2020 Toyota Supra Review - All Aboard The Hype Train

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2020 Toyota GR Supra review. Watch this if you're interested in the BMW M2, BMW M2 Competition, BMW 440i, BMW Z4, Corvette C8
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11 Out 2019



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Comentários 2 641
TheStraightPipes 2 meses atrás
What do you think of the new Supra? If you're wondering why there's comments from a few days before you got the notification for the video, check out for early access to videos
Nicky458itl 3 dias atrás
supra + bmw engine = wrong JDM car.
James the Stikbot
James the Stikbot Mês atrás
It looks cool and is But I still prefer the mk 4
ian watmough
ian watmough Mês atrás
I love it and if I’m honest the bmw engine is a perfect fit
Patrick Gaido
Patrick Gaido Mês atrás
This car is going to be very expensive to fix since it has a BMW engine to fix. If it was all Toyota I would buy one. But I think I will pass to save money.
Al Juraj Tung
Al Juraj Tung Mês atrás
Guys, this has the same engine as the M240i; the M2 Comp has been given a detuned M3 motor.
SeNNeR Dia atrás
I liked the video even if i hate this z4
SWAT spence
SWAT spence 2 dias atrás
I am so upset it is a BMW that I bought one last weekend. Love the car!
Sanghoon Lee
Sanghoon Lee 4 dias atrás
Why am I thinking of an ancient Egyptian dude with heavy eye makeup.
Jason Lee
Jason Lee 6 dias atrás
funny!!! I have yet to see one on the street in Las Vegas
AW11_OMW2FYB 8 dias atrás
cant u just buy some aftermarket wind deflectors ?
DumbledoreMcCracken 8 dias atrás
Great review
Adam Brown
Adam Brown 8 dias atrás
Really too bad to see that it’s a bmw I’m not raging mad and I think it’s obviously going to be a good car but it could have been so cool if it was designed by Toyota. The biggest disappointment though is that there isn’t a manual, wtf Toyota this is the type of car that should have a manual option, I know that means it’ll be slower but this wasn’t designed to be the fastest car ever anyway. It really feels like the reason it isn’t a manual also is because it is that bmw engine if it were designed from the ground up by Toyota it probably would’ve had a manual option.
Pixel Omelette
Pixel Omelette 9 dias atrás
I miss the wing 😭
Clyde 10 dias atrás
I like everything about it except the tq-converter transmission. Wish it had the BMW DCT instead.
Clyde 10 dias atrás
The seats look flat and don't look very supportive.
maplefreak64 12 dias atrás
2021 Toyota GT86 and Subaru BRZ facelift. New Subaru 2.4 liter engine and Mazda's platform and shell of Toyota. It's expected this at present.
Bond James Bond
Bond James Bond 15 dias atrás
Guys plz stick a go pro (with audio) just on top of the exhaust tips from now on plz guys on all your vids 🙏
Frank McGrath
Frank McGrath 15 dias atrás
Worldwide condemnation in the last few years for the supra, especially from the JDM loverboys. Condemned for the partnership with BMW. Because BMW is rubbish to the Supra purists and JDM fanboys. Now, everyone is raving about how good it is. Every autojournalist is going gaga over the new Supra. Every tuner is sticking his head up the B58 BMW engine. What a Fickleminded hypocritical world this is.
Frank McGrath
Frank McGrath 15 dias atrás
A newly designed e86 Z4 coupe in a yellow shell.
Will Goetz
Will Goetz 15 dias atrás
I like the styling but 100% upset that it is not a Toyota engine and also that there is no manual transmission available.
Hugomao88 16 dias atrás
Looks like a supra? To me I can’t get my head around that it looks like a z4 no offence. The longer I look at it the more it looks like a supra. Don’t take this as an offensive comment.
Bima Yanris
Bima Yanris 16 dias atrás
In my country C43 AMG more cheaper than Supra 😂
Michael Slocum
Michael Slocum 16 dias atrás
Helmholtz resonance
x6King6x 18 dias atrás
Not a Supra at all. AT ALL.
Random Guy
Random Guy 18 dias atrás
But Toyota make a 400hp supercharged v6 for lotus but they have a bmw in the new supra
Jack Braddell
Jack Braddell 19 dias atrás
This car needed a 4 litre turbo engine, maybe 450 hp would be nice.
Infinite 13 horas atrás
It dynos just under 400hp in reality
RandomUser221 20 dias atrás
New Toyota Supra!?! *Walks in* Oh.... It's just a BMW? *walks out*
Fresh Towels
Fresh Towels 21 dia atrás
for 63 k I'll take the mid engined corvette
Jack Braddell
Jack Braddell 19 dias atrás
Seems around a $52,000 dollar car
Saran Saro
Saran Saro 21 dia atrás
Toyota really pissed me off for using a bmw engine they already have a really good v6 engine the one in the Camry and avalon which makes 300 hp naturally aspirated they could put on a turbo on that engine with a tune and probably get up to 450 and it would be their own engine
RCC 2448
RCC 2448 21 dia atrás
1:38 "Future Review" anyone?
Futo Karin
Futo Karin 22 dias atrás
Z4 is 100lbs lighter Supras are useless
Revvin the 417
Revvin the 417 23 dias atrás
My Audi TTS had insane buffeting.
Sudhir Panier
Sudhir Panier 23 dias atrás
I want a manual 😡
mistreku 25 dias atrás
i think it all comes down to price, i would disregard the bmw vs toyota thing and just go for the best banf for buck.
viva la pachanga!!
viva la pachanga!! 26 dias atrás
whoever gets this cars let us know how is holding up at 100k
viva la pachanga!!
viva la pachanga!! 26 dias atrás
the supra from the 90s is still the boss not this stocky ass called supra.
viva la pachanga!!
viva la pachanga!! 26 dias atrás
and by sick he means is a piece of shit bm crap!!
Daniel Theriault
Daniel Theriault 27 dias atrás
My m240i is good enough for me.. for 17 000$ less ..
Leveraged Mês atrás
First aftermarket mod: steering wheel, Toyota engine and parts.
Yuda X
Yuda X 27 dias atrás
Leveraged first you need to buy one
Angela Ferrannini Nielsen
Torn between this or a base Cayman or C8. Decisions, decisions...
SphericPenny73 Mês atrás
shorter wheelbase than the Toyota 86 and supra brz?, u made an error my guy it's Subaru.....1:36
Christopher Jefferson
Removing the door “vents” can and should be removed as the passage would aid in aero or ie downforce. It the splitter also has canards on either side to divert air around front wheels and around the car to clean the air up and push “dirty” air behind the car.
Christopher Jefferson
Yeah it’s def a 400hp engine. My 2013 F30 328i with the N20 turbo has “250hp” but it’s 0-60 says b.s. more like 290.
Leo Lopez
Leo Lopez Mês atrás
Kids in the comment section think the 2JZ came with 1000 HP from the factory
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