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100 Thieves' content creators Nadeshot, CouRageJD, BrookeAB & Valkyrae come together for the ultimate House Olympics challenge with our FIRST content house collab against 2HYPE's Cash Nasty, Jesser, Jiedel & ZackTTG! Both groups have already released their own individual Quarantine Olympics challenges, but now they have to see who is the truly the best at a brand new gauntlet, House Party Olympics! While it obviously isn't a real house party, they miss house parties so much we decided to play some classic party games such as cup pong, quarters, and flip cup. May the best group win in this 2Hype Vs 100 Thieves House Party Olympics!
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22 Out 2020



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Comentários 100
BrookeAB Mês atrás
The collab you never knew you needed
Cash Nasty
Cash Nasty 15 dias atrás
U like cash?
ASAP ROSE 15 dias atrás
Oh we needed it
Tristan Francis
Tristan Francis 15 dias atrás
Bro Jesse should date brook and zack should date valkaray
Tyson Lay
Tyson Lay 16 dias atrás
I cant wait to see more
Wyatt Winget
Wyatt Winget 16 dias atrás
You and Jesse😂😂😂😂
Cold_Streak23 6 horas atrás
Jesse and Zack and Cash look so tall compared to all of them Zack is 6'0 or 6'1 Jesse is 6'2 or 6'3 Cash is 5'10 or 5'11 I put these cause some people gonna ask what are their heights
Kaveion Ikuesanu
Kaveion Ikuesanu 12 horas atrás
i’m unsubscribing jesse
The Alukos
The Alukos Dia atrás
Jesse sold
Tyler Turner
Tyler Turner Dia atrás
Jesse sold
Bballgoat 88
Bballgoat 88 Dia atrás
Jessie is the biggest sellout I’ve seen ina fat minute. Rip in the chat for his dignity
Mateo Chen
Mateo Chen 2 dias atrás
It is kinda funny that Totinos is brought up in literally every video
PhilosFoes 3 dias atrás
HafGaming 3 dias atrás
you can tell Jesse has never been to a party 🤦🏻‍♂️
Jabrony 4 dias atrás
2HYPE has gotten a little corny as of late
Nico Gibson
Nico Gibson 4 dias atrás
Jesser is lying, him and Valkyrae were OBVIOSLY staring at each other, he nodded, then she nodded, get ready for a guess what video
Dave McCartney
Dave McCartney 5 dias atrás
Courage: there's no alcohol here Me. : Really??
X Jivi
X Jivi 5 dias atrás
2hype joined 100 thieves it should be hype theives
Reed Floryshak
Reed Floryshak 6 dias atrás
Jesse just sold
Corn On JaCOB
Corn On JaCOB 6 dias atrás
Jesser sold
Akhira Limits
Akhira Limits 6 dias atrás
11:56 In my eyes that looks sus
DARKCAVE 6 dias atrás
This is ass bro they had two games in their skill set.
Official Leaky
Official Leaky 7 dias atrás
At first I looked at Brooke like just symfuhny’s girl but now I look at her like a cool gamer girl BrookeAB
Zackery Deese
Zackery Deese 7 dias atrás
jesser sold
Noah messi
Noah messi 7 dias atrás
Jesser blows it like the NFL Detroit Lions at the end of there games
Noah messi
Noah messi 6 dias atrás
@Jesse Tennant I'm a Lions fan but with our head coach were shit and we're shit without D'Andre Swift Kenny Golladay and Danny Amendola
Jesse Tennant
Jesse Tennant 6 dias atrás
@Noahmessi Frick you go lions
Reelistic Casting
Reelistic Casting 7 dias atrás
So 2 hype is an among us Channel now... greaaaatt
Denny Ψ
Denny Ψ 8 dias atrás
2hype is always better
Jennifer Rourke
Jennifer Rourke 8 dias atrás
2 weeks later 2 hype joined
Ricky Burks jr
Ricky Burks jr 8 dias atrás
Jesser sold
Crash Holliday
Crash Holliday 9 dias atrás
I love how Rae is sitting on a chair!!!
Voltiicc 9 dias atrás
i ship jesser and brook no cap
Joe Baker
Joe Baker 9 dias atrás
Why did I get pissed off at jessse
AyeBrickz 9 dias atrás
Jes sold hella hard
venumz 9 dias atrás
i wanna watch this vs faze.. banks scizzors adapt and teeqo
Eddie Blucher
Eddie Blucher 9 dias atrás
Where’s kris at
Geurinteedgr8 9 dias atrás
Now they are apart of 100T! Wonder if this collab started the conversation?
THEnxGHOST 9 dias atrás
I like how they are causally teaching kids how to play beer games 😂
iconicPain- 10 dias atrás
wtf was Zach wearing
Broken Coasters
Broken Coasters 10 dias atrás
dude 2hype is going down now
Back2Back Bucketz
Back2Back Bucketz 10 dias atrás
Jesser sold
Yugain Arora
Yugain Arora 10 dias atrás
2 hype really did a kd 😶 If you can't beat them join them.
Jason Connor
Jason Connor 10 dias atrás
courage should stick to fortnite
SpiralRL 10 dias atrás
Moral of the story, Jesse just sucks at flip cup lmfao
cLdripp 10 dias atrás
Cash was about to drink that water😂😂😂
Robert Likesdonuts
Robert Likesdonuts 10 dias atrás
2hype thieves?
Yash Desai
Yash Desai 11 dias atrás
Is iman jealous of valkarae and jesse
James Downer
James Downer 11 dias atrás
Who wanted 2hype to win
HBK BRYCEEE 11 dias atrás
Look at James and Cash in sync 7:17
Hoodie Kev
Hoodie Kev 11 dias atrás
Who knew they would be in 100 theives and win
Baseball 16
Baseball 16 11 dias atrás
Watch if they four v four 2 hype 4 life
Iam killingpunks
Iam killingpunks 11 dias atrás
Pause at 33 seconds
Adrian Chua
Adrian Chua 12 dias atrás
Jesser is trash at cup flip
Lemon 12 dias atrás
2 weeks later : 2HYPE has officially joined 100T
DKAM17 12 dias atrás
But it is most likely because I have been a fan since Zack Kris and Jessie
DKAM17 12 dias atrás
I just don’t want 2hype to fully be 100 thieves because I think 2hype is better
DKAM17 12 dias atrás
Their not necessarily bad tho
DKAM17 12 dias atrás
But still it’s all love to 100 thieves
Cmbrown2520 12 dias atrás
Isaac Owusu
Isaac Owusu 12 dias atrás
Why the hell did zack cuff his Jean's to his calves
dead dead2
dead dead2 12 dias atrás
0:33 is sus jesse and valkyrae lookin at each other.
sao gang
sao gang 12 dias atrás
jesser is barely 21
Brendan Shaw
Brendan Shaw 12 dias atrás
Was this a sign?
Daryl Doria
Daryl Doria 12 dias atrás
#jesserae #valkysse
Moce Studio
Moce Studio 12 dias atrás
Look at jack still with dat click bait1
Jack OD ODonnell
Jack OD ODonnell 12 dias atrás
U have a nice house
Stevie Williams
Stevie Williams 12 dias atrás
eric cruz
eric cruz 12 dias atrás
jesse sold
Derek Tudman
Derek Tudman 13 dias atrás
Jesse didn’t go yo college and it showed in the flip cup
Aaliyah Jones
Aaliyah Jones 13 dias atrás
2 hype viewers aren’t used to seeing interactions w/ women in the videos/ in person so they are about to be doing the most with the assumptions when girls are involved 🤣🤣
Abi Martinez
Abi Martinez 13 dias atrás
Please do a video with the sidemen
Tys B
Tys B 13 dias atrás
Totonos Torino’s hot pizza rolls
Tys B
Tys B 13 dias atrás
0:33 the meme 👀👀👀👀
Alexander Boeri
Alexander Boeri 13 dias atrás
Courage is way to funny man!!
DeathBombZero 13 dias atrás
Jesser sold like no other
Kyle D
Kyle D 13 dias atrás
Jesser sold so hard lmao
Kaysen Painter
Kaysen Painter 13 dias atrás
Jesse sold
andre gracia
andre gracia 13 dias atrás
Frat guy Jiedel
Harrison Lucas
Harrison Lucas 13 dias atrás
worse things in 2020: 1. Jesser at flip cup 2, coronavirus
Maya & ShaNaya
Maya & ShaNaya 13 dias atrás
100 thieves definitely practiced before they came
IamTahj 24
IamTahj 24 13 dias atrás
Dawson Aynes
Dawson Aynes 13 dias atrás
Play 2hype In basketball 🤷
Abida Sultana
Abida Sultana 13 dias atrás
Yo jesser tarsh
blu 13 dias atrás
Sincere Grant
Sincere Grant 13 dias atrás
Brett Grinnan
Brett Grinnan 13 dias atrás
do this again plz
Tyler Young
Tyler Young 13 dias atrás
0:33 jesse and val (oop)
Disco boy Cody
Disco boy Cody 13 dias atrás
Jesse is the most Competitive
kishan bhat
kishan bhat 13 dias atrás
They need a basketball 4v4
Aiden Bratten
Aiden Bratten 13 dias atrás
Everyone: Jesser: can't flip a cup to save his life
Goat Hulky
Goat Hulky 13 dias atrás
ive been a fan of 2hype since their first 10 subs no cap bro and to see how much they grew its crazy i was jesser 23rd sub broo and now hes got 1 milly i am such a loyal fan and the most loyal aint none of yall can compare.
Nancy Anguiano
Nancy Anguiano 13 dias atrás
Torino’s Torino’s every body talking about Torino’s BAAAAAAABYYYYYYYY
Marco Soto
Marco Soto 13 dias atrás
2 hype really choked lol
ayden 999
ayden 999 13 dias atrás
Where's kris an moochi
Flow_Dre 14 dias atrás
Jesse sold 🥺🥺🥺🥺
Elijah Powers
Elijah Powers 14 dias atrás
jesserrrr you sell outtt
Wilson Sweatt
Wilson Sweatt 14 dias atrás
Jesse sold so hard
Wilson Sweatt
Wilson Sweatt 14 dias atrás
Zack can’t teach but he got that peach
Evan Burris
Evan Burris 14 dias atrás
Jesse your trash
Xander Holleman
Xander Holleman 14 dias atrás
Jesse and brook ?!?!?!?
JayJayzWEB 14 dias atrás
Donavan Thao
Donavan Thao 14 dias atrás
Jesser is trash 😂
David Albelar
David Albelar 14 dias atrás
Won’t be surprised if rae and jesse end up together
Matthew Crasko
Matthew Crasko 14 dias atrás
jesse is absolute trash
Ryan Carson
Ryan Carson 14 dias atrás
Bro I love courage😂😂🐐
Ryan Carson
Ryan Carson 14 dias atrás
Y’all needed moochie to go young boy mode on em😂😂
David Orr
David Orr 14 dias atrás
Hay I doubt that anyone will see this, 😔 but if one person reads this it will make my day🙏🤗 but to the people reading this I hope you have a very good life and future 😎 I know the fame dont come overnight but I am trying my hardest to become a successful BRvidr 🏅🏆so I jest hope you can wish me luck Also if you are still reading I hope that you will accomplish all your dreams!👍 [My goal for BRvid: 30k subs]
TTV CamBam11
TTV CamBam11 14 dias atrás
Jesse is ass
Ian Conte
Ian Conte 14 dias atrás
put anyone in but Jesse talk abt selling
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