15 Men Compete for 5 Women

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11 Set 2019



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Comentários 80
AJ Palmer
AJ Palmer 17 horas atrás
Is it me or did the most annoying girls get all the guys?
Jessica .lucy. xx
Jessica .lucy. xx 22 horas atrás
The guy with long hair annoyed me so much 😂
RamdomShit Memes
RamdomShit Memes Dia atrás
4:44 why tf does she look interested I bet she knew she was gonna pick the tall guy and just had to come up with an excuse to not hurt the short guys’s feelings
Brianna Casey
Brianna Casey 2 dias atrás
This man really called himself a VIBETARIAN 😂🤣
Nadrah Daisya
Nadrah Daisya 2 dias atrás
Avv_oo o
Avv_oo o 2 dias atrás
what does "organically aligned" even mean
Katherine M Carvajal
Katherine M Carvajal 2 dias atrás
So sad mckinzie didn't work it out with jean
claireee 17
claireee 17 2 dias atrás
what was long haired dude high on
Nebila 2 dias atrás
If i was there i would feel so insecure and awkward
SwiftSZN 2 dias atrás
the long haired guy sounds like he's going through puberty and losing his voice at the same time
S C 3 dias atrás
Cringe level: *infinity*
123 245
123 245 5 dias atrás
“Did you drop something? I think it was your standards.” Wtf how is that funny
Anna Lin
Anna Lin 5 dias atrás
When i was a kid I was afraid of people like the guy with the blond long hair! I don’t know whyyy 😂😂
Tia Melancholy Jeoncockity
Of course the bimbo from the phone video is a ‘social media influencer’ 😂
J. P.
J. P. 5 dias atrás
8:05 Her: *him with a fish* Me: *starts crying because I live in the South and all the boys around me have at least one photo of them and a fish on their IG*
Daniela landaverde
Daniela landaverde 5 dias atrás
Who is the guy who got eliminated first by the 19 year old? I saw him in another video and I want to try to shoot my shot
Clarence 6 dias atrás
The guy with the blond hair looks like Rapunzel getting buffed but the server lagged
Tasneem Lim
Tasneem Lim 6 dias atrás
guy with long hair is cool
Sable Mugetsu
Sable Mugetsu 6 dias atrás
Jackie seemed like the most normal one describing herself at the beginning only to get cut short lmao
Zoe Snellings
Zoe Snellings 7 dias atrás
Who loved amber?
MeiRaptor07 7 dias atrás
why is nobody talking about how sweet,nice and funny the girl with man short hair-
Gaberlunzie 8 dias atrás
Asian is to Asian Blonde is to blonde Brunette is to Brunette Mixed is to Mixed
Rachelle 8 dias atrás
that blonde girl looks like the baby of Hailey baldwin and Ashley Tisdale
Rachelle 8 dias atrás
im Fil Chi and it's my first time hearing the word....Chilipino???? uhm
Dusk Toad
Dusk Toad 8 dias atrás
I feel so bad for some of the people on this
kedean Duffus
kedean Duffus 8 dias atrás
What is that guy talking about, dude you were just homeless....its okay man.
ENIIGMA 10 dias atrás
Skersaroony 10 dias atrás
I thought this was gonna be a fistfight
Vinicius Leão de Almeida
7:45 Idk man...a nice steak just brings me a lot of positive vibes...just sayin
Mikhael Kael
Mikhael Kael 10 dias atrás
Why did them delete the comments lol .. you coward channel
Habib Japli
Habib Japli 11 dias atrás
2:04 Cameraman ;)
Pomegranate Omar
Pomegranate Omar 11 dias atrás
Great Now reverse the genders
Sharen Garcia
Sharen Garcia 11 dias atrás
biggest turnoff: “u look like you could carry my emotional baggage” too real lol
Dancing Corpses
Dancing Corpses 12 dias atrás
Damn, I was laughing so hard that my mom came to me to check whether I was okay 😂 I imagined the blonde girl dating the blonde guy, they would be so cringy together... 🤦🏻‍♀️🤣
Jäger 12 dias atrás
That curly haired girl questions be like *“So which is your favorite toe nails shaving you like in your orange juice”*
Brianna George
Brianna George 13 dias atrás
I’m sorry but that blond yoga girl was gettin on my nerves, she was way too dramatic
Joao Moreno
Joao Moreno 13 dias atrás
Long haired gUy smokes weed 200%
Madeleine Van der Merwe
I felt so bad for the girl who only one guy picked. She's so beautiful
S_CREATIONS M 13 dias atrás
I think God is the best chooser sometimes
lol lol
lol lol 13 dias atrás
At least the dudes with fish get a bigger catch
Rifyal _
Rifyal _ 13 dias atrás
wtf jaqen
Zaily & Yanna
Zaily & Yanna 14 dias atrás
That gabby girls voice is annoying af 🙄
Aryan Raval
Aryan Raval 14 dias atrás
The long-haired guy did this just for jokes lol
Aryan Raval
Aryan Raval 14 dias atrás
Silence is the key to success
ESQUE BEATS 14 dias atrás
I’d be open
ESQUE BEATS 14 dias atrás
‘This guy doesn’t play chel’ toxic behavior the other guy was hyping him up that’s the most simp thing ever
ESQUE BEATS 14 dias atrás
Why does the boy think so deep like relax
ESQUE BEATS 14 dias atrás
Why does the gym girl have the worst body
ESQUE BEATS 14 dias atrás
That boy needs to relax
ESQUE BEATS 14 dias atrás
That long hair guy should be with the Asian small girl they’re both annoying asf
ESQUE BEATS 14 dias atrás
She doesn’t go gym 5 times a week you can see she’s lying
Andrew Warren
Andrew Warren 14 dias atrás
Girl I joined a cult. Long haired guy my time to shine
Xeno ArtsyFurry
Xeno ArtsyFurry 14 dias atrás
Not gonna lie, the long blonde haired dude sounded like a a female trying to blend in with guys
Thatanonymousidiot Kaur
3:46 she's so cute
sasha w
sasha w 15 dias atrás
omg i found the one guy and mackenzie so cute aw
Travis Thomas
Travis Thomas 15 dias atrás
Tbh if I was in the group I’d have lined up for Gabriela. I’m a sucker for blondes but I’m more interested in what she was saying about the Amish, like what bruh?
Sara Hermosilla
Sara Hermosilla 15 dias atrás
I love how guys try so hard. Man, so cute.
gideon karthik
gideon karthik 15 dias atrás
So, for men the size doesn't really matter. It's all about it just happens for every man.
Imad Torch
Imad Torch 15 dias atrás
fun fact thier's more woman than man in the hole fing world
Sportytoast4510 16 dias atrás
7:50 why dose he look and talk like Kelpy G from spongebob
Raquel Rocha Xavier
Raquel Rocha Xavier 16 dias atrás
6:04 genius! Hahahahah
The Journalist
The Journalist 16 dias atrás
got damn that blonde dude loves hearing himself talk
Shrek 16 dias atrás
Long haired guy: *exists* Erin: "That's not- oh wait, that actually is vegan."
Astro Music
Astro Music 17 dias atrás
Man long haired dude could've talked less and he would've gotten that girl man she was literally laughing at him man
Cola Decker
Cola Decker 17 dias atrás
can we throw a brick at the long haired guy?
2gluvz 17 dias atrás
The girl with the short hair eliminated the guy I would pick :(( the one who said he plays the cowbell
2gluvz 17 dias atrás
I bet you that blonde girl was like, “what the fuck did I get myself into” everytime the guy with long hair spoke
2gluvz 17 dias atrás
Bro before the guys picked out who’d they swipe right on some guy was like jumping around in the back-
2gluvz 17 dias atrás
I think josh won me with that “did you drop something, I think it was your standards” lol idek
Sarah De Martin
Sarah De Martin 17 dias atrás
I want to be friends with the vibeatarian. I feel like he would be so funny to get stoned with because he’d just keep yapping on about vibes
Emma Escamilla!
Emma Escamilla! 17 dias atrás
victoria just needs to- yeah
Jay Arya
Jay Arya 18 dias atrás
Btw guys Sauce?
Fon Sirdanan
Fon Sirdanan 18 dias atrás
3:04 lol
Yusra Ghazzawy
Yusra Ghazzawy 18 dias atrás
amber and the guy she chose would have gorgeous children js
Zainab Rehman
Zainab Rehman 18 dias atrás
Bro Makenzie had such a chill an funny vibe, more guys should’ve picked her
Melanie D
Melanie D 18 dias atrás
How did Mackenzie only get one dude?!?!?
Brooke Simons
Brooke Simons 19 dias atrás
The long hair guys vibe was awful I would have eliminated him first.
Kobby Owusu
Kobby Owusu 19 dias atrás
VOJI A DIFFERENT TYPE OF BREED. if youn fw his vibe i cant talk to you
Hussein Mahmoud Hariri
Hussein Mahmoud Hariri 19 dias atrás
Did you drop something I think it’s your standards I clicked out of the video
Jeremy M.
Jeremy M. 19 dias atrás
Same bro I was off the scene 💀
maja trtanj
maja trtanj 20 dias atrás
oH. MY. GOD.dess
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