22 NIGHTMARE Tech FAILS they want us to forget.

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22 of the Worst Tech fails of ALL Time. Including Xbox, Nintendo, Sony, GoPro, Blockbuster and much more 😈 To see previous episodes of Tech fails:

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21 Jul 2021



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Comentários 17 701
Mrwhosetheboss 6 meses atrás
Almost 15 days of prep later, here you go, no nonsense, no sponsors, just a straight 36 minute MONSTER Tech video 😂. To see the rest of the Tech Fails series:
RobotKingz 8 dias atrás
love ya mr boss
VerdeMorte 13 dias atrás
No mention of the Kinect NSA Spy Camera/Mic scandal?
Mob 13 dias atrás
@Gamer Sergio he won't.
Pagal Bakra
Pagal Bakra 14 dias atrás
Please send me light L16 I really want it I hope you understand my grievances Please please please
Flamen 17 dias atrás
Man my dad told me to get the avengers game he told me that i could stream it.
North of the Border
North of the Border 6 meses atrás
My favourite addition to the Track and Trace app was that it also didn't take into account vertical distance, so if you're on the bottom floor of a skyscraper, and someone pings 100 floors up, guess what: you've got covid!
Shelton Matthews
Shelton Matthews 3 dias atrás
@soadiciple The US one failed: if there is one, ive never heard of it 🤣🤣🤣
Kyle Milford
Kyle Milford 8 dias atrás
@Live Music GPS can get you within 15 feet
Glenn Tang
Glenn Tang 8 dias atrás
At least that's probably just a limitation of the tracking. And better oversensitive than under sensitive on this kind of thing.
Ninhendo 64
Ninhendo 64 13 dias atrás
hello verified user
Andrei Caldararu
Andrei Caldararu 14 dias atrás
How do you end up using an excel file and not a database for this?
Dade Halcyon
Dade Halcyon 23 dias atrás
That iSmell seems like a great idea to me. Being able to pump smells out while playing a VR game, for example, would seriously add to the Immersion. The smell of burning or gun powder for a war game, or the smell of flowers for one of those calming VR experiences, or literally anything else. How the hell did this idea not take off? Even if you had to sell specific 'smell packs' to use for each particular game or app. I would buy those up in minute.
Dade Halcyon
Dade Halcyon Dia atrás
@Jessi RaRaRa Interesting. Hope it clears the government BS.
Jessi RaRaRa
Jessi RaRaRa Dia atrás
There's actually a kickerstarter for a device to add to your vr headset that will add smells. They are currently being blocked by the government though because the containers that the liquids for the smells come in technically fall under the new laws for vape liquids. so they are having to rework their design.
Dade Halcyon
Dade Halcyon 2 dias atrás
@Shelton Matthews Then there could be an option to turn it on and off, just like subtitles, vibration and every other feature we currently have.
Dade Halcyon
Dade Halcyon 2 dias atrás
@Leonhard You would not need to smell every single item that you walk past. Do you smell every single item that you walk past in real life? No.
Shelton Matthews
Shelton Matthews 3 dias atrás
Probably developers weren't on board. I mean, there are places in games I would rather not smell lol. Imagine a zombie survival game or something...
Ham Radio Crash Course
Ham Radio Crash Course 10 dias atrás
Lol, I had spectacles and still own a Vita. I loved both.
AnthonyCSN 19 dias atrás
Am I the only one thinking "what does the Justice League have to do with failed tech products???"
StooleNad 2 horas atrás
@Shaddow_pet but its not a tech product, its entertainment. By this logic literally everything could be included as a tech fail
Franky Flowers
Franky Flowers 6 dias atrás
the fyre island isn't
Sarem Rashid
Sarem Rashid 6 dias atrás
@N o a h T e a lol
N o a h T e a
N o a h T e a 7 dias atrás
Maybe he forgot to talk about the cg mustache removal
matheus Santhiago
matheus Santhiago 8 dias atrás
@xXaurelzXx it does run on tech tho
EveOfFrost 9 dias atrás
Another note from the end of number 9 you missed. Microsoft no longer does this and tries to force you to use edge, they even released multiple updates that uninstalled Chrome, and made all programs edge default again, despite edge being virtually useless compared to Chrome
davis 17 horas atrás
after using chrome and firefox all my life, edge is my favourite browser of all time
C.J. Garibay
C.J. Garibay 4 dias atrás
Edge is now built on top of Chromium (the code base for Chrome).
Sarem Rashid
Sarem Rashid 6 dias atrás
the problem with microsoft is that. it cannot force you to do any stuff your way. Although they allow downloads and etc, they just try to make you use exclusively microsoft products (which is like why) even nowadays they force you to use edge for this reason.
Maker's Muse
Maker's Muse 6 meses atrás
Kinect was a failure for its intended purpose but a gamechanger for budget machine vision / 3D Scanning at the time, with Adafruit putting out a bounty to reverse engineer its drivers. Microsoft didn't like it. It's super fascinating !
Shadow Snake
Shadow Snake 6 dias atrás
Even then, it's not that the kinect was bad, it worked as intended and very well... if you played the right games, ones that didn't have your arms close together and programmed the screen right. It's easily noticeable in games like kinect adventure vs kinect toy story. Maybe if they told the developers how to program things, it would have sold well enough for it to be packaged with series x like it was 360 and xbox one, but sadly the game developers fucked it, just fucked it.
Mike Hawk
Mike Hawk 9 dias atrás
@V3ntilator and that has what to do with you being wrong?
V3ntilator 11 dias atrás
@Mike Hawk I have 2 PS Movie sets for PS3 and their speed and accuracy is terrible. None of them works when pointed outside TV screen. Wiimote worked 360 degrees outside TV screen. Also. the upgraded Wiimote+ is way more responsive than PS Move. Anyways. The pricey Wii Balanceboard were not in any Wii bundle, and even then sold over 30 millions. Kinect sold 35 millions.
Mike Hawk
Mike Hawk 11 dias atrás
@V3ntilator ps move alone sold 15 million units as of November2012, so fuck knows where you get your numbers lol. it had sold over 4 million units by November 2010, the first 2 months of its release. sony also didn't bundle it with their console and force it upon their customers, that counts as sales too, hence why wii sports is the one of the most sold video games ever, no one was rushing out to buy wii sports lol.
Mike Hawk
Mike Hawk 11 dias atrás
and the smell of an open sewer for Whiterun in skyrim vr lol
EdgyShooter 18 dias atrás
I feel the biggest issue with the kinect was missing: Microsoft massively cut down on the abilities (the original was a technological marvel) so it would fit their ideal pricing
Star 6 dias atrás
For 17, using lots of small lenses to simulate having a larger lens definitely works and is a great much more affordable way of getting a clearer image than making huge lens. Scientists actually used this method to get the first clearish image of a black hole by using telescope images taken at specific areas and times to similar having a massive planet sized lens. The issue is definitely just that software to support this is hard, and I think a lot of people still forget that high res images are huge and take a lot of power to process, which makes it a task more suited to a 5G environment where you have a device that just sends the images to a cloud server to do the work and then lets you share from that platform directly to social media, exporting at a res of your choice.
Lukas Lešnjak Pelko
Lukas Lešnjak Pelko 26 dias atrás
Can we all just appreciate how well put together these vids are
Fady Estfanos
Fady Estfanos 15 dias atrás
this man is a legend, in more than one category, tech, entertainment and the ability to hide a rickroll somewhere in every single video
Paulo Moniz
Paulo Moniz 12 dias atrás
Are you talking about the singer of the Nickelback? Lol
Chux 4 meses atrás
The iSmell is still a good idea in my head. Just not for consumers. They had the right idea for cinemas, but now with immersive technology like VR, escape rooms, theme parks it really would've added an extra layer.
Chux 14 dias atrás
@Zack Snider Then why the fuck would they pay for that service? What kind of dumb comment is this?
Zack Snider
Zack Snider 14 dias atrás
well, some people are allergic to fragrances, so...
Zhi Han Lee
Zhi Han Lee 27 dias atrás
Writing this just after a Japanese prof invented an iTaste like TV screen
gaming, building and cubing
@MyLastAltsrrslyyou mean the ismell *smells* fantastic
dandoesstuff 27 dias atrás
mm yes i love the smell of poison
Sleepy Ancient
Sleepy Ancient 22 dias atrás
AMD Bulldozer was technically a scam; here's why: All CPU cores consist of a few components, most notably, the Arithmetic Logic Unit (ALU) and the Floating Point Unit (FPU). These do different types of math. Essentially, AMD forced pairs of cores to share FPU resources that their previous generation cores and Intel cores didn't have to share. So every two of their "cores" had to share a single architecture component critical to video games, which meant, for games (and other various applications that need floating point calculations), they had half their cores waiting for the calculations of the other half to complete. Thus, not only was an AMD (Bulldozer) 8 core downgraded to a 4 core when gaming and doing similar tasks, it was a weaker 4 core (compared to Intel) that was also hindered by an FPU scheduler because it was being shared.
Sleepy Ancient
Sleepy Ancient 18 dias atrás
@Csaba Toth I wasn't talking biggest flop, though. I was adding to the information from the video about why Bulldozer was as big a deal as it was, because I felt the video missed the biggest reason. AMD claimed 8 physical cores, but the target audience soon realized the way Bulldozer did it (forcing two physical cores to share physical FPU for loads like gaming) meant the chip was bottlenecked to the equivalent of 4 cores when it mattered. For the record, that means it wasn't a hyperthreading issue. Intel claimed 4 physical cores plus hyperthreading at the top end. AMD claimed 8 physical cores without HT, and counted on the idea that 8 'real' cores must be better than 4 real cores plus 4 virtual cores offered by Intel. It wasn't, as you know, and this meant such a huge hit to AMD they nearly went bankrupt and, years later, settled a lawsuit out of court for 12 million dollars.
Csaba Toth
Csaba Toth 18 dias atrás
@Sleepy Ancient I didn't say Bulldozer was competing with P4. It's just important to see the history right before it to know why the IPC came into picture. Possibly I'm not sour about Bulldozer as much because I was fortunate to skip a few generations during that time (on the Intel side BTW). Possibly I'd say that Bulldozer cores I guess were in between Hyperthreading and full cores. In case of Hyperthreading the "soft" cores really only have the registers and the execution pipelines, but two of those soft cores share only on group of execution units (ALUs, FPUs, etc). In case of Bulldozer they were in between HT and full cores. What I wanted to emphasize is if we'd need to highlight a flopped CPU into all time 22 (!), I'd *never* pick Bulldozer because there are so many bigger flops like I mentioned Itanium (and I don't want to downplay the engineering behind those either) and there are several more.
Sleepy Ancient
Sleepy Ancient 18 dias atrás
@Csaba Toth I mean, congrats on getting me to make my comment more accurate... but also, that's a lot of irrelevant information for the main issue I was getting at, which was AMD claimed twice the cores Intel had, but for gaming and other FPU intensive applications, they had the equivalent of the same number of cores (which also weren't as capable). The Bulldozer architecture was competing with Sandybridge (second gen i-series), not Pentium 4. An AMD 8 core was struggling to keep up with Intel's i5 at the time.
Csaba Toth
Csaba Toth 18 dias atrás
Every CPU has more ALUs than FPUs. Just like every double precision FP instruction usually takes at least two times as long as single precision FP. AMD CPUs did have better IPC than Intel's at that time resulting in an overall performance neck-to-neck with Intel. To understand more what was going on we'd need to look back at the Intel Pentium 4. Pentium 4 had a deeper than usual 20 stage execution pipeline. With the help of that it managed to crank up the CPU clock, even promising 4GHz (which was cancelled in the end). Intel's whole gigantic and pretty efficient marketing machine capitalized that single number (CPU clock) and suggested to the people that it is the sole measurement for performance. Intel P4 achieved higher clocks than anyone ever seen (in a consumer product, not overclocker scene), but was a failure in the sense that it provided less performance than expected (due to the lower IPC), sometimes high-end P3 CPUs had better benchmarks in specific areas. AMD at the same time put emphasis on increasing the IPC and achieving same performance with lower CPU clock, and that was the first time when the public was educated about what IPC was - to counteract the marketing only focusing on clock speed. Intel's deep execution pipeline would have ultimately won, the main pillar behind the strategy was that Moore's law would have been in effect in terms of both CPU gate size shrinkage and clock size increase years to come. Unfortunately the CPU clock size increase has stopped just at the P4 due to quantum physics reasons (significant current leak and so few atoms / electrons in the gate area that different calculations needed). So more than 15 years later we still only see 3-4 GHz (maybe 5GHz, nowhere near the "soon to come" 8GHz+ what was projected in 2004), and guess what is as important today as the CPU clock? IPC. After Intel had to abandon the P4 CPU family line they had to explain why and their marketing also finally admitted the importance of IPC. So for one reason or another I'm not sure if P4 is a bigger failure or AMD Bulldozer. AMD Bulldozer certainly had anemia unfortunately. But I was surprised to see it elevated to top 22 whereas other CPU would deserve that just as much. Maybe we can mention Intel Itanium (it's an interesting VLIW non-x86 CPU, it failed in the end), or Intel selling the XScale and now ARM architecture is slowly taking over more and more.
Reece Griffith
Reece Griffith 25 dias atrás
the iSmell thing seems awesome. If it was an affordable item, I definitely would get one. Ordering candles, soaps, parfums/colognes online is like playing pin the tail on the donkey.
Ruben Vasquez
Ruben Vasquez 10 dias atrás
Just found your channel. Love how it’s straight to the point and very minimal talk about your sponsor. Other videos, I mostly always skip their looong introductions and straight up skip the minute or two they spend on their sponsor.
Devin Smith
Devin Smith 8 dias atrás
Bro when you were talking about the 3d tech, the first thing that was rolling in my mind was that HTC evo 3D from like 2011/2012 a decade ago with that 3d camera. Take in mind back then the flagship was the iPhone 4 and galaxy s2, so really there was only 2 phones starting the bigger smartphone evolution which was the s2 and that HTC evo. As time goes on I can’t help but think about how ahead of it’s time that phone was, I mean from that phone you wouldn’t see dual camera’s on the back of smartphones for another 6-7 years. The crazy thing was that 3d camera really worked but only looking from the phone itself, because it literally had a 3d switch on the side that would make the screen 3d and also worked like some 3d glasses. It was just so useless in the end just as much as what you just mentioned lol, I think the whole concept of 3d was a fail tbh. I remember back a decade ago going to watch a 3d movie and nobody ever wearing the 3d glasses In the theatre.
The Horizon
The Horizon 5 meses atrás
37 billion for an app!? this has to be some kind of money laundering scheme what
Tilak Raj Kaushik
Tilak Raj Kaushik 23 horas atrás
@Tom Brennan now that you accurately pointed it out, i can die in peace, otherwise i was thinking brits have gone bonkers
Hoverboard2525 25 dias atrás
I mean, you spend more time building lag machines lmao
Zhi Han Lee
Zhi Han Lee 27 dias atrás
@Radu Coroi With £22b you could build ~85km of fully underground subway/metro lines in my country
Philip Jones
Philip Jones Mês atrás
@acid junkie 37 billion was allocated for the first two years, which seems to be the consensus for most sources I've looked at. The lowest figure I've seen was ten billion. Then again, I have long taken the media with a large pinch of salt. If the 37 billion was true (or anything sounding too expensive), then I fully expect to see some downplaying news releases or stories of how much they got back in response to the 'emergency'. 1000 a day for a consultant? That's about right. 7000? Someone is taking the p. I have difficulty believing they used an old version of Excel. Actually, I'm surprised they used it at all. When records get into the millions, then you should be looking at some bigger proprietary databases.
UsmanX 4 meses atrás
I didn't some reading and it wasn't just the app for the inflated cost, it was also the costs of procuring the testing facilities and PCR tests. I wouldn't be surprised if the govt paid full market rates instead of negotiating not just the price of the tests but also the consultancy fees associated that come with working with the big consultancy firms.
NonHumorous 23 dias atrás
I truly enjoy these videos since they include both reasonable explanation in technology and memes; they are just sooo entertaining.
Etiainen 23 dias atrás
I totally love the video! But one thing almost drove me crazy - the rating calculation sound used sounds very similar to a cricket chirping. I hadn't realized it at first and I kept pausing the vid every time cuz I thought there was a cricket hiding somewhere in my living room :D (I keep live ones for lizard feeding and I thought one had escaped :D)
Emi D M
Emi D M 24 dias atrás
Unespected and really love your number one, so true and so unknown how failed is this app that I am very happy that you pointed it out. Also I didn't know much it cost, an other very good think so the tax payers can know where their taxes are going.
Paula Barrocas
Paula Barrocas 26 dias atrás
As a teacher I was "strongly advised" to install this thing on my phone. Never got a hit, even while my students and co-workers got sick.
Sam Squamch
Sam Squamch 6 meses atrás
People snortoling their farts for eachother on iSmell is possibly the greatest thing i have ever heard
Jk Grunge
Jk Grunge Dia atrás
@Archer Frost lol yeah like that girl who sold tens of thousands of dollars worth of her farts in a jar.. smh
Just Existing
Just Existing 3 dias atrás
@Hellbuster Dragon gamer girl fart
LdawgJ27 3 dias atrás
Same 😂
ChezzzuK 4 dias atrás
ChezzzuK 4 dias atrás
Skrt Reynolds
Skrt Reynolds 7 dias atrás
Hey man, the Vita was actually an awesome piece of hardware. I still use mine on rare occasions but really enjoyed it for the first few years. PSN had a lot of great indie game support for it so I always had something to play, even if it wasn't always a big budget game from a well known developer.. and did I mention PERSONA 4 GOLDEN! favorite RPG of all time :)
NHJT 26 dias atrás
As the first gaming platform I'd gotten, the XBOX 360 (with the Kinect sensor) held a special place in my heart. It pains me to see it as a failure :((
Scott Crossan
Scott Crossan 24 dias atrás
The price paid to make the track and trace app was so outrageous. You could make 4 or 5 for that price
Debra Cursaro
Debra Cursaro 16 dias atrás
Love your reviews so I’ve seen that Tesla have made a new satellite phone for the general public, slick looking with solar power so would love to see you review that phone thanks 🙏
Kyle Snyder
Kyle Snyder 19 horas atrás
I bought a brand new psvita early, and returned it same day when GameStop didn't have the extremely overpriced sd cards for it and I learned how predatory Sony's model with them was.
Carl Roehead
Carl Roehead 5 dias atrás
Shame about the 3d TV fad I was tempted but they were so expensive from what I heard that I never actually saw any in shops. I just hoped they would come down in price later. Also I think some of the early ones were not hd capable which limited them further. Not sure about the Ismell thing you would not want it in a combat game Oh the smell of burnt flesh and gutshot corpses would put most off ever playing the game again.
Tim Dickson
Tim Dickson Dia atrás
3d tech is still fairly popular with projectors and the home theater crowd. Muto is right that it can get expensive, but it really can be pretty neat when used correctly. Polar Express 3D is one of my favorites,.
Muto Kei
Muto Kei 2 dias atrás
I've still got a 3D TV, depends on the tech, there was two primary types that needed different glasses. Passive 3D and active. there was a big push on the active side which was requiring super high refresh rate panels(which pumped up the price), the glasses required batteries. The passive 3D actually became reasonably affordable, but in 3D mode it used polarised light so effectively halved the resolution per eye. I think it was the push for active 3D that really killed it as there wasn't a proper entry point for the standard consumer. But who really cares as its a dead tech thing now...
Kai_Pixel 18 dias atrás
As soon as I saw Kinect, I almost had a flashback to 2015, my dad used to game every day, so we had our fair share, and we used Kinect. I still have it to this day and LOVE it so much, even if it barely works
Min Nohara's Channel Of Fun
3D TVs were released when Hardware was still... evolutionating. I know the 360 did its best to support 3D displays while sacrificing performance, while the PS3 omitted them completely. But honestly, I never catched on with 3D displays. Despite owning one. I just told to my dad when he bought it "Cool." and went back to my 40'' LCD 'Ghosty' screen.
Jkev24 5 meses atrás
Honestly, I think iSmell was just ahead of its time. I think with VR being somewhat big today, this would have been a perfect compliment to a VR setup.
RandomUploads HD
RandomUploads HD 23 dias atrás
@Finnegan Long lmfao Or they somehow recreat the smell of the men's bathroom after some trucker ate tacobell
Finnegan Long
Finnegan Long Mês atrás
Great idea till someone hacks your smell-o-vision and gasses you out with the essence of a pulled pork sandwich stuck in the back of the lunchroom stove for nine years
Phyllis Gatt
Phyllis Gatt 3 meses atrás
I agree
Amber Schroer
Amber Schroer 4 meses atrás
@Can Tin kinda sorta banned - you have to buy flavored vapes from vape stores - only kind you can buy at a gas station are regular and menthol . The menthol is set to be banned soon. I live in CA where they do a pretty good job at banning cigarettes by making them so expensive - a pack of Marlboros are easily $12-15 a pack whereas in my hometown in Indiana- only $6-7. I don’t know a single person who smokes out here, yet many people back home are pack a day smokers.
Boopy 4 meses atrás
imagine a zombie game 🤮
Chris England
Chris England 9 dias atrás
Probably the other thing the PSVita had against it was the swift change in media format (disc to card), meaning that the system had very little backwards compatibility, especially since there were lots of games that never left the Japanese market.
coolguyhino92 17 dias atrás
I think you missed a huge detail in the Blockbuster/Netflix fail. The fact that Blockbuster had an opportunity to purchase Netflix for a relatively dirt cheap price, and chose to ride their high instead of using any forethought.
Jessi RaRaRa
Jessi RaRaRa Dia atrás
The iSmell was ahead of it's time. If they tried this now with VR, it would be kickstarted to the moon and back.
RogueIMP Dia atrás
You may want to review your history. Netscape/Firefox was the primary competing browser during the MS anti-trust nonsense. Chrome came out later, and demolished Firefox, IE, and most, as the top browser, more in the mid 2000's.
Rowen Middendorf
Rowen Middendorf 6 meses atrás
These companies are literally just creating fails to be on this show at this point
Ashwin Chatterji
Ashwin Chatterji Mês atrás
@Stanton Clark Ever heard of something called a "joke"?
Stanton Clark
Stanton Clark 6 meses atrás
Most of them are from before like 2015 so i would disagree
Sabersz 6 meses atrás
@DON'T I read it but I'm not gonna do it
Victor Obini
Victor Obini 6 meses atrás
@DON'T u wanted us to read n u succeeded
Victor Obini
Victor Obini 6 meses atrás
Yh right 😂😂😂
Yella Dart
Yella Dart 18 dias atrás
I worked at Blockbuster for about 6 years in my early 20s. We all knew not buying Netflix was a boneheaded move when it happened. We were already losing tons of business to LoveFilm, and they pretty much faded away compared to Netflix. Instead, Blockbuster tried to set up it's own Netflix clone that was complete garbage that no publishers were interested in.
Alastair Archibald
Alastair Archibald 6 dias atrás
Vista did end up quite a decent OS after a service pack update. The same for Saint Windows XP.
Brian Coates
Brian Coates 20 dias atrás
I LOVED/Still LOVE the Kinect. And even tho I wasn’t crazy about any of the games that came out for it, I really loved the voice control features. And even tho it was gimmicky, my kids loved it. When the Xbox One X came out completely dropping the Kinect we were really sad.
RD101 9 dias atrás
I love how you just get right into it without stalling! I like it!
Crazy Comments
Crazy Comments 6 meses atrás
I kinda wanna see the iSmell perfected, imagine being able to tell how an area smells on games
Hercules Brofister
Hercules Brofister 18 dias atrás
like the village in RE:4. looking through the replies, i can see it's probably best this didn't take off.
P_Mime Junior
P_Mime Junior 3 meses atrás
It will be a part of real vr experiences. It has to be. Smell is incredibly important to an experience. Its linked to memories. Like how a smell can bring you back in time to a specific memory Mimicking musty air inside a building, then opening the door to outside with bright sun and the smell of fresh cut grass or leaves ect. Would really add to the realism.. the slight smell of rotting meat as zombies pass. Or entering an infested building. The smell needs to be part of the experience. Even something simple like, eating some candy bar for health, "emitting sweet chocolate smell". Taste and smell are closely linked . Really would feel real. Then how about the smell of copper / iron ? When bleeding out or died.
lubloxawsome gamer
lubloxawsome gamer 3 meses atrás
Hmmm *how does a kamehameha smell*
Matthew Baang
Matthew Baang 3 meses atrás
Goddamn how excited I would be playing zombie games...
The Jesteress
The Jesteress 3 meses atrás
Imaging watching a cooking show 🤤
Dilan Pelvin
Dilan Pelvin 18 dias atrás
Vista was actually fine after 7-8 months as long as you had 1gb+ of ram, it was just so tainted by its poor launch that to this day people think its awful. When really it wasn't and is at the heart of 7,8.1 and 10.
Ewan Walsh
Ewan Walsh 18 dias atrás
I honestly reckon the konnect was used in the wrong industry. The tech was amazing. Imagine it being used in security systems, car saftey sensors or designing software.
Mongo 5 dias atrás
i remember there was a lot of speculation that the spectacle glasses could record the LAST 30 seconds of whatever you were seeing and that to me was incredible, being able to just "xbox record that" but in real life. but then it came out and it was just an ugly pair of classes with a weird camera
Silver Circle Studios
Silver Circle Studios 4 dias atrás
I'm always impressed with your work!
Chigz Tech Reviews
Chigz Tech Reviews 6 meses atrás
Wow, this video took me back. Kept me hooked till the end. 🙌
lubloxawsome gamer
lubloxawsome gamer 3 meses atrás
It kept you h00ked?!
Kyle Brown
Kyle Brown 3 meses atrás
@Akshay Kaylaser because they think they are replying to a famous person
Akshay Kaylaser
Akshay Kaylaser 4 meses atrás
Why does everyone SIMP FOR VERIFIED USERS?
Bassing Basics
Bassing Basics 6 meses atrás
Erise 6 meses atrás
I iz smart
I iz smart 6 dias atrás
It feels so weird that that’s how Netflix started out I remember in 2009 getting Netflix shipped to my house and being so irritated for waiting so long if All the DVDs were already rented out to other people and they weren’t returning it because I believe at one point you were allowed to just keep it whenever and bring it back whenever you wanted
Outsider 20 dias atrás
The way you Rick Roll us without most of us even knowing is hilarious 😂
Jessi RaRaRa
Jessi RaRaRa Dia atrás
Man... the virtual boy is probably the reason why Nintendo doesn't seem to want to get into the VR space. I'd love to see more decent console competition going on. Be nice to see Nintendo try to get into the space. But I guess they are most about family games and you can't exactly play vr as a family :P Unless you want a room full of people crashing into each other.
noone 19 dias atrás
I used the 3D feature as a kid like 3 times cause I was curious about it, but every time I wanted to try the glasses, the batteries were goners
Miester 6 meses atrás
Fun Fact: the creator of Netflix started it because he was annoyed that he got a $40 fine for a late return
ToXicityUser 6 meses atrás
@SpritelyGuys yes true
Miester 6 meses atrás
@Jelani Stowers search up Bright Sun Films (it’s a channel) and find his blockbuster video it’s only about 15 minutes
Miester 6 meses atrás
@Peter Hace Music Official true
Sam Squamch
Sam Squamch 6 meses atrás
@Alerom oof
SpritelyGuys 6 meses atrás
@Jelani Stowers
Burak Ueda
Burak Ueda 25 dias atrás
A slight correction (19:11) "until Google Chrome came out in 2008" should be "until Firefox came out in 2004"
dorad100 8 dias atrás
@1337 Just sad
1337 14 dias atrás
Apparently his viewers don't even ("most likely") use Firefox 😐 18:52
Dark Wolf Airsoft
Dark Wolf Airsoft 11 dias atrás
iSmell could work by giving certain strong smells as general ambiance. Keep it a general smell and add in a new smell at important times to give that extra bit of immersion. I can see it making a come back with the next iteration of VR headsets. Not talking about what we currently have. Ex: Vive, Oculus, Index, and the others on the market. The problem I can see is you'll need a certain amount of chemicals to make it work. Kind of like how printers need two or three cartages of ink to print (then after only a few prints tell you that you need to spend another $40 bucks on replacements cause they are chipped and program to give the printer false ink levels to increase sales.). Usually Magenta, black, and Blue. Some have Black and Universal colors. Depends on the model and maker. So you'll have a market of smell cartages and they could run out so fast. So you'd need A: A large reservoir of potentially hazardous chemicals. B: Small but extremely potent chemicals. Or C: A large reservoir of a base chemical with small potent chemicals to add into it to give out a range of smells. Either way of the 3, they'd have to make it affordable and easy to get. It would only really be a gimmick till true vr comes along. Once you're able to have VR so real that you can't tell the difference like the Matrix. You won't need the old way of VR anymore.
orcite 11 dias atrás
AMD buldozer had 1 scheduler per 2 cores. Which hampered the performance alot in real world usage. While intel had 1 schdeduler per core. Which made them alot more efficient.
liyah 2 dias atrás
the vita failing hurts me so much because its genuinely my favorite handheld, but i think thats because i got one years later
Mazen Fisher
Mazen Fisher 6 meses atrás
The PSVITA made me legitimately sad. The problem is, it was an incredible console, and still is today if you can get your hands on one and a custom SD Card to PSVITA card converter. You can jailbreak it and download free games and even a PSP emulator, which is incredible. As Arun said, though, initial sales are what matters in the long term.
Luka Lažeta
Luka Lažeta 6 meses atrás
Great console and not expensive, i mean like just s console. But games and sd card were so expensive that people just quit from it. And why wouldn they. Imagine you buy the console and you dont have space for few games. But they build problem than they make a solution for the problem they make. I know that money is important but you cant be a dic*. And there sre few exsmples. Like vita or that party scamer ending in jail. And now world know him as a scammer who screwed up many people, and even the place where it was is not his😂😂😂. Sounds funny now but it wouldnt br if i paid thousands of $$$$ and in the end they sent me to simulation of Survive the wildness with the Bear Grills.
Arpan Bag
Arpan Bag 13 dias atrás
As a Software Engineer, I am really curious to know who are the people who developed the NHS Track and Trace app. Is it developed in house by the government agencies, or it was outsourced to an IT company? Just want to know who are the people who make a 22 billion budget and use Excel instead of a database to store data.
Mariya M
Mariya M 17 dias atrás
I miss PS Vita. Such an amazing console, great gameplay... but ruined by their terrible strategy and overpriced cards. I'm happy with the Nintendo Switch, but I still can't get a true persona game on it (not counting strikers since it's not a mainline game), whereas Vita was an amazing platform for text-heavy games like that.
anubis520 8 dias atrás
I'd say the fail with the connect was that there wasn't support for it. It is the same problem VR today faces is that you need products that use the technology.
David Jr
David Jr 14 horas atrás
PSVita had so much potentials, but the pricing kind of killed it along with having less library than PlayStation consoles back then. It still has bit of potential and Sony can decide to go back to it if they really want to. It’s still a really good handheld, especially if you want to play some well known RPG games on go.
Samuel MontyPython
Samuel MontyPython 6 meses atrás
Let’s all be honest, BlockBuster wasn’t a “fail” but it failed as far as being behind in innovation. I felt way more excited to watch a movie when I went to the store with friends or family, had a DVD limit (due to being poor af), being able to see all the posters, newest games with in-person free trial, and getting the occasional microwave popcorn and candy at the check out counter
Jamz 4 Your Ears
Jamz 4 Your Ears 5 meses atrás
@Lisa C well then sounds like they dug their own grave.
David Lawrence
David Lawrence 5 meses atrás
@Lisa C Yup! This is exactly what happened. Netflix tried to sell itself to Blockbuster for $50 million in 2000. At the time it wasn't streaming, just mail-order dvds, so you can kind of see why BB thought it wasn't worth it, since they had no shortage of shops and business was booming, why would they spend $50million on something that was really just tacked on the side of their business? I suspect if they'd actually bought it and kept the model going, we wouldn't have had netflix as a streaming service at all, since BB just never grasped that's how the industry was going (weird since music had already gone that way...)
Lisa C
Lisa C 6 meses atrás
@Jamz 4 Your Ears Don't know if its true or not, but I remember reading/seeing somewhere that the people who created Netflix originally pitched the idea to Blockbuster and were rejected.
Biohacker 6 meses atrás
@Pevhz well yeah its great, thats why it got big in the first place, but it went bankrupt anyway. so it doesnt matter how big or small a company is, they can fail
Pevhz 6 meses atrás
@Biohacker I Disagree , Nokia Is Great
orbo Akin
orbo Akin 23 dias atrás
20:25 I remember this one. At my old walmart job, a lady came to me to buy the game for her son and she asked me if it was good. I told her not to buy it due to the many issues and she called her son to confirm. One of my proudest moments.
luciblob 15 dias atrás
Just want to say I love your videos, and they are filmed in 4k, which is great because I got a 4k monitor and I'm sick of looking at bad quality videos on BRvid
Anna Adams
Anna Adams 6 dias atrás
honestly i rewatch these to laugh at how many big companys actually fail🤣😂
Scott Crossan
Scott Crossan 24 dias atrás
I loved 3D TVs and with the passive version glasses were only $30 so not that bad. I still miss watching 3D movies and playing 3D games
Walde 3 meses atrás
PS Vita is such an amazing handheld. I swear Sony tried to kill it intentionally with their ridiculous proprietary SD cards and the Vita game library was quite limited unless you are a fan of JRPGs. At least it's been hacked so that you can use normal microSD cards in it now and run tons of emulators on it, it's an absolutely amazing system when it's jailbroken. Definitely my favorite handheld system of all time
TheSonicsean 12 dias atrás
If they had put in regular Micro SD from the start I imagine it would have actually been successful. Not like Original Game Boy, but remember around that time the 3DS was still selling well despite being far less powerful than the Vita. Obviously Nintendo platforms sell mostly based on their IP, which Sony isn't even close to, but they could have done good business. They just shot themselves in the foot out of greed or a fear of people pirating games on it (which would have happened anyway)
Eojin's Reviews
Eojin's Reviews 12 dias atrás
You're absolutely right, Sony released much too little games on it compared to something like the 3DS. But the hacking community is really amazing, I played GTA: SA on the Vita a few days ago and it felt amazing. You can't really run something like that so smoothly on any other handheld device (besides the pretty high-end smartphones)! Amazing for a console that you can get for under $150, sometimes even $100.
Michael obeg
Michael obeg 13 dias atrás
The vita was only a failure anywhere but Japan and now that I finally have one I regret not getting one sooner
jimmycon2001 15 dias atrás
I own one
Zan 17 dias atrás
Was great for Niche JRPGs, if you're hardcore JRPG fan you were getting it for stuff like Atelier, Ys and Trails of Cold Steel but the average guy didn't know what was on it. Thing also plays PS1 and PSP games. so you got a bunch of JRPGs from those 2 systems. Since X/X2 was ported to Vita, basically every Final Fantasy game except for 12 is playable on it. Problem is, you couldn't fit it all without spending $100 of a 64gb sd card.
Peter Peterson
Peter Peterson 21 dia atrás
The real problem with artificial smells is that it highly depends on the size of the room and if the windows are open. And you have to refill it eventually. And smells really linger, you can't just turn them off.
Ethan 16 dias atrás
I mean if there is a fabreez smell🤣
Dogfaced Pony Soldier
Dogfaced Pony Soldier 25 dias atrás
I wanna see the outtakes of 8:56 where he didn't catch the PSP... Lol You can see that they had to cut the shot early because he was so happy he caught it lmao Well done Arun!
maya 14 dias atrás
my dad briefly worked for light in like 2017. he did software engineering there. i completely forgot about the company and product. what a strange flashback.
SADE 11 dias atrás
Another issue with Blockbuster that wasn't listed was that they actually had the opportunity to buy Netflix for a relatively low amount and passed saying essentially it was a joke.
Omar 6 meses atrás
You know you’re a quality creator when everyone likes the vid before it fully loading 😂
Tex gamer
Tex gamer 6 meses atrás
This is exactly what I did everytime I click his videos I make sure to like it b4 I goo too far and get too caught up in it 😂😂😂
Tacticoes 6 meses atrás
Soham 2077
Soham 2077 6 meses atrás
OmShetkar 6 meses atrás
@Excited Jellyfish Same 🤣🤣
The Tourers
The Tourers 6 meses atrás Ok
Georgie Gamer
Georgie Gamer 18 dias atrás
Fun fact: Microsoft Bob actually shipped (might still) in some form within MS operating systems installation media as a way to validate the software and verify the correct version is being installed.
:P 21 dia atrás
6:59 I like how both of the cpus are intel casings 😂
The Blue Jelly Mean
The Blue Jelly Mean 20 dias atrás
I had a Xbox 360 with a Kinect and a Wii and I loved both the only thing was, there weren’t a lot of games to play with the Kinect and the Xbox 360 and Kinect got forgotten and I preferred to play the Wii. The Kinect could have been something so big and amazing, sadly it didn’t had the support it needed to get big
Chasing Demons
Chasing Demons 13 dias atrás
I would be willing to make a pretty substantial bet that 3-D TVs will never truly take over it it’s too much of a gimmick
Thong Phan
Thong Phan 6 meses atrás
Tailor: "How tight do you want the shirt?" Arun Maini: "Yes"
Jack Kraken
Jack Kraken 6 meses atrás
If he was a chick this video might be age restricted. 😂
RetroMario 6 meses atrás
@Lauren Hazlett Same here. He's handsome.
Christopher Floyd
Christopher Floyd 6 meses atrás
@Jair Beltran Blame it on the lockdown, I do.
Jair Beltran
Jair Beltran 6 meses atrás
I am glad to see i am not the only one who noticed
Marcel de Jong
Marcel de Jong 6 meses atrás
I think he looks amazing
Yella Dart
Yella Dart 18 dias atrás
What amazes me about the test and trace app thing is that with 37 billion quid they couldn't find one person proficient with something as basic as SQL. You can hire a SQL dev for like 20k and they could put together the kind of system required within a week with the required server hardware. I'm far from a master programmer, and I managed to code a transaction logging database system for a company I worked for in less than a week with the capacity for MILLIONS of records. Nowadays I teach programming, and I could teach a student to do the same in 1 semester if they had halfway decent aptitude. It's really not hard.
John Gesselberty
John Gesselberty 19 dias atrás
Microsoft, in general, since Vista, has been a failure and 10 brought new heights to how to slow a computer by tracking and gathering information. You are connected to the Microsoft store with every program you run. I literally have to keep my task manager open and in my tray to shut down things to get Excel and other programs to load.
West Bunting
West Bunting 5 dias atrás
You need to define "fail." Some of these things aren't really a failure. The Snap Chat Glasses for example. If they are in their 3 gen or later then it sounds like that launch did just fine.
xorkatoss Dia atrás
ok wait what the ps vita was a fail? damn when I was 18 and I was doing my military service I remember a guy owning one and being jealous of him because I just had the old boring PSP xD also Vista is a nice OS, people managed to get it working with 1st gen ryzen and an ssd and it was great. The OS was just too good for it's time, that's why it failed.
Shreyas Kulkarni
Shreyas Kulkarni 6 meses atrás
*Tech Fails* are always interesting !
932 Sidharth J
932 Sidharth J 6 meses atrás
Tech fails are always interesting lol
Sophie Philip
Sophie Philip 6 meses atrás
cake 6 meses atrás
@The Cringey Person username checks out
The Cringey Person
The Cringey Person 6 meses atrás
Rohan Debbarma
Rohan Debbarma 6 meses atrás
Zlatan Bogdanovic
Zlatan Bogdanovic 2 dias atrás
11:56 ok I gotta ask, HOW COULD YOU HAVE THE AUDASADY TO SAY SOMETHING LIKE THAT?! I understand for U force wich is basicaly Kinect for NES but Kinect was a HUGE success and managed to sell 24 milion units and it is perfectly functional. If you call that a technological fail then you need help. Mihajlo Bogdanović
Coin Collecting Time
Aurin: “ OK, I smell” that is literally the funniest thing I’ve heard
Oli Minion
Oli Minion 15 dias atrás
dude i STILL have a 3d tv, and i love it. the nice thing is mine uses the same glasses that the movie theater uses. if more tvs had used that it might have taken off more.
B14z3 2 dias atrás
Snap glasses were a great idea, but failed release, still looks good though
Danipp 3 meses atrás
As many would say, the PSvita was more of a marketing fail, not a tech one (unless we count the gimmick rear touchpad. But again, many more consoles had worse gimmicks that often rendered many things unplayable, yet are considered successful, so this is definitely not such a "tech fail to forget", nowhere as bad as kinect). Many people will say how "it has no games and the very few ones are all anime games or VNs" but i had 2 of them in my lifetime (the first one being stolen, so i bought a refurbished one later on a really good deal), they were 2 different models too. I enjoyed them a lot and i still enjoy the second one, still able to find things to do with it. And as far as anime/VNs go i only had 2 out of dozens of games.
Martin Šleis
Martin Šleis 2 meses atrás
You can still use Vita with remote play.
kfcnyancat 3 meses atrás
I'd say the tech failure was Sony's stubborn insistence on proprietary media which had been a problem with the company for a while, but reached a boiling point with the Vita because of how expensive the memory cards were, and the fact that they ONLY worked with the Vita and were only ever intended for the Vita vs. the Memory Stick which worked with the PSP and Sony's cameras, music players, cell phones, laptops, and PDAs, basically being a format that lost a format war to SD. I know that was what killed the Vita for me.
Kai S.
Kai S. 8 dias atrás
The Vitas price wasnt even that bad, as you said a PS3 that is portable for a complete 350$ package. What REALLY killed it was sony abandoning its hard to code for system. Noone wanted to take the plunge because it hadnt gotten games yet, and Sony didnt release any either and buying a PSvita with no games is kinda mute too
Burst Agent
Burst Agent 22 dias atrás
In reality, 85-90% of my Microsoft games still require me to be signed in with internet connection, despite them being single player/offline games to begin with.
Alastair Archibald
Alastair Archibald 6 dias atrás
I'm a keen amateur photographer, and my weapon of choice is the Sony A7R II. I do appreciate my iPhone camera for snapping an impromptu image (once, I was in my local pub during a thunderstorm, and after it there was a double rainbow), but it'll never trump the Sony for creative photography. And this is not what a professional photographer friend told me 30 years ago: "Digital cameras will never be good enough to replace my SLR." The point is that phone cameras will never be practically able to vary aperture to control depth of field, or shutter speed to freeze or blur motion, or vary ISO if you want to control both. My 50mm f/1.4 prime lens (great for portraits) dwarfs my phone. It would look ludicrous. Likewise my 200-600mm telephoto, which has a tripod mount, because my camera fitted with the lens is ridiculously unwieldy. Physical aspects of lenses cannot be effectively replaced by a phone camera and Photoshop.
Shy Animations
Shy Animations 15 dias atrás
For fail 14, as a kid I got a 3d tv, about 40 - 50" with glasses that weren't that uncomfortable, and we got the blu-ray thing even though we just used youtube half the time lol, why LGTV are legendary sadly it broke last year when a certain someone broke it lol, now I have a non-3D TV that has lights on the back that makes movies at 2am so much more immersive
Emanuel Ramos
Emanuel Ramos 20 dias atrás
That fyre festival fiasco was insane. It’s sounds like something right out of a dystopian novel.
Darian Istead
Darian Istead 9 dias atrás
I used Netflix back in the day it was really convenient, living rural you could send and recieve mail from home meaning you didn't have to drive to the nearest township, not that they all had blockbuster or video ezy stores anyway.
Itosalix Dia atrás
Microsoft kind of did make people forget the Vista. Think of it like this: Windows 10 is tenth major full version release. Before the we have Windows 8 as the... ninth version? From the start: 3.1 = 3rd version (earliest I remember) 95 = 4th 98 = 5 XP = 6 Vista = 7 Win 7(?) = 8 Win 8 = 9 Just kinda pretending it wasn't there after trying so hard to, as Salt-N-Pepa would say, push it. Real good.
Will Billy
Will Billy 2 dias atrás
Another fail is Xbox removing the Hdmi IN cable on the series x and s. Now I gotta use a whole other hdmi port. It was a good feature on the Xbox One and One X 😔. Maybe just me.
Shiboline M'Ress
Shiboline M'Ress 2 meses atrás
"Smell-O-Vision" was tried in cinemas in the '50s, I think. I heard the fad died out pretty quickly because the scents couldn't be swapped out fast enough during films. Instead they became a muddled mess that irritated audiences and proved difficult to remove from upholstered seats.
Glitchboi 5 dias atrás
Spy kids 4 tried to modernize this with aromascope
clever musicbox
clever musicbox 24 dias atrás
Get a good romantic movie and you've got seats worthy of smelling long after the audience has left
Hoverboard2525 25 dias atrás
Sounds very futuristic
Null Shock
Null Shock 12 dias atrás
I still use my Vita, it has a decent JRPG library, that has a lot of ports. It still has a niche following, but even fans like myself understand why it never really took off. I think it had potential to make a comeback, but time + the Switch just destroyed any shot at that. And Nintendo continues to own the handheld gaming market. Not that I'm complaining, as long as I get to play fun games, I'm happy.
rfvtgbzhn 20 dias atrás
25:14 It's funny that you call Windows Vista "rushed". The development took almost 6 years, more than any version except 11 which is somewhat a special case because 10 head many feature updates.
Jungle EXPO
Jungle EXPO 23 dias atrás
Number 4 already exists with a different name. Starlink. But, it is still under improvement everyday.
Oracle 24 dias atrás
I remember getting the ps vita, I was so happy bought games and was so exited to play it, the guy at store said didnt need sd card and then in the end I did and I was like screw it I'm not paying that much for an SD card, not worth it and sold the vita a while later
The Gamer
The Gamer 6 meses atrás
The amount of times Arun rickrolled us is UNREAL
R34L X
R34L X 6 meses atrás
Pilot Pro Gaming
Pilot Pro Gaming 6 meses atrás
In the 3d TV One TV has rickroll
roli087 6 meses atrás
And the 2g1c reference
Chevy Plays
Chevy Plays 6 meses atrás
@nbacivil nba See... I Probably Saw That Subconsciously 😇 I was Focusing on The Cheering, Something That I Need in My Life... *Joy* Thanks👌🏿
nbacivil nba
nbacivil nba 6 meses atrás
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