24 Hours in AKITA | 4 Things to do in Japan's CHICKEN Capital

Abroad in Japan
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Akita is home to Japan's most luxurious chicken called Hinai Jidori. We go in search of the juiciest chicken, the cutest Akita dogs and the scariest monsters in Japan on our road trip across the region!

Ryotaro and I recently travelled across Tohoku and this video was just part of our trip. Read more about where we went here!

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27 Nov 2021



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Abroad in Japan
NOTIFICATION SQUAD: Would you let the Namahage demons in to scare the hell out of your kids?
Ryotaro's Japan
I'm delighted that my husky voice definitely sounded sexier than Namahage. Maybe I should keep it that way.
Considering Akita were bred for hunting bears and other large animals, I'm not surprised they're so massive! You need an absolute unit for that >:D Another cool bear-hunting specialized breed in Japan is the Hokkaido, which is actually smaller but also very brave and well adapted to Hokkaido's cold temperatures.
Bernadette Scheiber
Those namahage and the surrounding traditions are astoundingly similar to my homeland's Krampus and Perchten traditions (yes, I'm from Austria). Scaring little children into behaving seems to be more of a universal thing than I thought. 😅
I'm Greek and can attest to Ryotaro's accurate impression! Mind you the impression is of a chronic smoker in their 60s that has never heard of the word cholesterol and has not seen his genitals in 17 years because of the beer belly. But spot on! Kudos to Ryotaro. The guy's a legend!! 🙂😂
Electric Elephant
I like how Chris's friends are so different to him in every way, shape or form but they all have chemistry nevertheless and bring something cool, interesting or wacky. I believe they all befriended Chris because of the snarky sarcasm he brings to their lives (and the ability to do ads and songs almost instantly).
Ryotaro -- 5 star hotels and inns, rare exquisite cuisine, chill and comfy hot springs
Owen Cain
Ryotaro is so powerful he can snap himself back into existence after being annihilated by Chris
Kintoki Sakata
While Hachiko may be the most famous Akita inu, there's another fictional one that's surprisingly popular here in Northern Europe/Finland. The early-mid 80's manga and anime Ginga nagareboshi Gin tells the story of a Akita puppy that's trained to hunt bears in the northern wilderness and eventually he joins a group of other dogs to take down the tyrant of the mountains, the massive bear Akakabuto. The Ginga series by Yoshihiro Takahashi has multiple spinoffs and continuations but the original is still my favourite.
Ryan Lidster
While Chris might not particularly love this, taking a bike around Tazawako, or visiting the nearby soy sauce brewery (with actually very tasty soy sauce ice cream), and then of course checking out Kakunodate (which is also nearby), is amazing, especially in Hanami season. In August, the Omagari fireworks festival is a nice trip because it's really huge and the shinkansen station is literally walking distance from the venue, so easy to get there and back from Sendai.
Douglas Hollingsworth
I love seeing each region's distinct culture and unique selling points ... in my 3 decades before finding this channel I just thought Japan was all overdeveloped and crowded like Tokyo, but there's so much variety and experiences behind that surface appearance - thank you Chris!
Stephanie H.
It's so great to see that Ryotaro is holding this channel together! He's doing an amazing job! 👌🏻
"Not only is there a horrible creature next to us, there is also a namahage."
It's so lovely to see you and Ryotaro back together, I've missed his shenanigans 🤪
YAY the video I've been looking forward too is finally here. Thank you Chris for finally going to Akita after all the times I bugged you to do so. And I believe Sharla was the camera man wasn't she? not sure, but I know she went with you when you filmed this Akita venture. :)
Somesh Swami
Somesh Swami 2 horas atrás
Love how ryotaro intercepts chris from eating the chicken whilst explaining the things.. 😂
R. K
"and just STANDING here I can just SMELL the amazing....AMAZING Yakitori............uh.........SMELL!" hahahaha gotta love Rissotoro
Robert Ra
I love this format with you and Ryotaro.
Some things never change: Chris roasting Ryotaro, Ryotaro trying to kill Chris and the fact that even though they know Chris is left handed, Ryotaro keeps siting on the left during the filming of the food takes and gets elbowed to death everytime Chris reaches for food
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