30 Times Animals Messed With The Wrong Opponent ! 

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30 Times Animals Messed With The Wrong Opponent! Best wild animal fights caught on camera.
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Nature is a cruel place where animals constantly fight for their survival. Most times animals in the wild know exactly who they can win against in a fight and what kind of animal they should avoid at all cost. But some animals get a little too confident and mess with the wrong opponent! Watch this video till the end and you’ll be shocked!
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5 Mai 2022



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@spnlifestyle Anos atrás
Love animals
@Stewart5225 Anos atrás
I respect the hyenas' loyalty. 2 hyenas ran to help a solo hyena fight 20 wild dogs! That's a Powerful Bond.
@neilpickering3633 Anos atrás
The monkey messing with the Tigers and pulling their ears was hillarious
@robertdemon3550 Anos atrás
What a little prick.
@ajmedia559 Anos atrás
@cdismore3251 Anos atrás
Ok, it's time for a monkey slap!
@divankardayma263 Anos atrás
@锦衣夜行 0
@leeceyah Anos atrás
I absolutely LOVE seeing animals protect and defend eachother!
@FurFriendz 5 meses atrás
It’s awesome!
@Iseenothingo Anos atrás
The ducks messing with the tigers is just hilarious 😂😂😂
@timothyblount2908 Anos atrás
@rayvincyful1 Anos atrás
@iseehowitis9382 Anos atrás
They didn't know that they were messing with a grandmaster of ducking outta there
@robertdemon3550 Anos atrás
That duck was just having a laugh he could of flown away anytime the cheeky prick.
@SA77888 Anos atrás
They arent messing with the tigers. They have been thrown in there for humans entertainment, and have most likely had their wings clipped to stop them flying away.
@tonybarfridge4369 Anos atrás
Even when angered, the elephant had enough self control to stop and let the baby rhino move away
@abdaalzeb3703 11 meses atrás
Elephants are actually really smart, like second to dolphins in the animal kingdom I think
@avatarchanger2736 10 meses atrás
@@abdaalzeb3703 im pretty sure 3rd because chimps are first I think
@user-sh7mp6dg1x 26 dias atrás
Your positive perspective is a delight. Keep bringing that to the conversation!
@sylo3404 Anos atrás
The gorillas fighting and the lady screaming “ where’s the zookeepers” like they gunna jump in there and stop that 😂
@TheJoker-qr1rx Anos atrás
Ikr? She must think zoo keepers are Russians or something
@louisfkoorts5590 Anos atrás
Maybe the zookeepers got a tranquilizer dart, gun/blowpipe...? (I had no sound with this clip)
Freakin Karen's
@grimtheater125 Anos atrás
@Zeroxylon Anos atrás
plot twist: The zookeeper is a third gorilla
@Yuvraj-1066 Anos atrás
Now we can agree that hunting a duck is difficult even for the best predators.
@stefanosoccio716 Anos atrás
They're Just like flies
@AGoodHairDay Anos atrás
I thought you said something else when I first read this comment 😂
@leetka6629 Anos atrás
Yeah..thus video is satanic .
@leetka6629 Anos atrás
@@stefanosoccio716 But it's LIFE !!!
@rtflone Anos atrás
That duck was hilarious playing whack a mole with those cats. That goes beyond just survival the duck was having fun. Knowing your opponent's limits is the key..
@emmarandall8717 Anos atrás
Awesome to see how animals help their own and come running to the rescue literally amazing
@_VanillaGorilla 2 meses atrás
I love how all the animals stick up for each other in times of need.
@lostwisdom8876 Mês atrás
And humans are the only ones who do not... unfortunately
@okamokam6146 Mês atrás
@@lostwisdom8876that is absolutely untrue
@lostwisdom8876 Mês atrás
@@okamokam6146 yeah because many people will come to save you if you are being chased by someone late at night on the streets, they will most probably ignore you. Because many people know about their neighbour's domestic violence situation and still they choose not to get theirselves involved "who knows what kind of people these are". Because mostly the families in the US, won't care if their relative ends up homeless on the street, they will welcome them only for a few days, then they'll be back on the streets. Life is tough, and people don't really understand that... If they did, they would actually know that you cannot toughen up your sympathy, it's immoral and not sensible at the same time. The only time someone would really hear you out, would be if you were hated or if you were dead and gone. So what's the point? They end up even more degenerate in their heads
@isThreeman Mês atrás
@@lostwisdom8876 Be the change you want to see.
@lostwisdom8876 Mês atrás
@@isThreeman no bro, I won't be the change I want to see.. that's not the point . The change I want to see is far from what EVERYONE OF US MUST do. Unless you trying to convince yourself that, ok it's simple as that we will pretend for some time that we are humane, and magically the change will happen.That's not even the essence of changement. You don't see the results, you make them and you keep them to yourself it's not a sight for the eyes. If you are able to see and to view something in such cases it means that you will forget it in no time, which comes to the point of no work done at all. You can't boast of the wisdom in your eyes or your delicate "handshakes" with the good.
@dougsmalls5459 11 meses atrás
The best part about the ducks is that if they truly felt threatened they could've flown away at anytime
@davillenueve Anos atrás
"You don't mess with tigers" Ducks and cats: "i miss the part where that's my problem"
@ajaazelle Anos atrás
Those were the best parts 🤣
@ggdk2865 Anos atrás
And gibbons.
@Ambelica Anos atrás
They are trying to survive . They are “messing with them “
@dipakchettri6108 Anos atrás
@@ajaazelle .
2:18 The way he calmly looks at the dog and then tries to smother him. You know that isn’t the first time that kangaroos been in a street fight. He probably stabbed a homie or two in his day 😂
@johannespeep6511 Anos atrás
They drown coyotees all the time.
@MrYfrank14 Anos atrás
I saw another video where a kangaroo held a dog in a headlock. Probably would have strangled the dog, but the dog's owner showed up and punched the kangaroo in the face.
@Sir_Pringleson Anos atrás
@@johannespeep6511 nah more like dingoes
@greuju Anos atrás
@@MrYfrank14 yeah. That owner was a G but also almost died too lol. I would've probably did the same thing though.
We have wild (feral) dogs in Australia and native Dingoes , not coyotes
@maxgarvin6618 Anos atrás
I laughed hard at the monkey messing with the tigers 🐅 that was hilarious 😂
Lucky for the monkey, those were just cubs.. Hahaha
@nkqwithankq6311 Anos atrás
That monkey was a gibbon(one of greatest swingers in the world)There was another video where one gibbon trolled two tiger cubs in the wild
@lubbockdentrepair Anos atrás
I like how he says “messing with the tigers” nah that bitch was just tryna live
@jcyt0511 Anos atrás
@@lubbockdentrepair The bitch would have fukked up the tiger.
@stealthattack2209 Anos atrás
Don't forget that he had the nerve to sit down on the ground afterwards lol
@Bombzy4 11 meses atrás
Man hearing that kid laugh at the cat chasing off the bear puts a smile on ur face❤
@mrgreenbacks7 Anos atrás
The gibbon trolling the tigers was priceless 😂
2:30 - that kangaroo is genius. He backed off to lure the dog into the water. He essentially set a trap.
@sydneyjane777 Anos atrás
I agree, it's an intelligent strategy, considering kangaroos aren't super intelligent. They learned it because of dingos, and use this to escape them in the wild if water is nearby ^^.
@billbrown1166 11 meses atrás
Kangaroos are known to kill most of their victims in water including humans
@ajax3310 11 meses atrás
​@@billbrown1166 ? Lmao no kangaroo has ever drowned a human ya scrub.
@blameitondanny 11 meses atrás
It's a well known tactic. That's why you should never approached Kangaroo in a body of water. You might think the Kangaroo is drowning and bam! You will be on the news headline.
@v1bhu 11 meses atrás
@@ajax3310 Bruh kangaroos lure humans into waterbodies and then drown them
That goat knocking out the cow is hilarious 😂😂😂
@trejenkins4053 Anos atrás
dead ass!! unless it died but that shit had me rolling
@jameswright6886 Anos atrás
That was not a goat,it was a sheep ram,and it killed the cow.
@andrewreyes2659 Anos atrás
Yeah the cow ended up dying.
@blastofo Anos atrás
Cow would have died anyways to make hamburgers.
@jameswright6886 Anos atrás
@@blastofo that was a holstien,which is milk cow,it is no good for burgers.
@mikemutero2058 Anos atrás
OMG when the monkey pulled the tiger's ear, I've been laughing the whole time 😂😂😂
Those tigers were not fully grown. And the monkey was smart enough to know it.
@DarknesZone Anos atrás
They are little tigers.. not fully grown up...
@paigethomas6699 Anos atrás
Did you see the butt pinch! What a sense of humor 🤣
@williamwilson6499 Anos atrás
Not a monkey. It’s a Gibbon.
@zecuse Anos atrás
@@williamwilson6499 Gibbons are lesser apes (Hylobatidae) which are descendant from Catarrhine (Old World, down-nostril) monkeys. You can't outgrow your ancestry. All apes are monkeys for the same reason they're primates and mammals.
@motioninmind6015 Anos atrás
The predators have to go through these fighting ordeals for every single meal. That's a hard life.
@kasmot1978 Anos atrás
how bout the prey, the prey has a life harder than them, imagine getting eat by the predators in brutal and violent way.
@dustinherman3860 Anos atrás
Dud your insane lmao. They do life how it was meant to be done. Us humans on the other hand just in prison and fatten our food up until we are good and ready to eat. What you just seen isn't cruel. That's the food chain. What is humans do is what's cruel lmao
@JasonSmith-kh2qw Anos atrás
Brilliant compilation of great wildlife footage, all good b.t rye dog and electric eel gotta take the no1 position.
@thingfish000 Anos atrás
In nature there are no good guys or bad guys. An animal eats and gets eaten. It survives or it dies.
@motioninmind6015 Anos atrás
@@kasmot1978 but they basically walk around eating grass all day, that's an easy life. Getting eaten isn't that difficult either, tbh.
@kaijukid1443 11 meses atrás
The baboon clip was the literal definition of "You stepped into the wrong neighborhood"
@braco6757 Anos atrás
The survival instincts in that baby cat was awesome climbing the tree
That monkey pulling the tiger's ears was epic!
@krazykitty5750 Anos atrás
The ducks messing with the Tigers, peek a boo with water. Both showed just how smart and ingenious animals can get when they're preyed upon.
@giornikitop5373 Anos atrás
it was hillarious. but i noticed it was always muddy/dark waters. maybe on clear water that won't work.
@gee-wizz.5050 Anos atrás
That was my favourite too. ...
@asurasyn Anos atrás
@robertgonzalez510 Anos atrás
Unfortunately the people watching break the wings of the duck so it can’t fly away. The duck is fighting for its life for entertainment.
@412pittsburghguy8 Anos atrás
O my god, the tigers and the duck were hilarious 😂😂😂 I literally laughed out loud! He just kept popping up of the other side of the pond like a ninja 😂😂
@NanaR504 Anos atrás
The monkey pinching the tiger's ears was precious. That made me think of a friend of mine who loved to play tricks.
@SandrineCombs 26 dias atrás
I'm grateful for viewers like you who make this channel special. Thank you!
@jamarjones3623 Anos atrás
I love how the cat scares the bear and the kids just laughing
@melissafaye915 Anos atrás
That's because its all fun and games until your pet is snatched up in front of you, and there's literally nothing you can do about.
@leetka6629 Anos atrás
It's satanic and 😈
@thediaz07 Anos atrás
@@leetka6629 what.
@saturnnet1627 Anos atrás
The Kids laughter sounds so diabolical, I think we better keep a close eye on him
@hannahgettes5882 Anos atrás
The laugh sounded like a evil 😈😂
@asherweck Anos atrás
Everyone needs homies like those monkeys. They didn’t hesitate to save their bro
@dycerollem2613 Anos atrás
Loved when the monkeys saved their friend from the Crocodile!! Thats an admirable bond💞
@kanavkohli794 Anos atrás
it's funny how we humans think that all of that emotions is for humans to do, when animal kingdom regularly proves us wrong!
@jesusisgod9201 Anos atrás
Please turn your life to Jesus the rapture is about to take place any moment now bible says “no man comes to the farther but by me”we really don’t have a lot of time left so much bible prophecy has came to life it’s only a matter of time they is going to be hell on earth for 7 years if your left behind believe me you don’t want to be may God bless your soul and I hope you read this message with a open mind🙏❤️
@slhughes1267 Anos atrás
Erm...that was a croc. Africa doesn't have gators.
@Roc-Righteous Anos atrás
@@jesusisgod9201 My friend, you don't know if the rapture is about to take place. Paul was looking for it in his day, now it might happen anytime, but not because of prophesy as you see it. And give the gospel when you comment. How can people get saved, if you didn't even use scripture or share the gospel? 1 Cor 15:1-4 Eph 1:12-13 Romans 1:16..
@MrWesleychuck Anos atrás
yea then you look at humans and first thing we do is whip out a phone and record ..............
@Triwizard109 Anos atrás
Those tigers finding duck in water had me dying 😂😂
Gives new meaning to duck duck goose. 😆
@nightfalcon6006 Anos atrás
I got a whole new respect for ducks
@KevinCrandall-tv2xn 26 dias atrás
Your presence here adds so much value and warmth. Grateful for viewers like you!
@vibe2248 Anos atrás
That kangaroo stood up like he wanted all the smoke…😂
@sstaners1234 Anos atrás
The house cat chasing off the bear had me rolling. 🤣😂🤣
It's crazy how nature works 💪🏾
@crivera4587 Anos atrás
The question marks over the snake head after the Eel got away had me in tears 😭
@DOLAIncredibleMoments 3 meses atrás
It's not every day you come across a video of this caliber, but this one is truly remarkable.
@bosstrap8890 Anos atrás
I died when I heard the little kid laughing at his guard cat chasing that bear out the yard 😂😭😭
@susanaobeid6770 Anos atrás
That was really crazy man
@dereed5222 Anos atrás
The baboon’s jumping the alligator was hilarious.
@henrykatsande5662 Anos atrás
That kid's joy when the cat chased the bear is unmatched 😹
It's always funny...right up until the bear remembers it's a bear.
@jesusisgod9201 Anos atrás
Please turn your life to Jesus the rapture is about to take place any moment now bible says “no man comes to the farther but by me”we really don’t have a lot of time left so much bible prophecy has came to life it’s only a matter of time they is going to be hell on earth for 7 years if your left behind believe me you don’t want to be may God bless your soul and I hope you read this message with a open mind🙏❤️
@Itschimp157 Anos atrás
@@jesusisgod9201 it also says be carful of false prophets spreading there corrupt Verizon of the bible. it also says that no man not even Jesus knows the day what makes you think you do???
@jsixers2154 Anos atrás
@@Itschimp157 well Jesus is God and God knows
@Itschimp157 Anos atrás
@@jsixers2154 depends on your religious views
The duck hiding from the Tigers had me in 😂
@dragontrainer5897 Anos atrás
That duck definitely was saying “Bazinga” every time he popped out the water from them 3 tigers 😭😭
@necromonger666 Anos atrás
It's a Sheldon Duck.
@wannabewizard4019 Anos atrás
The cat chasing a bear will always be funny.
@princemafia5550 Anos atrás
The baboons are honestly the family of the year. I mean, humans have better chances against a gorilla, but we'd be too scare to go in without a gun. The babboons however says "screw it, that's jimmy in danger" and bombard the freaking giant lizard.
@awright119021 Anos atrás
There was a video on here about a grandma that jumped onto a crocodiles back to save her son, with nothing but her hands. She got hurt pretty bad until someone shot it.
@DaMatth Anos atrás
as my grandpa always said "nature started violence first".
@patton303 Anos atrás
“Where’s the zookeeper” lady has definitely asked to speak to a manager before.
She’s never seen natural animal instincts before
@patton303 Anos atrás
@@jesusisgod9201 There is clear evidence that the Bible, supposedly inspired by God, is massively imbued with the type of errors and hypocrisy we would expect from its uneducated Iron Age authors but would not expect from the creator of the universe. The only rapture we’ll ever know, happened 40 years ago and it was great song by Blondie. Thoughts and prayers.
Future | Mask Off all beez mix (Instrumental) 🎧♬♫♪🎶🎵 #allbeez #moreviews #moresubscribers #BoomBoom
@@patton303 there's reason to believe over 6 sentient species have resided in our milky way to this day and still do. Way above us. The Bible is only a misinterpreted translation of what was actually occurring. Since then, we've been ruled and held back from medicine, free energy and food for all. This is a slave planet and we are breaking free day by day. I fully grew as Lutheran then Baptist. There's more to mother Mary than was ever told in the stories . I truly believe Jesus was a human being inbued with the DNA of the others, giving us eternal life in the sense of being able to break free spiritually from our overseers. There are cave systems on Mars with natives that have been there since their own atmosphere blew out. Nothing that is happening can be seen on the surface
@momof3sonsatl Anos atrás
That's the Karen in her.
@thatsusguy7923 Anos atrás
That little boys laugh after his cat chased the bear🤣😂❤
@poetcomic1 Anos atrás
The monkey at 9:20 with the tiger was damned HEROIC. A real daredevil who likes to live dangerously.
@goddess-of-pain 7 meses atrás
I'm in love with the duck and the ape making fun of the tigers 😂❤
@rabbitdog8057 Anos atrás
Just because you're small doesn't mean you can't hurt someone
@RaysGamingChannel2003 9 meses atrás
@fivebooks8498 Anos atrás
When that monkey pulled the tiger’s ears I died laughing.
@shanechaddock9373 Anos atrás
I bet that monkey wouldn't do it to an adult Tiger... but then again!
@jdislayr Anos atrás
It's NOT a monkey it's a Gibbon
@Gooners13 Anos atrás
@@jdislayr a gibbon is a monkey you fool 🤣🤣🤣🤣
@altinbajrushi7558 Anos atrás
I like it 😂😂😂
@soulc967 Anos atrás
When you out annoy your bully until they cry and run from you
@CaptnCrunch247 Anos atrás
That second lion that got tossed by that bison was REALLY skinny! It's definitely been having a difficult time feeding itself. And now that it's hind leg is injured, it's not gonna get any easier. I get that it's nature, and only the strong survive, but I still hate to see it 😔
@kristimckeon6967 Anos atrás
Same for the hyenna who was so starved it just walked into a lion pack alone and that's the last ditch attempt it ever got to try
@notturner8528 Anos atrás
Ok so I can confirm 2:16 kangaroos are known for either kicking the wind out of you while gouging your eyes out or standing in waist high water to drown you. Idk where this started but the idea of fighting a kangaroo in the water only for it to push your head under water is frightening.
@fransthefox9682 Anos atrás
Plus their dagger-like claws on their feet can potentially disembovel you.
@carla3246 Anos atrás
Cute ❤
@timhayes3336 Anos atrás
Ive heard multiple stories of them killing wild dogs and dingoes doing this. Options are simple, get eaten or drown your attacker. I even heard one story that a roo will seek out water while being chased because it gives them the best defence.
@notturner8528 Anos atrás
@@carla3246 felt cute might drown a dog later idk
@billrosmus6734 Anos atrás
Sea otters do this too. They'll lure dogs out into the water then drown them for dinner if the owner doesn't get control of their dogs. Several years ago there was even a report on the new from Victoria British Columbia about some owner almost losing their dog this way. Sea otters are bigger than you think (up to 5 feet and 100 pounds), and pretty vicious creatures if you actually do more than learn about them from the cute wildlife images on TV.
@THUG89 Anos atrás
@rhexxgreymane4121 Anos atrás
I love how it seemed the elephant was intending more to shove and prove a point than actually cause damage. At least to me it seemed more like it was avoiding using tusks and just pushing the rhino down haha.
@spaghetti2777 Anos atrás
Seeing how there was a elephant with a hole in its stomach from a rival bull, it’s safe to say that the elephant was only chasing the rhino away.
Actually that's how elephants kill opponents, they crush them down with their foreheads. Read a story once about how a guy saved his life from an elephant attack by simply crouching down next to a wall. Elepgant couldn't get in close enough to use it's head.
@deanfox802 Anos atrás
Look they are having fights and all sorts they are schitzophrenic ..... This situation is unmanageable wheres the proper manager
@@deanfox802 huh?
@aarondaniel6630 Anos atrás
Sorry to mKe you sad but i watched the original video to this and the elephant runs the rhino down and breaks her back then turn on the rhinos cub and proceeds to do the same.
@user-qt1cc6qp7j 6 meses atrás
That goat knocking out the cow is hilarious . The ducks messing with the tigers is just hilarious .
@eastafrika728 Anos atrás
The Kangaroo is an assassin, fight with him and he drowns you, that's cold, literally, using water as a weapon. Tigers should give up duck hunting.
@mimosamimi4253 Anos atrás
@Roc-Righteous Anos atrás
Exactly, the Kang was like- bring it! Bring it!
nah if a kangroo does that to my dog we running fades
@WickedWoden Anos atrás
Kangaroos are notorious for drowning their prey. If you see a kangaroo chilling in a pool of water, leave that sucker be lol. They're a lot stronger than you'd think.
@Smacktalk007 Anos atrás
That duck just made the tigers look so clueless 😅
@leonelmessi3010 Anos atrás
that bear fighting a braindead bear to protect her kind was wholesome
@shanepageau8462 11 meses atrás
Thankyou so much for the story of spotty the baby hyena, it left me wanting more I didnt miss a second of the feature very enjoyable ty once again .
@freddie7553 Anos atrás
The lion lookin so happy as he knows he’s gonna be a hero and give the lionesses the food😂
@krbourne Anos atrás
It's nice to see the male animals protecting their families
@samen4411 Anos atrás
Seing the elephant stopping to let the rhino calf get out of the way, that shows some high intelligence and care for life.
@rtflone Anos atrás
That is the spirit of God @chihuahua in a cone claims not to believe in.. period.
@neilpickering3633 Anos atrás
@@rtflone yes i noticed that as well was lovely to see
@MrYfrank14 Anos atrás
He wasn't trying to kill them, just humiliate them.
@SumeragiChain Anos atrás
"Step aside little one, let me teach your mom not to be a bitch".
@J.J.J.J.J.J.J Anos atrás
Oh wow! Well spotted.
@JanetStarChild Anos atrás
That duck messing with the tigers is pretty much Daffy Duck doing his oldschool screwball schtick. I can almost hear that iconic Daffy laugh.
@zackhudson 9 meses atrás
Hello 👋 Janet. How are you doing? Hope you are fine, I'm Zack Hudson and am from Denver Colorado. You seem like a real country girl
Felt sorry for the starving lion who was injured by the buffalo. She was skin and bones and needed a meal to survive and I’m sure if there was any other meal walking around but that buffalo she would have gone after something else.
@chrome1018 Anos atrás
Thats nature for you
@melissafaye915 Anos atrás
Yep, she definitely died after that, if infection didn't get her, she starved to death. Mother nature is cruel and beautiful.
@slaythembeforeme Anos atrás
Nothing wrong with a lion losing.
@exitiumdominus Anos atrás
That other meal that was walking around would be you🙏
@liv8089 11 meses atrás
Ik I thought the same 🙁.
@edwilson9090 Mês atrás
And the duck hiding from the tigers was one of the best parts😂
@Michael-be9zy Anos atrás
The goat knocking out the bull was hilarious 😂
@Bl913 Anos atrás
That definitely killed the cow.
@Master...deBater Anos atrás
@@Bl913 I doubt it.
@sjsulews1 Anos atrás
@@Bl913even if it did, most cows go out in a way less cool and hilarious way! Worthy sacrifice and still probably delicious cow
@aryanjain7411 Mês atrás
Those wild dogs were so playing 😂❤
@Walooeegie Anos atrás
Love the vibe of this video... happy 90's nickelodeon sitcom theme song playing and he's like "This animal tried to mess this other animal just to be torn into several pieces scattered around the floor!"
@iam_destroyer Anos atrás
Sloth bear: *trying it’s best to run after tiger* Tiger: *casually walking like there’s no problem*
@user-sh7mp6dg1x 26 dias atrás
Your encouraging words are truly motivating. Thanks a million!
@user-sh7mp6dg1x 26 dias atrás
Your positive perspective is a great addition to this dialogue.
@MrSANJA Anos atrás
The monkey was trolling the tiger... That was so funny 😂😂
@fihr-actsofkindness 11 meses atrás
Thank you for reminding me of the power of kindness through your amazing video. I can't wait to share it with my friends and family.
@daryldaniels4400 Anos atrás
I loved the ducks messing with the tigers - "now you see me, now you don't sucker." Funny.
@andrewgates8158 Anos atrás
You misspelled it. Requires starting with an f not an s.
@Blazdragon34 Anos atrás
Ducks are water ninjas.
@blcpubgclan9620 Anos atrás
Lol that Monkey messing with the lions gave me the biggest longest laugh it never gets old I wanted to see more 🤣😂
@Master...deBater Anos atrás
@DeVito92 Anos atrás
@Michael-be9zy Anos atrás
The goat knocking out the cow was hilarious 😂
@Blackhawks87 Anos atrás
Goats don't mess around!!! My legs found that out the hard way lol. I think they both got knocked out in the video but the GOAT came back to reality much faster. I might be wrong. It was funny though lol. Such a large animal just being stopped in its tracks by a goat and then falling over knocked out lol.
@MrArohtaeko 5 meses atrás
It was a ram and the cow died. You can hear the skull crack
@bearbait2050 Anos atrás
Hooray for the dad bear. The cubs get to live. 😃😃
@LinzseyslilPad Anos atrás
Great video! I never knew a couple of these animals even met in the wild
@Askemanden Mês atrás
6:33 never in a million years would I have expected a Daequan soundbite in this video 💀💀💀
@morten.hekkvang Anos atrás
9:49 You can clearly see that the Elephant is being careful not to hurt the Rhino calf. Just showing the mother that "you don't mess with elephants"
@stars._.370 Anos atrás
The elephant is like, Go away calf it’s between me and your parent
@darrendyson8347 Anos atrás
@@stars._.370 That's exactly what went down
@davidvento5481 Anos atrás
Unlike the ram who totally murked the mother cow in front of it’s baby, now an orphan. RIP Daisy
@HkFinn83 Anos atrás
Disney movies aren’t real
@ccberrong9039 Anos atrás
@@darrendyson8347 yeah they going all the way down
@yashi_san Anos atrás
Is no one gonna talk about that duck messing up with the tigers? That's hilarious asf☠️😭
@user-ds2fj3tj9l Anos atrás
Ох уж этот животный мир . Ну канечно интересно.🤔🤗😘
My favourite was the monkey pulling the tigers' ears. 😂
@user_5843 2 meses atrás
Thats baby tiger bro 😹
@carltonposey9800 Anos atrás
I loved the ducks and tigers clips!
@NaWildAnimals Mês atrás
*I enjoy the part where the cat startles the bear, and the kids burst into laughter. 😄🐱*
@gyasimcclain4961 Anos atrás
The agile monkey slapping tigers in the head and pinching their ears was gold tbh 😅👐🏾
@cmybilly9237 Anos atrás
its an ape,a gibbon
@zecuse Anos atrás
@@cmybilly9237 Specifically, yes, but apes are a type of monkey. Apes derive from Catarrhine (Old World, down-nostril) monkeys.
@rabmann Anos atrás
100% with you on that one 😂 and the poor dog getting shocked was something
@cmybilly9237 Anos atrás
@@zecuse Calling apes a type of monkey is like calling mongeese a type of cat. The parvorder Catarrhini includes old world monkeys AND apes,old world monkeys don't include apes.
@zecuse Anos atrás
@@cmybilly9237 Catarrhini is sister to Platyrrhini. These 2 groups emerged some 40 million years ago. Hominoidea doesn't emerge until some 30 million years ago and it does so from a Catarrhine ancestor. To claim Hominoidea lies outside Catarrhini is to claim that their common ancestor is a Simian (or Anthropoid) that is sister to the common ancestor of both Catarrhini and Platyrrhini. There's no evidence of this, BUT there is strong genetic evidence placing Hominoidea within Catarrhini. If monkey is to be a consistent term, then you either can't call Platyrrhines monkeys or you have to accept that apes are a derived form of Catarrhine monkeys. Your cat vs mongoose example doesn't compare to this. "Cat" is synonymous to the Felidae clade while their common ancestor with mongooses is an Aeluroid which makes them twice removed cousins. To make your comparison work, it would have to be equivalent to calling lemurs monkeys because they're twice removed cousins of Simians. Mongooses are cat-like (NOT cat) Carnivorans because they're in the Feliformia branch (with cats). Similarly, tarsiers are monkey-like (NOT monkey) Primates because they're in the Haplorhini branch (with monkeys).
@brianpaschal5430 Anos atrás
I think 🤔 that my favorite was the rhinoceros and elephant confrontation, that was actually really great!👍
@umbrellacorp. Anos atrás
Awesome video. 😎 That duck is the best. 😂👍
@AndieZ4U2 Anos atrás
I like the groovy duck @ 6:40. The music is perfect. Cracked me up. 🤣 Needed a good laugh. Thanks.
@tubebammy Anos atrás
2 things. 1: That kangaroo trying to drown that dog was quite possibly the funniest thing I have seen all week. 2: Those monkey jumping that alligator were the epitome of the "fight back" meme
@allancouceiro9255 Anos atrás
Get some help.
@richtensail 11 meses atrás
roos drown dogs whn attacked sometimes, vey know hw to do it, cheers frm au
@ThunderPants13 Anos atrás
The duck taunting the tigers was awesome. "Youuuu caaaan't caaaatch meeee!!!!"
@shuster1921 Anos atrás
That monkey messing with the little tigers was too funny!!
@1984MTG Anos atrás
i liked them all but the duck messing with the tigers i think was the best, that little duck was adorable lol
@MustafaKulle Anos atrás
The goat had me clapping and cheering. Way to go, Goat!🤘🐐
@GabrielJB04 Anos atrás
6:05 I love how he’s just stood there like “u done yet?”
@ayushgupta_4 Anos atrás
The king showing who is the boss ❤️
@_moments_ Anos atrás
The humans' reactions shortly after 5:55 are so lovely!
@screwlessartur Anos atrás
Have you seen an animal starve to death? It's not pretty.
I love how the elephant wasnt trying to hurt the rhino and even went out of its way not to hurt the baby. Just humbled them 🤣
@douglasoneal5791 Anos atrás
@douglasoneal5791 Anos atrás
@nateaustin362 Anos atrás
Amazing animals. So smart. And apparently love to get drunk also.
@samuelkundael3503 Anos atrás
imagine running and tripping over your baby when trying to flee
@hemrajahir5652 Anos atrás
@knightwolf949 Anos atrás
The duck playing Marco Polo with the tigers was hilarious! 😂🤣
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