2019 FSR 24 Hour Ration MRE Review Menu #6 BBQ Pork Wrap Meal Ready to Eat Taste Testing

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The U.S. First Strike Ration is issued to troops in the first few days of heavy combat - before any field kitchens are set up. And weighing about half of 3 MRE's - and taking up half the space. The easiest MRE to prepare and eat. This is part of the future in rations.
This is a real lean & mean sort of 24hr ration review - and the first of these FSR's which will be re-visited since there are 9 different menus. I'll be keeping any of these FSR reviews at about 20-24 minutes in length.
For correspondence, or to send a Military Ration for review, my mailing information is:
3616 Harden Blvd
Lakeland, FL 33803
My shirts are priced cheap. $1 profit each so noone out there has to spend an arm & a leg.
And thank you everyone for watching & subscribing - hope
you enjoyed this one, as I certainly did making it!
** All Music By: Steve1989 MREinfo **

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21 Mai 2019

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Comentários 2 974
silverglove2012 2 horas atrás
What's the best website to get these
Jack Lausch
Jack Lausch 2 horas atrás
Glad to see you enjoying top shelf, non out of date food... NICE
Robert Deyo
Robert Deyo 3 horas atrás
Breaking News: Bagel smells like Bagel
Robert Deyo
Robert Deyo 3 horas atrás
"That's a pretty inviting artificial Strawberry and Banana smell"
Woods The Fox
Woods The Fox 5 horas atrás
How do you get these? Asking for nobody important.
Trisha aka Beauty
Trisha aka Beauty 6 horas atrás
love your videos sugar
video watcher
video watcher 12 horas atrás
who bites a wrap like that?! who?!
FairlyFickle 20 horas atrás
these videos comfort me in my darkest hours.
24 DOLLARS DUDE Dia atrás
where can I buy MREs?
Michael Pieseeno
Michael Pieseeno Dia atrás
He went from swoll Jesus to swoll Gatsby.
older than you Cali
older than you Cali 2 dias atrás
What about protein content, carbs, salt and sugar, that's what's important!, obviously you no nothing about nutrition, just another internet parasite!
Epclaymore 2 dias atrás
Shelf stable quesadilla?
Bear Mare
Bear Mare 2 dias atrás
"That's a pretty inviting artificial strawberry smell - nice!"
john king
john king 2 dias atrás
Duh Man of Dark Woods
Duh Man of Dark Woods 3 dias atrás
0:11 haha, what in the
Midnight 3 dias atrás
Am I the only one who would have shredded the turkey nuggets and spread it on top of the cheese bagel? Almost like bacon bits.
Jesters Children
Jesters Children 3 dias atrás
I allways get hungry watching these.
0sum gamezzz
0sum gamezzz 3 dias atrás
No heater?
The Bean292
The Bean292 4 dias atrás
That mocha bar is to die for,I had it in one of my videos.
Joey Sal
Joey Sal 4 dias atrás
Do you eat after that? Normal food i mean
uuuultra ✔️
uuuultra ✔️ 2 dias atrás
Probably won't shit for a week
Him Halpert
Him Halpert 4 dias atrás
He’s like the reviewbrah of MRE’s
gary dean
gary dean 4 dias atrás
I spent a couple weeks on Okinawa>
jasiel delgado
jasiel delgado 4 dias atrás
Combos are one of my favorite junk snacks
James Murray
James Murray 4 dias atrás
Hey Steve I could watch you 24 hours a day seven days a week
Fredrick Schembri
Fredrick Schembri 5 dias atrás
Steve the dish you eat on i want to buy one sent me pls
uuuultra ✔️
uuuultra ✔️ 2 dias atrás
Just google "stainless steel cafeteria tray"
Fredrick Schembri
Fredrick Schembri 5 dias atrás
Help me broo
Ano N. Ymous
Ano N. Ymous 5 dias atrás
13:41 I thought he suddenly bacame a hamster
Jian Toro
Jian Toro 5 dias atrás
When steve drop into battleground Steve : *making hole for cheese spread in the bagel Other teammates : Reload !
ChIcKeN_Stewer 2 dias atrás
Steve: Looks through MRE and lays out the contents Teammates: Reloading magazines and doing gun maintenance
M yusufi
M yusufi 5 dias atrás
Awesome mre reviews 👍🏼
Classic me 349
Classic me 349 5 dias atrás
“That’s a s u c c u l e n t piece of chicken” “ *puddling jiggles* “ “Looking pretty gourmet”
EngardeC 5 dias atrás
Tundra 6 dias atrás
nice, can't wait for more.
KereVenture 6 dias atrás
You just can't wait for chicken breast...
ethan fasching
ethan fasching 6 dias atrás
fun fact: that zip lock bag is meant to poo into!
Lux Signifier
Lux Signifier 7 dias atrás
No more cigarettes
UsuallyOkay 7 dias atrás
D o o m e r s u n i t e
Aura_ RN
Aura_ RN 7 dias atrás
steve makes me want to buy a week of MREs
Carson 7 dias atrás
Steve1989mre is my dad
Double R
Double R 8 dias atrás
Extra smokey on that ass, ya damn right Steve!!
emily murphy
emily murphy 8 dias atrás
I enjoy your videos so much
Michael Lopez
Michael Lopez 8 dias atrás
We need more cheese spread
dan marr
dan marr 9 dias atrás
You look great bro, been watching for years and it seems like time is reversing you lol. great vid
Vnk_ Rukitis
Vnk_ Rukitis 9 dias atrás
Hey send me one???
Oakie 10 dias atrás
"That's a beaut!"
Christopher Franko
Christopher Franko 10 dias atrás
Next time I offer to cook for a date, I'll just toss her an MRE and pitcher of water.
Metalman200xdamnit 3 dias atrás
She might be unimpressed,lol.
sidthemyth 10 dias atrás
are they making these so poisonous to make the body enter fight mode?
Fredrik Fredriksen
Fredrik Fredriksen 10 dias atrás
6:37 Surprisingly enough, it smells fresh baked bagel.
ej9 jake
ej9 jake 10 dias atrás
The synth reminds me of the terminator theme tune
WillieRants 11 dias atrás
I hope you got the full menu I would really like to see all of them. Thanks.
colynthomas_ 11 dias atrás
Any online shops that sell USMREs?
uuuultra ✔️
uuuultra ✔️ 17 horas atrás
Stephen Brown, I think in the beginning he get them off eBay but now since he's got so many subscribers that people from around the world send them to him
Stephen Brown
Stephen Brown 2 dias atrás
How is that ebay or something?
uuuultra ✔️
uuuultra ✔️ 2 dias atrás
Same way he gets all of the old ones
Stephen Brown
Stephen Brown 9 dias atrás
Yeah I'm wondering where he buys all of these mre
Silica Chan
Silica Chan 12 dias atrás
Tracy Bailey
Tracy Bailey 12 dias atrás
To me "Look at that thing" is every bit as iconic as "Nice!"
Fabbricato PersonaReale
Its Scoville dude
MagicLars15 13 dias atrás
i love how you called it gas station food
David Solomie
David Solomie 13 dias atrás
0:11 A weapon to surpass Metal Gear...
bradley colwell
bradley colwell 13 dias atrás
Jesse Lute
Jesse Lute 13 dias atrás
Be careful with those dairy milkshakes.. Herd rumors about e coli batches were being removed
JeevesReturns 13 dias atrás
“Assault ration”? I have a feeling that the only thing it’s going to assault is my colon...and after that the plumbing.
garry amsbaugh
garry amsbaugh 14 dias atrás
Still got that same indestructible spoon. You can kill a moose with that spoon.
Mikhail Shrunevskhy
Mikhail Shrunevskhy 14 dias atrás
Adamlara pretzel diye açma vermişler
conman volgs inc
conman volgs inc 14 dias atrás
I have eaten everything in that bag no joke
TankerGrizz 14 dias atrás
Pretty much the buff reviewbrah
BigWhiteMocha 14 dias atrás
OdieMikes 15 dias atrás
Can I buy just the pudding? Cuz that sounds de-lish
Mazsy 15 dias atrás
some day we'll have technology to have freshlh cooked roasted chicken while fighting terrorists on the go.
jayo84 15 dias atrás
No mention of how much caffeine in the pudding?
Szilard Bartalos
Szilard Bartalos 15 dias atrás
They could pack it in about 70% less plastics. Less weight, less trash.
kurt engel
kurt engel 15 dias atrás
So he ate 24 hours worth of food in a few minutes
Alex Turčáni
Alex Turčáni 15 dias atrás
Who else got hungry?
Darc 1027
Darc 1027 15 dias atrás
awesome tactical gas station food lol nice one man
Silent Solitude
Silent Solitude 15 dias atrás
7:27 daddy
xavierprotocols 15 dias atrás
I bet he has 30 year old milk in his refrigerator...Steve is like I made cottage cheese....nice, m'kay :)
jacobblub 15 dias atrás
Where the fuck can I get MREs from
uuuultra ✔️
uuuultra ✔️ 2 dias atrás
The Eagle
The Eagle 15 dias atrás
reviewbrah of mres
DackxJaniels 15 dias atrás
A pile of poop: *"Nice! Looking pretty... Gourmet!"*
Tom Hewitt
Tom Hewitt 15 dias atrás
What is that outro music?
Mitchell Mourtov
Mitchell Mourtov 15 dias atrás
Brian Hourigan
Brian Hourigan 15 dias atrás
Would a soldier actually eat all that calorie content in one day?
Hans The Sauerkraut
Hans The Sauerkraut 15 dias atrás
He zoomed in to those bbq wraps so menacingly
Eggplant_Casserole 12 dias atrás
Lil guys were about to attack
JO3Y'S world
JO3Y'S world 15 dias atrás
Shelf stable bagel has such a ring to it!
I. Yuso_physique mr_4pack
" I mean"
Gunzz 15 dias atrás
shoves 3 big Turkey nuggets in his mouth...niiice mmmkay
im not a polotician look at pictures on phone
Cody courtney bus man my ass
Zerong Chen
Zerong Chen 16 dias atrás
15:02 or press 7
SteveVi0lence 16 dias atrás
US food rations make me sad
mark Bohamed
mark Bohamed 16 dias atrás
You are so descriptive of each and every item. Great job👍👍
Aeolian 16 dias atrás
My favorite part 15:01
Alex Bestoso
Alex Bestoso 16 dias atrás
Shelf-stable, tactical bagel
Nick 16 dias atrás
shazzza Mccomb
shazzza Mccomb 16 dias atrás
Hot hot hot
Jack Rotten
Jack Rotten 16 dias atrás
Bagel separation skills... nice!
april8tals 16 dias atrás
the pudding jiggle part cracked me XD
leroy jenkins
leroy jenkins 16 dias atrás
Mmmmmm that's nice!
Omega Light Bringer
Omega Light Bringer 17 dias atrás
A bagel is bread ..lmao
Cameron Branning
Cameron Branning 17 dias atrás
They're just...combos...
duck 17 dias atrás
keyword: shelf-stable
tony torres
tony torres 17 dias atrás
Pure crap food and no toilet paper..
uuuultra ✔️
uuuultra ✔️ 2 dias atrás
No need: it all comes out in a solid brick, you just dig the chunks out with the spoon
Metalman200xdamnit 3 dias atrás
The toilet paper is in the accessory pack.
Eatswell 17 dias atrás
Seems like they are still out of date.
boulder89984 17 dias atrás
No coffee instant type one?
Brad Vincent
Brad Vincent 17 dias atrás
He sounds like Bevis and Butt-Head’s teacher.
Metalman200xdamnit 3 dias atrás
Imagine if he sounded like Coach Buzzcut.
Chad Falardeau
Chad Falardeau 15 dias atrás
Mr. Mackey is from South Park.
andrewcampbell1937 17 dias atrás
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