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15 Months is a short film sharing my experience and feelings over the last year and a half.

Original Music by: Ursine Vulpine

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21 Jul 2021



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Comentários 58 991
Mica 2 horas atrás
Your so brave for sharing this, even though you know you will get some hate, stay strong man. We believe in you
moxxie 5 horas atrás
Dis one seen 8:10 of the remote i have that remote its right now next to me
moxxie 5 horas atrás
Dis makes me fell like jack hase some bad virus and now he slowly diying
moxxie 5 horas atrás
And it makes me fell bad and sad how it was done
BridledandBare 10 horas atrás
I felt so much of this video. I just want to say thank you. So much. Please take care of your mental health as well as your respiratory problems. My daughter and I love you and Evelien so much and you look like you adore each other. Thank you for working as hard as you do to bring so much happiness to others. I hope one day all of us can do the same for you. 💚
Fritz 21 hora atrás
Michael Burnheart
Michael Burnheart 23 horas atrás
Come on
Justin Morris
Justin Morris Dia atrás
I hated it. And I loved it. Too real, and perfect. You've captured the spirit of 2019-2021. I enjoy your light-hearted content, but this is something different, and great. Great shooting, great editing. Great work. You've got more than BRvid to look forward to with content like this, but I hope you still stick around and keep doing what has put you in a position to make great content like this. Balance.
Emotional Context
I just saying these, cause you are need to hear it, I'm telling this with %100 empathy. I think you are just stop making videos at this point, and get retirement, enjoy the life fullest without pressure. because health is more ımportant, and your are just destroying yourself doing something that you are not happy bout that. you should take care yourself instead working on the youtube, if you are forcing yourself to doing that still, don't do that, cause you are deserved better than this. this is not bout me, all the fans you had, but yourself
Wingman46 Dia atrás
not to get off topic, but jacks film sense is phenomenal he should do film!
Zane Gamer
Zane Gamer 2 dias atrás
Nicky The Demon
Nicky The Demon 2 dias atrás
I hope u are doin well currently!!!! This got me so worried about ya Lad I'm here if ya need to vent. Just leave a comment on my channal if u ever feel bad in any way. I will answer as quick as I can Love ya From Nicky in sweden♥️ (and yeah I can 1000% say that I relate to this)
Bystander 2 dias atrás
Sean: *kalm* *depressed boy* Jack: *AHHHHHHHHHHH*
EliD70 2 dias atrás
Jack has asthma?! What a nerd! this is a joke it's a reference to an old video where there was an asthma infomercial jack reacted to
Zachary Adams
Zachary Adams 3 dias atrás
Wow this shit was deep
evan 3 dias atrás
This is good u should be in a movie
Haylon Hamilton
Haylon Hamilton 3 dias atrás
What kind of clock is that i want one?
Jeb 3 dias atrás
love you Jack
QuietBiscuit 3 dias atrás
Sean my man you need a spacer for your inhaler. It makes a big difference especially if you're also panicking when trying to take it.
Lindsay Oxley
Lindsay Oxley 3 dias atrás
Well he clearly took A LOT of inspiration from Bo Burnham's 'Inside'. Not saying it isn't good to take inspiration from other things for your content of course and it is a good short film, but it'd be nice if he could credit his inspiration.
Avery Rose Cloud
Avery Rose Cloud 3 dias atrás
This was incredible. I absolutely loved this so much. I really hope Sean pursues some hobby in directing or editing, because this was so good!
RAJ TAC - TTS 3 dias atrás
some of these sections remind me of mamamax and im not sure if i want to be absolutely scared shitless or really impressed
SighMc 3 dias atrás
The way my heart hurts when I think about how we can't do nearly as well to help you like you help us. Your message went nowhere unheard. We love you, Sean.
Approblade 3 dias atrás
U good bro? Edit: Obviously not. I hope you can get through this, I wish there was something we could do to help.
mathew law
mathew law 4 dias atrás
wow this is intresting
Xhesian Mulgeci
Xhesian Mulgeci 4 dias atrás
I hope you are doing well and you need to be strong LIKE A BOOOOOOOSSSSSS!!
Yolandi Voysey
Yolandi Voysey 4 dias atrás
This hit home for me Sean
human blibord
human blibord 4 dias atrás
Why are there so many dislikes
Abacoot 4 dias atrás
Hope you are well Sean. I'm blessed my mindset has been extremely positive lately but I can relate to feeling alone sometimes. Seeing you lay back in your chair emotionless watching your own video hits hard. I use to watch old unleashed gaming videos of mine when I younger and happier for motivation 🔥
Stephanie Moelker
Stephanie Moelker 4 dias atrás
What a raw and really powerful message you have conveyed here! Very well done! Always in my families thoughts!
Falensiana 4 dias atrás
The movie is incredible Sean, you did an amazing job with it, amazing portrayal of how you feel. You're always valid, I hope you find some source to help you as much as you've helped others, if not more
hani kake
hani kake 5 dias atrás
I love this kind of work! It’s refreshing, especially coming from someone I’ve been watching for years now. Thank you for sharing such an intimate piece with us, I can’t wait to see what else you’ll make.
JulesOnly 5 dias atrás
Honestly every emotion is conveyed perfectly, you can feel every breath, every look, every thought. This is incredibly!
kingiking110 5 dias atrás
I think I understand what this short film is trying to say and show. Feelings of isolation, sickness and nervousness. But unfortunately, for me it inspired non of those feelings. It's maybe because the entire time the thought that was swirling in my head was : " look at this rich famous young dude living in his dream house, doing his dream job, and the only real inconvenience in his life is some sort of respiratory disease that is not seriously debilitating or life threatening, and he is making a film about himself while millions of people are living much harder lives and are either silent or ignored!". I don't mean to be mean or hateful, and I hope you get well as soon as possible, but I can't deny that this film made me very bored (because of all those cliche shots and sounds) and also a bit annoyed (because of those thoughts I mentioned). Anyways, just an honest comment! Thank you for your cool gaming videos though! :)
Alexander 5 dias atrás
I am glad you have had Evelyn in these times. I have always only had myself, I know what the deepest depths of loneliness is like. I wish I didn't. But you are not alone Sean, you have a community, a family, and a beautiful strong lady by your side. Ready to support you at any time. you have been a major part in my life since a young age, and I appreciate you a lot. I am sorry you have had to suffer as much as you have, but that is part of life apparently. Much love Sean, I am exciting for you to make content when you are ready for that!
Raffa Shafi
Raffa Shafi 5 dias atrás
Holy moly, I know Jack loves a good audio which is why I kinda expected it but dear God it's a blessing to my ears that stimulate every inch of my brain. Not to mention the cinematography as well as the foretelling of a story without much need of words... You really outdid yourself and thank you for making something so beautiful
ElephantHut 5 dias atrás
I'm sorry you're going through that Sean. Yeah we enjoy your content, and it's sad some others tear it down, but your mental health is the most important out of all of this. You're a person too. Take care of yourself buddy. You've got your own life to take care of.
David Davenport
David Davenport 6 dias atrás
We love you Jack. I am glad you exist and I wish I could hug you right now so much. Its easy to just watch your content and see the happy face you put up, without seeing the real person for who they are. I love you jack. If you ever need any of us, we will be there.
Treeholo 6 dias atrás
The cinematography in this is stunning, great work!
Evanopili Smith Jones
Evanopili Smith Jones 6 dias atrás
it must be really tough...I don't know how he does it... The pain of been ginger...
yeahboi#81 6 dias atrás
After watching this for the forth time one thing sticks with me..... when your past self is reading the comment of a fan your present self is total polar opposite in mood, does this mean you dont feel as much joy in making your content anymore? Just wondering that all, because what you are doing for so many people out there is amazing and as long as your channel is out there it will continue to do positive things for this planet. So take care of yourself and keep a positive mentle attitude on and off camera .🤗
Caitlynn Aguilar
Caitlynn Aguilar 6 dias atrás
As a person who's asthma got worse after covid, I feel this one.
sweater 7 dias atrás
soon in theaters
Sayali Dalvi
Sayali Dalvi 7 dias atrás
THEY’VE STOPPED. The trolls have finally stopped. This is great, Sean.
Harvey Matthew Serrano
wait so hes not an introvert too?
Steet 7 dias atrás
Sean, to get my peace of mind i would like to say that we all care about you and its fine to feel like this, sometimes its good to take a brake from it all. You feel like people are judging you and watching your every move and decision waiting to cancel you because of how fucked up social media is and how nasty people are to cancel someone so big over something so small. Live your life how you want to without worrying on what we think, we all love you for who you are weather the real you is the you on camera or not. You are probably sitting there now thinking that none of us know who you are because the real you isnt the you who is on camera or it might well be the real you. But either way, we all love you. They say a childs personality and character is built by the people around them and by roll models, now personally you sean, and felix have played a huge part in my childhood and shaping my character and my take on life. Youve helpled me a lot growing up going through many stages of my life like the loss of family and losing friends, im happy to say youre a friend ive had for 7 years even though you dont know who i am at all, and have helped me by simply being on my screen making me laugh. We all love you sean, so whatever youre going through please keep your head up and shoulders back and keep telling yourself youre a good person who has helped people and made peoples childhoods great. Sorry if there is any grammar mistakes or the English is bad, im bad and writing.
Steet 7 dias atrás
I noticed youre on sertraline 5:36 now i know youve probably had a fucked up time of it.
xd rashiq
xd rashiq 7 dias atrás
me watching this video makes so sad cuz i feel like youtube is ganna die man i love you jack
Explosive_Gamer 7 dias atrás
The fact that I can’t help jack, or at least help him makes me feel so horrible and selfish. His face looks so drained and emotionless in this video.. And it kills me knowing I can’t help him the same way he has helped me by making these videos.. I know this video was posted a month ago, but that doesn’t mean this isint still going on. I hope that you come back from this better than ever. It honestly hurts me to see someone as happy and caring as sèan being sad or depressed. I care so much about this man even though he doesn’t even know me. The amount of things I would do just to make him happy. I look up to him so much, and he is like the older brother or father I never had. He has raised me better than my real father just by making videos on the internet. I hope to meet you someday jack. Do well, and remember we love you :) ❤️❤️
MrC4T 7 dias atrás
now i feel so bad
Giannis Tsiamouras
Giannis Tsiamouras 7 dias atrás
It seems so awfully hard for you, Sean! I hope you are better now! If not, you should take a brake. You look like it would be best for you
Drawing is Life
Drawing is Life 7 dias atrás
Honestly I can’t believe that this is what we all go through during this and we’ve all had a loss at some point in our lives and we need breaks a lot of the time. Some us go through more sh*t than others. Of course you got us through a lot of stuff in our lives and you helped me through a lot of my abuse in my younger teenage years I have been watching you for so long that I just feel that this channel is my family and seeing you smile and laugh makes us all forget that you have your own issues. We be love you Sean!!
Isabella Myhre
Isabella Myhre 7 dias atrás
I left the community for a while, I guess I grew out of the content Sean was making at the time but today I was feeling a bit nostalgic so I came to check up on him, see how he's doing see how he's grown and... I'm floored this was amazing! I really feel you here and its brought me to tears. This video looks how my depression feels and its been a long ways, not only for me but also it seems for you. I think I'll be sticking around, sorry to add another camera to the crowd but I would love to see more of this, more personal content. In the words of Steve (from Blue's Clues), "After all these years, I never forgot you...ever. And I'm super glad we're still friends. Thanks for listening. You look great by the way, whatever your doing is working"
Chiara Antonj
Chiara Antonj 7 dias atrás
WOW. I'm speechless. I really hope to see more films/content like this in the future. This is just *pure talent* I felt all these emotions without hearing a single word. WOW. *Thank you so so much Sean for sharing your art for free with all of us!*
J D 7 dias atrás
Directed, filmed AND edited.... Terrific achievement and contribution. Can't possibly comment on the whole experience, but the tyranny of the camera lens at the end was really something. Thank you for a window into your world. I hope compassion finds your heart.
DOGEPOG 8 dias atrás
Hey Jack this might be a month old video but you should take a break because I feel sad watching how you felt for a year it really reminds me of how demanding people are to see content on youtube so Jack take a break collect your thoughts because this is sad😥
Mario Alberto
Mario Alberto 8 dias atrás
I cried, I identified myself in the video since the beginning of the "quarantine", even before that. Obviously different problems, person, country, etc., but the power, the thing the video transmits... Man...
Ev 8 dias atrás
would have been cool if it were 15 minutes exactly
Deucey Dee
Deucey Dee 8 dias atrás
This could, would, and should dominate at Sundance, that's all I'm gonna say
Sonia Pilas
Sonia Pilas 8 dias atrás
Take all the time you need Sean. We're all so proud of you and hope everything is better soon. Stray strong! You were here for us and we will be here for you too
Ethan Ziggy D. Pineda
Ethan Ziggy D. Pineda 8 dias atrás
this make's me understand that being popular isnt all that good it comes with is downsides man sean has been really kicking wish i was here when this was released
《Pawz Planet》
《Pawz Planet》 8 dias atrás
Omg this video is so powerful...😳❤️
FC ULTIMATE 8 dias atrás
Cyrilou 8 dias atrás
Wow . You have the skills to make movies. Great work there. The emotion is very well represented. As a viewer I felt like I was in your shoes. I'm happy for you it's ending in a brighter note. Welcome back. Missed you.
Matty 8 dias atrás
Shit... this was well put together. Conveyed every emotion clearly.
George Darca
George Darca 8 dias atrás
Let's take a second to hunt down the people who disliked
close the Chanel
close the Chanel 8 dias atrás
AntiSepticEye 8 dias atrás
I hope you didn’t go though pain to make this video with the coughing
Mahelania RektBB
Mahelania RektBB 9 dias atrás
So, he went outside and touched some grass.
Mahelania RektBB
Mahelania RektBB 7 dias atrás
@Keerthana B I love this guy and wasn't making fun of him. Lately in his videos, he's been telling us to go outside and touch some grass and I thought it was nice that he finally left his home, went outside and felt free in nature in the video. I'm a "if you have nothing nice to say, say nothing" kind of person, and would never leave a shitty comment on someone's videos, especially not on someone whose videos who have kept me from letting dark times get the best of me. It was literally a reference to his last couple meme times. As someone who has recently lost a loved one and has debilitating mental and physical health issues, it can be hard seeing everyone wanting you to be better when it doesn't work that way. This is why depressed people often turn to humor. Granted, I didn't expect him to read my comment since the video was from a while ago, but thought he'd get a chuckle out of the call-back humor. Perhaps you should think before you comment. Or just watch his latest videos and do some critical thinking. I get that there are terrible people who get their jollies off of being mean but nothing I said is mean. Go comment on that person whose name is very mean towards his dad (won't repost the name because it's terrible).
Keerthana B
Keerthana B 7 dias atrás
Do u even know how much he has gone through? He lost his dad and was made fun by some jerks about the death. It's not easy being a popular content creator. Think before you comment
Master Waffler
Master Waffler 9 dias atrás
I can’t believe how much pressure you just have to go through it’s awful I was honestly in tears watching this it was so gripping and the message that was put across was really important I think I’ve never seen a video like this on BRvid but your so strong for being able to make this video and keeping on going I think I speak for every fan when I say I’m so proud of you and I hope things are better now lots of love a fan 💚
Artur Niit
Artur Niit 9 dias atrás
im not alone
D.E.V.R.O.N 9 dias atrás
That was awsome. i loved all the shots and the music, it was so cool watching it
stariinix😝 9 dias atrás
Sean the person to be in a movie🤩
Benkay V Falsifier
Benkay V Falsifier 9 dias atrás
10:50 Honestly, I was expecting that image on the lens to blink like it was an eye.
Cheri_mii 9 dias atrás
Seán’s just made a short film about his asthma
Acris 9 dias atrás
Quarantine can really lead a person to darkness the only thing can save us is the help of nature
Falcon 9 dias atrás
also really amazing stuff
Falcon 9 dias atrás
camera be like come back here boah
Lmno 9 dias atrás
it feel bad when the realisation of someone you have looked up to for years has been going through a lot of tough shit behind the cameras, and you cant help them. Hope you get better soon, Sean
Luffy San
Luffy San 9 dias atrás
depression is killing me I can't even do anything I'm always sitting in my room alone ugh that sucks
Arjang 10 dias atrás
life is full of emotions we will feel all of them
Myxolydian 10 dias atrás
You will never see this. But this is quite literally my favorite video you have ever made. I didn’t even know you had asthma after all these years. Keep on going, keep doing what you want- but besides your normal content, I hope to see more art like this as well
Fragile*Paradox 10 dias atrás
You’re just trying to be bo burnham and its not working
Sayali Dalvi
Sayali Dalvi 7 dias atrás
Huh, Fragile*Paradox. Fragility is very prominent here. Inspiration isn’t stealing/copying.
FandomTOBY 10 dias atrás
While I'm not a full time youtuber and don't have a demanding following on any platform in the internet whatsoever, I can fully relate to the lonliness, health problems and every day seeming to be the same which is shown in this short film. It is something what a lot of people struggle with. And it is important that we as an audience *don't* forget that Sean is very obviously just like us.
Viyan Vijo
Viyan Vijo 10 dias atrás
this makes me shiver.
Shannon Oboy
Shannon Oboy 10 dias atrás
This reminded me to take my asthma pump
cloud king
cloud king 10 dias atrás
This is so incredible. You are a true artist!. It gives me goosebumps watching this.
Adventures with Russ
Adventures with Russ 10 dias atrás
Your the best you always make me laugh you are the KING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Adventures with Russ
Adventures with Russ 10 dias atrás
You showw me different emotion you remided who i was and this in my life, very emotional and depression i live in a poor family and when i saw this video it brought me memorys of the time i almost passed away
Amanda Smith
Amanda Smith 11 dias atrás
I never got to see Ireland because I was raised in New Zealand
Gee Watts
Gee Watts 11 dias atrás
sean man i been following you for nearin on 6 years and i love what you do n bring to this platform. Breaks are needed in hards times n we are all so proud of who you are today well done buddy. keep healthy, keep happy
Andrew Nesko
Andrew Nesko 11 dias atrás
I’m sorry jack
Sean Mawson
Sean Mawson 11 dias atrás
sean: heavy breathing sean (me): oh no...
Emie Digital
Emie Digital 11 dias atrás
While the past year has been tough on us all this showed me how hard it must be for creators right now… The feeling that now more than ever you have to provide happiness and an escape from the world we are in right now for so many people and if you take time to rest you feel that you are letting them down… This year and a half has been absolutely shit for all of us we are riding the same storm but all on different boats…
IamtheJiminator! 11 dias atrás
I finally got around to watching this. All I can say is: I understand
Alex Sewell
Alex Sewell 11 dias atrás
Bravo just brilliant
Nicole livesey
Nicole livesey 11 dias atrás
This man gave us a house tour, an insight into his day to day life, a cinematic masterpiece, and an emotional rollercoaster all in one without saying a word 🤯
RedfangBlair 11 dias atrás
Jack you such a big influence on me as person i know not many say this but i can relate to how feel when your feeling down my dude any time you want your more then welcome if you like to text me i wouldn't mind it one bit jack i love all your videos and the insight you provide for the gamming fans as i can understand how it is trying to keep with all of it
Colin Greening
Colin Greening 11 dias atrás
As someone with asthma, this video was scary relatable. Mine isn't even nearly that bad, it's typically only activated by intense physical activity or a severe drop in air quality. At the time I'm writing this, fires have been raging in California for weeks and the smoke hangs all the way over here in Nevada. I paint houses for a living which requires me to be outside in the smoke 8+ hours a day which makes my asthma a nightmare.
JJ Eteuati
JJ Eteuati 12 dias atrás
you have really nice eyes i mean damn
Definitely not a Spy
Definitely not a Spy 12 dias atrás
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