2018 NBA All-Star Draft (with kids)

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The Starters stage an NBA All-Star Draft - Schoolyard style.


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23 Jan 2018



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Comentários 3 810
IMpACc 3 anos atrás
I love how GIANNIS was the smallest
The Poisonous Potato
Nah the smallest was oladipo
Comms fool
Comms fool Anos atrás
It was oladapio
Big smooth brain
Big smooth brain Anos atrás
Bryce Riedel
Bryce Riedel Anos atrás
Yea he was 2nd
Basketball God
Basketball God Anos atrás
Marco Staffiere
Marco Staffiere 3 anos atrás
3:57 this is the best one. Legendary 0:28 Giannis😂
Welcome to Johnny’s World
That voice for Westbrook
Toxic YT. BTW
Toxic YT. BTW 3 anos atrás
Ginnas is legendary
Toxic YT. BTW
Toxic YT. BTW 3 anos atrás
MarcoTheMan he is legendary he’s the best big man in the NBA
Emzee Three
Emzee Three 3 anos atrás
5:48 was so hurtful I bet he even thought that he would beat out Aldridge. lmao
LoveGodLove Others
LoveGodLove Others 3 anos atrás
He started walking up like he was gonna get picked
10,000 Subscribers With a Few Videos
Emzee Three but the little girl would feel bad
Futbol Room TV
Futbol Room TV 4 anos atrás
I want them to actually play a game edit: thx for likes
Sharky_ chomp
Sharky_ chomp Anos atrás
Same I wish i was here too
SPORTSVIDS22 2 anos atrás
Yes they should
Blixity 2 anos atrás
Team Curry would literally destroy since Team LeBron only has 3 “big” kids 😂😂
Wydicyy 3 anos atrás
I just love it that some of the kids dont even know what player they are!!😂🤣😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣
Suvarna Patil
Suvarna Patil 4 anos atrás
5:50 Kevin love was ready to go, but then..😂😂😂oh pure kid
Johnrene24 2 anos atrás
Ok Boomer
Ok Boomer 2 anos atrás
Mikolaj_YT 4 anos atrás
2:17 that kid try's to give kyrie a high five. Lmao
LoveGodLove Others
LoveGodLove Others 3 anos atrás
Nobody probably saw that until they clicked on 2:17
suzzaku 5 anos atrás
3:13 joel face when he missed the high five lol
Macie Churi
Macie Churi 8 meses atrás
that was me when i was younger… the girl who played anthony davis. will forever regret missing that high five
Sharky_ chomp
Sharky_ chomp Anos atrás
Ayo facts that was funny
Walter 5 anos atrás
ImaFlyinNooby yoo he missed Beal too
Chris Hong
Chris Hong 5 anos atrás
The kid that was Joel Embiid kept on getting missed high fives
Chris Whitney
Chris Whitney 4 anos atrás
Sour_ Mammal, and your wandering why😂
T Rose
T Rose 4 anos atrás
Kevin love kid about to cry😂😂😂
PELICAN GAMING 2 anos atrás
I mean he’s the best he’s an all star he’s great😂😂
Bentleygaming YouTube
Bentleygaming YouTube 2 anos atrás
That’s kinda mean to say with the 😂
K Kid
K Kid 2 anos atrás
And demar 😂😂😂😂
Dodgers Kid
Dodgers Kid 2 anos atrás
@Treston Medina lol
Mr Bravo
Mr Bravo 3 anos atrás
T Rose 🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂
fluzlol 5 anos atrás
Man giannis antetekumbo looks deadly
Lucas Mundy
Lucas Mundy 4 anos atrás
Russell Westbrook made me cringe so hard I think I snapped my spine
DE_Deuces 2 anos atrás
@Nadim Abi-Nakhoul fax 😂
Nadim Abi-Nakhoul
Nadim Abi-Nakhoul 2 anos atrás
Not as much as the joel embid kid
hurtsjukes 2 anos atrás
I a ready to play
Gabriel 2 anos atrás
I aM rEAdY tO pLAy
SportsProdz 2 anos atrás
Highlight Cave
Highlight Cave 5 anos atrás
4:44 the phila kid is just like “wtf is there problem this is the eighth time this has happened”
BuzGod 5 anos atrás
Omg I was laughing my head off at number 21 on Team Stephen cause he was always tryin to get a high five and no one would give him one😂
MONFSHINee 17 Anos atrás
"James Harden is too cute" LMAOO couldn't stop laughing when she started running towards the boys
House of Content
House of Content 4 anos atrás
He said "thrust the process"😂😂 I clicked off the video
Ethan Mattingly
Ethan Mattingly Anos atrás
Ok believe it or not but I was the kid who played him in the video. I do not usually watch basketball and before we filmed I had never heard of Joel Embiid, and all the directors told me to say was "trust the process". No direction on how to say it or anything. And it was all one take, they never cut and re did anything. Also no one gave me a fucking high five it was so annoying, and the fact that everyone noticed it makes it so much worse.
Ed Wright
Ed Wright 3 anos atrás
hhaha so did i
Charles 3 anos atrás
Ez Memes it’s trust not thrust so that’s why he pointed it out
Overwhelmed 3 anos atrás
The 76ers are a top all star team tho so your point?
Litosz !
Litosz ! 3 anos atrás
My boy don’t how to say it lol 😆
Kim Bros
Kim Bros 4 meses atrás
“I am ready to play” - Russell Westbrook. So beautiful…
Damob 3.0
Damob 3.0 3 anos atrás
6:28 the face you make when your the least wanted
Steven Tran
Steven Tran 5 anos atrás
The boy at 5:50 thought he was gonna get picked but the girl with the porzingis shirt got picked over him 😂😂
Luke Coltson
Luke Coltson 4 anos atrás
"I'm the best, I'm an all star, I'm great." - random kid disguised as k love
YukioRzkI 2 anos atrás
He was like "what the fuck how am i last, im k love"
BangoBuck87 5 anos atrás
watch these be the actual all-star teams
Boogerlover 2003
Boogerlover 2003 5 anos atrás
BangoBuck87 SNAP
ben h
ben h 5 anos atrás
No they aren’t
jessica tucker
jessica tucker 5 anos atrás
4MULA-Cosmos 5 anos atrás
YaBoy Shane it isn't jimmy and Wiggins is on stephs team
2k green
2k green 3 anos atrás
2:18 we all felt that
Blazio 5 anos atrás
I love how at 5:45 the kid who is Kevin Love hears the "k" at the start of the players name, so he thinks it him and starts to move forward, then he hears kristaps and tries to act normal 😂😂😂
Jack Dweck23
Jack Dweck23 4 anos atrás
7:17 i died 😂
Adam Thinks About Apples
You got me
Daniel Marasco
Daniel Marasco 2 anos atrás
Hahahhaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!! That is SOOOOOOOOOOOO funny
Lawaa.08 3 anos atrás
Haha me too
anikam13 5 anos atrás
5:48 you can see the hurt
Glasscityy 3 anos atrás
anikam13 I’m dying 😂
Lucas 3 anos atrás
It’s a yikes
LoveGodLove Others
LoveGodLove Others 3 anos atrás
See his face when he started to clap he got mad
LoveGodLove Others
LoveGodLove Others 3 anos atrás
Then he started to clap awkwardly and almost cried walking to the Cavs team
spammers 3 anos atrás
Exactly “Kevin” was about to go but he got dubbed xd
Mitchel Paulus
Mitchel Paulus 5 anos atrás
Kevin was hurt when KP was picked. This was insanely accurate too
Bo Mamba
Bo Mamba 5 anos atrás
Damn LeBron can have the chance to reassemble the 2012 OKC stars that he defeated in the finals who will play alongside with him
Antoinette Smith
Antoinette Smith 4 anos atrás
fightnight14 is alllw. Will come Call me when you get got off
David Sun
David Sun 4 anos atrás
fightnight14 个
Kevin Asares
Kevin Asares 4 anos atrás
fightnight14 ii
Najd Hannah
Najd Hannah 4 anos atrás
fightnight14 nice
Slobodanka Simeunovic
Slobodanka Simeunovic 4 anos atrás
fightnight14 I
Jackson Styling
Jackson Styling 4 anos atrás
Kevin love looked sad at the end because he was the last pick
MMB Brooks
MMB Brooks 2 anos atrás
I can’t even count the amount of times Joel got left hanging😭😭😭
Treston Medina
Treston Medina 3 anos atrás
Why is the DeMar kid the only one that looks like the actual player 😂
ItsKamron 5 anos atrás
Yooo Joel Embiid gets rejected every time lmao 😂😂😂
trisalyx on ig
trisalyx on ig 5 anos atrás
Kynng 2k lol
Ebk Bann
Ebk Bann 5 anos atrás
RagedRain The Process wasn't trusted bro
trisalyx on ig
trisalyx on ig 5 anos atrás
RagedRain word too
Sufma 5 anos atrás
RagedRain He gets a dislike cuz of the thunder logo even though it doesn’t show it lmao
Luis David Pardo
Luis David Pardo 5 anos atrás
Low-key I like the teams they made
Kyle Allen
Kyle Allen 5 anos atrás
YSG LuifromKc these teams are dope
Kyle Allen
Kyle Allen 5 anos atrás
YSG LuifromKc *highkey
Sweet🍹Minamosa 2 anos atrás
Halfway through the thing it was obvious that you couldn't leave anyone left standing alone at the end. They could've EASILY improvise and make the last 2 picks simultaneously. But, no, they had to drag it out.
Cade 4 anos atrás
The kid in the Giannis jersey at 0:25 had me crying😂
Mavro Productions
Mavro Productions 5 anos atrás
Good to see DeRozen, Lowry and a Greek player in the All Star game!
Boomer 252
Boomer 252 3 anos atrás
2:18 Look at KD 1 like= 1 high five
E T 5 anos atrás
When he said the second best shooter of all time the dude with the Draymond shirt thought he was about to be picked😂😂
Keyan Viloria
Keyan Viloria 4 anos atrás
NBA Fan For Life lol
Costco the baller
Costco the baller 4 anos atrás
I'm deadd
Rudelia Lugovalera
Rudelia Lugovalera 4 anos atrás
Juego de hoy
aimee grace delos santos
NBA Fan For Life
Andrew Rusli
Andrew Rusli 5 anos atrás
Joel Embiid needs a high five more often 😂😂
Jamison 4 anos atrás
I felt bad for the kid that was Kevin love because when currys team said they need more big guys the kid was ready to walk over there but then he was shocked when they picked porzingus. You could also tell he was about to walk over to currys team. It was at 5:44
Tom C
Tom C 3 anos atrás
RC MERCULIO Anos atrás
Miss this show. #thestarters
Caleb Daniele
Caleb Daniele 4 anos atrás
5:49 Love thought he was getting picked😂
Demetri Land
Demetri Land 3 anos atrás
Oh yeah
Astuhh 5 anos atrás
Who else saw when DeRozan left Joel Embiid hanging @ 3:12? 😂😂💀
Tocagaitas XDD
Tocagaitas XDD 4 anos atrás
Italian Stallion
Italian Stallion 4 anos atrás
Also left victor oladipo hanging
Clutch2x 4 anos atrás
Italian Stallion
Italian Stallion 4 anos atrás
I saw the little black boy leave the Asian girl hanging lol
DustyZBrick 4 anos atrás
I AM AWARNESS and at 6:24
jason yard
jason yard 5 anos atrás
3:27 was one of the cutest parts
DE_Deuces 2 anos atrás
Man Kevin love kid such a good sport cheered on other kids when they got called and in the end was a good sport when he got picked last
charbel youssef
charbel youssef 3 anos atrás
5:51 that Kevin love dude was like wtf
Your Nan
Your Nan 5 anos atrás
😂😂😂 I love how they made Demar black just cause he came from compton
Matt TheDestroyer 2
Matt TheDestroyer 2 4 anos atrás
Your Nan I'm pretty sure the kids pick the player...
EzSnag 4 anos atrás
Damian was a white girl
Omar Zaifulizan
Omar Zaifulizan 4 anos atrás
Oladipo is hella funny 😂
Highlight Cave
Highlight Cave 5 anos atrás
Shit I feel so bad for Kevin Love bruh poor kid
LadyKiller409 J
LadyKiller409 J 4 anos atrás
AB 77 the kid from ant bully 😂
LadyKiller409 J
LadyKiller409 J 4 anos atrás
I feel bad for victor oladipo
jackharlowsbiggestfan 4 anos atrás
He looks familiar, I think I know him
A FantastiK 4
A FantastiK 4 4 anos atrás
They only choose him last because he’s the oldest kid but yeah it’s sad 😢
bunga 4 anos atrás
Highlight Cave ikr
William Wieneke
William Wieneke 5 anos atrás
The kid who was Kevin Love and said, "I'm the greatest." He is exactly like real-life Kevin Love. I would know, I'm a Wolves fan
Depressed Texans Fan
Depressed Texans Fan 3 anos atrás
Really think the Russell Westbrook kid is a baller, I can already tell he’s motivated to be the best.
Karen Gill
Karen Gill 3 anos atrás
I feel so bad for the last pick
Litlife 420
Litlife 420 5 anos atrás
The kid with the embid jersey kept on getting left hanging with the high fives😂
卄卂尺尺ㄚ ಠ_ಠ
4:00 I’m ready 2 play is nearly cRiNGeY as “Thrust The Process”
Joseph Pangelinan
Joseph Pangelinan 5 anos atrás
The kid in the Westbrook jersey is the absolute opposite of Westbrook
not mikey
not mikey 5 anos atrás
Lmao the kid as Kevin Love is probably the best anyway xD
Karandeep Kang
Karandeep Kang 5 anos atrás
The kid that played DeRozen has me dead
Preston Garvey
Preston Garvey 3 anos atrás
3:27 she was *DOWN* to join any team
Will Ackerman
Will Ackerman 2 anos atrás
@Special Sike gotta admit that’s pretty good🤣🤣
Special Sike
Special Sike 2 anos atrás
Cmon bruh
Faissal EL7
Faissal EL7 2 anos atrás
Come on now dawg...
Laer 2 anos atrás
Laer 2 anos atrás
Preston Garvey yooooooooooooooo
AJ Wells
AJ Wells 4 anos atrás
Dude when he said let’s just stick with the big guys the kid with the Kevin Love shirt seriously took a step up because he thought he was going to get picked but they picked Kristaps Porzingis
Megan Molloy
Megan Molloy 4 anos atrás
When the giannis kid was picked he was drumming his stomach like its musical school
Will Sajovec
Will Sajovec 5 anos atrás
While I guess Russel Westbrook is ready to play.
Sethasher Racho
Sethasher Racho 4 anos atrás
Russel really let himself go😂
Sharky_ chomp
Sharky_ chomp Anos atrás
When Russ said “i am ready to play” his voice should be a meme jk 3:59 I loved russ in this kids draft
Jaden Ortiz
Jaden Ortiz 4 anos atrás
at 5:48 he was like well just stick with the bigs and that kid that was kevin love was about to start walking toward because he thought they were picking him lmaoooo 😂😂😂😂
weiss1377 5 anos atrás
Love, LA and Horford as last 3 is too real
THOTlord 69
THOTlord 69 3 anos atrás
The last kid too get picked was on the verge of tears
Xander 5 anos atrás
3:39 victor oladipo's laugh tho
Taffe & Taffe
Taffe & Taffe 4 anos atrás
The derozen kid was doin armpit farts when the oladipo kid was comin thru
Taffe & Taffe
Taffe & Taffe 4 anos atrás
She kinda sounds like a puppet
Mitch Harvey
Mitch Harvey 4 anos atrás
I was dying 😂
jackharlowsbiggestfan 4 anos atrás
Hola Hermano your doge memes suck
Emmylou Magbanua
Emmylou Magbanua 2 anos atrás
"How about gianiss he brings a little defense" two years later wins defensive player defense
Tiny Giant
Tiny Giant 4 anos atrás
The awkardness on the high fives are just on point
Glasscityy 3 anos atrás
4:14 damn he left them hanging 😂
FlameYezzi23 3 anos atrás
The way that kid said Trust the Prosesse made him sound like a geek more like jimmy newton than embiid
pMicheal 4 anos atrás
Gianna’s kid at the start looked like he was withdrawing 😂
Kevin Metzger
Kevin Metzger 5 anos atrás
Awesome to get the kids involved.
swigDAgamer PS4
swigDAgamer PS4 5 anos atrás
Lmao Kevin Love though he was getting picked but it was Kristaps 😂😂😂this is accurate as fuck
MohMovin 4 anos atrás
what a speech kevin love lmao "I'm the best, i'm an all-star, I'm great".
D7 nogginpopper
D7 nogginpopper 4 anos atrás
Who saw the kid get left hanging at 3:13 lol
Nasratullah abdurahmaullah ehsanullah toki
Oladipo was so cute 😭 her little laugh
Jadev Babu
Jadev Babu 3 anos atrás
Kevin love should have said “save the beast for last”
Neco Lorenzo
Neco Lorenzo 5 anos atrás
5:48 the dude who was Kevin Love was about to go till they call the girl😂
Whiskeyy vv
Whiskeyy vv 5 anos atrás
That was almost the same as the real all star teams 😂💀
I feel bad for the kids who got drafted last lol😂😂
Scheif 2 anos atrás
3:56 the kids voice “I am ready to play” is like a Lego commercial voice narrator 😂
Manan Chaudhary
Manan Chaudhary 4 anos atrás
That little Victor cracked me up
Cool Gaming
Cool Gaming 3 anos atrás
3:12 4:14 4:44 5:54 6:26 *Poor joel Embiid never got a high five*
Nice Doggo
Nice Doggo 2 anos atrás
I wouldnt high five embiid
Felix 2 anos atrás
Damn 😂
卄卂尺尺ㄚ ಠ_ಠ
Karma 4 “Thrust The Process”. Also he got 1 at 3:44
sheluvzenni 2 anos atrás
Danny Ly
Danny Ly 2 anos atrás
The Slim Irwin Podcast
3:25 Oladipo comes out of nowhere
Ryan Philp
Ryan Philp 5 anos atrás
Will Irwin olidipo Asian
Pro Panther
Pro Panther 3 anos atrás
I want to see them play an actual game
Maier Stacks
Maier Stacks 4 anos atrás
The people that wore Curry’s jersey said “great high fives”! When the Joel embiid kid got left hanging so many times
Kade Saatci
Kade Saatci 3 anos atrás
When that kid said I’m ready to play😂
true reacthd
true reacthd 4 anos atrás
Both did a great job
Ivan Ledezma
Ivan Ledezma 4 anos atrás
2:41 that high five!!!
ayoZachy 5 anos atrás
3:12 Lmfaoo... dude with embiid shirt got rejected
Diego Wirz
Diego Wirz 5 anos atrás
ayoZachy and 4:44
Versace Slug
Versace Slug 5 anos atrás
Felix Garcia
Felix Garcia 5 anos atrás
4:44 too 😂😂😂😂
Fabian Teske
Fabian Teske 5 anos atrás
every fuckin time haha
Kaitou ML
Kaitou ML 2 anos atrás
2 years later the Bron first 3rd pick became a trio in the nets
Henry 3 anos atrás
Imagine being Kevin love and being picked last
M i B o
M i B o 3 anos atrás
That oladipo kid actually looks like him no cap
Mr King
Mr King 2 anos atrás
Z B 4 anos atrás
K. Love looked mad hurtttt lmaoooo. I feel so bad for him
Hektzu 4 anos atrás
Why are the kids leaving each other hanging so much? 😂😂😂
WNBA Coach
WNBA Coach 5 anos atrás
Lebron,Durant,Cousins,Westbrook and Kyrie? That should be illegal
Ebk Bann
Ebk Bann 5 anos atrás
*Masked* Kyrie #UncleDrew FAX
Eric Torres
Eric Torres 5 anos atrás
Team Bron is gonna stomp on team curry
WNBA Coach
WNBA Coach 5 anos atrás
JH.13 holy fucking shit, I’m calling the cops I’m not tryna witness rape on national television
100 subs no videos
100 subs no videos 5 anos atrás
Funny thing is Lebron got all those players in the actual draft.
Ethan Estabrooks
Ethan Estabrooks 5 anos atrás
could you imagine derozan instead of kyrie? That would be deadly but I doubt it would happen.
Matt 5 anos atrás
They got KD, Kyrie, Boogie (pray for Boogie), Russ, Wall, and Love right for Team LeBron (6/12) They got Giannis, Embiid, DeMar, Klay, Lowry, and KAT right for Team Stephen (6/12) Dang they each got 50% right that was pretty accurate.
iAmHaza 5 anos atrás
2:18 When team James picks Kyrie, Durant goes for a quick high five but doesn’t receive😂
RyG 2 anos atrás
Mate wanted a high five 2:18 😂😂😂😂
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