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Have you seen those types of people in the cinema?
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Going to the movie theatre is a good idea when you're hanging out with your boyfriend, girlfriend, friends and family.
You can meet so many different types of people at the cinema.
Grab your popcorn and watch our video to decide which one relates to you and the people in your life:
0:12 The one who eats everything before the movie even starts
0:27 The one who always go to the toilet
0:39 The disgusting one
0:56 The big fan of the movie. The JOKER
1:14 The pirates
1:23 The kicker
1:39 The Illegal one
1:52 People who always talk loud at the cinema
2:03 The one who is late to the movie
2:14 The big hair
2:27 The love birds
2:37 The one who is too comfortable
2:42 The tall guy on the first row
2:56 The sleeper

What is the most annoying cinema experience you remember? Tell us in the comments.
Fun videos and relatable facts about life, family, girls, and boys and simply everything. Things that everyone feels, but hardly talk about. Stay tuned - you will definitely enjoy the comedy!

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6 Nov 2019



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5-Minute FUN
5-Minute FUN Mês atrás
Which type do you find the most relatable?
Cutest drawings
Cutest drawings 9 dias atrás
💜 BTS ARMY 💜 26 dias atrás
@Dannika Rivera 💜💜
Dannika Rivera
Dannika Rivera 26 dias atrás
@💜 BTS ARMY 💜 I love BTS and BLACKPINK. And I purple u💖💖💖💖
💜 BTS ARMY 💜 27 dias atrás
@Dannika Rivera Yes I love BTS and Blackpink both , what about you ??
Dannika Rivera
Dannika Rivera 27 dias atrás
@💜 BTS ARMY 💜 LOL Me too. And I off point abut else. Are u the biggest fan of BTS or BLACKPINK? I just ask a question about that. 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗
Aanchal Malhotra
Aanchal Malhotra Dia atrás
Five minute fun is the best but where is Anna
They forgot one more type of people in cinemas do you know what is it the spoilers
Jack Medvedev
Jack Medvedev 9 dias atrás
I love the videos 😍😍😍
Irma Jansson
Irma Jansson 10 dias atrás
The one in red tshirt looks so much like lady gaga
Kaylinns Life
Kaylinns Life 11 dias atrás
Zanete Bueno
Zanete Bueno 11 dias atrás
Il ops hellou
Vidisha Groveruuu
Vidisha Groveruuu 12 dias atrás
Lea so pretty 💜💗🐰🐰💜💜💜
Nia Nabila
Nia Nabila 12 dias atrás
Gila yang bahagian THE LOVE BIRDS tu yang lelaki belakang tu
lucy cecilia
lucy cecilia 14 dias atrás
Jos Nelissen
Jos Nelissen 15 dias atrás
i am the wc girl
Nabia Yousuf
Nabia Yousuf 19 dias atrás
Lea is beautiful
Ruxandra _11
Ruxandra _11 20 dias atrás
You forgot the person who puts millions of questions during the film. That is definitely my mum🤣🤣She never understand the film because she puts too many questions🎥😉😉😜You guys are the best!!!
Garnet Ruby and sapphire
Wow what a bitch
Dwisari Amalia
Dwisari Amalia 23 dias atrás
I like lea this so prety 🥰
Amina Unicorn
Amina Unicorn 25 dias atrás
I quiet like this because all of the 5 minute craft cast was in this video
Wiktor Cackowski
Wiktor Cackowski 26 dias atrás
1:31 3D
Maxime Bourré
Maxime Bourré 26 dias atrás
allison dunlap
allison dunlap 26 dias atrás
danielle suarez
danielle suarez 27 dias atrás
My friends
Annum Nadeem
Annum Nadeem 27 dias atrás
Nora is so beautiful
ASIF Tamboli
ASIF Tamboli 27 dias atrás
Where is anna
Suvarna Pawar
Suvarna Pawar 27 dias atrás
Am I the first one to think that popcorn is so yummy😋😋 😅
Tabby Cat
Tabby Cat 27 dias atrás
I was dressed as Jeff the Killer for Halloween and everyone thought I was the Joker XD
Julia Yi
Julia Yi 27 dias atrás
That girl is theif
landja taha
landja taha 28 dias atrás
Its not funy😏🦍
Wiktor Cackowski
Wiktor Cackowski 28 dias atrás
0:50 🤣🤣🤣
shivangi sharma
shivangi sharma 29 dias atrás
I am the inquisitive one
Sunita Ingole
Sunita Ingole 29 dias atrás
l like anna but nora is also best I am best fans and lots of love from India 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃and huu like my comment like 🙏🙏👇👇here and comment also me
Sunita Ingole
Sunita Ingole 29 dias atrás
Vaibhav Sharma
Vaibhav Sharma 29 dias atrás
Indian videos are way far better yrr
Abhijeet Jadhav
Abhijeet Jadhav 29 dias atrás
i like it
Cristina pamela Esono.
Cristina pamela Esono. 29 dias atrás
Usha Mehta
Usha Mehta Mês atrás
You can make a video on types of chocolate eaters
Sai Sindhya
Sai Sindhya Mês atrás
Please make a video about children acting like adults
Sadaf Haider
Sadaf Haider Mês atrás
Please make a video on types of people in restaurants
Φωτεινή Καρουσου
5 minutes fun I love you so much and I can't wait to a new video but you can always wait for 2 days anyway you are amazing and fantastic!!!!!!! ☺️
lisa Mês atrás
I'm the first because popcorn is so yummy!!
lisa 29 dias atrás
@melina Ross Yeah!!!😅😅
melina Ross
melina Ross 29 dias atrás
Don't throw up
SreelaksHmi Anish
SreelaksHmi Anish Mês atrás
Who loves Anna? Who misses her in this video?
Masalli Masall
Masalli Masall 8 dias atrás
SreelaksHmi Anish oouertyyuu
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