15 Years of WoW vs 1 Year of FFXIV

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I'm often asked about the differences between WoW and FFXIV, so I decided to make a video detailing what sets each game apart from the other.
Special thank you to everyone who helped me on stream with script writing, to all the fans of both games who gave me feedback, and to the amazing youtubers who's clips I've used. They can be found in order below:

Chernobyl Brotherhood :
R M :
LuckyOctober :
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00:00 - Introduction
04:59 - Content
19:25 - Gameplay
23:46 - Visuals
25:42 - Music
29:12 - Community
34: 56 - A Gentlemanly Conclusion

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27 Jun 2021



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Comentários 4 576
Sir Sniffel
Sir Sniffel 3 horas atrás
I don't think the "you are the chosen one" is a fitting narrative for a mmo. The story instantly breaks when you realise that everyone around you is also the chosen one, so in my opinion you should only be a cog in the machine, being part of the solution but only as one of many. It would fit the gameplay much better.
Daniel Tilson
Daniel Tilson 9 horas atrás
My experience with FF14. The story is really nice. years ago, I was playing a Marauder, and one of the early quests was fighting off pirates on a ship. Loved it. The player base is generally friendly. The bad though? As far as I know, there is no general chat channel (There might be one, but the game sure doesn't tell you how to use it.). So, if a mentor doesn't spot you running around like a chocobo high on crack, and invite you to the newbie channel, if you need help, you need to find somebody, get close enough to them, and then ask directly. Or whisper a random person. As a new player, that's stressful if you're used to some of the people on modern wow. Same situation on Wow, you ask for help in general chat, usually you'll get mixed results. A couple of snarky comments, or trolly answers, but 9/10 times, you get a friendly whisper explaining how to do the thing you asked about, or somebody else who wants to do it too will invite you to a group.
William Bodack
William Bodack 11 horas atrás
I can never tell if if my own personal bias toward storytelling but these comparison videos made by people who love both games always sound like they don't love wow all that much
Matthew Partridge
I have been trying FF14 after 15 years of wow, I am really struggling to enjoy the gameplay it feels so slow and clunky granted I am only level 26 perhaps this gets better later on
Azureth 19 horas atrás
@Matthew Partridge Bit hard to follow that text, but lancer becomes dragoon at lvl 30, so it's one and same. There's the sprout quest in your town inn, training exercise chain that gives you ring with bonus xp up to lvl 30. Fates/dungeons till you're back to MSQ. That should get you sorted.
Matthew Partridge
@Azureth I have always played melee in WoW so perhaps I will try lancer I've just leveled unlocked summoner not finding it too fun, will level lancer now maybe and try dragoon to level another class up to 30 do I just continue MSQ?
Azureth Dia atrás
@Matthew Partridge Personally I dislike cast bars but it's so personal. You could just watch bunch of youtube guides about the dps jobs and see what looks most fun. But if I had to give an answer, many ppl suggest lancer/dragoon.
Matthew Partridge
@Azureth thank you for reply, what would you recommend playing as a fun dps role?
Azureth Dia atrás
It does. FF XIV was designed for players who've never played an MMO. Around lvl 30 it starts to show signs of being good and after 50 it's very busy. While the GCD is 2,5 seconds, at high level play you're supposed to fit 1 or 2 oGCD between that when you have all your CDs up. Depending if there's cast time in the skill. I mean it's not for everyone, but it DOES get better. Also the classes feel different, it's pretty easy to swap since each new job you're leveling get's +100%xp boost up to the level of your highest job.
Anton Kursakov
Anton Kursakov Dia atrás
I'am here to say only one thing - if you call FFXIV (which one I love) an RPGMMO, then you can't show SWTOR (which one I love too) as an example of a MMORPG. Like in FFXIV, you can just take every MMO function from SWTOR and it's still will be a pretty great RPG. You can easy play it solo, with little party or even in a big raid. Just. Don't. Be. So. Shallow. Really, that was really rude =) But not from me, but from you, who have "almost 20 years of MMO" and still think about SWTOR as a MMORPG.
Antonin 2 dias atrás
Story of WoW didnt really start for me until illidan and Arthas showed up, because you know of WC3 and TFT. and I was locked out of it
SCP Pinkamena
SCP Pinkamena 2 dias atrás
Compared to playing WoW for 12 hours and FF14, i would choose FF14 anyday. WoW players dont give hand outs, or advice besides "get better"
Mastermind 2 dias atrás
Going from the wow community to the xiv community sounds like when I as a kid from New Jersey went to South Carolina for vacation
AzuraSoul 3 dias atrás
excuse me players what do the ppl think of elsword?
Iya 3 dias atrás
Ah a level headed explanation comparing the two, a breath of fresh air. I'm probably the only fool who, when I see two similar things, want to celebrate their similarities and differences instead of making the two compete with each other.
nathan clemons
nathan clemons 3 dias atrás
Stop comparing WoW which came out in 2000 ??? And 14 is super casual, ffxi was better.
TarrenMill_ WariussW
TarrenMill_ WariussW 3 dias atrás
Final Fantasy is just a hype, WoW is still the best MMORPG
Ddarke11 3 dias atrás
FF14 is nice but still can't beat WoW for me. Still, wish the latter would take things like housing, instruments, and most importantly - porting to consoles. I think a big part of FF14's success was going beyond just being on a pc.
HolyWord Ministries
HolyWord Ministries 3 dias atrás
Screw it. Quiting MMOs
ParkMyungSoo1 3 dias atrás
world of warcraft win,that all i have to say
TarrenMill_ WariussW
TarrenMill_ WariussW 3 dias atrás
World of Warcraft is better
Midnightgamer00 3 dias atrás
Don't even need to put in 40 hours to enjoy FFxiv. I found that once I dropped the WoW philosophy of leveling as quick as possible, I started to enjoy it a lot. I treated ARR (A realm reborn aka base game) as if it was end game since a lot of stuff that was in AAR still matter. The ability dye your armor, glamour (transmog), requirements to buy a house, and many more are only done through the base game. You still have to level up crafting from the very beginning, so I am leveling it up as I level my character. It would be much quicker if I rushed to max level first, but by taking it slow and not worrying about raiding asap I found that I enjoyed the game from the start. It is so different from WoW I can see why other WoW players wouldn't like it, but for me WoW became a job, and enjoying FFxiv as a game.
Vasiliy Novikov
Vasiliy Novikov 4 dias atrás
Can anyone share the secret of those amazing tracks that were played in soundtrack section for FFXIV?
Vasiliy Novikov
Vasiliy Novikov 4 horas atrás
@VorAbaddon thanks a lot I appreciate it
VorAbaddon Dia atrás
,First was Promises to Keep from a Shadowbringers Normal (8 man) raid: Second was "Ultima" from a Trial in Shadowbringers: (Note there's three versions: Orchestral version, in game, and The Primals band playthrough, linking the latter): Third was "Sunrise from a Stormblood Trial : Fourth was "Who Brings Shadow" from a Shadowbringers Trial - Not linking as there's MAJOR freaking spoilers, the first three are all side content so run at your own risk.
Disslikeinator 1000
Disslikeinator 1000 4 dias atrás
I skipped every single dialog and cut scenes in ff14 , yeah its that awful !
William Reely
William Reely 4 dias atrás
WoW is the type-A personality of MMORPGs. FFXIV is the type-B personality of MMORPGs.
Adrian Chapmanlaw
Adrian Chapmanlaw 4 dias atrás
for those that love wow for dungeons, battlegrounds and raiding but hate questing.... what game (other than wow... obviously) what should we play?
RubelliteFae 5 dias atrás
IOW, FFXIV is an MMORPG whereas most games that call themselves that are just MMOs devoid of any actual role playing. MMO Dungeon Crawls with wall-of-text "story" at best
James Smith
James Smith 5 dias atrás
I've had like, two people in XIV who where vaguely toxic. I've had a tank take the blame for me literally failing to heal efficiently.
Kokoro Chacarero
Kokoro Chacarero 5 dias atrás
27:15 is that Suzuhana Yuko?
Kokoro Chacarero
Kokoro Chacarero 5 dias atrás
There's clearly a difference in design philosophy Make your players want to login everyday VS Make your players have to login everyday
Vampyrr 5 dias atrás
Wanna find toxicity in FF14 tell people you really dont care about the story and skip everything you can
Theresa Claire
Theresa Claire 5 dias atrás
Wish I could take back my 16 years of playing wow. The game has been a huge let down since cata. Warlords and Legion were okay but BFA and Shadowlands are as epic of a fail as cata was imo. Also knowing the company is so toxic makes me regret ever giving them a cent. Breaking up with Blizzard hasn't been easy but its for the best
Tetsujin 5 dias atrás
Sry for being overly dry, but isn't it more likely that the MMORPG FFXIV has focused more on story, while WOW does not? Instead of calling it RPGMMO.
Feliciano Granado
Feliciano Granado 5 dias atrás
FF XIV gives you mounts and minions as well throuh ql
Foostini 5 dias atrás
Good video overall, I disagree with the idea that being on PS4 limits FF14 in any way though especially when it's comparison is WoW which, even in the rare times it pushes the envelope, looks dated not even going to how incredible some PS4 titles look stylistically and graphically. Most limits FF14 had due to PS3 were area sizes and that's gotten better since.
kismet 6 dias atrás
I don't even play mmorpgs but you've convinced me to check out xiv
Craig Kringlebief
Craig Kringlebief 6 dias atrás
all i hear is hugh neutron. this is not a bad thing
Krythix 6 dias atrás
I think the WoW lore and story were good historically but have very recently in 2020/2021 taken a huge nose dive in quality.
Taku Kirk
Taku Kirk 6 dias atrás
I like FF14 but they there isn’t much focus on pvp in that game to keep me. I always enjoyed the open world pvp even if it involved me getting camped by a ganker, it kept the questing more interesting since I have to pay attention to horde and mobs.
FFN 6 dias atrás
An older example of this sort of "RPG MMO" is Star Trek Online, that TB played regularly. It's essentially a story-driven single player game where you see other players in hub zones and such, but most of the content is thematically geared towards a single player experience.
Mr. Palmer
Mr. Palmer 6 dias atrás
Sorry it's not comparable. Until FFXIV gets some kind of PvP fix its not for me...Good game tho..but man i need pvp.
lexzbuddy 7 dias atrás
Tried ff14 and it was ok. I got bored after about 40 hours of play.
DemonstrativePronoun 7 dias atrás
Totally agree with the RPGMMO definition. I've always referred to it as "the best single player MMO I've ever played". Back in ARR, my friends would be raiding and I would just be doing my own single player stuff and it was extremely satisfying.
Dr Demented
Dr Demented 7 dias atrás
ive played wow for many many many many years....sadly its decline in quality makes me spend less and less time in it only coming back for a content patch and leaving soon after.
xbon1 7 dias atrás
Haha you think 40 hour start is bad? Best not read the best visual novel of all time (Muv Luv) then because it has a 40 hour prequel to a 60 hour finale, At least in FFXIV they keep adding more and more onto this fucking amazing story (and I didn't mind ARR at all, though it was fine). Super excited for EW!
Niko Santos
Niko Santos 8 dias atrás
did he just say wow pvp was "viberant" LMFAO
Niko Santos
Niko Santos 8 dias atrás
wow only has end game in mind and it makes leveling up a char just another chore
maroin Definitly human
I feel like playing ff 14 but I feel intimidated since it's been around for a while and I've never played any mmo before.
VorAbaddon Dia atrás
You'll be fine, just play at your own pace and take your time. There's no rush to end-game because the queuing/sync system means there's people doing about all the content. So when you queue for the very first dungeon, you might get another sprout (new player), you could get a vet who has a class or two at max level, or you could get someone with every class max. It's also very friendly in that it grows slowly over time so at level 20-30, you're really still easing into your class role, and then it just adds layers slowly over time. There's even job quests that flat out teach you how to do things and a Hall of Novices/Guildhests that are literal tutorial missions for MMOing. And if you're not sure on something, ask on the daily question thread on the sub-reddit or the "Novice Network", a chat all players are put in only accessible to Sprouts, Returners (Old players that left for awhile, came back, and need to re-acclimate, and Mentor players. So you'll have people to help!
Brandon Bryant
Brandon Bryant 8 dias atrás
I'm gonna have to try this out. I just want to play a monk type tank class and I don't think ff14 has that
Luminious Dia atrás
They have monk as a job class
Janay Hounchell
Janay Hounchell 8 dias atrás
You have kinda become he new tb. It's interesting to hear your opinion and info on this. Makes me miss tb
Artur Amadis
Artur Amadis 8 dias atrás
Thank you for the major spoiler at 0:20 ***hole
Réka Manton
Réka Manton 8 dias atrás
The biggest thing that made me clearly see the difference between WoW and FFXIV's communities: When I was going through BFA, I had to do some dungeon to progress the main campaign. There was a mechanic in a boss I didn't understand, even though I'd read up on the mechs before the dungeon. Rather than explaining to me, the tank yelled at me and quit the dungeon - and the others didn't quit, but certainly weren't happy with me. In FFXIV, when I was learning to tank, I'd constantly forget to put on my tank stance, the most *basic* part of tanking. People would remind me to put it on, but not yell, and when I said "sorry, I'm new," tank mains who happened to be DPSing or healing would give me lots of advice. I was afraid to do anything but DPS in WoW after some bad experiences healing when I was younger - as in, not even a teen yet, and people yelled at me for doing not even a bad job, but a mediocre job healing even when they knew I was a kid. In FFXIV, turns out tanking is my favorite - because I love leading newer people through dungeons and helping them learn, like people did for me when I was starting.
Réka Manton
Réka Manton 8 dias atrás
yugiri face reveal awakened something in me
Réka Manton
Réka Manton 8 dias atrás
Also FFXIV literally made me realize I'm biromantic so that's cool
Courtney Christian
Courtney Christian 9 dias atrás
If I could get my computer to run FFXIV then i would have been playing years ago. ;_; Still love wow.
Neonajarin 9 dias atrás
Sounds like FF is keeping there players engaged by not dividing there focus between multiple grinds and not eating up there players time.
ito2789 9 dias atrás
The WoW leads at those BlizzCon's were nothing but arrogant dude-bro douchebags.
Shredi Knight
Shredi Knight 9 dias atrás
Combat, pvp & end game are better in WoW. Story, leveling experience and comunity are better in FF14. I like them both for different reasons.
Odin Maveth
Odin Maveth 10 dias atrás
Great vid playing 14 right now
GrandMarnier 11 dias atrás
In my opinion, the best of WoW was in the beginning when they weren't trying to create this elaborate story. When there was as you said it, basically we created the story for our own adventure. That's what I loved about it. As the game tried harder and harder to put us in this "hero" bubble that every other RPG tries to do it felt less fun and exciting.
Zanniia 11 dias atrás
The FF14 community is so nice. It's actually inspired me to just... be nice to other players. I'm used to being fairly selfish in games I play, but I've passed fates 15 levels under me and just decided "eh no harm in like 5 minutes" so I'll just go and help the people who are doing their fates.
xyz 11 dias atrás
This video made me feel bad for literally not reading any text or watching any cinematic.... and I'm level 45
VorAbaddon Dia atrás
There's a journal in the inn's where you can go back and re-watch cutscenes so you can at least get caught up on the MSQ!
NubRusty 12 dias atrás
What are the 4 games at the beginning of this video?
Blake Morris
Blake Morris 12 dias atrás
The biggest and most glaring difference between the two games and keeps both feeling fundamentally different has nothing to do with the actual game. It is the community, because functionally the games are exactly the same except FFXIV slows everything down slightly. I play both and get asked regularly by my nongamer friends which one I'm playing because they genuinely can't tell. But the glaring difference for anyone that I have got to come over to FFXIV or from FFXIV to WoW is the base community and the environment those people create. WoW has an instant elitist and "parse focused" environment. If you don't excel instantly it's not that you could be experimenting or new, no it will always be that you are bad. FFXIV on the other hand the base community seeks to inform, and elevate new players. They are helpful in all aspects of the game. They diverge at the two types of endgame play also though. They almost flip, in the competitive scene in WoW the community backs off and accepts experimental builds, stat priority, classes, raid comp, etc. FFXIV on the other hand on the competitive end is extremely narrowminded every top FC has almost the exact same raid comp, every WHM will have the same stat priority and a certain play style will be demanded. If you don't conform you will be called bad, you will be blacklisted on the competitive scene. This is the glaring difference between the games, atleast from my and many of the people I play with in both games perspective, many of us play on the cutting edge of 1 or both games. I play in a top 10 US guild in WoW, and a top 5 world FC in FFXIV.
Blake Morris
Blake Morris 12 dias atrás
But to give WoW another plus is that the endgame is FARR more complex and engaging. The big kill moments in WoW are far more satisfying. Excludeding a few awesome and awe inspiring gems like Titan Ex on release, or turn 12.
Blake Morris
Blake Morris 12 dias atrás
Oh and FFXIV has a WAYYY better patch and expansion cycle... Fuck year wait times for a .5 patch
icetailgreg 12 dias atrás
I liked this video a lot but I will be honest I spent a lot of time going back to the hunting train footage to watch that triceratops mount very slowly doggy paddle into the sky it was the funniest thing I’ve ever seen
Rabbitzan Drakague
Rabbitzan Drakague 12 dias atrás
On FFXIV I can be true nice self but on wow I have to be an a hole and I don't like that but I do like the story of both.
Ellinda Plays
Ellinda Plays 12 dias atrás
On the subject of sprouts in wow: Not sure if you heard but WoW now also has a mentor system and while it only shows you who is a WoW sprout if you're a mentor, there is a mentor chat much like the one in FF. The chat is very much filled with mentors fighting eachother about whatever *they* think is the best way to play the game and whenever a new person asks a question in the chat there's a 99% chance they get told to "just google it" or if someone is feeling "generous" they might even tell them wowhead exists. But I rarely see people actually genuinely answering or helping and it truely makes me wonder why those people signed up to be a mentor..
reddog1880 12 dias atrás
Well this made up my mind to buy it and give it a shot after more then 10 years of wow. Thank you for youre view on it keep it up
Jim Munro
Jim Munro 12 dias atrás
Wow at peck had 17 mill Subs FFX1V no where near that Char way better in WOW where in FFX1V all pretty
Biorn R.
Biorn R. 12 dias atrás
I remember giving it a try last year, and I just couldn't get into it. I came over from wow, so the levelling felt so slow, especially since they force feed you the story. I think it's important to have good writing, and I appreciate that they try, but it is rather annoying to constantly get unskipable cutscenes when I just want to grind with a friend and fool around. It may very well get better after 50 levels, but that speaks to poor design, if it takes that long to really start enjoying something (which in fairness can also be applied as criticism to wow, whose early levels are also tedious - even if they are faster) Listening through the video, I think the above is also down to what I want from an mmo and what I'm used to. I have ~10 in wow, so that's what an mmo is to me, and I'm used to consuming the lore in the way you do it there (as painful as it can be with retcons etc) - but the game itself was always the game, and the lore was its own thing. I love story rich games, but I can't enjoy the story, if I just want to get on with life. I also think, to some degree, that story-focused games and MMOs can be a bit of a mismatch. From what I know and have heard, this could have been a (proper) RPG, but I don't think it really has any choices as such, so you don't roleplay as much as being asked to sit down and enjoy the railroad. I know SWTOR is very atypical in this regard, but I at least have the illusion of choice, so I care more about the story and quests presented in the game itself. FF (from my own limited experience and what I have heard now) feels like they try the best of both worlds, but fail. The story may very well be competent, but it gets in the way of the MMO and doesn't offer the choices and immersion of an actual RPG or even the limited take of SWTOR
Andy Barnard
Andy Barnard 12 dias atrás
Played WoW for 12 years. FF14 is better in every way.
PATRICKLEEEE 12 dias atrás
why didn't you get 1M subs? take mine.
Rock_ stare214
Rock_ stare214 12 dias atrás
i watched this like 10 times already lol
SAV SAGA 12 dias atrás
Basically this is an advertisment of FF14
JB 12 dias atrás
Meh I tried it, but still prefer WOW.
Eternal CM
Eternal CM 13 dias atrás
FFXIV does better at being a role play game, you can reeeally do whatever you want there, which is what most of the players love
Hello There
Hello There 13 dias atrás
I play both but prefer FF14 because it feels more casual and welcoming, I don’t get stressed out from playing it and it doesn’t feel like a daily job
SpecialNewb 13 dias atrás
I think one thing that is overlooked is that FF was on its 6th mainline game when the original Warcraft released. There are 5 main warcraft titles in all! FF has more space to remind people of something they did to establish connections with a player.
Tere 13 dias atrás
The story in wow is bad fanfiction at best
Patrick Neville
Patrick Neville 13 dias atrás
What was the story of Vanilla WoW? I'll give you a Yeah you didn't bother to pay attention. Katrina Prestor? Winsdsor? Black Dragonflight? Onyxia? Blackrock Horde? No?
StoneAM 13 dias atrás
What's wrong with loving both games?!?!
CarlosSE 14 dias atrás
i played ff online because my sister insisted and at first i was blown away like hell yea and the kind of bossplay is really enjoyable. But it annoyed me so hard pushing the buttons for my skills and having a slight delay when the char starts doing the ability or starts casting so i went for a support. Thats when i found out it isnt smooth on purpose, thats like it should be. That was the moment i quitted
roflmows 14 dias atrás
i also played wow for almost exactly 15 years, and MAN ARE MY EYES TIRED!!! :D seriously though. i started at the beginning of BC, playing a druid tank for almost all that time, just switching to FF last january. always happy to meet a fellow Displaced Azerothian ;) i tried FF14 on a free trial, and i IMMEDIATELY got hooked. these are just a few reasons: 1) the FF community is insanely helpful, welcoming, and friendly. people are SO different, and the rules are enforced. trolling is NOT tolerated in public chat or in groups. you can and WILL be thrown out and reported--and unlike in wow, Square Enix DOES follow up and take action against offenders. you've been warned--DO NOT COME TO FF14 EXPECTING TO GET AWAY WITH RACISM, SEXISM, TROLLING, ETC. you WILL get ousted. each server's community is like wow before crossrealm--people get to know your name, and you get a reputation. 2) just the sheer variety of the game. i know people who've been playing FF14 since 2011, and they STILL have stuff on their bucket lists. 3) convenience. playing ALL classes (jobs) on ONE toon, without penalty? in fact you get BONUSES for doing that? YES PLEASE! 4) the great variety of classes (jobs). the class flavor is AMAZING, the abilities look and feel brilliant, and it's just such a breath of fresh air from wow. 5) the GRAPHICS ARE AWESOME. no more 2006-era graphics! this is gorgeous 4k graphics in a huge, detailed, incredibly designed world. now, some things that wow does better than FF14: 1) personally, i don't like the retainer system that much. i prefer the simple, standard bank/bags that wow uses. it's just a faster, simpler UI, especially with the reagents bank tab. if you want more bank space in FF14, you literally have to "hire" retainers at $2 a month (real money). there is NO way of increasing your bag/bank space otherwise. 2) wow handles transmog WAY better than FF does glam. in wow, you "learn" the item as soon as you pick it up, and you can sell/discard it, but you have that item appearance forever. you have to store each item in FF, and you can only wear glam items for each specific job. 3) FF14 has no repair/bank/transmog mounts. this would be a HUGE improvement. i suspect it's because they want people to be social in the cities, not hiding out somewhere forever. 4) you can get to top level any which way you want in wow--dungeons, questing, pvp, etc. it's all you. i leveled an alliance druid alt (for the ach) 1-60 and never left Darnassus, just doing dungeon queue spam. in FF14, you HAVE TO follow the pre-set Main Scenario Quest (msq) path--there is NO way around it. in this way, you're sorta stuck in a sandbox. you follow the same story everyone else does, and you CANNOT avoid it. personally, i find the MSQ a slog pretty often. 5) i miss the kooky humor wow offered. i miss things like Brewfest and Hallow's End, NPCs like Milhouse Manastorm, and NPCs that talked, like vendors and auctioneers =/ i definitely miss the snarky goblin humor, the goofy bosses that sometimes show up, and things like that. FF14 has very little of that--it's very "serious" in tone, offset only by occasional bizarre things that, tbh, seem a little try-hard to me.
Metalkon 14 dias atrás
35:02 sauce?
scottdvdr 14 dias atrás
WoW feels more like a job, while FFXIV feels like a vacation
ShipperOnDeck 14 dias atrás
damn I'm just seconds in the video and I already wanna thank you for sharing your experiences...
Valmaxian Elven God
Valmaxian Elven God 15 dias atrás
Sprout here who finally fixed his password and can play again. I am level 4 and on Unicorn.
Francis Plamondon
Francis Plamondon 15 dias atrás
Great video, I'm sharing it with my FC! Also, in the Community section, I have to say.... people actually run nightclubs in FFXIV. There are literal venues with scheduled events and themed interior designs. A lot of them also have things like raffles and contests for rare loot, photographer service (I was kicked out of one for taking pictures in Gpose once, I hadn't read the rules of the place!), etc. Playing the game is just one side of the game. Also, for all long-term FF players like me, the amount of stuff pulled from previous games hits all the nostalgia strings. Doma from FFVI? Yeah, it has its own story. Plus you can run into (and kill again) Kefka in the Deltascape. Remember FF Tactics? The descendant of Delita is asking you to do some raids in the Ivalice ruins. There are references from previous titles all over the place, and it's amazing for old players like me.
Radio X
Radio X 15 dias atrás
Very unture. I believe you're too new to make these statements.
matti oksa
matti oksa 15 dias atrás
I actually enjoyed 1-50 story. I cant wait to go further In since everyone says its much better
Gareth Scott
Gareth Scott 13 dias atrás
It absolutely is. If you enjoyed ARR, you are going to *love* Heavensward!
Breck Dahlin
Breck Dahlin 15 dias atrás
That was a great comparison of the two games, as a WOW player since beta, and a new FF14 player, this puts a lot into focus, thanks
Marto Paskalev
Marto Paskalev 16 dias atrás
Battle Music! :D
Eclipsa 16 dias atrás
i usually never play online games because im scared getting yelled at for failing a dungeon at an aoe and such my bf got me into ffxiv because he want to play games together and his bae asmongold keep making videos about it i have to say now im in love, and the community is super friendly, once we literally did whorleater extreme till duty fails after an hour of trying and no one complained a thing and no one yells at healers or tank or anyone for being a newb/genuinely confused players to the mechanics
Icedmind 16 dias atrás
Yep, being a sprout was great. I remember it well when I started playing the game: what's that thing above my head? Oh no, now everyone's going to make fun of me etc. You know, classic WoW (and other mmorpgs) mindset. But no, just helpful hands, wherever I looked. I even had a helping hand from a random passer-by while farming mobs for sinews which were 6-7 levels stronger than me. Although I must say, the WoW community hasn't always been that toxic. Especially in Vanilla and TBC, players were pretty much like in FFXIV today, helpful and glad to have potentially new guild members joining the game. I also have some great memories during Naxx progression in Vanilla, where our guild would constantly clash against a horde guild we were battling for server first kills. We would PvP the hell out of eachother until EXACTLY 5 minutes before the raid would start, just to clean up the mess we made, /saluted and went our way. Although, overall, FFXIV made me smile way more in three years playing it than WoW ever did in 10+ years. AND THE MUSIC, I JUST CAN'T!! Do you know.... LAHEE?!
midnight hope
midnight hope 16 dias atrás
I think the culture of killing a rare as soon as you see it in wow instead of doing a group hunt was caused by how you couldn't share credit outside of party members for years, increased competitiveness even amongst your own faction
Samuel Corey
Samuel Corey 17 dias atrás
Thank you for making this video. I'll prob never stop playing WoW but I've decided the next time I Have a break in work or get laid off I'm going to play FFXIV. I dont have time to raid much anymore so I'm exited to try a game that revolves around story instead of end game raids.
Steven D
Steven D 17 dias atrás
End-game PvE content in FF is entirely and utterly trash compared to WoW. I said what I said.
Fiend Matador Slayer of a Thousand Noobs
I mean, it is your right to be willfully wrong.
Adam T
Adam T 17 dias atrás
Is FFXIV as addictive as WoW? I want to start gaming again, but I have my final year of Engineering at University xD
VorAbaddon Dia atrás
Eh, it's odd. I was never a WoW addict, but I was an Everquest addict for many many years and I'm now very much an FF addict (like have every classes max relic for the latest expansion kind of nut) but it's... different. I missed 4 days in a row not logging in at all because work was busy and it literally didn't bother me. I'll easily be able to catch up my weekly currency/raid stuff. So I don't sweat not logging in a few days because the limits are so generous you're not falling behind to the point of hurting yourself if you don't grind away. So it's more comfortable taking breaks.
Nathan Wubs
Nathan Wubs 16 dias atrás
If gamging in general is very addictive to you, then finish your final year first. This game is not going away, almost no game is going away. So after you finish your degree you still have 70+ years to game afterwards.
Vholst 18 dias atrás
Blizzard liked to put the vast majority of WoW's story in books outside of the game, a method that extended over to Overwatch. Now, if they wanted to expand or do side stuff, that's fine, but there's a point you have to ask why can't they tell the story of their game from inside the game. Most of WoW's story basically gets you to move from region to region, raid to raid etc. When it's really good, it masks that directive, and when it's poorly done... yeah.
Willy Souza
Willy Souza 18 dias atrás
Great job! Imparcial and extremely informative.
Airia Tasui
Airia Tasui 18 dias atrás
That comment about the 'swift crackdown on bad actors' reminds me of the quote about 'in a tolerant society, you must be intolerant of intolerance.' Because FFXIV holds their community to a higher standard, they dont allow harmful players to flourish.
Forsen's MOTD
Forsen's MOTD 18 dias atrás
Burning Crusade was an irl world event I am proud I was here
Shalyn Tomlinson
Shalyn Tomlinson 18 dias atrás
WoW left me uncomfortable and scared of dungeons and raids because I'm not great with them. When I started FF14 some of my first few quests were dungeons and I wanted to give up. Friends told me to give it a go and for the first time in a dungeon I didnt get yelled at for not fully knowing the dungeons. FF14 is a game anyone can comfortably progress in.... and not be scared of one accidental mess up.
Ron Swanson
Ron Swanson 18 dias atrás
FFXIV has a lot of cool features that i enjoyed, for example the class system. what i didnt not enjoy was the forced storyline to progress and the ridicious ammount of cut scenes. Im a seasoned veteran of the genre but ive spend most of my time in L2 and wow. i still think wow is the better game overall but there is alot of things from FFXIV i wish that blizzard would implement.
dusanacsrb 18 dias atrás
I just don't like the graphics of FFXIV
Ed 18 dias atrás
I’m going to be trying out ff soon, 14 year WoW guy here. I have been really enjoying The Old Republic this last year because it’s so story driven, and for me the questing is the most fun part and player agency is wonderful. I’ve heard good things about FF story so I think it may be worth a shot
Dreamer 11 dias atrás
If you decide to invest time in the story and don’t stress through it FFXIVs story and world is amazing.
speedban99 19 dias atrás
26:57 Can someone tell me the name of the song?
Mathew Lau
Mathew Lau 16 dias atrás
Ultima (The Primals), there's a music video on the official Final Fantasy 14 youtube.
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