100 Hours In Hardcore Minecraft: How'd I Survive This?!

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100 Hours In Hardcore Minecraft is a new series where the objective is to survive in Minecraft 1.18 Hardcore mode for 100 hours without dying as we only have one life.

100HoursInMinecraftHardCore episode 2, we somehow survived the first 10 hours where we built our treehouse base. But today we make a mega upgrade to the survival base with a new treehouse, farms, and a mine. Also, escape death more times than I want to count and give Grian a tour of our base. Let me know what I should add next to the base in the comments and see you in the next episode!

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18 Jan 2022



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Comentários 4 077
Basmala Alkhalaf
grian and joel on 9 hearts: THAT WAS SO CLOSE, IM LITERALLY ALMOST
Dragons, Waffles and Fire
Scar really needs to rename this series "Giving my fans anxiety for 100 hours."
Phillip Henry
Grian and Joel: "How are you not dead?!"
My son and I must have said, “Oh god, Scar, why?” at least a dozen times each during this episode. Thank you for palpitations.
GothBoy UK
It always makes me smile whenever people underestimate Scar. He's a showman, he's a clown and he's a stuntman - he knows what he is doing and how to completely hustle everyone else into thinking he is a bumbling accident waiting to happen. I'm certain he has every eventuality studied and calculated long before he enters into the situations which make us panic. A true entertainer at heart! 🖤
Min Min
"Who would've thought the arch enemy of this series would be a berry bush?"
Purple Orchid
Scar just loves giving us heart attacks, doesn’t he?
Minh Thu
Honestly, I think this man has a high chance of survival as long as he doesn't use an elytra. Cuz let's be honest here fellas... The main cause of death for scar is elytra
Elliot Hellyer
Grian at 8 hearts: I legit almost died right there. Whew, give me a minute to catch my breath.
Stephanie Green
I love how the timer show how much work is in this episode, some people forget how time consuming building in survival is. The base is impressive for Hardcore and i love it <3
I don't know if i've ever seen someone be so unlucky AND so lucky all at the same time lmao! GG on surviving all of THAT, Scar xD Great episode
Pablo Chocobar
Im dazed by the fact that he survived that. Also scar youre legit the best builder out there, the base looks phenomenal!
Scar: “Thank you for all the kind and positive comments”
SCAR! I just thought you should know that hitting F3 + H turns on advanced tooltips and will show you the durability on your armor and tools so you know how many more hits your stuff can take :)
ngl i love how you're still keeping all ur aesthetics and stories in the builds, even in a series that is seen as like the least permanent type of gameplay. this base is beauttifuull, ive never thought about actually decking out the mines :0
logical luke
“I’d like to leave this place with my head still on my head.” Scar 2022
Out of everyone's building style, scar's steampunk builds are my favorite
"I know I built this in episode 1 but it just feels dated..."
Art By Aurora
Honestly, this episode feels like those cartoons where you see a character just walking into deadly scenarios and somehow narrowly avoiding death at each obstacle. Anyone else feel like that?
Chase Henson
I feel after all this Scar will just be invincible, he’s like those characters in movies who are super clumsy and such but at the end of the movie they figure out there super powers and become really powerful. You guys get what I mean 😂
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