2020 Mid-Priced Hunting Bow Review | Hoyt Powermax, PSE Drive, Bowtech, Mathews Mission, Prime Quest

Samuel White
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Everybody wants to find the best compound bow for 2020. In this episode of Strong Shot Archery Reviews we're providing bow reviews on 5 of the best compound hunting bows available in the mid-priced range ($500-$750). Manufactures in these head-to-head bow reviews include Hoyt, Mathews, PSE, Bowtech and Prime. Hopefully this will help you find the best compound bow for you.
Table of Contents
Why buy a Moderately Priced Bow - 0:09
Basic Specs Comparison - 3:23
Draw Force Curve Comparison - 4:28
Speed Test - 7:58
Vibration Test - 11:08
Grip Comparison - 12:07
Feature Comparison - 14:40
Hoyt PowerMax Summary - 17:40
PSE Drive 3B Summary - 18:14
Mathews Mission MXR Summary - 18:40
Bowtech Convergence Summary - 19:24
Prime Quest Thrive Summary - 20:19
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Bear Creek Archery (Englewood Colorado):
l u v t e a by autumn keys
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27 Mai 2019



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Comentários 80
Mike Childers
Mike Childers 3 dias atrás
I would buy a previous year flagship bow over the these mid price bows. You get flagship quality and all metal build. Plus if you look hard enough you will find a deal. I purchased a Bear Motive 6 local for 350 dollars new old stock. At 60 lb draw and 28 draw length it shoots a 399 grain arrow at 280fps
Why So Serious
Why So Serious 10 dias atrás
John Dudley uses Hoyt so I'm gonna buy either a Hoyt Powermax or the Nitrux. Your thoughts on the Nitrux?
Das Klima
Das Klima 21 dia atrás
WTF? A short video without blabla and effects, but infos. Thank you.
Ernesto Garcia
Ernesto Garcia 23 dias atrás
What about the Bear Cruzer G2? Is it good?
Timothy R
Timothy R Mês atrás
Nice video. Buuuut the part about the matrix deer 👎I've seen deer duck strings ,jump strings .whitetail love to duck strings buuuut a silent bow and fast bow I've found helps fix this problem. That's wy this video helps provide the information needed to decide what each person wants .great job
John T
John T Mês atrás
You should have the Bear paradox and paradox hc
Rob Murphy
Rob Murphy Mês atrás
Excellent video, extremely thorough and well planed.
Joe Cordaro
Joe Cordaro Mês atrás
The detail you put into your videos is far superior to any other bow reviews out there. Great job and thank you.
Sau tudor adrian
Sau tudor adrian 2 meses atrás
Can't find any Quest Thrive to buy, I'm in Europe! Too afraid to buy from eBay,they might be counterfeit 🤔😟☹️
Jake Vickers
Jake Vickers 2 meses atrás
LOL - Matrix Deer!
VictorHSilva21 2 meses atrás
I went to bear creek archery and got new string from rogue and had them install it and not only did they do a great job with it they also gave me tips on improving my accuracy and they always help me with any issues I have and never charge me for basic tuning and repairs I can't say enough good things about this shop and range will always go there for any of my bow needs.
Peter A.
Peter A. 2 meses atrás
Great video, thank you very much!
kevin schultz
kevin schultz 2 meses atrás
Colby Brochu
Colby Brochu 3 meses atrás
I’m not sure the difference between the cams on the pse drive 3b and drive x but the draw is extremely smooth at 70 pounds and 29in draw. I had to make sure it wasn’t set at 65 pounds. I tried all these bows but the pse and bow tech were my favorite. Hoyt actually felt the most aggressive
The Amazing Goldfish
The Amazing Goldfish 3 meses atrás
Decided, I'm going "next level" PSE NTN 33.
Scottie Thorne
Scottie Thorne 3 meses atrás
Great video
Sean Rogers
Sean Rogers 3 meses atrás
Denver area and no mention of No Limits Archery... danggggg
Wm TT 3 meses atrás
Man you saved me. Exactly what I was looking for. Thx!
Davhuf 3 meses atrás
Thank you!
Christy Kranig
Christy Kranig 3 meses atrás
I would like to know if FOBs are everything they advertise.
Gbob From highschool
Gbob From highschool 4 meses atrás
I paid 230 for brand new strings
Jacek Wiśniewski
Jacek Wiśniewski 4 meses atrás
Great in depth video! Havent found similar so far. Congratulations Samuel!:)
jim james
jim james 5 meses atrás
Great Videos. Subscribed. Just want to point out not to overlook the the second hand market. If you know your drawlength, and know how to check for damage, you can get an incredible bow for 500 to 700 dollars.
Jeremy Bledsoe
Jeremy Bledsoe 5 meses atrás
I enjoyed the review. Very surprised by plastic limb pockets on a mid level bow. I haven’t shopped for a new bow for about five years. Time to start looking. I have been a string builder for over ten years though. I wonder where you got your information about string material quality being a factor in the price of bows. I know the materials both old and new. The price difference of the oldest used materials and the newest state of the art materials is not big enough to charge a different price for the finished string set. The cost of custom strings is due to the knowledge of building a solid string and the time it takes to do it. Not the 8 to 12 dollars in material it takes to build said set of strings. Maybe you are aware of something I am not. I’d like to know where this low quality material you mention comes from.
Moonbot 7
Moonbot 7 5 meses atrás
I got the Hoyt Powermax and love it. Actually picked it up at Bear Creek Archery have been shooting there weekly
Adam Kohn
Adam Kohn 5 meses atrás
Now I’m debating the Quest Thrive vs the Mathews Tactic which are comparable in cost. Just so hard to find these specific models to shoot side by side.
Ben Brown
Ben Brown 6 meses atrás
Thanks for putting this together - I stumbled into this video while digging for “mid-price” bow reviews after shooting a couple cheaper big-box demo bows. After watching your video I found better pro shops and got my hands on every one of these save for the PSE. My Thrive should come in soon and I’ll be learning this new sport shortly after! Thanks!!
Samuel White
Samuel White 5 meses atrás
Hey Ben, I'm glad that I could help! That's really cool to hear, I think you'll find the sport extremely rewarding. Let me know how you like the Thrive once you officially get your hands on it, and feel free to shoot me an email if you ever have any questions. Thanks for watching!
jon kenny
jon kenny 6 meses atrás
I found the quest thrive for 440 brand new, what a bow thanks for the research done you made process easy for me. Are the mods for the length of pull?
G. Mumford
G. Mumford 6 meses atrás
Finally someone who does a thorough comparison between decent bows. I appreciate your review and look forward to seeing more in the future!
Jay 6 meses atrás
I just subscribed , thanks for for all the info, Im getting back into bow hunting and alot has changed over just a few years, this was very helpful, by far the most informative vid on BRvid
avgChristian 6 meses atrás
in the future could you do a mid priced bow such as the convergence as a build like you did with the diamond bow great informative video tho as normal thanks for the info
avgChristian 6 meses atrás
ight ight you quick with it man
Samuel White
Samuel White 6 meses atrás
Already on it ;) (except with a different mid priced bow)
Shontre Crute
Shontre Crute 6 meses atrás
I can see all the cracks. And a few times heard it crack at full draw.
Ryan Ibe
Ryan Ibe 6 meses atrás
Great video! New to archery and this definitely helped me stay on track in my decision making. With so much information thats available out there, I was getting over loaded with data and starting to second guess some things that I didnt even need to worry about in my first bow purchase. Ended up with the Quest! Now to find a reputable shop in my area....ahh the challenges of a new hobby :-) Keep up the great vids! Subbed!
David Chelepyan
David Chelepyan 6 meses atrás
Solid video. Thanks.
Samuel White
Samuel White 6 meses atrás
Thanks for watching, David!
Shontre Crute
Shontre Crute 6 meses atrás
I like your videos. See if you can answer this. My draw is 31. I shoot 80-70 pounds. All my hunting bows the limbs always crack. My arrows they are more than enough for my bows. Elite 80 draw pound. Obession 70 draw pound pse bow madness 34 70 draw pound. Bear arena 34 70 draw pound bear kuma 70 draw pound. All those just named the limbs all cracked. My hoyt xt 200 target bow is the only thing that held up and still is. Can you help me with that...
Samuel White
Samuel White 6 meses atrás
So you can see cracks in the limbs or are you hearing them make noises?
K. Stoffel
K. Stoffel 6 meses atrás
Thank you for driving a stake into the heart of the ridiculous FPS wars going on these days. There is so much more to a great bow than speed. I really like the way you included the draw curve info - I don’t know of any better way to describe a bow’s “personality” than that. I’d love to see you use this bow review style and format across various price points from budget to flagship, with groups of no more than three bows at a time. Five bow comparisons can get a bit busy and I’d rather have a slightly deeper focus with a three bow, 18 minute video. Overall, yours is one of the best bow reviews I’ve seen on BRvid. Good job!
Samuel White
Samuel White 6 meses atrás
Thank you for the kind words, that's exactly what I'm trying to do. Yes, I will definitely be covering more price ranges. The new 2020 flagship comparisons are on their way!
Thore Zwiorek
Thore Zwiorek 6 meses atrás
A deer from the matrix... he he.. good information on here..
Samuel White
Samuel White 6 meses atrás
Haha, thanks! I'm glad to help. Let me know if you have any review requests or questions!
jon kenny
jon kenny 6 meses atrás
Can you change weights on the quest thrive or just buy one weight?
Samuel White
Samuel White 6 meses atrás
You can adjust the draw weight within the specified range by the limb bolts (usually a range of 10 lb). I hope that helps!
Keaton Cantrell
Keaton Cantrell 7 meses atrás
I can't find the pse as cheap as u did
Keaton Cantrell
Keaton Cantrell 6 meses atrás
@Samuel White thx for replying it's about 600-650
Samuel White
Samuel White 6 meses atrás
That's strange, I wonder if they increased the price. What price is it at now?
Bear Archery
Bear Archery 7 meses atrás
What about Bear Bows?
Samuel White
Samuel White 7 meses atrás
(Sorry for the late response, my comments aren't posting for some reason.) Definitely, I've been really wanting to get my hands on some Bear bows for the reviews, but they aren't available to me. I'll put my email below if you would like to get some of your bows in the review series. I'd love to test them!
Rodney Hirsch
Rodney Hirsch 7 meses atrás
Mathews rezen 6.5 was causing shoulder problems, after 40 years of weight lifting. Bought a hoyt powermax. No more shoulder issues with half the price. Just as accurate or more. A little slower but who cares, easy to shoot. It's the drop off at the end that caused the problem. Hoyt rolls off slower no sudden drop off.
Matt Spors
Matt Spors 7 meses atrás
I payed $700 for my Hoyt Defiant pro Brand new. 2 years ago.
Allen Young
Allen Young 7 meses atrás
This video made me a subscriber. Possibly a dumb question: But is there a chance you could do a video or answer which of the higher priced bows are the most "newbie" friendly? Ive gone shooting a few times with a friends PSE ferocity, but now I want one of my own. I'd rather pay as much as necessary for one with great lasting quality. You message was sent though, I plan to go to a local shop and get my hands on some bows, but I'd like to have an idea of what I'm looking for before I walk in. THANKS!
lostoutdoorz 7 meses atrás
Barry Chase
Barry Chase 7 meses atrás
Sound good, now set the bows up for hunting and test them.
Nick Presley
Nick Presley 7 meses atrás
Hey Sam. When shooting new bows, is there some other way than arrow grouping to know whether you are torquing the grip?
Meh 7 meses atrás
Nick Presley Then that’s just where personal comfort comes in. I don’t think any of the new bows would create “torque” under 40 yds when shot with good form. Again “torque” is the third axis at distance. I shoot a Hoyt Charger. Model before PowerMaxx
Nick Presley
Nick Presley 7 meses atrás
@Meh right. But still, even without putting any fingers on it, some grips due to shape are less repeatable than others
Meh 7 meses atrás
Nick Presley Do not grip it. Keep fingers off grip. I hold the bow in the pocket of my hand then wrap my index finger around but not touching grip and touch the tip of my thumb. No fingers on grip. Once you get out to 50 yds or so is when it gets complicated for “torque” which is actually a third axis effect.
Klaus Welch
Klaus Welch 7 meses atrás
For the money, I'm wondering how these mid range bows compare to a few year older and higher end or even flagship bows compare if you can get them for cheaper. For instance, I was able to find a Diamond Carbon Cure for $229, brand new with full warranty. This was a $699-$749 bow back in the day (late 2014, early 2015). Yep, I know those bows had issues with eating buss cables 😆, counting on updates from Diamond and my DL being 29.5" where it supposedly is no longer an issue. If a few year old model bow, that was higher end can be had for 1/3rd the price that it once was, and 1/2 the cost of mid ranged bows now.... How does the older bow size up to these newer mid range bows? This isn't even getting into buying flagships that are 1-2 years old that were over 1k new. Curious you opinion Sam.
Klaus Welch
Klaus Welch 7 meses atrás
@Samuel White If only you were in my area, I'd gladly loan you the Carbon Cure I've got coming, I'm a southpaw too. But that is comparing upper mid range from it's time. The best deep discounts I've found are finding bows on Sportsman's Warehouse where it's a discontinued item. You can tell it to search next nearest store with availability. It will show you which store has it for pickup only. However, for free, your store can call the store with availability and do a transfer. I was looking at buying used bows and people wanted a lot for them. Found them for cheaper or about the same brand new using the method above.
Samuel White
Samuel White 7 meses atrás
That would be an awesome test to do! I've gotten a ton of requests for a test like that. It would likely be a video for the future since I would have to buy it myself or borrow it from somebody. Nonetheless, I'll figure it out and definitely put it on the to-do list!
derek davis
derek davis 7 meses atrás
super informative, thank you so much! i LOVED the graphs! I now seriously grasp the different feelings in the pulls on different bows that i have shot in the past.
bobby green
bobby green 8 meses atrás
I’ve had shoulder injuries and went to the sporting goods and tried all these bows , and I bought the bow tech converge and it was because of the smoother drop off at the back of the draw cycle and no other reason , might I add that I did not care what was wrote on the bow ,,and none of them had superb camouflage and all weighed more than I expected.
Ricky Unger
Ricky Unger 8 meses atrás
Why no obsession bow
Ricardo Estrada
Ricardo Estrada 8 meses atrás
Can ya do a video on Bow build up . I did my own thing one my Hoyt Klash. Can you do an in depth review on the Klash ?
Kevin Smith
Kevin Smith 8 meses atrás
Great video !!! Very helpful !
Samuel White
Samuel White 7 meses atrás
Thanks for watching Kevin, I'm glad I could help!
Joshua Deaver
Joshua Deaver 8 meses atrás
This is exactly the video I was looking for. I am going to my local archery store tomorrow to get fitted. I have no idea what my draw is or the poundage info. Thank you. New subscriber that is new to archery.
Samuel White
Samuel White 8 meses atrás
That's awesome to hear and exactly what I wanted to accomplish! I hope you found the right bow for you. Thanks for watching Joshua!
Mitch Tomlinson
Mitch Tomlinson 8 meses atrás
You should do the Obsession HB33 it's in that price range
Mitch Tomlinson
Mitch Tomlinson 8 meses atrás
@Samuel White love the videos. I mentioned the bow because I'm interested in it and messed up and leaped last time I bought a bow and absolutely hate the DNA draw cycle and there really aren't any good reviews on the HB33
Samuel White
Samuel White 8 meses atrás
I'll see if I can get my hands on it. Thanks for watching Mitch!
Mike Plumber
Mike Plumber 8 meses atrás
Quest is the flag ship bow because it's more of the higher end .... for 150 more I cant get a vertix or a bowtech realm.....I dont think its mid range priced .
Samuel White
Samuel White 8 meses atrás
I completely agree, it's definitely starting to lean into the higher end prices. I made sure to include it so people could get a sense of the extra features in spending a little bit more. Thanks for the feedback Mike!
Dylan Henderson
Dylan Henderson 9 meses atrás
This video was amazing man. I dono if you have shot the obsession turmoil or not but it is in this same price range. If you have, how would you stack it up against the others? Thanks!
Swinging Southpaw Style
New Sub here Sir. Many many thanks for your great post. Your experience and in-depth analysis is refreshing and truly superior to many of the other channels offering reviews. I’m now anxiously awaiting your next video Sir. Keep up the great work please. Cheers
Samuel White
Samuel White 7 meses atrás
Thank you so much, I really appreciate it! The bow release season is coming up fast so prepare yourself for a TON of reviews.
Logan Hallman
Logan Hallman 9 meses atrás
I watched this to try and find a bow for my wife. Great video
Samuel White
Samuel White 7 meses atrás
Thanks for watching Logan, I hope it helped you out!
AltoAnimal109 Ball
AltoAnimal109 Ball 9 meses atrás
Honestly it’s not as much about the equipment as it is the guy that’s hanging on to that equipment, it all depends on what the individual archer is comfortable with shooting.
AltoAnimal109 Ball
AltoAnimal109 Ball 9 meses atrás
Hey thank you for actually putting out a very informative video, a lot of younger archers can really use this valuable information to make better choices in their equipment 😊
Samuel White
Samuel White 9 meses atrás
You're exactly right man. Too many people get sucked into brand names and their own bias, when it really comes down to the archer and what they're comfortable with. Thanks for watching!
aoe76 9 meses atrás
Like to see an Obsession HB33 in there to.
Samuel White
Samuel White 9 meses atrás
I'll see what I can do, thanks for watching!
Isaac Jefferson Jr
Isaac Jefferson Jr 9 meses atrás
Would love long videos more info the better and would like to see elite ritual and option 6 thanks love the info keep up good work Jr
Samuel White
Samuel White 9 meses atrás
Perfect, thank you for the feedback and support! I'll see what I can do. Thanks for watching
bret thompson
bret thompson 9 meses atrás
Little disappointed the Bear Divergent wasn't put in this test. I love mine after shooting PSE, Diamond, Helix, Vertix. Getting 294fps with 440 grain arrows... faster than my buddies Vertix by 20fps shooting the same arrows, but his has a higher IBO supposedly. Same draw lengths. He regrets paying double for his Vertix after he shot the Divergent. Highly underrated bow for sure.
Samuel White
Samuel White 9 meses atrás
Dang, I wish I could of gotten my hands on one. I'd love to try it out. Sadly the local shop that supplies the bows for my videos doesn't hold Bear products. I contacted Bear a while ago to see if they'd send me a bow to review, but they never got back to me. If I ever get the chance, the Divergent will definitely be on the to-do list, thanks for watching!
Joe Demo
Joe Demo 9 meses atrás
Have you ever seen an axis deer. They’re from the matrix bro. Look into it 🦌
Joe Demo
Joe Demo 8 meses atrás
Excellent video!! I was just kidding around because axis deer are known for ducking arrows.
Shawn Opel
Shawn Opel 9 meses atrás
Speed doesn't matter if..... - You're hunting whitetails that haven't been pressured all season - Hunting deer that haven't seen a human in 6 months - You take most of your shots at under 30 yards No a bad video though
Samuel White
Samuel White 9 meses atrás
Those things are insane! I swear they break the laws of physics, haha. Thanks for watching Joe.
[Scoorab Squad] NoM
[Scoorab Squad] NoM 9 meses atrás
Deserves way more exposure for these quality vids
Samuel White
Samuel White 9 meses atrás
Thanks for the support man, I really appreciate it!
ripfletching 9 meses atrás
Very good job young man
Samuel White
Samuel White 9 meses atrás
Thank you so much!
Chad Schumacher
Chad Schumacher 9 meses atrás
Awesome job on the video! Better done than all the "pro's"!
Samuel White
Samuel White 9 meses atrás
Haha! I really appreciate that Chad. Thanks for watching!
DIY Sportsman
DIY Sportsman 9 meses atrás
This whole video is great!
Samuel White
Samuel White 9 meses atrás
Thank you so much!
Jason Creech
Jason Creech 9 meses atrás
Love the cam profile on the bowtech , looks like the old PSE hf cam but the plastic draw length mod are definitely are a no go for me
avgChristian 6 meses atrás
wonder if you could swap them for metal ones but tbh that would have to be after market unless bowtech makes some doubt it but would be nice dont know if its a deal breaker but should’ve been aluminum atleast
Samuel White
Samuel White 9 meses atrás
Yeah, it's just one of those things that creates a lack of confidence for me. Who knows if it would actually become a problem, but I'd prefer not to test that. Thanks for watching Jason!
melvin sacromentoe
melvin sacromentoe 9 meses atrás
Also could buy a year old flagship
Samuel White
Samuel White 9 meses atrás
So true, haha! I'll have to do a video about that in the future. Thanks for watching
Rafael Gonzales
Rafael Gonzales 10 meses atrás
this is an awesome video Sam. Really appreciate it as a newer Bow Hunter. Still learning a lot as I step into archery on top of my regular rifle hunts
Rafael Gonzales
Rafael Gonzales 10 meses atrás
Appreciate that. I just found your channel looking for entry level hunting bows. I'll have to watch more videos before I really ask anything, but any sort of videos you could create around various barriers to entry in the bow hunting world, that would be appreciated.
Samuel White
Samuel White 10 meses atrás
Thank you so much Rafael! That really means a lot. Let me know if you ever have any archery questions, I'm here to help!
grant pember
grant pember 10 meses atrás
Very informative video! Thank you for putting in the time and research for this video. Helped me finalize my decision on my new bow!
Samuel White
Samuel White 10 meses atrás
That's great to hear, I'm glad that I could help. Thank you so much!
Fabian Richburgh
Fabian Richburgh 10 meses atrás
Good points!
Samuel White
Samuel White 10 meses atrás
Thank you so much!
K Potts
K Potts 10 meses atrás
Great review! Like the fact you did your math and put many of the assumptions many people have into real time inches, feet, yards, dollars, pounds, and so on... Keep them coming!
Samuel White
Samuel White 10 meses atrás
Thank you so much! That's exactly what I was trying to accomplish. There can be a lot of false information out there, and my goal in these reviews is to show the truth. Thank again!
ViewIndepth 10 meses atrás
Great video
Samuel White
Samuel White 10 meses atrás
Thank you so much, I really appreciate it!
Kramer Ammons
Kramer Ammons 10 meses atrás
Hey man thanks for your videos! Been watching and enjoying them!
Samuel White
Samuel White 10 meses atrás
Thank you so much, man!
Clewer Man
Clewer Man 10 meses atrás
Good job mate you are the best reviewer. All of the data and information are what we need. I can't test the bow because in Romania there are no shops that can provide that to you, i just simply need to blind buy. You should consider reviewing the PSE Bowmadness Unleashed 2019. I hope you will. Cheers bro!
Samuel White
Samuel White 10 meses atrás
Thank you so much, I really appreciate it! I wish you luck in finding the right bow. I know it can be super tough. I'll look into that bow and see what I can do. Thank again!
Brandon Rennicker
Brandon Rennicker 10 meses atrás
Excellent video. Haven’t bought a new now for 10 years. Been hunting with an old Mission x3 and in the market for a new bow. I like this video because I’m not looking to spend $1000 or more and these bows are right in my price range.
Fuente F OpusX
Fuente F OpusX 10 meses atrás
Take all the time that is needed to explain the concept, review the product, say what you think and why. Go through your standard check list of areas to review about any given product type and be honest with your thoughts and feelings about whatever product/shooting technique. Great job!
Benjamin Eadie
Benjamin Eadie 9 meses atrás
Couldn't agree more.
Samuel White
Samuel White 10 meses atrás
Thank you so much!
Andy W
Andy W 11 meses atrás
It is amazing how much bow you can get for the "mid level" price range these days (400-600 usd). even a basic hunting bow that costs $400 today is still so much smoother than any bow made ten years ago at any price! today (2019) the current bow market is unreal, there are so many good options and you don't need to spend $1k to get a smooth and reliable bow that performs well.
Samuel White
Samuel White 10 meses atrás
Exactly! It's really great to see technology progressing in the archery industry. Thanks for watching Andy!
Benjamin Tuthill
Benjamin Tuthill 11 meses atrás
I am getting into archer and live in the Denver metro area. I am currently borrowing my father in-law’s now when we shoot together. I have shot some Martin and Mathew bows. I really like the Mathews but want to try to shoot other bows prior to committing to buying one. Does Bear Creek have a wide variety of bows to try? Also do you recommend used bows or new bows to start with?
Samuel White
Samuel White 11 meses atrás
Definitely, Bear Creek has one of the widest bow selections in Colorado. They have almost all of the top name brands and they are the highest quality shop in my opinion. I don't get paid by them, they just let me borrow the bows, so this is my honest opinion. But yes, I'd definitely recommend them. Thanks for watching! Oh, and tell them I sent you 😉.
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