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🎬 VERTICAL SHORTS: • Valorant Shorts
In this video I go over some of the most useseless things we all do in valorant. For more valorant tips and tricks, check out my channel!


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3 Abr 2022



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Comentários : 591   
@tuesday9670 Anos atrás
You actually forgot one risking your life for a knife kill. A lot of people, when they see the enemy team walk past them, have a very strong urge to run and backstab them. This is a bad idea because by the time you catch up to them with your knife, they whip around and finish you off.
@anthonyz4666 Anos atrás
the adrenaline makes me knife when they move and not knife when they right in front of me
@dragonex4723 Anos atrás
reminds me of a time on haven when someone said the last enemy was a one tap and i just rushed them with a knife
@trickcodm2753 Anos atrás
Technically knife kills are unnecessary aswell since they dont give extra money just kill them with a gun
@@trickcodm2753 its funny tho
@dne_itslegend3086 Anos atrás
fun fact: the shorty one isnt actually that unnecessary, you can do that when you have a buy guns in armory. you can get an ez quest
good point
@Polar1304 Anos atrás
buy classics
@@Polar1304 doesn’t count
Ahh yes the promo of fun, happiness and positivity. Classic MrLowlander content. Keep it coming :D
@skythesinger8708 Anos atrás
Hey Emardo. I love your videos. They help me learn and be better at the game.
@Kanteike Anos atrás
Months ago i made my own viper lineup, and some time later i saw it featured on a lineups video and pros used it at champions, so im really proud i found the same lineup as a pro player
@satoru-. Anos atrás
Its so unfortunate that Split git replaced by Pearl :( i loved that map :/ also sadly, i cannot deny the Neon dash, and Sova bow bounces.
@TGR-bt2xg Anos atrás
THANK YOU for everything mrLowLander thanks to you im now silver and always mvp I want to infinitely thank you for the entertaining tips and tricks I will always support this channel for the amazing voice overs that makes you want to listen while being entertained
And thanks to him im now plat 3
@vbenfipxzpt Anos atrás
and thanks to him i'm still iron 1 🤩
@TGR-bt2xg Anos atrás
@@vbenfipxzpt hahaha just do a 1 hour death match practice before every round plss
@notus299 Anos atrás
@@TGR-bt2xg what?
@Coneness Anos atrás
@@notus299 obviously every buy round, go on your other PC and on your alt and play DM for an our. You can do this starting right after you die so you can practice for longer
@murka197 Anos atrás
I think I did(and found on BRvid) about 20 lightups for Viper on Pearl, but I definitely only remember the chaff, it's good that the second half is recorded.
@yikesforever6432 Anos atrás
Honestly I want to see a skin rotation where I can choose a list of skins that cycle between games at random
@neon.1080 Anos atrás
like a favorite skins list and an option that says "Choose random favorite skin" or "Choose random skin" But I dont have skins anyway T^T
@Zachpaik Anos atrás
Great Video Sir Lowlander! Another thing about spam buying guns at the end of the half, this will lower your Econ rating, which in turn can also affect the amount of RR you gain/lose
7:19 that happens in a custom game when you try to switch to more than one agent before the round ends, to get rid of it you need to leave the custom game and restart it with your friends.
@shortsmachi2189 Anos atrás
I respect to everyone who involved in this.seriously the best piece that I've ever seen in youtube.HATS OFF TO YOU ALL!LOVE YOUR VIDEOS💖💖💝
@srttp2 Anos atrás
5:58 if you do this the enemies do not hear the last part of your reload so if you can time it right it's much better than normal reloading
@emirkarar6231 Anos atrás
also u animation cancel and u walk faster with knife, he got it wrong
@marvin501 Anos atrás
I really enjoy your videos. Could you do one on wallbanging on different maps? Or crosshairplacement and which spots you use for orientation?
@maquivly5496 Anos atrás
4:34 one time when i was playing on unrated, we were losing really hard but we were chill about it and we hung out at spawn just doing dj sounds with the orb and having fun even though the match started, we later added everyone as friends when we lost :)) sad thing is that my account got lost and i couldnt access it anymore :((
Shit hurts more than mom's slippers
@carltorres9462 Anos atrás
When I have toxic teammates and I just want a chill game, I usually joke around by typing jokes and trying to be wholesome. It works most of the time and usually helps the team comeback. There are also times that I can’t really control myself to be so angry that I just mute others and myself to not say anything unnecessary. I do leave the chat open so I could still see if they have any good callouts on chats. I also use a pillow to scream on to instead of yelling to my teammates. There are also sometimes that I am not titled but I am also not chill. In those times, I just distract my teammates by giving a lot of callouts that works so they could stop fighting and focus on the game. It usually works when your teammates are fighting because of poor entries and ability usage. It doesn’t work as much if your teammates are fighting each other because of a skin, kda ratio, racism, or sexism.
@secretmate8755 Anos atrás
I appreciate for a very long comment
@chip3605 Anos atrás
on top of attacking and defending, you should be able to have a random option for skins, where you favorite a set of skins and it picks one randomly at the beginning of the match or round
@aphable9856 Anos atrás
theres something i didnt know about valorant u can actually just press ALT to see ur allies ability its kinda useful when ur sage doesnt talk much or respond so u dont have to keep saying "heal me sage"
@Citadel1974 Anos atrás
I have my scroll wheel set to cycle through my weapons on a loop. I spam weapon changes during the pre-round all the time. Not necessary gotta do something during pre-round like you said. 😄
@d4rkwiz139 Anos atrás
Like i said in one of your last video Valorant needs to add a system skin randomizer You equip random skins every round which you own And you can select the skin you want to have in the game( only the skins you select will be in skin randomizer )
@d4rkwiz139 Anos atrás
@VihangaHasith what i am saying is For example you have 3 knives skins you can use skin randomizer which will cycle those 3 knives every round of your game like 1st skin on first round 2nd skin on second round 3ed skin on third round and the same cycle repeats
@d4rkwiz139 Anos atrás
@VihangaHasith ohh i get it 😂😂😂 Btw same
@iliketrains5508 Anos atrás
You totally forgot to mention the cypher ult spamming when he doesn't have a corpse. Every person I played with who plays cypher has done this at least once
@YensiAl Anos atrás
For the ability spamming you forgot chamber's tp since even when you take youre gun out the sound continues
@ernestchua5918 Anos atrás
tip if you shoot the sage wall while its forming its takes less shots to break when compared to when the sage wall fully forms.
@benrobs5553 Anos atrás
been watching for a year now you’ve reminded me, and wow, i still can’t believe you don’t even have 500k subs yet, keep this up and you’ll have 1 mil for sure by maybe even summer. I love your content, and i can’t wait to see your content in the rest of 2022
@fogg7058 Anos atrás
i feel like sometimes i really forget how important the last one is😬 Great video Mr Lowlander 👍🏻
@xdgaming1894 Anos atrás
Hey Mrlowlander i love you interesting and sadly TRUE videos and i love the tips the i get from you. Keep up the funny and helpful work.
@MrLlama-dm5eh Anos atrás
In the preround you don't actually need to sell your gun, you can actually just click on the gun again and as long as you haven't dropped it, it auto sells and rebuys!
@LeeAndLia Anos atrás
tbh the shorty part can distract a person flunking, it works a lot of the time (especially if it's skins)
@Yetha148 Anos atrás
I still can’t get over the fact that he told us not to crouch-shoot anymore, but literally shows us clips of him crouch-shooting 80% of the time.
@rdsrmt1 Anos atrás
You don't need to sell your gun and buy it again. You just have to click it again and it will automatically refresh the bullets.
@PheroPerez Anos atrás
Man, something i do is to match bullet sounds with the champions skin finisher. It's just such a serious success combo medley
@altom4255 Anos atrás
I think the reload part is just a habit from cs, cause you could animation cancel there after you put mag in iirc
@jeribong7299 Anos atrás
Here's one, trying to switch from gun to knife then back to gun as fast as possible
@jeribong7299 Anos atrás
Especially with the scroll wheel
@spooder9499 Anos atrás
I always spam "Going C" in every game and it did 3 things: 1. Lighten everyone's mood 2. Make everyone confused as heck 3. Everyone in my team starts spamming "Going C", "Need Healing" and "Hello" Also that weird shop thing happened to me too when I did a Jett ult match in custom and I couldn't buy heavy shields anymore (I still won lol)
@hailongph Anos atrás
how to ping like that bro i'm a newbie
@spooder9499 Anos atrás
@@hailongph If you go into the settings and then communication, there should be some tabs, I forgot which one it was, but if you set a keybind to it and press that key, you can see options on callouts
@leedsin3043 Anos atrás
Fun fact: this 2:32 smiley we all make is in the episode 4 cinematic at 2:49
@TheJoeyacoustic Anos atrás
Actually the mouse wiggle has a use. It gets your brain used to the sensitivity somehow its something I learnt from cod on console so it might not work for PC gaming idk either way it might be helpful
@FarikoeNeM Anos atrás
Making a song with your gun and having a teammate finish it is great, but its better when an enemy signals back with their own song
@westonwright2670 Anos atrás
The sova bow right click spam is the equivalent of clicking tongs
@nakhulsp2658 Anos atrás
Fun fact: u need not sell the guy and buy again, you can just left click the gun in the buy menu it will auto sell and buy it ( 1:00 )
@promitra8739 Anos atrás
Yeos tru
@TunaNotBass Anos atrás
"The preround lasts so long" Killjoys & Cyphers: Sprinting to place their traps
@oberdot Anos atrás
Cypher or Chamber playing B and someone on your team goes: hey can you put a trip on A real quick?
@willthefish8123 Anos atrás
I think riot should add like a thing to like randomize the skin you get when you purchase it in game and you can choose which ones you want to be there
@bbitty Anos atrás
Should allow you to “favorite” weapon skins and the game will randomly select one of the favorites when you buy the weapon ingame
@kushalhange850 Anos atrás
Also -set ur UI quality to medium during DeathMatch ,now it'll be easy to see enemies when the DeathMatch ends
@lalathelemonllama Anos atrás
As a sova main I can 100% confirm that we do the right clicky thing as fast as we can before we recon
@osurelax806 Anos atrás
try swapping between sage ult and e it looks so cool from the outside
@amuffinguy521 Anos atrás
For the sage wall at 4:26 I, instead of clicking, I hold down rmb and spin with the mouse
You don't need to sell and buy your gun to refill the ammo, just left click on the gun again, ammo gets refilled automatically.
@WaveisWack Anos atrás
I noticed that if u save full sheild from the round before. U can buy half shield and lose have of ur sheild and 400 crds
I'm pretty sure in like 2-3 months you would've def reached 1-2M subs, keep up the awesome work my friend
@fadhelgartam6840 Anos atrás
one thing i noticed when I play, I kept spamming 3-2-1 subconsciously (changing to knife, primary and secondary). I picked it up from CS I guess
@rscouts5758 Anos atrás
6:33 Sentinel players want pre round to be longer :C
@EPICLy Anos atrás
i am more like a lineup guy, i play viper mostly and love making my own lineups and killing enemies with my snakebite lol but what really happens that often my lineup messes up and i waste my snakebite 😂
Everytime I see something I do that appears in the video I smile like a proud mother
@murderprncss Anos atrás
Is your Phoenix guide still relevant now? Since it’s like 2 years old I was wondering if it would still be helpful for learning him. Thanks!
@Luis_-lf6zo Anos atrás
7:23 that happened to me too while testing something with neon but as soon as I changed my agent it was back to normal so Idk why that happens
@l0stbergfred Anos atrás
Im Sova Main and I think it pretty much fun to make new lineups
@activekiwi1221 Anos atrás
One thing I do: When I play neon with her Ult, and we win the round, I will always spam-click it
@isalx Anos atrás
My fav is when open the chat and spam the TAB button, very satisfying my frend. Anyone does that??
@wappl9288 Anos atrás
Mr lowlands be making everyone's day
@opedman9293 Anos atrás
Btw on haven I usually say “going mid” because mid is replaced as B :) (I do so many of these ahhhhh) Edit: anyone here feel “special” doing all these things then seeing this video then thinking, damn I guess everyone’s doin dis now :(
dont wanna bring you down but haven has a mid
@opedman9293 Anos atrás
@@ranvijaysaxena5885 oh I didn’t realise ty
6:00 I have actually done it multiple times with the operator. It think it is a tiny bit faster.
@ustuperd5050 Anos atrás
Mrlowlander always made my day.
@skynobo Anos atrás
7:18 it is a glitch that only happens when you are neon when you change agents.
One day I'll become radiant just by watching his videos
@shadowrocks8075 Anos atrás
Hello MrLowrander, I really love your videos... I have a video suggestion, how about you make a montage with like super good editing, I mean you do have the really good clips for it😄and as always a really good video!
@quinng4956 Anos atrás
I reckon riot needs like a random favourite skin, get different skins either every round or game
@lucasferrari2328 Anos atrás
4:25 i prefer to just hold the "slow rotate" button and spin it like crazy lol
@aaronliao1836 Anos atrás
me trying to remember the 30 viper lineups i learned
@howtonot7037 Anos atrás
Dude yesterday I unlocked kayo and went on custom to make a lineup... after 3 matches I used the grenade lineup I made and got ez 2 kills while enemy was planting.. just too op
@simonrex9725 Anos atrás
As a jett main i run with my knife out in safety while having knives popped, cuz i cant count how many times i accidentally shot them at a wall while fixing my mouse grip.
@aw3349 Anos atrás
You don't have to right click and sell the gun. Just left click on the same or different gun
@duncanlomker4711 Anos atrás
1:56 - 1:58 ayo thats kinda sussy btw Morlowlander i wanna say u r such an inspiration to me i love your personality and ur videos ive been watching you for so long now and everytime i watch one fo your videos it puts a smile on my face its been a really rough time for me throughout the whole pandemic having lost 2 of my cats i wanna say you really make me happy thanks for everything mate.
@ashleysotto4009 Anos atrás
i just realized that when the spike blow up it looks like the ult orb but bigger
@escorpianoyqueee Anos atrás
1) Who sets the spray higher in BIND when going B, before the round begins. 2) when there is a versus situation both with golden guns, you need to do 360 and shoot for the kill, I saw this espontaneously, I have it recorded, i LMAO when it happened with 2 random guys. 3) In breeze while attacking, hit that yellow round shit with knifes to make a song 4) In icebox while attacking, hit the pipes with your knifes to make a song
@capsizabidin9036 Anos atrás
1:03 you dont have to sell the gun you can just click and buy it will reload the clip
First time I played sova, this was already a habit. Nostalgia
@pistolated7389 Anos atrás
imagine breaking the cameras on fracture and replacing them with cypher cams on replication hahaha
@Fskno2723 Anos atrás
Another one: moving your mouse in a way while planting the spike. (I cant give a better explanation)
@drainedjiverr9355 Anos atrás
You have to throw something in the fracture ritual chamber. It's a rule
@officialmemes118 Anos atrás
4:22 I always spin the sage wall for no reason...
When you shoot ur gun and make music with it, it's like a strategy now to do it in-game because your enemies might respond and give away their positions. Look it up on youtube it's pretty funny
@logar2515 Anos atrás
While in the buy phase with sova, taking the sight arrow and setting tabs without stopping
@aditisaha8057 Anos atrás
7:28 happens to me too . I think that is some problem with buy phase inventory
The shop glitch happens in customs and practice when using neon.
@Emerald29 Anos atrás
I dont do the shorty one cus I wanna make my eco rating at the end scoreboards much higher even tho it aint that important
@x-magnus-726 Anos atrás
Thank you this tip makes me a little bit good in silver because somebody is dominating in silver becoming MVP
@flukeperfect1880 Anos atrás
here's a thing that I do but idk about others. I always put graffiti on the ground while reloading after getting my first kill of the round lol
2:36 im guilty for doing this but im glad im not the only one lolol. my teammates must've assumed im out of my mind tho lol
@vladiusfirst8904 Anos atrás
As Chamber main I like to place two tp and tp between them in preround
@benstone1O1 Anos atrás
I do that on the afk orb because I check if anyone else on my team wants it .. if not it's mine
@MrLowlander Anos atrás
Nice :)
@deimosssgg Anos atrás
One more thing we all do is spray at a wall or ground before rotating from a location 🤣
@Milan-uz1nc Anos atrás
About the pre-round spraying. On fracture i always spray on the generator op top when u take the zip line
@taonakhofi9850 Anos atrás
POV: You watched this to find more unnecessary things you can do in the game
@flatuitous Anos atrás
5:56 doesn't doing this cancel the reload noise?
@GamingYeasts Anos atrás
7:18, I also felt the same thing in the range lol
@dec1085 Anos atrás
I'm going to start doing all of these now. Thank you
@noobertcz7454 Anos atrás
NEW TRICK! works on every corner, when you know the is enemy hiding trow flash in their front and they start jumping and shooting, then wait for reload and EZ kill.
@samwan8939 Anos atrás
3:18 ive accidentally right clicked my knives too many times, so i just pull out my normal knife
@MrNelliboy Anos atrás
Instead of stabbing highest, we try and spraytag the highest
@MistSGM Anos atrás
4:17 as a sova main, i do this ALL the time
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