2022 NBA Loudest Away Crowd Reactions Part One

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This video includes the loudest crowd reactions from away fans in the NBA from opening night to 12/31/21.

This is part one of a three part series. The links will be put in the description once those videos are posted.

I do not intend to make a profit off of these videos, I just intend to create these videos for entertainment. All clips belong to the NBA and the NBPA. Please don't take it down!

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25 Fev 2022



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Comentários 53
Beautiful Gigachad
Beautiful Gigachad Mês atrás
Celtics vs Knicks opener game was such a great game that not many people watched
Beautiful Gigachad
Beautiful Gigachad Mês atrás
@Crakz same
Crakz Mês atrás
I like watching close games between a team I like and a team I fucking hate
Beautiful Gigachad
Beautiful Gigachad Mês atrás
@Channel NEO yeah
Channel NEO
Channel NEO Mês atrás
It did give us the great Sidetalk video post-game though.
Supermariohoops24 Mês atrás
I was at that game where DeRozan hit the GW shot on the Pacers. As a Bulls fan myself, that place erupted. Literally felt like it was shaking in there after the shot so much that I nearly flashed out about a minute after the shot lol... Fans all game were booing their own Indiana Pacers, and this was when they still were trying to compete before trading guys like LeVert and Sabonis. Easily the best away team reaction of the year, because it was essentially a Bulls home game.
Sit Back Relax
Sit Back Relax Mês atrás
Bruh the hornets really only play away games💀
Nathan Lau
Nathan Lau Mês atrás
11:00 curry's record breaking shot sends a chill through my body every time. that gotta be the best one yet
Ya Thaut
Ya Thaut 19 dias atrás
@Josh Smith choked game 5 but they still won by double digits 😂
Stanley Nguyen
Stanley Nguyen 29 dias atrás
@Josh Smith alr alr ill give it to ya, but ik the next finals he win will be or sure a fmvp for him
Josh Smith
Josh Smith Mês atrás
@Stanley Nguyen oh look Curry choking per usual
Nathan Lau
Nathan Lau Mês atrás
@Josh Smith not yet tho. still got a long way
Nathan Lau
Nathan Lau Mês atrás
@Stanley Nguyen yes lmao
Carbine Highlights
Carbine Highlights 4 meses atrás
Glad to see Bulls @ Celtics, Bulls @ Nets and Bulls @ Pacers here. It was also pretty pro Bulls when we played in Milwaukee, Atlanta, Denver, Charlotte and LA.
Sports Highlights Productions
The Milwaukee and Charlotte will be in part two
Patsfan Mês atrás
Celtics fan’s go everywhere to watch the games
Rodel P. Labitad
Rodel P. Labitad 14 dias atrás
2:29 man look at Al Horford 😂
William Thompson IV
Here in Sacramento is a lot of warriors fans... also Steph curry is a very likeable player so we're cheering either way
James Heschel Medina
This is why the 2021-22 is on fire,🔥considered to be the best season ever in the league's history...
Anon 3 dias atrás
Nah 21-22 season is great, easily #2 and almost #1, but 15-16 will always be goated. Still close though
EonThEagle Mês atrás
Playoffs only thing killing this season from being greatest
Axe Mês atrás
0:31 in sacramento we have more warriors fans than kings fans thats why
All of these are loud reactions because these teams are really close to each other US wise
Andrew Aure
Andrew Aure Mês atrás
The 3 pointer Curry is best of all
AJ Morales
AJ Morales 3 meses atrás
Thanks for making this video bro I'm GSW fan here lol Lakers fans and Warriors fans got the most fans in NBA so I'm not surprised we made the list lol
Conor Reddington
Conor Reddington Mês atrás
@AJ Morales he said the fan base is superior not the number of fans
AJ Morales
AJ Morales Mês atrás
@Salty you too bro whoever doesn’t know laker fans and warriors fans are the main fan bases that can take over half the away arenas lol 😂
Salty Mês atrás
@AJ Morales common W big bro
AJ Morales
AJ Morales Mês atrás
@Ocyries warriors got more fans then Celtics try again and laker fans do too Celtics got the 3rd most fans after lakers and warriors
Ocyries Mês atrás
Celtics fan base is superior
Vaughn Shinkus
Vaughn Shinkus 4 meses atrás
For part two Sixers @ Magic from earlier this year when Joel got MVP chants and now you can add Sixers at MSG the other day.
vizz232 Mês atrás
Nets look like a friendly crowd
carol bowditch
carol bowditch Mês atrás
amazing all shots i enjoy it
Larry Zavala
Larry Zavala 26 dias atrás
does dallas beat golden state if they still had porzingis?
Kevin Bertalotto
Kevin Bertalotto Mês atrás
@ 1:38, so proud russ didn't turn it over
76ers4Life 5 dias atrás
Great vids 👍
jj15 Mês atrás
Warriors are no doubt the loudest consistent fans out there. Literally all games you’ll hear their fans throughout each quarter where other teams you’ll hear them here and there, some quarters they’ll stay quiet and not on their feet and sometimes they’re loud
jj15 Mês atrás
@AJ Morales lol i literally went to game 4 all the way in Dallas and let me tell you😂they’re like rookies at being fans, the announcer was trying to get the crowd hyped which they did but it wasn’t even loud at all. Yeah dallas cheered when they hit a 3 but literally that’s was the only time lol, all you hear is just a bunch of drunk people calling the warriors stupid names that i can’t say on here but it’s just hilarious. Instead of the Warriors stadium where you’d hear cheering on both sides of the ball literally all game even if they were up by 20
AJ Morales
AJ Morales Mês atrás
Exactly noticed that too warriors fans always make sure that there presence is felt they’re always louder then the away crowds
Andrew Aure
Andrew Aure Mês atrás
Warrior's is the best
ItzWakk Mês atrás
look how many nets home games are here
Edward Livingston
Edward Livingston Mês atrás
at 12:02 is it just me or can the broadcaster predict the future
ItzWakk Mês atrás
@nikki dew yeah mb
nikki dew
nikki dew Mês atrás
@ItzWakk not delayed, the opposite
ItzWakk Mês atrás
the audio was delayed that game
Calvin Gregory MaloneSmith
Suns Vs Knicks
76ers4Life 5 dias atrás
I’m your 500th subscriber
AlexTheBest Mês atrás
Griffin Bunn
Griffin Bunn 23 dias atrás
Celtics fans are so annoying
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