2 Liter Bottle Compressor (No Moving Parts)

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I've been topping off a leaky tire for weeks and staring at my garden hose wondering if I could use it instead of my compressor. The answer is YES!!!

The goal of course was to make a video demonstrating a clever use of physics to solve a common problem in a creative way. In no way do I actually recommend this as a practical solution! At some point I will create a video explaining the calculations and post it on my 2nd channel, BUILD2. When I do I'll put the link here.

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31 Ago 2019



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Comentários 7 507
jamesthepuerilis 2 anos atrás
love these video's, come on folks, share these on facebook and other places, lets get Quint known all over the internet.
J J Anos atrás
If he's so smart why didn't he just use the bike pump to inflate the damn tire!!!
Garth Lottering
Garth Lottering Anos atrás
No Don't think I will, Going between Square inch per foot to Liters per is Not really Consistent and Kinda makes your Video confusing going between Metric and Dumbass per Foot
Benjamin Webb
Benjamin Webb Anos atrás
They are pretty cool. I look forward to watching more.
p. hager
p. hager Anos atrás
@Bill Kroll Learning Science is wasting Time in your opinion? Sorry for you...
Joshua Skinner
Joshua Skinner Anos atrás
I am completely unimpressed by doing things the hard way. Fix the stupid tire and get on with life.
Sweet Bread
Sweet Bread Anos atrás
You might consider installing an inline air filter, so that you don’t end up with enough water in your tire to cause issues.
Who cares
Who cares 6 meses atrás
@Sweet Bread I drove a bike with the rear wheel's tube filled with water for a bit over a year. It's a small town, can get around, so I drive it a lot. Funny thing is. When I came up with this idea, tube was already damaged. Did let off enough air in less than a week to be able to drive it. Instead of changing the tube, decided to give a try to water and in fact I drove almost 14 months without refilling it even once. And it wasn't that bad, except for when driving up the hills, could really feel the weight. It did just fine during the winter too, of course I didn't leave it outside for too long to freeze. Otherwise who knows. One more thing - Thank God for suspension....
The Menagerie
The Menagerie 10 meses atrás
That was my first thought when a saw the thumbnail -college automotive student
Jose K
Jose K Anos atrás
My brother had got water in one tire on his mustang. It was very bad. Definitely want to filter out the moisture as we do with air compressors. Very cool idea for sure.
Sweet Bread
Sweet Bread Anos atrás
@Lucius Irving that would be a great filtration system. I just imagine water in the tire couldn’t be good and should probably be avoided. Freezing and balance issues could cause other more problematic issues. Shocks, struts, tie rods, bearings, seals and such. All could wear down very quickly with a good wobble.
Lucius Irving
Lucius Irving Anos atrás
Or silica gel next to a sponge.
The Rinni
The Rinni Anos atrás
I deal with pressure measurement on a daily basis. This was so fun to watch someone do. Nice work. SUBBED!
James Anos atrás
A displacement compressor made out of soda bottles, that's really cool! I can't say I expected it to actually meet the required inflation pressure running solely from mains water, but not only is it sufficient, I'm estimating based on atmospheric pressure and just how much air is being displaced that this rig is capable of reaching pressures as high as 80-90 PSI
S A Anos atrás
I think a drain valve would be a good addition to this build
Dee Marty
Dee Marty Anos atrás
Underrated comment
Jet 2 anos atrás
This was just suggested to me and I realized... THIS IS MY NEIGHBOR! Way to go Quint! Orissa must love your shenanigans. LOL!
Solomon Gumball
Solomon Gumball 2 meses atrás
Orisa is definitely OP in the upcoming meta that's for sure
M. B.
M. B. 2 meses atrás
@Dr. Rudy bullshit
Mr prepared allthetime
Mr prepared allthetime 10 meses atrás
This guy is brilliant. Do you ever help with his projects? Sounds like a fun neighbor.
PureChaotic 10 meses atrás
What a moron. Giving out personal info online. Use your brain...
Michael Hatch
Michael Hatch 10 meses atrás
Not close with your neighbors are you? 🤣
STS Telecom
STS Telecom Anos atrás
Never would have thought of doing this! Displacement as a compressor. So cool!
Dragomir Ronilac
Dragomir Ronilac 3 meses atrás
@rivercitykenb voice of wisdom
Dragomir Ronilac
Dragomir Ronilac 3 meses atrás
@lewis stevens You missed the point. He didn't rise the water level, just used the tap water pressure.
Joe Blow
Joe Blow Anos atrás
Lot of work and time for something you could just go to Canadian Tire or your American counterparts and just buy a cheap car compressors for $10.
Full On
Full On Anos atrás
Do you know that he use the pressure generated by the pumps of water net distributor?
rivercitykenb Anos atrás
@Agent 1110 There is no physics involved really.. Its just the water pressure from the hose...
Nico Anos atrás
This guy is the neighbour I would send my kids to on a Saturday morning armed with cookies and snacks. I would tell them to help him and learn something!
bombonel nastase
bombonel nastase Anos atrás
All i learned from this video is how to waste a lot of resources instead of using a manual air pump .
Master Press Tech
Master Press Tech Anos atrás
Awesome job! I know alot of work went into this. I certainly appreciate you
Rana Jayant
Rana Jayant Anos atrás
Thank you for making it. Your BUILD format of content is amazing. I wish I had a teacher like you.
Dan Bogard
Dan Bogard 2 anos atrás
I'm impressed that last 2L bottle didn't explode on the first run.
Just this guy Beeblbrox
@Alucard I think you meant to type 100 psi
calvingreene90 Anos atrás
@Michael Fixedsys No. All the bottles are freely connected the pressure is equal across them all except when water is being added and friction delays the movement of water through the system. When the flow stops the pressure is equal in all bottles.
Andy XoX
Andy XoX Anos atrás
@Michael Fixedsys ... rubbish,the pressure is essentially the same in each bottle ( maybe slightly less as bottles get further from the compressor due to friction of the gas but that is negligible.
Andy XoX
Andy XoX Anos atrás
Why the last bottle, all the bottles see the same pressure?
GeoFry3 Anos atrás
Meh, used to make dry ice bombs with 2L bottles as a kid. At the bottle failure pressure it was enough to send a mail box 20-30 ft into the air and peel it open. They will hold alot of preasure.
Tatsanya Yutsuko
Tatsanya Yutsuko Anos atrás
Wow, this was entertaining, educational, and honestly just fun to watch. Good job, dude.
312Daniel213 10 meses atrás
this is genius, awesome content man! very entertaining
Heat3YT2 Anos atrás
Wow! That was fantastic. Interesting content and great presentation.
RedCraft Anos atrás
Love the science experiment and simplifying displacement and pressure!!! Would be great to do a follow up to discuss, why this isn't used more (e.g. resource wasting and efficiency reasons :) but overall awesome science lesson :)
N. J.
N. J. Anos atrás
Excellently presented! Love how concise the leading explanation was. Even someone completely new to physics principles can learn.
kampammam 8 meses atrás
Love this channel! If I had you as a teacher, I would’ve become much more excited about school! Engineering always interested me, but the applications you use really makes an experiment have a visual component to go along with the rest of it! As a person with a creative mind, that really helps! Thank you!
Elijah Cloukey
Elijah Cloukey Anos atrás
Wow. Great video Quint, keep it up, proud of you.
Matt Stanley
Matt Stanley Anos atrás
This definitely saved me from having to wheel out my inefficient air compressor! Thanks!
TheDecemberBreed 10 meses atrás
This was one of the most mindblowing things i've seen in weeks. Keep it up. You're really doing a great job!
PGTMR2 2 anos atrás
Next week: How to get water out of your tires.
Little Jackalo
Little Jackalo 11 meses atrás
@Rich Freeman That's completely wrong. Tire patches are what cause steel belts to rust, not plugs. Plugs seal the entire hole. Patches seal on the inside and water can get into the hole from the outside. So as far as rusting belts, patches are worse.
TheRedRooster Anos atrás
I mean I’m sure you aren’t saying do this instead. It’s a neat thing. No one in their right mind would actually think this is better than even just buying a foot pump. Cool science experiment though.
Steve Callachor
Steve Callachor Anos atrás
Good call!! Water in a tyre is a total pain in the arse, it causes a crazy wobble and you can't balance the tyre because the unbalanced weight keeps moving.............imagine if 200 ml of water froze and you set off to work at highway speed. It also causes crazy rusting in the inside rim. Stavros,,The voice of experience!
cmpremlap Anos atrás
@Tim Favreau exactly
Lucius Irving
Lucius Irving Anos atrás
Or use silica gel to dehumidify the compressed air.
Shooter McGavin
Shooter McGavin Anos atrás
It’s about the learning and understanding what’s possible, not it’s immediate feasibility. Awesome video sir!!!
TJ Surferboi
TJ Surferboi Anos atrás
This guy is a genius. I love watching his videos.
B1 Barry
B1 Barry Anos atrás
Great content Sir very well put together. You're the father that I never had!
Souljuh Anos atrás
I really didn’t think the bottles would hold the pressure needed to fill that tire. Awesome vid! Sub’d!!!!
Steve Smentkowski
Steve Smentkowski 11 meses atrás
Very cool experiment & thanks! Love the transparency! If only our politicians could explain themselves with this kind of transparency!
jfly609 Anos atrás
I would absolutely love to see an automated version of it so you don't have to reset it 😀
Mark Seppelfrick
Mark Seppelfrick Anos atrás
I love this cause your never too old to learn. I miss shows like this please keep them coming
lastchance045 Anos atrás
Enjoyed your presentation. You might consider making a video showing how the very early pumps in English coal mines were made to remove water in the mines. The system envolved tanks filled with steam. The tanks were very rapidly cooled by pouring cold water on the tank exterior. The steam condenced, causing a vacuum that could be used to suck water.
Ricky Townson
Ricky Townson Mês atrás
This guy is amazing. Hope youtube reccomends more of this
Timothy Merson
Timothy Merson 10 meses atrás
Your inspiring people to think about things differently. Great job 👏 👍
The Gemini
The Gemini Anos atrás
I love this video...not only was it educational but it's also useful knowledge that was cool and entertaining!👍👍
lostboytnt1 Anos atrás
saw this on the preview of another video, and had to check it out. this is awesome. I was curious of what the maximum pressure you'd be able to do with this method, as unless you were actually using the weight of the water, I would think you'd top out at the water pressure.
andrew hinson
andrew hinson Anos atrás
Well, I officially request that you produce a science show for kids. Please! I have a 3 year old son and a 4 year old daughter who would LOVE your teaching/demonstration style! Its fantastic!
Me The Gorgeous
Me The Gorgeous 2 meses atrás
Sir, you're awesome. Thank you for the videos.
J P Anos atrás
I love it. Something different to wrap are heads around. Keep doing these vids buddy. 💯
Jacob 10 meses atrás
This would be a really neat experiment/demonstration to see in elementary schools. It's hard to do hands on activities with things like gasses and pressor at that age this would be perfect
Chad Smith
Chad Smith 2 anos atrás
This dude's genuine joy from doing and sharing these experiments is so wholesome it makes my ovaries explode, and I don't even have ovaries.
SuburbanInhabitor 2 anos atrás
What the fucc
Moon Light
Moon Light 2 anos atrás
Geez, you people are slow. Thats just his way of saying he blew his load. Testicles are the male version of ovaries.
Straight Path
Straight Path 2 anos atrás
Ur mum
drewcookies 2 anos atrás
I wonder the psi at which they exploded
J M 2 anos atrás
What? Dude you did not increase the psi by using Multiple atmospheres. You transferred the 40 psi from the water company’s water system...all you did was move air volume using 40 psi from the hose.
Mabert2014 Anos atrás
Technically there are two moving parts: the valves at each end, one being the spigot valve the other being on the tire side of the setup
IgnatzHD Anos atrás
NERD! ;-)) but correct of course...
Shred and Enjoy
Shred and Enjoy 10 meses atrás
I dig it! My dad used to build some fun stuff posted by the steam in our back yard. Makes me wonder if you tapped into a local steam if you could eventually fill an air compressor tank. Would be a cool survivalist thing!
عبدالله الطيب
Thank you so much for the amazing information 😀
Euca Brooks
Euca Brooks 10 meses atrás
This almost seems like a semi-static equivalent of a Tromp. I like it!
D029 W
D029 W Anos atrás
This video is great. It seems a bit unsafe tho. Do we know how much pressure a regular plastic bottle can hold?
Emilio Baldi
Emilio Baldi Anos atrás
It is recommended to use dry air to reduce pressure changes as the temperature changes. Nice idea, but I don't find a useful scenario.
Raymond Darling
Raymond Darling Anos atrás
You have a very clear simple and friendly way to explain something. You should be a teacher or on tv
Roadkill7878 11 meses atrás
These type of experiments are brilliant to explain physics to kids in a real world demonstration. Well done
John Anos atrás
That was amazing. I love doing them kind of experiments in school and now in life. Can't wait to teach my kids when they are older this stuff
EveryDayTrucker 10 meses atrás
Just found you and subscribed. You have me thinking, how would tired perform if they were all filled with water instead of air? What if you did one side water and the other air to see? 🤔🤔🤔 Is this something you would be willing to take on? That to me would be an extremely interesting experiment!
Supreme KB
Supreme KB 10 meses atrás
Science is amazing great job Quint.👏
lanny allen
lanny allen 10 meses atrás
Awesome video, but I have some issues. Like the “No moving parts”, I would disagree. The utility provider supplied the kinetic or potential energy to do this. That took tons of moving parts to supply it. Still a good video! I just disagree with the whole non moving part.
Tom's Cycle Recycling
Very clever, nicely presented, and great approach. Quint is a natural to be the next "Science Guy." Thanks for stimulating my brain cells!
Ankur Sachan
Ankur Sachan 2 anos atrás
This channel has the potential to become one of the best on BRvid. The way you explain basic concepts of physics is really a breathe of fresh air compared to what is taught in schools and colleges. Hats off to you man!!
Quint BUILDs
Quint BUILDs 2 anos atrás
Wow thanks! I'm deep into physics on the next one right now. Hope it lives up to your expectations! 👍
LFTRnow Anos atrás
You're right about there being 1 ATM around us, but the tire pressure is relative to the atmosphere, known as "gauge" pressure rather than absolute. If your tire needs 30 PSI, then it is 30* PSI gauge, or 2 ATM worth in addition to the atmosphere around us. *ATM = 14.7 PSI for the technical
Thanx for doing this experiment I have a new appreciation for my air compressor now. 😂
Appreciate the like. These projects are underrated because even though this isn't a real option for anyone to inflate tire it opens your mind to new ideas, scientific method, and shows just how many ways there are to skin a cat. The person that could possibly invent the next big thing could get trigger by watching this video and all the great information provided.keep up good work you earned another subscriber for sure
Nissan Tuner
Nissan Tuner Anos atrás
This is awesome! Not really as practical as I hoped for before work on the AM but still really cool!
_ MyLastName
_ MyLastName Anos atrás
Informative and funny. Earned a sub. Very cool stuff!!
Kyle Hatch
Kyle Hatch 2 anos atrás
This channel needs to be massssive!!! Keep em coming Quint!
SiLevesque Anos atrás
Wow, I'm very impressed, I will check more stuff from you!
KoN312 8 meses atrás
really like ur videos! Very easy to understand and well explained! That´s what a lot of teachers were missing in my childhood. Most of them made a pyramid excursion for kids, for things wich are really easy to understand.. i would tell my kids to watch all ypur vid´s if they have problems in physics!!
Cedricknowledge Anos atrás
This guy is smart!!! Thanks for the knowledge!
Lance Boyett
Lance Boyett Anos atrás
Wow, very nice. Thank you for breaking it down the way you did.
LYNN 3 anos atrás
When I first saw the board with the 10 bottles attached to it, I was half laughing, half saying 'wow' really loud. This was sooo impressive, and I loved when you drew the circles around the tire describing how to estimate how much air that was needed. You really outdid yourself on this one. GREAT JOB!!!!
Quint BUILDs
Quint BUILDs 3 anos atrás
Thank you SOOO much Lynn!!! I had SO many blunders making the first couple blocks I almost didn't have the courage to continue. So many broken tools! I thought I might do one long chain of 30+ bottles but multiples of 10 proved challenging enough! I put WAY more effort into documenting scenes and script ahead of time and felt like it made a difference at every step.
R&D Depot
R&D Depot Anos atrás
This is exactly my type of problem solving. Switch around some situational values like water and air to create a working solution.
Werner Beroux
Werner Beroux Anos atrás
Outside of having humid air in your tires, this would also require enough water pressure but that should be easy. What about using the pressure to make a pump using the rotation? Or just use a rechargeable battery powered pump that auto stops at the right pressure 😛
Sathish Kumar
Sathish Kumar Anos atrás
Simple yet awesome explanation mate
Robert Cohn
Robert Cohn Anos atrás
Not sure how I landed on this video, but it was excellent and informative. 5 minutes and 24 seconds well-spent.
Cappurniggas Anos atrás
It will work much faster if you use a long hose (or all of your hoses connected together) and you drain empty it when you empty the bottles. In fact, in a pinch you could do it with just one bottle and a long empty hose.
Lucius Irving
Lucius Irving Anos atrás
Could be useful for unclogging a difficult drain here in Mexico. I would be sure to have buckets around to reuse water. Highly recommend for homesteaders though.
Official KX
Official KX Anos atrás
Finally, easy explanation and straight to the point video.
Aakash Agarwal
Aakash Agarwal Anos atrás
Amazing experiment, but I would rather choose a normal air pump 😂
Fabry Braconi
Fabry Braconi 2 anos atrás
I saw 5 videos of this channel and I am very impressed because I never think it was possible to carry out all these projects, you open my mind and show that it is possible if you are imaginative with science and the needs of people, being aware of the resources that can be taken advantage of. I would like to be like you one day, needless to say, I subscribe. greetings from Argentina
Coquillages Anos atrás
You're right, that much easier than just using the air compressor lol.
z3my4l Anos atrás
Excellent! I completely understand you; the journey is more important than getting where you are going. Subbed.
Kemoid Wilson
Kemoid Wilson 8 meses atrás
I saw a company making air batteries doing something similar to this, they would use water pumps to fill huge storage tanks and then use the compressed air generated to pump the stored water through a turbine.
ssplintergirl 3 meses atrás
This is the kind of project I’d imagine an engineer with a slow leak in his tire take on.
Mission Dan
Mission Dan 2 anos atrás
So refreshing! Direct to the point, zero waffle. This is how to make interesting content that I can fit in to my day
kamwamang dkhar
kamwamang dkhar Anos atrás
Once again with a great content, this is wonderfull
Double R2
Double R2 2 meses atrás
Good job! Just discovered you tonight and subscribed! However, there are moving parts. The water pump that is providing the water. Also, if the water pressure isn't at least as high as what is needed to fill the tire, it won't work. My well pump fluctuates between 25 and 40 psi, so not sure how that experiment would work out for me.
Will Robbins
Will Robbins Anos atrás
That was actually really cool! Didn't expect much. Pleasantly surprised!
aerias72 11 meses atrás
Great video! Loved it :))❤❤
Commander Corn 🇺🇸
Commander Corn 🇺🇸 10 meses atrás
Now Im curious how the water pressure affects the experiment. Could you do this with a river waterwheel or similar? Isnt 30psi = 30psi? So if you cant force the water into the system at 30 psi eventually it will equalize at whatever pressure you're generating?
Todd Baugh
Todd Baugh Anos atrás
From a physics aspect, it is awesome. But, with all the equipment and time it took, a @29.95 12 volt air compressor from wally world would be much more practical.
Balaji Canchi Sistla
Good job Bro and potential experiment for science students. Keep doing such in future too and enlighten us.
Great ideas thanks for sharing this informative
SeljD 2 anos atrás
this is how mines got compressed air in the past, they used waterfall to compress the air in to the pipes went all the way to the mine and powered the tools
Travis Collier
Travis Collier Anos atrás
Close. But a trompe is a bit cooler and works from continuous flow. PracticalEngineering has a good video on it.
Josh St. Louis
Josh St. Louis 10 meses atrás
The ratio of air in the last bottles to the whole system at equilibrium with the hose pressure also tells you your water pressure at home without a gauge.
Greg Pyne
Greg Pyne 10 meses atrás
Neat experiment and great video. Who needs the easy way when the fun way takes all day.
M M 10 meses atrás
I like it. I suspect max pressure would be limited by city water pressure with some additional losses due to the tubing/fittings/etc. I'd also use the weight of the last bottle to trigger a valve to close to ensure that you don't end up accidentally filling your tire up with water.
dxdux Anos atrás
What an amazing video!, thanks so much.
Walter Austin R
Walter Austin R Anos atrás
You obviously have a drive to make things work. It’s always motivating to see there are others out there like myself. So satisfying when it comes together after many adjustments. Great job 👍
jbBuckn Anos atrás
This looks so much easier than using that air hose 🤔
Jackofall Anos atrás
Idea: pre-compress air with the bike pump method before applying displacement. Maybe youll get a higher pressure?
Hope4ourfallen Anos atrás
That was Really educational🙂❤
simone vannoli
simone vannoli Anos atrás
Absolutely genius.. well done mate.
Rob Ryan
Rob Ryan Anos atrás
I’m the exponential guy. I support very few channels on Patreon, but you definitely deserve it. I love both your imagination and your execution.
Nevasoba Anos atrás
Pretty damn smart , great work.
1960markN Anos atrás
great video, super information! I might never know the answer though, because I switched it off about halfway because of the annoying music.
BlueDucky Anos atrás
This is pretty much bottle rocket science turned into an air compressor. Brilliant!
Buddy Bloomingale
Buddy Bloomingale 10 meses atrás
Wow. Just found your channel just now! I'm not even done with this video yet and I'm already commenting! Love your format and humor!!
Tracy Norrell
Tracy Norrell 2 anos atrás
Dude, seriously. That's awesome. You're the kind of guy I would love to live next to, and spend time in our garages thinking of different ways to use over engineering to solve simple problems.
Caesar Rivera
Caesar Rivera Anos atrás
Don't forget the 420 and psych meds to keep you from beating him with his air compressor.
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