15 Minutes of Purely Educational Bird Slander (ft. Kevin and DaBaby)

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This was my longest video by far so I’m not even gonna ask you to subscribe....I’m telling you to. Subscribe or I’ll be in your room tonight with a cassowary. I’m not kidding. I’m not afraid to go to prison.

Also shoutout to Kevin, Dababy and the Urban Rescue Ranch. Check out his channel down below

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22 Jun 2021



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Comentários 7 010
Maia Hora atrás
Bobly Roskels
Bobly Roskels 4 horas atrás
I kinda feel like the tongue wraps around the skull as a shock absorption. I mean it makes sense.
Jamesen Rees
Jamesen Rees 9 horas atrás
What was the song from the secretary bird part?!?!? It unlocked memories I can’t articulate.
SmartAss 11 horas atrás
I didn't even see that dam bird hit the duck. It just crippled over and no visible attacker...
Bilbo 13 horas atrás
what was he referencing at 8:29?
Aurora Rose Barks
Aurora Rose Barks 13 horas atrás
It was cool to find a bone in owl pellets. One kid found a whole skull.
Othiess Wilson
Othiess Wilson 17 horas atrás
Im a nature and space nerd and this dude right here is killer. Its the nonchalant quick wit responses
Sniper TF2
Sniper TF2 19 horas atrás
Kiwis are precious beings that must be protected at all costs.
Nightren 22 horas atrás
so thats why there was a rats head on my front porch
Jorge González
Jorge González Dia atrás
And i though Pikipek was weird because It evolved into Toucannon... Now i see that toucans are related to Woodpecker... Nice job Pokemon
zZOdysseus Zz
zZOdysseus Zz Dia atrás
2:29 this isn’t true. The reason they’re bald is for thermal regulation. They tuck their head in snuggling against their body feathers when their head gets cold, and extend their head out of their feathers when their head gets too warm.
Positive Investment
can you do a video on the secretary bird??
Positive Investment
Amazing videos and the commentary is excellent. love the names given to any animal you speak of
jeramie mcleod
jeramie mcleod Dia atrás
How homie killed me when he said you'll get worked murde and put on a shirt
Neptune 35
Neptune 35 Dia atrás
8thG Striker
8thG Striker Dia atrás
birds arent real my guy
Empress of Kingfishers
7:33 funny enough- the anime Heaven's Design Team created the Owl from an alien prototype
Philip Douglas
Philip Douglas Dia atrás
I slowed the video as much as I could and still didn’t sleep the falcon punch.
Dynasty 7C
Dynasty 7C Dia atrás
So uh why does the shoebill stork sound like a pack a punched galil?
Hanzen Dia atrás
10:33 True
SiMpLy Martha
SiMpLy Martha 2 dias atrás
0:25 Me who's 5 feet tall....... Shit
koshkamatew 2 dias atrás
the w
Kyle Bear
Kyle Bear 2 dias atrás
I’m sorry I still love owls
Raptor678sup 2 dias atrás
“The next time someone tells you dinosaurs went extinct just remember this African homicide chicken tap dances on the graves of snakes” OML I died when I heard this 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Xena Ebanxxx
Xena Ebanxxx 2 dias atrás
The one bird got a A walk like a goddess
savage duck
savage duck 2 dias atrás
Hellican more like hell
Zee Best
Zee Best 2 dias atrás
I love this channel but I won’t subscribe - YOU TALK TOO DAMN FAST!!
mrwoodchuck94 2 dias atrás
Great horned owls are the coolest animal how can you not like them
R.A.F GattaiGuy
R.A.F GattaiGuy 2 dias atrás
I love Shoebills, all my homies love Shoebills
TheRedPanda37 2 dias atrás
Harpy Eagles and Shoebills. This is my favorite video of yours now, those are two of my absolute favorite birds (definitely favorite underappreciated birds).
Basilio W Ferraro
Basilio W Ferraro 3 dias atrás
15:20 at 0.25 speed, you can see it for ONE FRAME. That’s how fucking fast they are.
Total Idiot
Total Idiot 3 dias atrás
that duck in the last clip looked like it went "pff, screw living" and then just subscribed to the void
outlookgal 36
outlookgal 36 3 dias atrás
8:29 I don't get it
• Chicken • Dust •
This man be ruining animals for me 💀 It's ruining everything but I can't stop watching.
Aaran Jee
Aaran Jee 3 dias atrás
Seriously dude, you are the best BRvidr in this category since Tier Zoo. Never stop.
banana ramen
banana ramen 3 dias atrás
What is this 8:30 because i dont know.
DOLPHINATOR 4 dias atrás
I need more Carrots
I need more Carrots 4 dias atrás
that duck at the end looks like it has been shot i didnt even see the falcon
gojitmal1978 4 dias atrás
I don't know, foreskin for the eye got
Dakota 4 dias atrás
Some Invader Zim type Sh.. 🤣
Arttie the Draconequus
8:57. After seeing this, I can't see that one Owl House scene the same again from season 1.
Only4Fun 2021
Only4Fun 2021 4 dias atrás
0:52 👌😂😂😂😂 Man War Veterans will Have PTSD 😂😂 I just Wheezed here like Crazy 😂👌👌
Asriel Dreemurr
Asriel Dreemurr 4 dias atrás
Now that I looking at the shoebill they looks like a loftwing
Sean Smith
Sean Smith 4 dias atrás
5:03 that is a cloaca. it's basically a multi purpose hole that shit, pisses and lay/fertilizes eggs
Last Minute Wonder
Last Minute Wonder 4 dias atrás
Owls r cute 😍
Emmanuel Hernandez
Emmanuel Hernandez 4 dias atrás
Crazy Josheee
Crazy Josheee 4 dias atrás
Trull Sengar
Trull Sengar 5 dias atrás
Dude, that falcon punch. Just a fraction of a second. I had to slow and pause multiple times to even see the action
CGRAY ART 5 dias atrás
I got a kfc ad right after the shoebill segment lmfao
Ari zweck
Ari zweck 5 dias atrás
Today I had a once in a life time opportunity and I got to scratch an emu without it chasing me
Neckbeard Cat
Neckbeard Cat 5 dias atrás
I've dissected owl pellets before, actually kind of satisfying. Especially if you can get a full skeleton from a mouse or vole.
Deathla 5 dias atrás
Fun fact :this shoebill inspired the loftwings in the legends of zelda skyward sword
Game God
Game God 5 dias atrás
8:29 no i dont know
Dante Williams
Dante Williams 5 dias atrás
I played the hawk attacking the duck at 0.25% speed, could still barley see the hawk come in and drop kick the shit out of that duck
Play Ind1e
Play Ind1e 5 dias atrás
I don't even see the falcon 'punching' the duck.
madridista sejati
madridista sejati 5 dias atrás
Did you ever make video about crows?
Default 5 dias atrás
This guy should open hood university
madridista sejati
madridista sejati 5 dias atrás
I like how he called Cassowary as blue bastard 😂
Dolfinn Premium
Dolfinn Premium 5 dias atrás
I once saw a marabou stork run fades with an ostrich
Anne W
Anne W 5 dias atrás
okay but the howls moving castle theme in the bg
X3Zippy 5 dias atrás
14:00 We have these on our oval at school and if we run back at them they usually go away
Kian Turner
Kian Turner 5 dias atrás
Howls moving castle in the background?
ronald mcdonald
ronald mcdonald 5 dias atrás
15:21 i saw it
ronald mcdonald
ronald mcdonald 5 dias atrás
is it true that owl are related to toucans
Logan Cardone
Logan Cardone 5 dias atrás
Falcon so fast even if you have it on the slowest Play back speed it’s still like the speed of light!
Logan Cardone
Logan Cardone 5 dias atrás
Thankfully I did not get merced but I got to pet a California condor because it landed on me I had no consent to it
Different 6 dias atrás
Me hearing these things live in north and South American . “I’m fine” 10 seconds later. Can also be found in Southern Africa. “We’ll fu#k”
Madara uchia
Madara uchia 6 dias atrás
I’ll never see fruit loops the same
Madara uchia
Madara uchia 6 dias atrás
Why u ruin toucan
osh kosh be josh
osh kosh be josh 6 dias atrás
Our guns make shoebill noises.
NHMO OYTIS 6 dias atrás
Whoever named the secretary bird should have fired their secretary and called a temp agency.
NHMO OYTIS 6 dias atrás
Cassowaries. Found in Australia, where else? Australian magpies dive bomb people during breeding season.
E.M.L Donahue
E.M.L Donahue 6 dias atrás
Anyone recognize what elevator 🛗 music 🎵 that is beginning up at 3:15?
Elizabeth Wagner
Elizabeth Wagner 6 dias atrás
10:01 god I hate that. So creepy! It looks like a person! I hate that!
Harmony_ Playz467
Harmony_ Playz467 6 dias atrás
i heard there's a bat thats literally the size of a human...i think it was called giant crown bat? idk
Mayonnaise 6 dias atrás
Okay ngl the harpy eagle is cute
Thalo96 6 dias atrás
“And while their tongues don’t wrap around their brains like the woodpecker…” h u h ?
Hell Taker
Hell Taker 6 dias atrás
The last falcon video was only there for one frame not including it landing.
AlexTheShredder 6 dias atrás
LMAO the staircase picture "if you know, you know"
Kabengwa Patu
Kabengwa Patu 6 dias atrás
I literally had to slow the video down to 0.25 and keep pausing to see the falcon hit the Duck? woooooow that was fast. 😱
Gryn the Bandito
Gryn the Bandito 6 dias atrás
I hate pelicans
Darling, 6 dias atrás
Shoebill storks were the inspiration for Zelda's Loftwings and that's all it takes for me to like them
RAGE_TV 6 dias atrás
The first bird looks like a raptor
superman_KalEL 6 dias atrás
Man you spit facts and make me laugh
rz Kori
rz Kori 7 dias atrás
Laurie Penner
Laurie Penner 7 dias atrás
Go Google what a toucan's skull looks like. You will laugh.
CraZy C4LEB 7 dias atrás
The secretary Bird was way ahead of its time before BF5 Firestorm
Boomah :3
Boomah :3 7 dias atrás
Hellhound _17
Hellhound _17 7 dias atrás
Ratites…terror bird? The prehistoric murder emu? Phorousrachos? Kelenken?
Lennon Helgeson
Lennon Helgeson 7 dias atrás
8:29 what is he talking about here
Hiro Takasugi
Hiro Takasugi 7 dias atrás
Secretary Bird the gamer of the birds
Frost Soul
Frost Soul 7 dias atrás
i swear that song at 12:34 sounds so familiar
Frost Soul
Frost Soul 7 dias atrás
@datwoomyboi thanks, i'll look into it
datwoomyboi 7 dias atrás
I believe it was a song on the stranger things ost
jameera Williams
jameera Williams 7 dias atrás
Guys thats how dodo birds died so its best of all if it's remembers what a gun and a hunter looks like
Jared Schmidt
Jared Schmidt 7 dias atrás
Where is DaBaby in this video?
ThatDudeWithBoobs 7 dias atrás
Shoebill Storks are too pure for us...
Seth Naffziger
Seth Naffziger 7 dias atrás
on a trip to Patagonia we saw a whole flock of reahs running across the plains... they told us they were rare but there was loads of them
L C 7 dias atrás
The stair shot…if you know you know….damn that was hella clever….I watch true crime like no other….I know
ben carmine
ben carmine 7 dias atrás
Falcon punch is real.....(>'.')>.......didn't see that coming
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