3 Creamy Popsicles - You Suck at Cooking (episode 90)

You Suck At Cooking
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Hey check out my book why don’t you:
Oh popsicles, how fun.
A can of coconut milk
A can of pineapple chunks with just the pineapple chunks
3 tablespoons of honey
A pinch of salt
A handful of shredded coconut
Blend, pour, freeze, eat, in that order, or just chug it before you freeze it.
A can of coconut milk
A cup of blueberries
3 tablespoons of raspberry jam
A squeeze of lemon
A pinch of salt
Blah blah blah you know what to do.
A can of coconut milk
6 tablespoons cocoa powder
4 tablespoons maple syrup
1 teaspoon of vanilla extract
A pinch of salt
And then do the things

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11 Jun 2019

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You Suck At Cooking
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J̶u̷s̷t̷i̶n̸. ŷ̵̹͌
Are u saying real facts or fake facts and misleading ur subbers
ACE Optic
ACE Optic 23 dias atrás
Congratulations you got 69k likes
Lucas Pires
Lucas Pires 27 dias atrás
I'm just out here waiting for the face reveal
Apple Song
Apple Song 29 dias atrás
Pls make fudge
daverizz Mês atrás
Totally unrelated to this video... but everytime I watch a Binging with Babish, and he goes to grind some pepper on something, I'm waiting for him to say "Pepper, pepper, pepper..." You have taken over and possessed the small food-watching part of me brain!
Pri Barros
Pri Barros Hora atrás
Random Taco
Random Taco 12 horas atrás
It physically hurts me to see Ysac eating a popsicle with a fork and knife
Honor Tyson
Honor Tyson Dia atrás
He cats are fighting with popsicles
Candace Graue
Candace Graue Dia atrás
Great recipe, adorable cats! Loving these endings lately
Angel Smith
Angel Smith Dia atrás
What if you're allergic to coconut
Sam 123321
Sam 123321 2 dias atrás
I heard robot hands and thought pimblokto was back.
manson gang
manson gang 2 dias atrás
The_AnimeBun 2 dias atrás
Your book comes out on my birthday, I know what I'm getting myself wtf
Khetha Mlaba
Khetha Mlaba 2 dias atrás
Congratulations on the book
Alex Flynn
Alex Flynn 2 dias atrás
Any milk that isnt liquid makes me gag
GreenOnscreen 3 dias atrás
“It’s raspberry jam, you dumbf*cks” -You Suck At Cooking 2019
Chris's Commentary
Chris's Commentary 3 dias atrás
Why did almost every person here miss the masturbation joke
weirdwacky girl
weirdwacky girl 3 dias atrás
Those kittens are everything 😍😍 😍😘 😘😍😍 😍 so are you. 😘😘 Kisses for you 😘😘😘 😂😂😂
LOL GAL 3 dias atrás
I’m dirty mined
Poxyclypse 3 dias atrás
That reminds me of Boosh songs
Lerm 4 dias atrás
Tiny wisk? Babish? Is that you?
Caleb Chaney
Caleb Chaney 5 dias atrás
I was enjoying the video until I saw how you eat popsicles F*** you!
Skinny Vlogz
Skinny Vlogz 6 dias atrás
How tf do he get a toilet paper tube on a weight
Danae Southern
Danae Southern 6 dias atrás
Omg you saved my relationship 😂
Collette Hannah
Collette Hannah 6 dias atrás
Omg. The kittens. So super cute.
Rem 6 dias atrás
This is the cooking channel I've always needed
light green
light green 6 dias atrás
Keep up the good work 👍
Seaside 7 dias atrás
Wait did anyone see how he opened that can of coconut milk...
Dunno 7 dias atrás
This guy is literally Mordecai and Rigby's personalities put into a BRvid cooking channel.
Jaime Reynolds
Jaime Reynolds 7 dias atrás
Congratulations on your book! 😃
Julian Zhang
Julian Zhang 7 dias atrás
2:18 he considers picking up the can but then is like eh
Fred The skrub
Fred The skrub 7 dias atrás
Love the end credits kitty rap
Doris Hruska
Doris Hruska 8 dias atrás
Jason Aelixeon
Jason Aelixeon 8 dias atrás
Where did you get those popsicle molds?
Hamilton and JJBA ate my soul
the kittys cute
Goni Kassif
Goni Kassif 8 dias atrás
I mean, yeah, a book is nice, but we really need shirts! I would kill for a "Pepper pepper pepper" shirt, or a "Good job everybody!" shirt, or a "Wangjangle™" shirt!
Yo Mammy
Yo Mammy 9 dias atrás
nobody wants your dumbass book fag
Chi chi Sucka
Chi chi Sucka 10 dias atrás
Dose the shake weight remind you of that thing on south park?
Chi chi Sucka
Chi chi Sucka 10 dias atrás
Salt to taste.
mtugglet 10 dias atrás
This is my favorite video because KITTENS!
Mochi Kat
Mochi Kat 10 dias atrás
*jamberry blubesicles* notifications: youve just gained a new sub
You Suck At Cooking
You Suck At Cooking 10 dias atrás
Torreja xd
Torreja xd 12 dias atrás
You didn't wangjangle with the tiny wangjangler
Jagger Paton
Jagger Paton 12 dias atrás
Can we get a face reveal? Petition for face reveal | | V
BeccaJ 13 dias atrás
I was good. Everything was a-okay. Was messed up but it was hilarious. And I was going to let it slide! *But then you pulled out the fork. And by god it rained **_demons_** that day as **_all hell_** started **_pouring_** into the video.*
NASA Star 15 dias atrás
So is it basically coconut milk that makes popsicles and maybe ice cream?
Addiction246 -
Addiction246 - 16 dias atrás
LITERAL chills when used a fkn knife and spoon hopefully you start posting more consistently I love your vids 😍
Get Out and Grill!
Get Out and Grill! 16 dias atrás
Awesome job!
Earmark Audiology, LLC
Earmark Audiology, LLC 16 dias atrás
He sounds like Bob from Bobs Burgers 😂😂😂
The H crew Gacha life
The H crew Gacha life 17 dias atrás
Awwwwww look at the little kittens ahhhhhhhhhhh so cute.... What was the video about again?
iiZachBuilds 17 dias atrás
0:03 "And like things that comes in the shape of a popsicle" ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Stefan Sarrazin
Stefan Sarrazin 17 dias atrás
I just smoked a joint and I think this isn’t a good idea watching this right now 5 minutes later , eating my 3rd popsicles
Mr. Chicken
Mr. Chicken 17 dias atrás
Space Lord
Space Lord 17 dias atrás
I could only Phillip twice
gacha sing
gacha sing 17 dias atrás
Cat montage!!!
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