2020 Starlight Edition | Karrie "Neon Lightwheel" | Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang
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2020 Starlight Edition Lucky Draw is coming soon!
During Stage 1 from November 24 to 30, participate in the event to draw Karrie's Starlight Edition Skin "Neon Lightwheel", "2020 Starlight Member Edition" Starlight Exclusive Avatar Border and Starlight Exclusive Elimination Effect "Star".
During Stage 2 from December 1 to 31, participate in the event to draw Karrie's Starlight Edition Skin "Neon Lightwheel" with a big discount! More offers for Starlight Members!
Don't miss out!


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19 Nov 2020



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Jaison Angelo Siapno
Moonton can you make a daily quest obout that so we can get we free tokens pls update it and I don't want daily quest that se'z recharge I only want it to say example: log in play one match classic/ranked/brawl like that and lastly play with your friends and if you did not you will pay fo 50k dias
Louise Reyes
Louise Reyes 2 dias atrás
Ako lang ba nakakuwa ng libre neto
diogo oliveira
diogo oliveira 2 dias atrás
Amei viu, a kerrie é negra e na skin ela é branca. E vamos de... Vou nem falar
Qen Entertainment
Qen Entertainment 3 dias atrás
.Sembang Hiburan Jojo & Mimi.
Qen Entertainment
Qen Entertainment 3 dias atrás
.Sembang Hiburan Jojo & Mimi.
Muhd Asyraf
Muhd Asyraf 3 dias atrás
Kecewa beb, skin annual starlight makin mahal.
MABC só 4 dias atrás
I send a photo of my vagina to anyone who gives me the skin of Natalia Cyber ​​Specter. do anything there id: 633131879 name: MaBc ¥ I love you baby
Hussien Disomimba
Hussien Disomimba 4 dias atrás
Free spin draw in official release please 🥺🙏🏻
-Cocabeige 4 dias atrás
Pfft. Looks pretty generic imo. Ive got her mecha skin back then im good with it. Not spending a single dime again
Ridwan Nation
Ridwan Nation 5 dias atrás
Bang mau nanya akun ml saya kn ke hack . dan saya udh lapor pihak monoonton trus blum ada jawaban udh 2 hari . harus nunggu brpa hari ya bang biar di respon
Ehdlyn Arete
Ehdlyn Arete 5 dias atrás
Wla ka moontoon wla na lolita fliker yack
Phalla Jea
Phalla Jea 5 dias atrás
What name song ?
Hussien Disomimba
Hussien Disomimba 5 dias atrás
Moonton, we need free event draw for this please 🙏🏻🥺
Albert Htoo
Albert Htoo 5 dias atrás
plz sell again like gord skin. We can't afford so much money 💰 😢 Why so expensive?
Eron Quicoy
Eron Quicoy 5 dias atrás
Yung naipon ko po bang Neon ligth badges sa pre release hindi mawawala pag umpisa ng official release?? Curious lng ako
UNEXTREY 5 dias atrás
Vale and faramis be like:👁️👄👁️
I'm Noob
I'm Noob 5 dias atrás
Monton please hold this ticket at the top up event.@Mobile Legends: Bang Bang
kajake1669 5 dias atrás
I like the music it looks like a pacific rim music
Ang ganda
Ayelen Cortez
Ayelen Cortez 5 dias atrás
Me parece re injusto que la skin de hayabusa fue facil de conseguirla y la de star de karrie no. 😠
KRIS CHANNEL 6 dias atrás
waitting ....🤧
Kenkyona Chan
Kenkyona Chan 6 dias atrás
Moonton: *releases another new skin* Vale: *okay I'm out"
Rodhajit Sharma
Rodhajit Sharma 6 dias atrás
Why they put hero squad music so unprofessional just saying
syawal gaming
syawal gaming 6 dias atrás
1 december
SNITCH IN 6 dias atrás
Useless sk8ns
SNITCH IN 6 dias atrás
Mlbb is so s copy right game
Cathyren Natividad
Cathyren Natividad 6 dias atrás
another skin i won't have
skyboy gaming
skyboy gaming 6 dias atrás
Pls let me hack diamonds
Noemar Ramos
Noemar Ramos 6 dias atrás
i want to get that
James Carlo Colis Lao
James Carlo Colis Lao 6 dias atrás
Diba may starlight na su karrie
Canal d o Buu
Canal d o Buu 6 dias atrás
Skill família
Abdullah Ab
Abdullah Ab 6 dias atrás
Abdullah Ab
Abdullah Ab 6 dias atrás
I am mobile legend
Abdullah Ab
Abdullah Ab 6 dias atrás
How are you
Abdullah Ab
Abdullah Ab 6 dias atrás
Hyper - Troll
Hyper - Troll 6 dias atrás
Y cant u just make vale an Epic skin or starlight.. Who agree? Like
Potek. Kunin ko nalang jan sa draw ung eliminstion at recall -_- ag na border. Tas sa bundle nalsng skin
nabil aniq
nabil aniq 6 dias atrás
karrie hawkwatch pun ta dpt..ini kan plk skin baru ni
andy nguyen
andy nguyen 6 dias atrás
How can we can have that skin f
Richard T. Rosales
Richard T. Rosales 6 dias atrás
Ganda ng skin
Kuya Mai
Kuya Mai 6 dias atrás
Did mlbb have announced who is gonna be the next paint skin for December starlight? I wonder if pharsa elite skin have a pint skin what’s colour it’s gonna be??
Leonides Echague
Leonides Echague 6 dias atrás
Not worth to buy eugh 😤😖🤮
Samlor Gaming
Samlor Gaming 6 dias atrás
Marin Laura Ramona
Marin Laura Ramona 6 dias atrás
Is it just me or "you have slained an enemy" is the exact voice for VG too..?
Jhunwel Recorba
Jhunwel Recorba 6 dias atrás
Pange skin ni miya
Mr. Ghost
Mr. Ghost 6 dias atrás
I thought this game was dead, but this game is mobile game and never die cuz mobile player don't have many games to play hahaha
Xr Teu
Xr Teu 6 dias atrás
SIAPA akq 6 dias atrás
SIAPA akq 6 dias atrás
SIAPA akq 6 dias atrás
Dani Verdyansyah
Dani Verdyansyah 6 dias atrás
Pls Put It In Starlight Member, I Don't Have Many Money For Spin😭
Dani Verdyansyah
Dani Verdyansyah 5 dias atrás
@OmqlilAlex Rip
OmqlilAlex 6 dias atrás
Ikr just like the Starlight 2018 skin
Mikaely Mika
Mikaely Mika 6 dias atrás
Eu jogo esse jogo e e muito legal
MR Rejceh
MR Rejceh 6 dias atrás
sya suka
CINTHIA RAMÍREZ 6 dias atrás
Ilovemyself teehee
Ilovemyself teehee 6 dias atrás
I want this skin so bad, but m too brokeㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ
Ronald Hubahib
Ronald Hubahib 6 dias atrás
Hoy hatag skin be
Claudisney Irineu
Claudisney Irineu 6 dias atrás
Jogo bosta só trava
Marian Danciu
Marian Danciu 6 dias atrás
Mobile legents pls i can too have oll skins
Matcha Ch.
Matcha Ch. 6 dias atrás
Moneybags. They just want your money Awful ads, low quality. Why
Morpheus G
Morpheus G 6 dias atrás
Playing against bots everytime too
Vincent Abrajano
Vincent Abrajano 6 dias atrás
oww woow only rich people can get that😃😀
thant zaw oo khaing
thant zaw oo khaing 6 dias atrás
Frost Diamondd
Frost Diamondd 6 dias atrás
Anjay tranding
Angry Genius
Angry Genius 6 dias atrás
Husnul Husnul
Husnul Husnul 6 dias atrás
Plss event ml vs among us cant I?
Andy Delphine
Andy Delphine 6 dias atrás
Why ml doesn't make new sound effects to skins.
Morpheus G
Morpheus G 5 dias atrás
@Andy Delphine ikr
Andy Delphine
Andy Delphine 5 dias atrás
@Morpheus G that is surprising to a multimillionaire developer
Morpheus G
Morpheus G 6 dias atrás
Too much work will stressout moonton
buzzy man
buzzy man 6 dias atrás
moontoon so rich...many skin..
pupu's tv
pupu's tv 6 dias atrás
Mahal nmn kase yan.dapat babaan lng ung price..buti pa sa wildrift halos ipamigay lng ung skin
Dennis Li
Dennis Li 6 dias atrás
Boycott gacha
Legendary Weedle
Legendary Weedle 6 dias atrás
Wallet : Happy money Noises
mesac JL
mesac JL 7 dias atrás
mesac JL
mesac JL 7 dias atrás
Is this
Can't wait mai-regalo😊😊
Trexie Labiton
Trexie Labiton 7 dias atrás
Nɪɢʜᴛᴄᴏʀᴇ - Oᴛᴏsᴀᴋᴀ
I thought moonton copy the song From picific rim lol
Tetsu Yaa
Tetsu Yaa 7 dias atrás
Nakaw kay ROS yung music. Taena
CGee TV 7 dias atrás
one of my favorite hero. 😁
Marvin Jay Gaoiran
Marvin Jay Gaoiran 7 dias atrás
Ang ganda nang skin
Akabane Kills
Akabane Kills 7 dias atrás
*Lucky draws were never meant to be lucky.*
Shagai H
Shagai H 7 dias atrás
Justine Solo
Justine Solo 7 dias atrás
Skin po lods pingi
ᴇʟᴏs 102
ᴇʟᴏs 102 7 dias atrás
Siempre le cambian el color de piel a karrie
Ayong Sasi
Ayong Sasi 7 dias atrás
Montoon salamat 😃😃😍😍😔😍❤️❤️😃😃
imong mama
imong mama 7 dias atrás
Ubusan nanaman to ng pera pota
Sailun Madurin
Sailun Madurin 7 dias atrás
Moonton When release starlight 2020 karrie?
Kodidi Online
Kodidi Online 7 dias atrás
Tpaksa la buka piggy bank ni🤣🤣🤣
carl official vlog
carl official vlog 7 dias atrás
Karrie:Whoho ihave a good skin again Vale:Bruhh Why u Didint add me a skin😂😂😂
Ng Yik Beng
Ng Yik Beng 7 dias atrás
Lebih cantik daripada skin baru
Frank Fire
Frank Fire 7 dias atrás
This is how they milk these kids
patrick lane
patrick lane 7 dias atrás
Nice skin.. too bad mlbb so greedy.
Francis Delacruz
Francis Delacruz 7 dias atrás
Hala hatag bi
Dave Vedeja
Dave Vedeja 7 dias atrás
Dave Vedeja
Dave Vedeja 7 dias atrás
Darkxy 7 dias atrás
Libreng JOWA sa aking channel
FAMILY-21 CHEFSITO 7 dias atrás
ID 612556529 🇵🇪 de mi hermoso perú pal munfo
Humpty Dumbty
Humpty Dumbty 7 dias atrás
This skin is op "over price"
Roselyn Mariñas
Roselyn Mariñas 7 dias atrás
My main hero is arrive
Anton Dinawanao
Anton Dinawanao 7 dias atrás
please lower the price of the skin if you want your players to stay in mobile legends c'mon it is so very expensive be wise bruh because there is your main competitor the LOL just a reminder peace
Ohio Estioco
Ohio Estioco 7 dias atrás
Mga yawa yang matches niyo pota ML
James Calica
James Calica 7 dias atrás
Yung mga stremer lang binibigyan ng skin
ALICIA LLANES 7 dias atrás
mm meta?
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