1891 German ''Weltrekord'' Ratchet Screwdriver - Restoration (ASMR)

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It was around three months ago when I visited my friend that works at the steel waste. He made an amazing found. He found multible items that were in a very rough condition. They almost had some kind of concrete on them and a lot of heavy rust. This little screwdriver got my attention right away. It was not clearly visible what the function of it was, but I remember that I thought it might be some kind of ratchet mechanism. At home I posted a few pics of it in my Instagram story. It didn't took long for @hand tool rescue to reply, as he has the same screwdriver, just a slightly modern version of it, but similar mechanism. After some research I found some more pics and videos online. The brand is „Weltrekord“ made in Germany and it's called „Hebelschraubenzieher“ which meas „lever scredriver“. The model I found was the first ever designed one from 1891. Weltrekord later made some small changes on the design. Newer ones have a small collet to clamp the insert bits and even newer ones came with plastic handles instead of wood.
At first I thought this will be a quick straight forward restoration project. It turned out to be a very tricky one. The most difficult part was definitely the disassembly, it took me three full days to get it in pieces. Heavy rust has done so much damage to all of the parts. Unfortunately the handle cracked when I removed it. I tried to restore it, but it became a huge mess and I decided to make a new one to have a nice and clean look. There's a 40 minutes version of this video on my Patreon page where I show how I tried to repair the handle. I had to weld up material on a lot of parts and machined and sanded it clean afterwards. That all worked perfectly fine. Some parts have still very slight pitting but overall it turned out very well. For the finish on the steel parts I decided to try nickel plating for the first time and it worked fantastic. I went with a brushed finish and with the nickel coat the parts turned out amazing. I really like the look of the nickel plated parts with the wooden handle.

I hope you like my work and the video.

Huge thank you to all of my Patreon and PayPal supporters and specially to:

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Time and costs of this restoration:

$5 wood for the handle
$3 spring steel wire
$10 vinegar for nickel solution
I was working on this project for 2 weeks

My camera:
Panasonic HC-V180

I payed a lot of attention on the lighting when filming this video and also the quality of the sound to create an ASMR style video.

If you have any questions about the process, machines i'm using or other stuff, just ask me in the comments. I read them all and i try to reply as soon as possible.

Sorry for my bad english, it's not my language. I try my best to improve my technical english.

Subscribe for more of my content. I'm uploading videos about mechanical stuff, as new creations and buildings and also restorations.

Thank you for watching :-)

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satan165 Anos atrás
its been obvious since day 1 you were destined to have 1M subscribers. but this is the first video where i see you truly exploiting that, and really milking so many procedures in a way youve not done in the past. this is a new dawn. i will support you brother in whatever you decide to do. been a patreon for a while, and will continue to be - this is why. this is beautiful, beautiful art and it calms me. you will have more subscribers that you could dream soon. well done.
islamicHQ 4 dias atrás
Could you restore my dream?
Subhransu Nayak
Subhransu Nayak 16 dias atrás
@my mechanics vtffc
Arif Mamedov
Arif Mamedov 23 dias atrás
Snake Keeper
Snake Keeper 26 dias atrás
Wow what a cringey alcohol fueled comment.
Lagartox2.0 27 dias atrás
Imyaqwerty Familiyaasdfg
Трещётка. Учите родной язык.
shrikrishna prajapati
shrikrishna prajapati 7 horas atrás
Super tools 👍
MOHAPX100 7 horas atrás
Прекрасная работа!
새롭게 탄생
Yves Reynaud
Yves Reynaud 9 horas atrás
fdv 9 horas atrás
Has he not lost his historical interest in restoring it?
Robert Meber
Robert Meber 10 horas atrás
Erstaunlich, wie schön die Gewinde der Schrauben noch sind.
莹 王
莹 王 11 horas atrás
Rage Fury
Rage Fury 11 horas atrás
I was watching music videos. BabyMetal to be exact. Ended up here somehow. Awesome restoration vid. Thanks for sharing it.
Exhausted Pigeon
Exhausted Pigeon 12 horas atrás
This is so calming to me that I actually fall asleep to this
Tomasina Covell
Tomasina Covell 12 horas atrás
I didn't know they made things like power supplies and stuff?
Ahmad Zaini
Ahmad Zaini 15 horas atrás
High school technical student mp6..🙏🙏
Alvin James M
Alvin James M 15 horas atrás
damn, german quality for you. way ahead of their time
L3M0N_TR33 15 horas atrás
you have to have a screwdriver to take a screwdriver apart makes sense.
Bert Trim
Bert Trim 15 horas atrás
A job well done. Fabulous! Thank you for the share.
Khether 15 horas atrás
That is the coolest screwdriver I have ever seen... And your videos are really amazing!
Leonardo Silva
Leonardo Silva 15 horas atrás
Queria eu saber consertar as coisas assim
sharonitai2910 16 horas atrás
Way beyond perfection
Jorge peña castellanos
Jorge peña castellanos 16 horas atrás
Los felicito han creado una obra de Arte :)
R Martin
R Martin 17 horas atrás
awesome screwdriver, excellent job restoring. great video.
Don G
Don G 17 horas atrás
I need that tool!!!
Don G
Don G 17 horas atrás
This is the coolest retro tool I’ve ever seen!!!
Dave Rogers
Dave Rogers 19 horas atrás
Wow, your mechanical ability is more than amazing! I am glad I just discovered your work.
Jordy Simons
Jordy Simons 19 horas atrás
just remember you can also just get one at your local pawnshop for 2 dollars. this piece right here is worth 20k at the end of the video...
Ger Delgado
Ger Delgado 19 horas atrás
Si alguien dice ser millonario y no tiene esto en su garaje es un fracaso
Ger Delgado
Ger Delgado 19 horas atrás
ah la mierrr
Арсен Шевченко
Sebastian Fibes
Sebastian Fibes 21 hora atrás
mega.therion 21 hora atrás
How much for this tool?
Vickie Bligh
Vickie Bligh 13 horas atrás
MM doesn't sell his restorations.
csaba orendi
csaba orendi 21 hora atrás
i have one of these in perfect condition ,puyed it for 1 euro
dianarase Roblox 🐛
dianarase Roblox 🐛 22 horas atrás
Хорошо когда инструменты под рукой есть.
BILL RAMOS Dia atrás
moulai ali nourredine
Franchement rien a dire avec toute la patience et persévérance pour avoir un tel résultat, j'ai qu'un mot a dire "RESPECT"
Soumya Kanti Mitra
Awesome Work Bro...🔟
Zeal Faron
Zeal Faron Dia atrás
Wonderful friends
Johan Muñoz
Johan Muñoz Dia atrás
Esos tornillos no se ven tan oxidados mmmm jum
풀하우스 Dia atrás
Good 👍👍👍
Sony Clv
Sony Clv Dia atrás
You Sir, are a goddamn legend!!
احمد Dia atrás
بابا دمت گرم خیلی کارت درسته
EquiTec Engineering & Technology
simply Amazing work... Sorry, Art work. Excellent.
Max Dia atrás
Damn look how many machinery you got. It's like being in wonderland lol
소마そうま Dia atrás
와~ 대박 Great work!
양건호 Dia atrás
Phil GO
Phil GO Dia atrás
Impressive work ! I love to see awesome hand made work !
Roberto Saja
Roberto Saja Dia atrás
I don't understand nothing about hardware, but this was a very relaxing video
David Knau
David Knau Dia atrás
What wood did you use for the new handle?
Bryan G
Bryan G Dia atrás
Azhar Ismail
Azhar Ismail Dia atrás
Fantastic ....Horahh..
Fred Schreffler
Fred Schreffler Dia atrás
Fabrício Rocha
Fabrício Rocha Dia atrás
Incrível, meus parabéns você é muito profissional, fiquei perplexo!
Муслим Кобзон
49 лямов просмотров! Я уею
Юрій Бревнов
Soeldner Dia atrás
¡ .............. ! ; )
Fury Dia atrás
impossible ...😱
SAR DOG Dia atrás
I don't know why these videos are so addicting! It is just so cool to see the methods and just stellar job these folks do restoring these items that just look like trash at first and turn to perfection! Keep up the great work!
miguel forte
miguel forte 2 dias atrás
Shey Crompton
Shey Crompton 2 dias atrás
Epic restoration. That screwdriver is something else! I want one!
Davide Esposito
Davide Esposito 2 dias atrás
The most interesting video I've ever seen of this kind and the only one I've ever downloaded. Thank you
marvin silverman
marvin silverman 2 dias atrás
1:50 i dont know but this left me blind momentarily
NEXT891 2 dias atrás
Нацики были хорошие инженера
orcrist53 2 dias atrás
Girl: :( i got a broken heart!!! Me: I just a sec !!! - me watching this video- Girl: didn't you heard my heart is broken! Me: I know, I'm doing benchmarking!
dimi evers
dimi evers 2 dias atrás
Ow that's yet another amazing tool . It's just beautiful in its simplicity
Paulo Sérgio Braga
Paulo Sérgio Braga 2 dias atrás
Liv Rossi
Liv Rossi 2 dias atrás
Amazing and beautiful work ❤️❤️❤️
Derek Shilling
Derek Shilling 2 dias atrás
It would be nice to see you do a restoration with a mill and lathe. Not everyone has one.
Виталий Викторович
Молодец !!! ))) Залип на 20 минут ....
Валерий Сидельников
UglyBugTyl 2 dias atrás
Tommy Herbert
Tommy Herbert 3 dias atrás
Impressive restoration. Like what I see. You are very talented.
ytcdi 3 dias atrás
Nguyễn Hoà
Nguyễn Hoà 3 dias atrás
Giỏi quá
Константин Федоров
Tom Woggle
Tom Woggle 3 dias atrás
I'm sorry but this is no restoration this is just recycling. You took a 131 year old tool, completely wrecked it, recycled the parts and made a 2020 retro-look screwdriwer from it's recycled 131 year old scrap metal. You should have left the old one intact and made a new copy instead. Breaks my heart watching this youtube clown mechanic destroy a piece of historic quality worksmanship.
dad dada
dad dada 3 dias atrás
Nice job
اشرف 3 dias atrás
انهم الالمان يا ساده
Jorge Santos
Jorge Santos 3 dias atrás
Alexey Antonenko
Alexey Antonenko 3 dias atrás
Пц, даже шарик выточить...
M J B 3 dias atrás
Exemplary work sir! Your machining abilities are extraordinary!
stephen girling
stephen girling 3 dias atrás
Awesome restoration. Awesome tool. I love restoration.
Roman Jastrzebski
Roman Jastrzebski 4 dias atrás
drsonicwho 4 dias atrás
Sometimes the youtube algorithm sends you to amazing places.
Topher The11th
Topher The11th 4 dias atrás
Absolutely awesome and yet, in the end, so simple. The way to reverse the ratchet. I need to invent a word. "Complaxt". The minimum amount of complexity sufficient to achieve a great functionality, packed into the smallest amount of engineering, smallest number of parts, smallest amount of space. Maybe just "clever" is already the word for that.
Topher The11th
Topher The11th 4 dias atrás
Topher The11th: Is anyone still manufacturing this design? With the ratchet that works just like this one? AND the foldout torque-assisting handle-outline? WHERE?
FreshlySnipes 4 dias atrás
That is the best screwdriver I’ve ever seen. I’d like to buy one Sir. Ratchets like a nicely oiled revolver. Do they even make these anymore?
Tony’s garage
Tony’s garage 4 dias atrás
Just awesome!!
Hello 4 dias atrás
Outstanding. One hell of a check ball you created there.....
Chad Valentine
Chad Valentine 4 dias atrás
incredible, as always
Jerry Ericsson
Jerry Ericsson 4 dias atrás
Back in the 1950's dad did engine overhauls and other mechanical repairs in the garage on our farm which had no electrical power but for a battery with windcharger so he could recharge batteries and a special air hose with a spark plug adaptor that could be used to inflate tires and such. He had one of those ratchet screw drivers as well. Last year I sold mom's house and that screwdriver was still in her garage even though dad passed away in 72. So when m y uncle came through the garage sale he saw that tool and picked it up, said he always loved that driver, I gave it to him and he went away happy, he learned from dad when he was a boy and has worked his whole life as a mechanic, even now at 84 years old he still works beside his son in their mechanic shop. Great job on the restoration, Dad's was still in very good condition as he always took special care of his tools and had them well oiled when he died mom's second husband never used dads tools as he too was a retired farmer and had his own tools.
سمیر روشن قیاس
Hi . Very good
my mechanics
my mechanics 4 dias atrás
Thank you very much
Martin Hofmann
Martin Hofmann 4 dias atrás
I am very curious when there will be an APP that can do the same thing ;-)
my mechanics
my mechanics 4 dias atrás
Let me know when you found one ;-)
Metin Tetiker
Metin Tetiker 4 dias atrás
Tek kelimeyle mükemmel çalışma.güzel iş çıkardınız.Bize de tebrik etmek düşüyor.Başarılarınız daim olsun.
yousukegoo 5 dias atrás
Arthur Athanassiou
Arthur Athanassiou 5 dias atrás
I do not know what is more impressive - your magnificent restoration - or the amazing design from 1891. Wow.
my mechanics
my mechanics 4 dias atrás
Thank you very much!
MilkHound 5 dias atrás
Damn. Too bad about that handle.
my mechanics
my mechanics 4 dias atrás
yeah indeed
MARIN OPREA 5 dias atrás
I almost hate you. Is there anything you CAN'T do? :)
my mechanics
my mechanics 4 dias atrás
Thank you very much :-)
Tan Lain
Tan Lain 5 dias atrás
Advance technology, I found one tool ( just one tool) can take it off bicycle entirely.
my mechanics
my mechanics 4 dias atrás
StephyLynn F
StephyLynn F 5 dias atrás
I really want one of those!!!
my mechanics
my mechanics 4 dias atrás
still available on ebay ;-)
Paladin of Peace
Paladin of Peace 5 dias atrás
Well done . It's a wonder how we have so many tools of the 1890's design today. To bad they don't last as long.
my mechanics
my mechanics 4 dias atrás
Manuele Cuoghi
Manuele Cuoghi 5 dias atrás
this guy shapes steel like clay! incredible!
my mechanics
my mechanics 4 dias atrás
Thanks, I'm glad you like it :-)
noissouza 2020
noissouza 2020 5 dias atrás
my mechanics
my mechanics 4 dias atrás
Thank you :-)
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