20 Times LeBron James Shocked the World!

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20 of the best LeBron James moments in his career.

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11 Ago 2022



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Comentários 1 483
This man is simply amazing. So amazing. I could never get enough of LeBron.
One of the best LeBron Tribute video of all time! Respect.
I have been following the NBA since the 70s, and LeBron has renewed my love for the game. He has the vision and passing ability of Magic Johnson, the athleticism of Michael Jordan and the body of Karl Malone. You put that package together and you have one of the greatest players of all time. This coming season he will break Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's points scored record, which has stood for nearly 40 years, and he will also pass Magic Johnson's career assist mark too. To pass Kareem and Magic at what they did best is truly amazing, Jordan didn't come anywhere close to Kareem points scored record, and was nowhere near Magic Johnson's assist mark. But LeBron will break both in the same season.
This video is UNREAL! I can't imagine how much effort goes into this, the edits are so clean man.... Best video so far on this channel and i have been following you for months.
will never forget that block in the finals. So epic.
It’s been 6 years and Iguodala is still haunted by that block.
This is top tier content, so much put into it! Kudos!
Dime is so underrated, commentary and editing is peak 👌🏻
Man MJ had the "I'm ready to come out of retirement" face.
@ochirenkhtur3931 14 dias atrás
Haters like: anyone can do these things in 20years
he is the most complete player, ever. dude can dominate in all 5 positions. talent alone is not enough to be as great as he is.. he's got the gene, IQ, mentality, and work hard too.
@allanjaymanuay3343 21 dia atrás
NBA will never be this same after his retirement.
Lebron laughing at klays comment is my favorite basketball moment of all time😆
Lebron was already better than most NBA players when he was in the 11th grade
Probabably THE best LeBron tribute video i have ever watched though u forgot the 3's he sank against Washington to force the overtime.
@jamorant1237 Dia atrás
LeBron is so legendary that the moment where he simply JUMPED over a person and scored a dunk is only in 15th place💀🐐
I absolutely love you're content man keep up the good work
He is From another Planet .That is Lebron James the number one🔥🔥💯🏀.
I went to 2 games in Miami just to see lebron. Obviously. The first one was after their first ring. Both were under by 20 pts and I was like nah I traveled just for this and then in the 2nd half I remember that crowd were so into the game that man players from the other team started to miss freethrows and everybody went crazy, lebron went crazy and they finished winning by 25+ pts and I was like DAMN!! Lebron is from another planet bro. I was very close in the first game and you literally can hear the hits. Bron get hit so many time and pushed that people don't realize how strong he is. Literally get pushed every time and he manage himself to continue the play and score. I remember that game was against Nets and Gerald Wallace pushed Bron so hard that he literally fell and then he was like my bad but that was his only defense against lebron. Man basketball is another thing when you get that perspective.
Knowing the story behind #3 makes it even better 😂
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