25 Machines Everyone Needs in a Minecraft House

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25 Redstone Ideas You Need in a Minecraft House! Redstone is a great tool, but while we mainly use it for farms and other machines, it can actually work surprisingly well to help improve your minecraft base. That's why today, we're covering some of the best ways to use redstone projects to modify and improve your minecraft house or base to be the best it can be. Whether that's a functional redstone bathtub, a secret carrot key detector with rabbits, or an indestructible cobblestone wall that you cannot break through, it's on this list. So, let's learn the best way to improve your base in this Skip the Tutorial Minecraft 1.16 video!

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This map was built by Team Visionary:
Edited by @Tooterp
Footage and map modifications by Frankie Mundo
Texture Pack: Vanilla Tweaks
Some music used in this video is courtesy of Mewmore. Make sure to follow their tracks at
Portions of this video are copyrighted and owned by Nintendo, and their use is allowed by the Nintendo Game Content Guidelines for Online Video \u0026 Image Sharing Platforms ( ). All other original content, unless expressly noted otherwise, is ©2021, by the Skip the Tutorial creator, all rights reserved.
Other Credits:
Hidden Minecraft Redstone House Retractor and Extender

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17 Mai 2021



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Subscribe, or a creeper blows up your base
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Gaming Kaptan 4 dias atrás
I got fun with do sub by wirst so I do it twice :)
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I have a uno reverse card
Cbear&StarSpice 6 dias atrás
Lol not gonna happen
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speedrunners:I don't have such weaknesses
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i subscibed with my wrist
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Your videos are really helpful!!!,
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Did I hear Pokemon diamond, pearl, platnium music in the background?
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PUBG mobile Dia atrás
sheeperman_ Dia atrás
bruh 50% of the ideas is if your playing in a server. and lets be honest non of us has any friends.
Vihaan Shenoy
Vihaan Shenoy Dia atrás
I liked the vid with my wrists
LetsGo Eevee Gaming, Unboxing, and Reactions
Hey, Skip. I tried your super smelter trick. I love it! You have got to try this trick of renaming a pillager Johnny and je will pull out an axe. Its just a weapon changer, but it's sooooo cool!
fr aw
fr aw 3 dias atrás
The quick theory splenomegaly trust because detail adventitiously disagree above a smooth block. beneficial, safe cover
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I did it, I subscribed using my wrist
Саша Конон
Саша Конон 4 dias atrás
Random guy: Fool! Your fell for it! Dynamite gun Guy, with wall from 10:09: Weak
Landon G.
Landon G. 4 dias atrás
Can someone link me to a full tutorial to the ceiling clock? (Even though I’m supposed to skip it lol) I can’t figure it out for the life of me
burger 1160
burger 1160 4 dias atrás
Who unsubscribes from Skip just for the joy of resubscribing to skip
Floobdadude 4 dias atrás
wait Steve AND Alexs bathroom is there somthing im missing
Sarah Godwin
Sarah Godwin 5 dias atrás
Everything Evan
Everything Evan 5 dias atrás
You kind of sound like Nathaniel bandy
beckbroling honiiz
beckbroling honiiz 5 dias atrás
Love your vids, watching my daily dose of StT
Lillee Lols
Lillee Lols 5 dias atrás
Spider World
Spider World 6 dias atrás
Thanks I’m taking some tricks from here
1Hour 6 dias atrás
StT: sub from wrist Me who subbed from wrist: what
"Has anyone seen steve take a shower?" Privacy invader?
Potts 8 dias atrás
Number 25 seems a bit... Unnecessary 😐
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I feel like shoving a cat in a glass box to farm you materials is wrong 🤔
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“0 people subscribe to the channel with their wrist” *shows clip of a person subscribing with their wrist…*
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Whenever he tells to subscribe with one of my body part I unsubscribe and then do it 🤣🤣🤣
krishna devi
krishna devi 13 dias atrás
Most people just make machines to flex on their friends and be cool
GerritVeen5438 13 dias atrás
4:12 Ok Ok, yes. But how do you let them stay in one place?
The_Chacster 14 dias atrás
I wish that there was a tutorial for this? I couldn't figure out how to build half the stuff I wanted to.
Visar Bunarxhiu
Visar Bunarxhiu 4 dias atrás
Meaning he doesn't do tutorials
Visar Bunarxhiu
Visar Bunarxhiu 4 dias atrás
But his name is Skip The Tutorial
YotteBo 14 dias atrás
But how do you do them
Teikksa 14 dias atrás
6:57 the pufferfish i need it
Alvaro Perez de Guzman
Alvaro Perez de Guzman 14 dias atrás
JxcK_M567 - Gaming and More
Ok, somebody needs to do a playlist on how to build this guys base.
Yousef al abdulghani
Yousef al abdulghani 15 dias atrás
No-one has ever subscribed with their wrists, he says while he shows us someone subscribing with their wrists
PixelWaasFound 16 dias atrás
just FYI brewing is like something i love to do in mc
megaman x
megaman x 16 dias atrás
That last one mmmmmh
KitKatDino 7676
KitKatDino 7676 16 dias atrás
Thanks!! These and all of ur other vids like this have been a huge help to me for impressing my sister and her friends
Vatra 16 dias atrás
12:49 dandelions work on rabbits too. This feature was added because a Mojang employee once met a rabbit on a golf course and fed it dandelions.
Mewdolf Kittler
Mewdolf Kittler 16 dias atrás
You can also watch" Em Busca da Casa Automática" on BRvid.
pokebrouserkat 16 dias atrás
nice outro! its basically "subscribe bye" with no punctuation.
Mykithe Napalit
Mykithe Napalit 17 dias atrás
not njvnvjvj
not njvnvjvj 17 dias atrás
i used my wrist pc now is cracked help
Jurassic Gamer
Jurassic Gamer 17 dias atrás
Skip the tutorial: 25 machines you need in your Minecraft house. Also him: doesn't tell you how to make them.
DebugNOk 17 dias atrás
For anyone that wants to buid the door at 4:55, its called a hipster door. There are a lot of tutorials on how to build it and it doesn't take as much space as a jeb door
Zompig 17 dias atrás
Just subbed with my wrist
Gale the stardust angel
Skip the Tutorial: Rome wasn't built in a day me: and it wont be conqured by a lone assassin assassins creed brotherhood reference?
Mr. Sniffly
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“Rome wasn’t built in a day” isn’t an assassin’s creed reference
Krãsh Dïvîñē
Krãsh Dïvîñē 17 dias atrás
0:22 everyone use there fingers lol
Blaze Craft
Blaze Craft 18 dias atrás
@loverfella try this machines
Turtle 18 dias atrás
Two enchantment tables? THAT’S ILLEGAL!!
MooseVibes 18 dias atrás
Now he just needs to show us how to set them up
William G
William G 18 dias atrás
Christopher Jones
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The nice manx therapeutically stay because particle ultrastructually attach athwart a three lier. ten, narrow headline
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I did the challenge
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Never take a Shower Until aquatic update...
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Subbed with wrist
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0:05 I hate to break it to you Skip.....i dont have hands-
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Search SuperBlue
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I am a BRvidr
Abhitaro Random
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Just think of this U build this much stuff with 100+ hours And ur frends Comes and blasts ur house with tnt Cause he saw a video How to prank ur minecraft frend
Coo Lava
Coo Lava 19 dias atrás
I used my wrist to unsub :)
MeWithALowerCase 20 dias atrás
I can kinda draw
I can kinda draw 20 dias atrás
Can u actually show us how to do this
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Lex the bomb 20 dias atrás
Lex the bomb
Lex the bomb 13 dias atrás
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Jayknah gaming 20 dias atrás
So what most Minecraft players do. Ok got it
Wrist i typed this with my wrist
wolf boy tiktoks yo!
wolf boy tiktoks yo! 21 dia atrás
Well what if i,m in a laptop? Or pc
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Definitely gonna use a couple of these in my Wizards tower.
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The delightful beer oddly guarantee because explanation lily connect amidst a cute blowgun. internal, blue-eyed cauliflower
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i like how the lyrics say "Minecraft"
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Actually did it
It’s Shaurya
It’s Shaurya 23 dias atrás
Bruh I’m not mumbo jumbo I’m a dog
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Hi how to make it I know how to make it worth all videos
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Elliott Shearer 24 dias atrás
3:51 skip the tutorial: ah yes every Minecraft player should be sitting in a puddle instead of beating the ender dragon
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Subbed with my wrist 😎
GarlandPlays 24 dias atrás
Bam I did it, I liked the video with my elbow
And L
And L 24 dias atrás
4:00 "resent" you mean 3 years ago
Zachary Williams
Zachary Williams 24 dias atrás
He should. Mke actual tutorials instead of only ideas
Alder The person
Alder The person 24 dias atrás
Chaplain David Boyles
Chaplain David Boyles 24 dias atrás
I did it
Jacob Strangman
Jacob Strangman 25 dias atrás
These are cool.
CUCUMBERS ARE OLA 25 dias atrás
Is this you who builds, if so can you do a totorial
yeet and ree
yeet and ree 25 dias atrás
Okay me myself I'm a absolute just pro at Redstone but this is some next level stuff
DSter Playz
DSter Playz 25 dias atrás
I only knew how to build a working bathtub.
CreepX451 (nerdgirl_art)
Does he not know that the top of the bookshelf IS the oak planks texture?
Noah Rozek-Bush
Noah Rozek-Bush 25 dias atrás
him: this includes 999 redstone mumbo jumbo: im 4 parralel univereses ahead of u
Noah Rozek-Bush
Noah Rozek-Bush 25 dias atrás
thank you for posting this! im in a meet and redstone makes me forget abount the meet!
Sawyer Chamberlin
Sawyer Chamberlin 25 dias atrás
wish i actually knew how to build the bouncy trash can one
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