30 Animals That Asked People For Help & Kindness !

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Animals That Asked People For Help And Kindness! Best animal rescues caught on camera.
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Humans are often described as the virus of the planet, which constantly destroys nature and creates disastrous problems for its beautiful animals. So therefore we have a special duty to help them when they need us, especially when only humans are capable of helping. But the way these animals asked for help will break your heart…

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2 Jun 2022



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Comentários 9 628
Freda Childress
Freda Childress Mês atrás
This had me crying, but it was because I was very happy to know that there are still humans who really care about the animals, thank all of you for helping them.
Charlotte Daly
Charlotte Daly Dia atrás
Omg I was crying so much thank you 😊
Tj frm Tw
Tj frm Tw Dia atrás
This shit funny as the fukk dawgg
Jennifer Rogers
Jennifer Rogers 2 dias atrás
Gachakayla 2 dias atrás
Mr Chihuahua Boy
Mr Chihuahua Boy 2 dias atrás
@The Pachais that’s life nothing new
Lavish Lifestyle
Lavish Lifestyle 9 dias atrás
The sloth that reached for the man after he helped it to the tree was just too adorable
Abbe 'Tallica
Abbe 'Tallica 14 horas atrás
As if to say "you can come with me if you want" 😅
kuromikat-💗 Dia atrás
i’m gonna die it was so cute
LostSpaceGuy 2 dias atrás
It almost look like a he wanted to shake the man’s hand.
SSR 9 dias atrás
2:40 not sure how I feel about this one. The snake needs to eat too. You can’t just pick and choose what animals deserve to be saved. I’m happy to see many people in the comments agree with me. The snake worked hard for that meal. We should let nature be nature, even if it is a snake.
Mr. Basu
Mr. Basu Dia atrás
@PastaFour There is nothing wrong or right about it. We mustn't interfere in wildlife.
Towelknife Dia atrás
Glad to see someone share my opinion.That man may have saved a deer but starved a snake to death.
Stefanny Ang
Stefanny Ang Dia atrás
It's just the cycle of nature I guess
[ • Chocolate • ]
[ • Chocolate • ] 5 dias atrás
3:19 "HEY WTH THIS IS THE WRONG TREE!!" Ok but jokes aside this video is extremely heartwarming
WookieCookie 2014
WookieCookie 2014 8 dias atrás
This is such a wonderful video! I am so grateful for humans who do everything that they can to help any animal that may need their help. Hearing the cries of that puppy by the railroad tracks just tore a hole in my soul. For a puppy that young to have such earthshaking fear of a human, yet so very hungry as to have no choice but to get close... wow. Thank God for the person who took him/her to have a loving home and family. The rest of the clips on this video gave me hope for us; that maybe we are not all doomed. My faith is restored for some of humanity anyway. ~Peace!
WookieCookie 2014
WookieCookie 2014 3 dias atrás
@levy Alishayev Hmmm... In some places where I have lived there are ditches or canals that look similar to what that cat is standing in. They are called arroyos and they catch flood waters. Some places don't completely drain and will collect water puddles-- some puddles are deep, and some are shallow. Humans and animals always end up in them for one reason or another. In this clip it looked to me that the cat was sitting on a sandbar and had no wish to get in the water, plus the sides looked too steep for it to get out on it's own. What I find awesome is that it knew to climb in the box! That is one smart kitty-cat! Fortunately, there were kind and wonderful people to offer it help. ~Peace!
levy Alishayev
levy Alishayev 3 dias atrás
At 7:13 why was the cat on top of the water then when he tryed to get in the box he sunk Jesus cat?
Lucia Beatriz D. Panlilio
“we need more people like this” “We need to be these people”
Uzo Design
Uzo Design 7 horas atrás
Correction we need more women like these men. There fixed it for you.
•Cherry• Used to be Pineapple palmtree playz
@A. Nomin-Erdene ?
A smart guy Codename47
Let's fry some cows and fish 🍽
Mallory Gibbons
Mallory Gibbons 5 dias atrás
I know. I am one of these people. But more people need to be like this. There's so much cruelty n horror in this world n a certain number of people can only do so much.
Abdukader Alsaqqa
Abdukader Alsaqqa 6 dias atrás
@Bahara Gaming for real thats what I thought 🤣
Imaspecofdust 10 dias atrás
Ok at 2:57 where the snake is trying to kill the deer, humans shouldn't mess with nature doing it's business, the snake has to eat too, for all we know it's probably starving and now it's going to die because humans stepped in to save the deer. It's the circle of life.
Max Power
Max Power 2 dias atrás
@VVV These types of snakes have been reported eating young deer, even ones outweighing them. They just swallow them whole and digest them.
VVV 2 dias atrás
How the hell is a snake going to eat a deer? He'd just let the body rot
Sharon Anderson
Sharon Anderson 4 dias atrás
Susan Hammer
Susan Hammer 5 dias atrás
"Man's best friend" includes ALL animals & they are worth saving. Thank you for this heart warming; balling my eyes out video.
Todoroki 6 dias atrás
It warms my heart that ppl actually care about animals, and most animals are mammals and so are we so we have to do this it's not just saving life it's saving your species
Equestrian Love
Equestrian Love 4 dias atrás
I didn’t know I was going to be crying so hard today we need more kind hearted people like this ❤️
Roy Glass
Roy Glass Dia atrás
No, we need to BE like these people
Surendran Sabapathy
I would risk my life for a animal. Not many people will, only the ones who truly see animals as equals will.
WolfGirl 3 dias atrás
I will risk my life for animal
WolfGirl 3 dias atrás
Yeah I’m trying so hard and yes we do need kindhearted people because I am Kind hearted person because I love animals so much I will definitely help animals
Parys Quizzes
Parys Quizzes 10 dias atrás
it's great to know that there still some good humans around🙂
Mary Anne
Mary Anne 11 dias atrás
When I was about 8-9 years old, coming back from school, I found a bird lying on the ground at the gate. He was alive because he was acting normally but he wasn't trying to fly away. This surprised me, so I took him home. I looked after him for 3 days and I concluded that he had hit the gate too hard. Unfortunately, the wing injury was more serious and he had to be taken to the bird-handling site. The story ended happily, the bird recovered and just flew.
harrisas2 2 dias atrás
Save the animals
Mary Anne
Mary Anne 2 dias atrás
@Sayed Haider And very hard. This bird was a common swift so, I had to catch flies and other insects. Luckily it was late summer so it wasn't too bad catching them.
Sayed Haider
Sayed Haider 3 dias atrás
That was really sweet of u take take care of the bird 💗
Aesthetic_AmberRoblox 6 dias atrás
Aww ❤
The Xrs #Rooney
The Xrs #Rooney 6 dias atrás
This video almost made me go up in tears these animals had their lives on the line and these brave people saved them. We need way more people like this
YoyoString 5 dias atrás
We need the animals like they need us! It’s beautiful when you see this kind of stuff. It truly is! 😢
Rocío Miranda
Rocío Miranda Mês atrás
It's wonderful to see humans helping animals. Years ago, in the early 2000s, in my country, Costa Rica, a fisherman found a crocodile who had been shot in the head but was still alive. The compassionate and, in many people's opinion, foolish man, nursed the crocodile back to health and fed him until he was strong enough to fend for himself. Then the man took the animal back to the river and released him. The next day the crocodile was back at his house, waiting for him on the porch. The man named him Pocho and they were friends for many years. The story made headlines. You can even see videos of the two playing in the river. Pocho died in 2011 and the town gave him a real funeral. It was a miraculous friendship. A priviliged man.
Cxrpsie 8 dias atrás
@jess LOL THANK YOU. I was like so why tf bother commenting🤧
WookieCookie 2014
WookieCookie 2014 9 dias atrás
@Kings Samuel Abimbola You are certainly not wrong. The emotion of fear is also absolutely the driving force of many (most?) other wild animals' encounters with humans as well. Still, what is beautiful about some humans is that they can override those instincts and replace it with compassion-- then experience and achieve wonderful things in those rescues. What is tragic about some humans is that they can be the true beasts in nature-- cruel and destructive. I often find myself rooting for the non-human animal in a lot of cases simply because of the sins a person(s) are usually committing against an animal and/or nature. ~Peace!
WookieCookie 2014
WookieCookie 2014 9 dias atrás
@DMD_Curse Huh? What did I miss? Was there another comment from @Jess Hall? ~Peace!
Twincesses Zeigler
Twincesses Zeigler 9 dias atrás
I would let the crocodile die but,ok.
Kings Samuel Abimbola
Kings Samuel Abimbola 14 dias atrás
@steph porter It's not an issue of compassion my friend. It's fear. Humans literally fear these animals. Imagine an average man seeing a crocodile, he instantly feels his existence is immediately threatened. This will propel him to act in haste to hurt the animal with the "Kill or be killed instinct"
jovie 7 dias atrás
this actually made me sob. it breaks my heart to see how many animals suffer. ive always been a huge animal lover, i spend all day every day working to make sure my pets are safe and healthy and happy. and it always ruins me to see an animal in danger. im so happy to see so many people help these poor creatures in their time of need, and i know that if i am ever in a situation like this, ill help too.
David Corgard
David Corgard 13 dias atrás
One of the highlights of my life was when I saved 13 ducklings that fell down a sewer grate a block away from my apartment - we only knew this because the mother was out in the middle of the road trying to get anybody's attention, at the risk of her own life. We called the city for help but they said 'It'll take care of itself". So, I put on swimming trunks, took off the grate and went down to save 12 ducklings, and gave them to the mother... and the last one had travelled up a pipe about 2-300 feet long, but only about 2 feet wide. Knowing I'd only get stuck in there, I went back up, ran down to another grate to take it off, and dove in. The duckling, by that time, had gone down ANOTHER pipe, and it was afraid so when it saw me it would ran farther away. Then, I went up the ladder a little and it came back out just far enough where I could snatch it up. I went over to the pond where the other ducklings & mother were, and gave her the last chick. What's infuriating about this is not only the city's initial response, but the next morning they opened all the fire hydrants and flooded the sewers.
Rafa Messi
Rafa Messi Dia atrás
And that's how a legend was born
the three noob gamers
YOU KILLED ONE my life was when I saved 13 ducklings that went down to save 12 ducklings
Juliankha 5 dias atrás
You are a hero.
Jesus christ
Jesus christ 6 dias atrás
An angel
Cxrpsie 8 dias atrás
I'm glad you were there. Those people are absolutely disgusting.
Anna-May 11 dias atrás
Love how they rescue all animals even if it might be dangerous ❤️💝
Strav 6 dias atrás
@kinslee glenn doesnt work that way im afraid
kinslee glenn
kinslee glenn 9 dias atrás
tbh i would've adopted them all idc how dangerous they r
Olia Krist
Olia Krist 3 dias atrás
Seeing this makes me grateful for the pple who help animals as opposed to the ones who exploit them. My favorite was definitely the gorgeous!
Luckasourous Mês atrás
It’s great to know that there are more than self-absorbed people who wouldn’t know if there was an animal in danger. Almost cried watching this. Give a round of applause to the people who saved these creatures ♥️
Luckasourous 17 dias atrás
Thanks for so many likes :)
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Nancy Trahan
Nancy Trahan Mês atrás
God bless these people the elephant one was heart touching
Shadow Ninja2010
Shadow Ninja2010 Mês atrás
@Sharlene Seaborne And btw, Why Else Do You Think proffesionals Like the People Who Work in Animal planet like Shows, Don't interfere When a predator hunts Prey ! Think About It As You have Finally Got Your Favourite Food after days of hardwork, only For some people To Snatch it Away
Shadow Ninja2010
Shadow Ninja2010 Mês atrás
@Sharlene Seaborne How Can You Know he Got A Different Prey later! Pythons can barely Run faster Then a kid at Full Speed, And Deers Are know To be very Agile and fast ! You Know Nature has To keep it's Balance!
O Dia atrás
I love how they say thank you!, The sloth... the elephant reaching out... my cat actually does that with his paw when you feed him, or anything... many animals are just so polite!
Napoleon Christian Diaz
Tears drops running to eyes as I see this video. Thank you for saving a animals life.
Petra 6 dias atrás
I'm literally crying right now! We need more people to be like this. Thank all of those kind humans for there kindness!💖😭
MGX CORP 7 dias atrás
So wholesome, im glad to know theres people helping the animals in need.
LostBoy_wasHere Mês atrás
As the dominant species on Earth, it should be our responsibility to look after the animals that live here. It's nice to know that there are still some people willing to take time out of their day to help an animal in need. Not a lot of people would..
Ceasar Saran
Ceasar Saran 22 dias atrás
@Wooyadeen I agree with you.
Wooyadeen 22 dias atrás
You wouldnt believe me but there is more good people then bad. Some are just not in situation to help or dont even realize.
Ceasar Saran
Ceasar Saran 26 dias atrás
Because usually the best thing we can do for animals is to be somewhere else.
crystal fortune
crystal fortune 10 dias atrás
It's hard to pin point a favorite but if I had to pick one, it would be the sloth who reached out to the man after he saved him from the road. Also, the elephant family at the end extending their gratitude to the people who saved their baby. Animals can speak, we just need to learn to listen to them.
DougTheCaique 3 dias atrás
dude i just put on sunscreen now I need to re-aply. This got me crying so hard. 2:20 Really got me the most because the monkey is so much like us, we evovled from them and the kindness that man showed was immaculate.
Lmfo 4 dias atrás
Thanks everyone for helping and saving all those animals 💞
Natalie Jasso
Natalie Jasso 5 dias atrás
I love the last one, it’s so crazy to see an elephant wave thank you. Incredible
lisa dolan
lisa dolan 12 dias atrás
I can't say I had a favorite..I LOVED THEM ALL. I wish people had the same care and compassion for each other as these people do for these animals ❤️
Darsh_07 10 dias atrás
Specially the last one, that elder elephant the way it thanked them by waving its trunk❤️✨
troy mccoy
troy mccoy 14 dias atrás
Every last one of them warmed my heart ❤️
BillStar 3 dias atrás
2:50 yes, you’ve saved the deer. Well done. You’ve also deprived a snake of an important meal. Why do we save one, but hurt the other?
Laurie-Ann Shulman
Laurie-Ann Shulman Mês atrás
I was crying so hard. I was extremely moved by the large amount of kindess, that is often, unfortunately, missing from people. Each one moved me. I wish that everyone could watch this and become more understanding of the love an animal can express to us and how they can also say thank you to kind people without words. Thank each one of you for allowing another helpless life to continue. What gifts you gave willingly, without cost, except for your kindness, time, and by not turning away and ignoring a suffering soul. You make the world a better place. Thank you for sharing.
Diana Flame
Diana Flame 21 dia atrás
I think all the time it looks like are no left good kind people ... fells like us suround killers, rapers, pedofiles and crule criminals that dont care what cost will make them selfs happy.. Im so glad tht is there in world persons who helps to those who needs it animals, kids, other humans .. Just simple act of kindnes makes world better place to live and keeps hope for ower childresn..\
42442LOVE 23 dias atrás
Thank you for your comment, I totally agree with you!!!!
Phoenix Feathers
Phoenix Feathers 25 dias atrás
We found a baby bird in our drive way and tried to help it. But the next day it died, we buried it and named it Spirit
Main Furr
Main Furr 27 dias atrás
Moved you where?
puppy plays!
puppy plays! 28 dias atrás
Same whenever I see any animal hurt I start crying
Trish Loiacono
Trish Loiacono 2 dias atrás
These make my heart cry with happiness! We still know how to work together and save a life! 🙏🏻
Django Django
Django Django 2 dias atrás
It made me almost cry and every clip was my favorite I'm just happy that the animals were able to be free and live a happy life
2XB EARTH 7 dias atrás
That last elephant 🐘 rescue was near to my home.. and I'm proud to be a part of that hourse of our struggle to rescued that beautiful creature of almighty ❤️
LUCIFER父BEAST 3 dias atrás
The elephant in the ending is very heart warming it gives me goosebumps ❤️
Cosmo 27 dias atrás
I remember the last scene with the baby elephant in a separate vid. I thought it was amazing how the adult ones actually waved back to the rescuers as if thanking them. But actually ALL the people who helped the animals were amazing.
Matthew Farrell
Matthew Farrell 18 dias atrás
Led me to think
Cosmo 21 dia atrás
@Sandra Rajan Oh, ok thanks. I've shared this with many others and it was unbelievable to them as well.
Sandra Rajan
Sandra Rajan 22 dias atrás
@Cosmo This incident happened in kerala (india). She is saying that she is from there
Cosmo 25 dias atrás
@D L VLOG I'm not sure what you mean. Are you saying this is where you live?
D L VLOG 25 dias atrás
My place
Richmond Kharkongor
Richmond Kharkongor 3 dias atrás
"Elephants saluting in their own way" made me cry ♥️
019_ K.Pranav_HBA
019_ K.Pranav_HBA 6 dias atrás
The Elephant rescue looks way more cool than anything else on this list ❤️ and the way they thanked had my heart melting 😩💓💓
Taggart Dia atrás
Omg this is so beautiful, I cried. Me loving all animals, this, just warmed my heart ♥️
☝️☝️Wow I have something for you🎁........
Save America
Save America 7 dias atrás
Thank you for restoring my faith in Human kindness.
NiceView Mês atrás
Oh my God… that sloth, extending his hand to say, “Thankyou kind Sir” … these beautiful creatures have so much gratitude. And the Elephants. I cried. Remarkable compilation. Just awesome
GrowingUpToBeACatLady 5 dias atrás
@Lickette Frick is this a troll channel or a bot?
Mr. Nice
Mr. Nice Mês atrás
@GrowingUpToBeACatLady ;-)
FazeFire9666 Mês atrás
I held back the tears on the monkey and sloth cause they are my favorite animals
Tim_NJ_Devil Mês atrás
"Hey human, thank you! Give me 3 buddy!" 6 dias atrás
Had me crying on this one 13:45
Vishal p
Vishal p 12 dias atrás
that man saving the monkey was simply unmatchable
BIRDY 3 dias atrás
The sloth made my heart, he reached his arms out!
Aaron Ultima
Aaron Ultima Dia atrás
I'm so happy to see so many people help animals even at cost of there own live. I stated to cry to see people help the wolf warms my heart.
Beneficivl Mês atrás
I cried. It is good to know we still have good people in this cruel world.
Anh Quỳnh
Anh Quỳnh 5 dias atrás
@GrowingUpToBeACatLady i mean it still summer atleast for me
GrowingUpToBeACatLady 5 dias atrás
Anh Quỳnh
Anh Quỳnh 5 dias atrás
@GrowingUpToBeACatLady also what make you think god doesnt want the deer to not fear death? How do you even know god wants the snake to not fear death in the first place?
Anh Quỳnh
Anh Quỳnh 5 dias atrás
@GrowingUpToBeACatLady USA attacked my country before and i dont hate them because i know well everyone are different so you hating the snake for biting your friend is a little bit not okay i mean hating that specific snake is ok but every snake then no, also are you sure your friend didnt anger it in anyway? Because snakes dont usually attack human randomly and if your friend made the snake angry, you cant blame the snake
Titan Tanic
Titan Tanic 8 horas atrás
I loved how you showed the shark one, sharks are usually seen as monsters but truly are creatures that have to be preserved for as long we can as their population is depleting rapidly, those lifeguards knew what they were doing and knew how every shark counts
Sean Michael Mctigue
Sean Michael Mctigue 10 dias atrás
Each and every one of you deserve a medal from the bottom of my heart thank you all for your kindness
Cxrpsie 8 dias atrás
The sloth and squirrel really had me. The Elephant video was almost magical.
Emerson Santos
Emerson Santos Dia atrás
This is so heartwarming this cleared off my mind from the negativity
Midnight TheUmbreon
The elephants were so heartwarming. Their toots and trunks waving at the rescuers as if to say “thank you for saving our family member” was beautiful
Cosmo 27 dias atrás
@Spicy Irwin You if we could throw dirt on each other with our trunks?.....j/k
Cosmo 27 dias atrás
I get what you mean when I 1st seen this video by it's self, I shared it with others. They were in disbelief as I was at first.
Martin Linhart
Martin Linhart Mês atrás
Not only they say thank you, they even know that u know. U can see after that cheer, the elephant knows that people recognized its thanks :)
Hashir v.a
Hashir v.a Mês atrás
Proud to be a mallu ❤️
Spicy Irwin
Spicy Irwin Mês atrás
Wish humans love like elephants do!💞
edhzkie po
edhzkie po 13 dias atrás
am i only one got teary eyes here 🥺 i'm so amazed to all people who can give help to wild animals 😭😭😭 salute !!! Hit 👍 if you get teary eyes too
Sharon Anderson
Sharon Anderson 4 dias atrás
Nope. My eyes leaked through most of that video.
Master sam
Master sam 11 dias atrás
This was literally so heartwarming 😭😭😭🥺🥺🥺♥️
aseel damrawi
aseel damrawi 3 dias atrás
did any one else cry their eyes out or is it just me?🥺❤
Vaneflower flowerpott
god blesses them for saving animals!
Kaitlan Christine
Kaitlan Christine Mês atrás
The sloth turning around & holding his hand out to thank the man was the cutest thing ever.
name 🇺🇦
name 🇺🇦 12 dias atrás
@Steve vostyno its a crocodile are you blind? Or just trolling
Steve vosty
Steve vosty 13 dias atrás
That's a panda
Bob Jerry
Bob Jerry 18 dias atrás
@Siren head and Shoebill ok Trevor Henderson nerd
panzer1tank 19 dias atrás
@Anush Bhandary 😆😆
Makayla Lockhart<3🦋
Makayla Lockhart<3🦋 19 dias atrás
Ikr 😭🥺
X Valid X Witchcraft X
This makes me so happy, my dog just got in a car accident and didn’t make it so I decided to help every animal I see, and me and my mom find dogs outside a lot and find there house, i wish everyone was like these people!
Madison 5 dias atrás
Diane Tandy
Diane Tandy 12 dias atrás
Couldn’t choose one from them all. Absolutely amazing
Jacob Parrekar
Jacob Parrekar Dia atrás
About 4 or 5 years back in my teenage years, me and about 7 of my close friends went exploring into a maybe 5-7 year old abandoned apartment building. It was about 10 stories high and the construction was halted over some legal issues i believe. The place was claimed to be "Haunted" and was said the longer you progress up the stairs, the scarier it gets. Moving up the 5th floor we noticed a lot of dead pigeons and we weren't sure whether to be scared or help them. Im talking over 100 pigeons in a single floor and flat. They all however seemed really torn apart and diseased. A lot of them had red and almost scary looking eyes most likely from some kind of dust infection. I figured they got in somehow to escape the heat and had no idea how to get back out. I live in Kuwait in the Middle east, where the temperature may go over 50c at peak summer so we all would normally carry 1.5L of bottled water. We decided to pour out some water for them and they all gushed into the bowls. Once they somewhat had a bit more energy to move we opened up the windows for them to get some fresh air and one by one they fled out. We walked out to the roof of the 10 story building and stared down at each bird flying out one by one. It was a good feeling to say the least :D and not to mention, we rescued a little abandoned puppy as well and adopted lil bro the same day, His name is Boxer
Anto Guzmán
Anto Guzmán 27 dias atrás
I feel so calm knowing that there is still kindness and love in this world 💖
Random Account
Random Account 14 dias atrás
@yousef Nuh Uh
yousef 16 dias atrás
weird comment xD as if you were surprised that humans should be cruel and not kind to animals
S A 10 dias atrás
I nearly cried it was so nice of all of those people to do those things😊🤗😀😄
Better Aspect
Better Aspect 8 dias atrás
I’m literally crying because this is so nice and loving.
claudia bauer
claudia bauer 6 dias atrás
I was crying all the time the People make me realy happy 🥺❤️✨
Harper Gilbert
Harper Gilbert 6 dias atrás
I love how some people in the world actually care about these poor animals that need help😁
ALMAN ASIF 3 dias atrás
"Saving 30 animals wont change the world, But it will change the world for the 30 animals that were saved"
Boxer babes Dolly & Harper
ugh, my heart!!! Animals are so amazing, and yes, some humans too ;) My fav was the elephant reunion and thank you!
William Worley
William Worley 4 dias atrás
Watching these videos while petting my dog who got from the shelter! The first time I met her she peed on the floor and that's all it took to be mine!
Najibur Rahman
Najibur Rahman 18 horas atrás
The sloth that reached for the man after he helped it to the tree was just too adorable
Kitty meow
Kitty meow 23 dias atrás
*"The kindness you put in this world always has a way of coming back to you."*
DougTheCaique 3 dias atrás
XoXoSienna●ᴥ● 7 dias atrás
@Joe Mama ikr
Joe Mama
Joe Mama 8 dias atrás
dhar mann
Kascio GG
Kascio GG 8 dias atrás
@A B so you can speak for my life despite not knowing a thing about me? No. You claim to know every person on the planet and their personal kindness received:given ratio? No you do not.
A B 9 dias atrás
@Kascio GG it's not mostly its definitely
Aimee Brennan
Aimee Brennan 7 dias atrás
Wow there are amazing people out there 👏 this video didn't have me crying but it did have me sad that animals were suffering but then when I saw people coming to rescue them then I was so heartwarmed
Charlotte Whitlock
Charlotte Whitlock 5 dias atrás
All of them were my favorite. Thank you to all these wonderful people.
🌸Care_bear🌸 8 dias atrás
The cutest part was at the end when the turtle was like “high fives everyone”💗
Erika4ever 11 dias atrás
I now realized how Heartless I was thank you for changing my kind of soul
Gayle Lampi
Gayle Lampi Mês atrás
When people go out of their way to help animals in trouble, sometimes putting themselves in great danger, I am filled with happiness. These people are angels!
Kwadwo Amo Sika
Kwadwo Amo Sika 9 dias atrás
sometimes you help human but refuse to say thank you and appreciate your effort but pay you back with evil. I almost cried to see animals saying thank you to their rescuers and its so heart warming to learn that even animals appreciate kindness from humans
That puppy is so cute and so adorable that voice makes me almost cry😭💚
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