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'The Birth of a Queen'
THE BIRTH +Cheshire by ITZY in 2022 MAMA AWARDS
World’s No.1 K-POP Awards


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29 Nov 2022



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Comentários : 4,1 mil   
@quliii_ Anos atrás
Congratulations ITZY for winning "Most Robbed Female Artist" at the 2022 MAMA AWARDS
@anuabraham660 Anos atrás
Fr. But unfortunately sneakers wasn't the best era this year :( They were robbed big time last year.
@Redeye-sq1sw Anos atrás
Yesss 3 years in a roww
@celeh.5967 Anos atrás
Don't put all the blame on them, midzys don't care about the votes and the stream, unfortunately we are a lazy fandom
@oyooo3395 Anos atrás
Huh .new award???lol
@ITZY0T5. Anos atrás
oh, dear😥
@th0ve953 Anos atrás
ITZY get's robbed for awards, but it never changes the fact that they are stage performance queens! Slay!
@Jerry-zx3pi Anos atrás
Nobody rob them tho.
@javimolina1430 Anos atrás
@@Jerry-zx3pi si ,ive ,mejor coreografía/performance ,mejor déjate de webiar y acepta que dieron los premios muy mal ,otros gg merecían ciertos premios
@@Jerry-zx3pi nah jyp artists are always robbed especially when it comes to melon
@anvi7yearsago687 Anos atrás
None of the songs except chesire was even deserved to be called great
@Jerry-zx3pi Anos atrás
@@notshynot_anna5683 yes but who robbed them then
@Lulu._.1 Anos atrás
imagine having MAMA as your comeback stage 😳❤️
@bim_bio9486 Anos atrás
wow that's like so impressive
@hellodil_lyn Anos atrás
2 comebacks then After that their world tour concert. Straight to MAMA then comeback promotions for Cheshire. 4th gen leaders still slaying
@linusvanpelt9652 Anos atrás
IZ*ONE can relate, they performed their first Panorama stage at MAMA 2020
@lleiez 11 meses atrás
@wonyoung visual 😟
@t0mi3._kawakam1 11 meses atrás
@wonyoung visual wdym
@irteqafakih1021 Mês atrás
ITZYS Live singing is so stable that people think they are lip syncing but they are not because they are the queen's of 4th generation ITZY
@jishthebish Anos atrás
@chinodelacruz2060 Anos atrás
@lucianaalves1867 Anos atrás
@barhorovitz2134 Anos atrás
@sennottiddies Anos atrás
she OWNS this era honestly im so here for it
@user-uo4kf6qv7v 5 meses atrás
@HikarieDa Anos atrás
Their facial expressions never disappointed also YEJI GAZE AND SMIRK SO DEADLY BEAUTIFUL ☺️
@l.a.y.l.a.y__ Anos atrás
Woahhh the debut of Cheshire being performed at MAMA is crazy🔥‼️🤭they did amazing 🤞🏾
@fsh2ldib Anos atrás
Izone panorama to
@hjjisoo Anos atrás
@@fsh2ldib and??
@treasure7262 Anos atrás
Kara yesterday aswell
@JusticejXD Anos atrás
@@fsh2ldibno one stated they was the first just stated it was cool
@thv.luvr_ Anos atrás
@ivesm3253 Anos atrás
You may think that Sneakers and Cheshire were flops but you can't deny the true test of an artist is how they perform live and ITZY definitely has got that covered. MAMA can keep inviting ITZY to their shows cause these girls keep saving them!!!! Proud Midzy!!!
@talice7777 Anos atrás
Sneakers wasn't a flop. And Cheshire is one of their most different TT. Still early days but the entire EP is really great!
@ITEEZ- Anos atrás
Who said Cheshire is a flop!?! It’s a banger!
@zhiy__ Anos atrás
@@makejihyomainvocalistagain9217 knetz said that 😭
@clamville9216 Anos atrás
ikr sneakers is a bop even boys like you
@satddf3591 Anos atrás
Yeji's voice gosh im in love she's so powerful
I know right
@elianaomoviro-kb1nw 6 meses atrás
@rwf4 5 meses atrás
She’s good at everything
@vivianoranges Anos atrás
I think Yuna has grown SO MUCH this comeback. Idk how to explain it, it's so nice to see her bounce back from all the negativity that came at her this past year and tbh all of ITZY performed so amazingly (so I didn't notice it at first) but Yuna is definitely shining!!! She's back and better than ever ❤❤
@mahnoornadeem197 Anos atrás
Right 👍
@woah9637 9 meses atrás
Why'd she get negativity?
@tonymack21gaming29 8 meses atrás
@@woah9637 stupid internet haters saying she was being pick me and just looking for attention, doing the love dive thing on her live, haters were just on her for everything.
@amtulshafi99 Anos atrás
Lia's facial expressions and vocals are amazing. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
@hannvth Anos atrás
4th gen leaders performed an amazing performance as always
@mekjemah7056 Anos atrás
i think 4gen leader its gidle and everglow
@gabiecv Anos atrás
@@mekjemah7056 gidle maybe, but not everglow ☠️
4th gen leaders in boygroups is stray kids and in girl groups its itzy
@hannvth Anos atrás
itzy always has been holding the “4th gen leaders” title since their debut
@as1948 Anos atrás
@@mekjemah7056 I love Everglow but I don’t think they’re 4gen leaders
@jishthebish Anos atrás
Yeji and Chaeryeong are killing meee
@jisoo-is-everything3809 10 meses atrás
Holly molly Yeji what's have you done . Just blown and shattered the entire arena of mama. the stage presence . The dance, the outfit , the looks, the vocal, and the death stare to camera. we bow down to you queen.
yeji as most replayed part
@niasusilawati5611 11 meses atrás
Yes right
@elianaomoviro-kb1nw 6 meses atrás
@All_in_us. 2 meses atrás
Bruh they are the only ones who sing live I'm so proud of them they are the real Queens of stage performance
@user-zp7un2zl8t Anos atrás
이 무대 보니까 입덕위기에요 이런 종류의 멋있음은 너무 오랜만이고,,,노래도 너무 채셔고양이 그자체
@midzyy3614 Anos atrás
Welcome baby Midzy! Pls like and str34m their video! :)
@anaelyse2545 Anos atrás
Vote no itzy no show champion!
@ITEEZ- Anos atrás
@lilpixiedik7851 Anos atrás
you should watch their mafia in the morning mama prrformance. its incredible
@DaKa-_- 7 meses atrás
외국인들이 끓어들이고 있엌ㅋㅋㅋ
@Alex_Kills Anos atrás
Great way for Itzy to debut their new song and start this new era. Such an amazing performance! That opening was stellar. They really never fail to impress on stage.
@lucianaalves1867 Anos atrás
Now THIS is how you perform. Nobody doing it like my girls ITZY!!!!
@ttnl2807 Anos atrás
Itzy slay!!!!!
@asahiyawh Anos atrás
You mean in GG? Or all groups
@hellodil_lyn 11 meses atrás
Yes our slay queens
@@Manchis123 bigbang and 2ne1 too
@user-mk4ro6hr8u Anos atrás
@tabasumabid4988 Anos atrás
Lia's visual is insane . She was looking too pretty and charismatic at the same time
@basedblonde Anos atrás
I’ve been scrolling trying to find someone else that admires her incredible beauty!! 🥹😍👏
@tabasumabid4988 Anos atrás
@@basedblonde I admire her alot in all aspects. She is really underrated and the least popular in her group . That is kinda sad .
@basedblonde Anos atrás
@@tabasumabid4988 that’s so sad 😭 I love her vocal tone and I feel like she gets flack for it but she has one of the most unique voices in K-pop which I love 😍 it makes her stand out
@s_bp2876 5 meses atrás
She’s the reason why I got into kpop bec of her voice and beauty so elegant. ❤️😊
One thing for sure is that their vocals ain't a joke. I got goosebumps with Yeji's vocal.
@twice72019 Anos atrás
as the title says, indeed ‘the birth of a queen’. SLAY
@Emeraldnicki Anos atrás
Louderrrrr! ITZY Most viewed performance for MAMA2021, Now soon most viewed for MAMA 2022!!!!
@petejackson3215 Anos atrás
@@Emeraldnicki can i have the link to itzy mama 2021?
@petejackson3215 Anos atrás
Hana RIO's Egg how wonder i cant find it. Im only new to the scene
@19Koike Anos atrás
the title is speaking facts ma friend👏🏻😌
@sgaleks8305 Anos atrás
Hana RIO's Egg it’s so sad... it was iconic and the most viewed of all and in the trends and there are still many people who watch the performance at unofficial acc
@user-eh9ym5xo1h Anos atrás
있지 최고임. 멤버 모두 메보 메댄 비쥬얼센터임
@tonymack21gaming29 10 meses atrás
They are just so incredible, so versatile and when it comes to live they are unreal. they just keep getting better. and damn yeji the ace. itzy midzy lets fly.
@m4ri3z1 7 meses atrás
their outfits are so pretty esp lia omg
@meimei-hl3iw Anos atrás
ITZY shows the best professional stage every year! Especially this year they have been super busy with so many things like world tours, a few new songs and preparation for many awards! Thank you so much for your great efforts all the time!
@hellodil_lyn 11 meses atrás
JYP needs to pay them well
@kimboseok0919 3 meses atrás
정말 걸그룹 노래 중 가장 고급지고 세련된 노래 일듯!
@user-qx9ud2oh5b 3 meses atrás
ㄹㅇ… 노래 진짜 고급지고 세련됐음
@jjendeukie2240 Anos atrás
Yeji's Era in Cheshire.🔥🔥❤️😳
@hellodil_lyn Anos atrás
Our cat eye queen meow
@Denelle18 Anos atrás
ITZY making MAMA stage a comeback stage! Truly QUEENS! 👑👑👑👑👑
@someone_15 Anos atrás
Their performances were extraordinary, their auras were extremely strong, their steady voices and difficult dances did not change their beauty
@hellodil_lyn 11 meses atrás
Slay queens
@isabela199 Mês atrás
I hope Itzy doesn't go to MAMA this year. It's literally absurd that they don't receive a nomination in any category. Every year they deliver one of the best performances of the night
@gong9298 Anos atrás
이 영상을 처음봤을 때 그 느낌이 사라지지 않아 진짜 너무 좋다,,,
@vl5188 Anos atrás
Yeji’s Charisma is on another level… All of them are shining. And I love how confident Lia performing this song… ITZY Queens 👑👑👑👑👑
@gingerfani Anos atrás
Lia looks so good and I love her outfit, it's so classy and elegant yet sexy! Of course all of them look great, but she was my favourite in this performance
@niasusilawati5611 Anos atrás
I love yeji very much❤️
@kk_tnmimiroru 10 meses atrás
@vhr8528 Anos atrás
@user-zp7un2zl8t Anos atrás
진짜 처음부터 헉했다 카리스마랑 포스가 미침❤ 여유가 아주 흘러넘ㅊㅕ… 이 컨셉하고 의상 이어가주면 좋겠음!! 있지가 무대 휘어잡는 선배가 된게 실감난다
@islamarie9244 9 meses atrás
i LOVE lias vocals in this song they match its vibe so well to me
@lisu1006 4 meses atrás
Yeji slayed !!! .
@anuabraham660 Anos atrás
One thing about JYP artists is that, they never NEVER disappoint with their stage performances and charisma. They slay every single time.
@chewychoco7218 Anos atrás
JYP 4th gen is the best among the best Straykids- Best Rapper Line Itzy- Best Dance Line NMIXX- Best Vocal Line X-Dinary Heroes- Best Band Overall, JYPE have the best performers and visuals. Trust me JYP Future is bright
@ashton_playz9341 Anos atrás
@@chewychoco7218 would honestly say stray kids has the best dance line in jyp 4th gen
@allyaaaa Anos atrás
@angie99821 Anos atrás
Las notas altas de Yeji, lia y chaeryoung son lo máximo
@anaelyse2545 Anos atrás
Vote no itzy no show champion!
@sarahsako4207 Anos atrás
the way yeji Carrie this performance with just expression is wufff 🤤🔥
@hellodil_lyn Anos atrás
*Congratulations Cheshire 1st win in Music Bank and 46M views in the MV!*
@haehyun6 5 meses atrás
Itzy is always great. itzy has its own charisma and charm every performance ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥I'm so proud to be midzy. 🫶🏻👑👑👑👑👑
@jae-dj2ue Anos atrás
i can’t stop watching this on repeat its so good 😭😭😭
@hellodil_lyn Anos atrás
Same girl
@umi3499 Anos atrás
@user-jm4gv8xc9n Anos atrás
예지 표정 연기 좋고 있지 더 대박나자!!!!!
@layfia398 Anos atrás
itzy is still the best performer for 4th gen gg for me. still no one can outperform them
@qian96 Anos atrás
1:56 3:29 4:28 i just love it when ryujin smiles/smirks like this while performing. No one's doing it like her
@rjs2257 Anos atrás
yes she is the best
@user-zk9qi5rt2r Anos atrás
Yas 👏
@zoominmj Anos atrás
있지는 진짜 표정 천재다..... 표정 보는 맛에 음방 봄....
@DaraEunice Anos atrás
Ryujin and Yeji killing it 🔥🔥
@HK.17n07 Anos atrás
@nabilaputri2736 Anos atrás
The best stage presence hwang yejiii
@alchemist1588 Anos atrás
Itzy performing at MAMA awards is something I can count on to be nothing short of spectacular 🤘
@edward3667 Anos atrás
@streamer2.017 Anos atrás
Love you ITZY
@hachi5574 Anos atrás
@sahilbhallaa 10 meses atrás
Their stage presence 😍
Amazing performance as always!!! 🔥 Our YEJI LIA RYUJIN CHAERYEONG YUNA u guys did amazinggg!!! Sooo proud of u guysss
@iamaberry Anos atrás
Yeji is breathtaking
@irenebasa7666 Anos atrás
everytime lia's shown in the screen, i gasped. her visuals are insane!
@tyramyrza5559 Anos atrás
@kz97kj04 Anos atrás
Yeji’s era hands down
@andrefernandes413 Anos atrás
I Love U Itzy Yeji Ryujin Lia Chaeryeong Yuna Fantastic performance ❤✌
@alska3 Anos atrás
예지랑 류진이 미쳤는데 … 이번 컨셉 찰떡임 …
@urvidedhia8628 Anos atrás
@seopunii Anos atrás
Stan Talent Stan Itzy they did not disappoint 😭, the 'la la la la lalala ' part is so ADDICTING BRO , ITS ACTUALLY TATTOOED ON MY BRAIN AT THIS POINT 😭💔 itzy thank you for making this masterpiece 💜
@anaelyse2545 Anos atrás
Midzys, pls str34m the mv and voote: i d o l champ app. 3rd rn
@sj8475 Anos atrás
진짜 이번 노래 좋다
@chengrobyn0809 Anos atrás
Omg yeji’ vocal
@anaelyse2545 Anos atrás
Midzys, pls str34m the mv and voote: i d o l champ app. 3rd rn
Lia is such a princess 🥺
No one’s doing it like ITZY❤
@anaelyse2545 Anos atrás
instead of acting all defeated like most midzys are doing rn I need y’all to STAND UP. Let’s focus on methods to bring our Spotify streams up rn and work with our chart and data accounts to help out ❕❕ the girls worked too hard for y’all to GIVE UP and fail them…
@minsukisongs7014 Anos atrás
@@anaelyse2545 definitely midzys rise
@jessyadrienne Anos atrás
ITZY MADE MAMA THEIR DEBUT STAGE! ICONIC QUEENS! very gutsy move but THEY SLAYED! the talent and visuals of these 5 fine ladies are amazing. YEJI & RYUJIN'S expressions is a KILLER!!! I can't stop watching this!
@normz4939 Anos atrás
Girl same i cant stop watching this..
@hall-hyoo Anos atrás
@@normz4939 SAME! They all ATE and made the show theirs! I'm already dead, but I'm a glutton on loop! ☠☠☠☠☠
@k-nno3267 11 meses atrás
mamaでITZYの歌とか聞いてたけどまじレベチだった♡♡聞いただけでも生歌のつよさが分かったし最高だった!! treasureもめっちゃ生歌感じた!!
@upplaah Anos atrás
ryeji stage presence it's surreal 🤍🤍
@anaelyse2545 Anos atrás
Vote no itzy no show champion!
@anaelyse2545 Anos atrás
Vote no itzy no show champion!
@hellodil_lyn 11 meses atrás
Mix and Max
@milidasgupta8102 11 meses atrás
Mhm. And I love the fact that Yuna is almost at Yeji's level of SP. My queens slayed. Chae and Lia are so much better already!!!
@lucianaalves1867 Anos atrás
@silverlynn9050 Anos atrás
Thank you for always giving the best performance, ITZY 🙏
@anaelyse2545 Anos atrás
Midzys, pls str34m the mv and voote: i d o l champ app. 3rd rn
@haehyun6 5 meses atrás
Yeji so pretty Queen 👑💕
@NiniRenz Anos atrás
i got goosebumps the entire performance. the stage presence, the choreo, the vocals, the outfits, everything is just chef's kiss. they deserve so so so much. ITZY NEVER DISAPPOINT.
@piripiwpiw4675 Anos atrás
@danigonzalez673 Anos atrás
Love this performance so much. They’re energy is amazing. They never disappoint.
@arcie3716 11 meses atrás
Itzy Queens 👑💕
@Siren_Angelo 9 meses atrás
MY JAW IS ON THE FLOOR, IF NOT THROUH THE FLOOR. The fact we can hear them so well, their absolutely incredible!
@jayrekhamothiram6792 11 meses atrás
Just going to say how the back up dancers are so underrated,like they absolutely slayed
@ryejisdaughter Anos atrás
I actually got goosebumps watching it. Itzy Queens difference 👑💕
@sititiw5708 Anos atrás
yes me too, i got goosebumps when i watch ITZY stage performance. incredible and memorable. ❤🖤❤🖤
@mushkan_army8012 Anos atrás
@onceella8519 10 dias atrás
Missing ITZY after watching other artists performing tonight
@lucianaalves1867 11 meses atrás
MAMA can keep inviting ITZY to their shows cause these girls keep saving them!!!!
@a5vfakepunpi820 11 meses atrás
@user-ro3mo7um3p Anos atrás
@takebanee Anos atrás
So proud of them!! Amazing performance, especially the intro!! Itzy letting people know who lead the 4th generation is. Itzy Fighting🙌🏾💖
@meisus203 Anos atrás
I’m not even mitzy but I always watch their performances on mama and all i can say is they are EXCEPCIONAL and they have the best charisma and choreographies
@crawfordtonia Anos atrás
The outfits!!! Chearyoung ❤️❤️
@tk-pop874 Anos atrás
Hermosas Únicas ITZY❤️✨
@user-nn8tk4bf4p Anos atrás
группы JYP гениальны в том плане, что исполняют свои новые, только что вышедшие хиты на МАМА ❤‍🔥❤‍🔥❤‍🔥
@itzyluvbot 5 meses atrás
@user-vy9oy9qf7k Anos atrás
내기준 비주얼 원탑팀 간지 둘이서 꽉 잡아놓고 완전미인형유나 여우채령 고급진리아 이 분위기가 넘 멋있음 오랜만에 무대보니 더 잘하네..
@user-ph1xm3cd8t Anos atrás
있지 너무 잘한다!!!
@kenyoung6666 11 meses atrás
Their stage presence paired with their dance moves and vocals are on fire!!!🔥🔥🔥
@hellodil_lyn 11 meses atrás
*Happy 70M Cheshire!!!!* Str3am more please!!!
@shontam7727 Anos atrás
Congratulation and thank you so much ITZY for carrying MAMA 2022. You have always been the main event 💙
@kyleRYJ1N Anos atrás
@ITEEZ- Anos atrás
y’all should start that hashtag on twt
@airaanderson Anos atrás
The hastag haha
@tonymack21gaming29 9 meses atrás
the hardest ace in the game. queen of the 4th gen
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