvi_ Mês atrás
"But Dadusak" never gets old 🤣
Donnie Freda
Donnie Freda Mês atrás
Paul Matthew Goite
Paul Matthew Goite Mês atrás
They say you can't clutch with lava now. but dadusak always finds a way
Aayan Mohsin
Aayan Mohsin 10 dias atrás
You can also do this if you place lava right above grass before hitting the ground
onei jike
onei jike Mês atrás
Number 19, the boat 2 right click is actually really easy to me. but like dreams crafting + doing that, ITS IMPOSSIBLE
Questionable 27 dias atrás
Number 15 also works with glow lichen
4qrs Mês atrás
We never got to see Technoblade in a manhunt ;( RIP you will be missed
The_Vortex Mês atrás
wooo lets go back with the amazing vids keep it up you deserve blowin up also you could do history of mc
12 Lemming
12 Lemming Mês atrás
I also did an MLG. I placed a water bucket item to the floor, and i fwlt down. When i got the water bucket i placed it perfectly.
Vistinct YT
Vistinct YT Mês atrás
"Technoblade Never Dies" wherever he is
Skye Monteiro
Skye Monteiro Mês atrás
“But Dadusak" never gets old 🤣
Maverick Joseph Agbayani
I can't wait to see the fungi clutch on the next manhunt.
Jaygamer Mês atrás
Yes he uploaded, the man the myth the legend, dadusag.. dadisak...daduse.. oh never mind. Great vid!
Dadusak Mês atrás
The TurTle Man
The TurTle Man Mês atrás
3:52 you can also put the water on glass which makes it harder and with tall grass its WAY HARDER
xEep Mês atrás
tall gras is easier and glas doesnt make it harder
TESO - Ambience
TESO - Ambience Mês atrás
2:24 no you can press the space bar you will not become fall damage or get bounced
Cassidy Eve Centeno
u need to send this to dream so he can memorize this and use ur 30 clutches from the manhunt lol
Agnella Tendai
Agnella Tendai Mês atrás
No to hissy or not vicious dream doesnt do menhunt any more
Robin de Vetten
Robin de Vetten Mês atrás
Love your vids man!
JoltedScrew 27 dias atrás
2:22 Not really true. I'm not sure if it's just in bedrock or also java, but if you hold down space when clicking the slime block you won't bounce or take fall damage.
Whynot690 Mês atrás
Dadusak: YOU HAVE A 0% CHANCE OF KNOWING THIS CLUTCH EliteG viewers be like
MrDreamStan Mês atrás
The 2 blocks in front of you clutch is actually called a double clutch
BaconKing989 🇺🇦
Techno deserves a clutch named after him
LandonYoutube Mês atrás
Those block place in front of you clutches are called block extensions
aliss liou
aliss liou Mês atrás
So cool and well edited
Martynas Martynas
Martynas Martynas Mês atrás
Its called block clutching when you do it with one block, with more its extentions
Gamer Young5
Gamer Young5 Mês atrás
I got the powdered snow bucket clutch in under 1 second.
tom shuo
tom shuo Mês atrás
Imagine doing the boat craft clutch on bedrock. Now if you do that you're a REAL gamer.
mortal gaming
mortal gaming Mês atrás
the hardest water bucket clutch is when you throw the wb and catch it to land on a stair block from build hight to bedrock
samter Mês atrás
30 Ways? More like "This video was more than okay" was great!
eroi bior
eroi bior Mês atrás
Imagine doing the boat craft clutch on bedrock. Now if you do that you're a REAL gamer.
Ibrahim Ijaz
Ibrahim Ijaz 24 dias atrás
U can bridge with sand on bedrock its easier to do while not jumping
Varshith Nayak
Varshith Nayak Mês atrás
can you make a custom cluching map like this one
Adam Maksimchuk
Adam Maksimchuk 13 dias atrás
5:51 "It’s much safer" Bedrock players when they try: :p
PCDuckling Mês atrás
You can also punch the iron golem to clutch
Dev_beau Mês atrás
The hardest clutch, When falling watch a technoblade video and your tears will stop fall damage
cri lag god
cri lag god 15 dias atrás
the second easiest mlg is basically:haybale,cobweb and powder snow(cuz u dont even have to time like just hold right click)
4:20 its actually called a block extension:)
Naythlamer _
Naythlamer _ Mês atrás
Twisted vine is my favorite in nether because is easy to grow for composter so I can make soups in a only nether survival but *clutch*
afsha roohi
afsha roohi Mês atrás
Is there any tutorial for the jump in front two block clutch
TheOnlyShiba Mês atrás
1:51 me looking at the levels
gamebrosyo 7 dias atrás
'The boat is the most useful item in minecraft' Boat is made from a crafting table man...
LandonYoutube Mês atrás
The block ladder clutch is called a bladder clutch
LiYojan King
LiYojan King Mês atrás
6:43 man that speed bridge was literally faster than usain Bolt
LiYojan King
LiYojan King Mês atrás
@JellyGamingHD ik
JellyGamingHD Mês atrás
it’s a block clutch
AGameBoi Mês atrás
4:18 its called a double clutch
Alim Henry
Alim Henry Mês atrás
The 2 block clucth is actually James block extensions
Vuk Jovicic
Vuk Jovicic Mês atrás
him:boats r the most useful item in game wood:u sure?
analt 8 dias atrás
So you can so some insane other clutches and personally i think this is the hardest: you fall and place down a pig but then you have to switch slots to place a saddle on the pig. You could even try that with a Baby pig however you must feed it before to grow to become an adult and idk if thats possible... (ofc both of These clutches are only possible with creative Mode or mods since you cant get a pig spawn egg normally) You could also combine that with the end Portal mlg but thats where the human Limit comes in and makes this mlg almost if not completely impossible
Explore Lucid Gaming
How about the cluch where u have have place eyes of ender into the portal frame then have to place a water bucket when u enter the end?
MasterMax Mês atrás
I ❤ your vids your a amazing routines
anthonys games and toys
Rip technoblade he was a fucking legend
David Hood
David Hood Mês atrás
If you set yourself on fire then jump from a high place, there is a chance that you take damage from the fire as you hit the ground, and only lose about half a heart instead of dying
alvin cuenza
alvin cuenza Mês atrás
Fun fact:if you haybale mlg in bedrock edition you will not take damage
Cookie 2 dias atrás
i did like 80 percent of these
KageTani (Ozayin)
KageTani (Ozayin) Mês atrás
i think the dream craft boat is totally legit and only had lag.
Reckyrayyan Mês atrás
R.I.P Techno.. You will be remembered
pineapple animates
pineapple animates Mês atrás
The 2 block clutch is just a block extend
HawkbatGames Mês atrás
@Dadusak you forgot the end portal mlg! You have to place the eye, enter the portal, switch to your water bucket, and place the water with precision timing!
BakonKiler27 Minecraft
BakonKiler27 Minecraft 26 dias atrás
@Kristin Porotsky there is a milisecond where you can switch to your water bucket and place it while the end is loading
Kristin Porotsky
Kristin Porotsky Mês atrás
but it will kill you in the end i tried it in my survival world
Motiejus Gricius
Motiejus Gricius Dia atrás
thanks a lot for bed wars clutch recommendations :)))
Shaff Sha
Shaff Sha 27 dias atrás
I can do most of these cluches (not braging)
Hollow Crafter
Hollow Crafter Mês atrás
Doing these clutches on mobile makes them 10x harder
Hattan Algarni
Hattan Algarni 26 dias atrás
I am very good at clutching once I threw a slime block did a three sixty caught the slime block midair and placed it did another three sixty took a totem from the chest and landed
The Gaming Pro
The Gaming Pro 13 horas atrás
I thought I was good for doing the 4’th one lol
CombustionStone Mês atrás
bedwarsers: too easy XD
董昊禹 Mês atrás
7:07 you can see dadusak wearing techno blades crown rip techno
Teun Vos
Teun Vos Mês atrás
number 19 bedrock players be like: you still take fall damage while riding a boat
xXDragonPierceXx Mês atrás
Ive done the end portal mlg
pufferfish Mês atrás
07:15 What version is he using Beacose i wanted to have my Leaves look like that😊
KageTani (Ozayin)
KageTani (Ozayin) Mês atrás
i mean block ladder clutch is pretty common
4:21 its the 2 blockextension
scrutchyck Ice
scrutchyck Ice 26 dias atrás
mlg 0 : the easiest one , is FAILING
MarloPlayzTSB / The Space Boy
I water clutched on a stair before.
Topper Games
Topper Games 4 dias atrás
What about the ice mlg?
Kura Balram
Kura Balram Mês atrás
7:34 manhunt is over but we got from georgie
Howl 19 dias atrás
My homie elite can do boat clutch!
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