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Luke TheNotable
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In this video, Luke TheNotable will play 100 Games of Minecraft Bedwars. This Minecraft minigame is one of the most popular in existence. Watch him try to god bridge and butterfly click his way to victory!

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27 Mai 2022



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Comentários 4 741
Luke TheNotable
Luke TheNotable Mês atrás
Make sure to subscribe so you don't miss the next one! 100 Games - [Minecraft Build Battles]
Evan Beach
Evan Beach 5 horas atrás
@ThaRealSkye he on like 2500
HyperPuffs 3 dias atrás
200 days bedwars pls Mr. Notable
Big Cheesebeef
Big Cheesebeef 4 dias atrás
200th reply
The Madd Fan
The Madd Fan 4 dias atrás
Garvin Chen
Garvin Chen 5 dias atrás
Should actually do 1.8.9 can click faster
Sadafule Mês atrás
"I was minding my own business while shopping until I started dying, the most American thing I can think of." Didn't know Luke could spit bars.
WolfsBayne 5 dias atrás
21:55 too
FlyMega 6 dias atrás
MD. ABU SHAHIN 18 dias atrás
@DoorBel perfect timing oh my god I just heard it and saw this
DoorBel 21 dia atrás
17:00 too
I love how he uses a playstyle that relates to how the game was supposed to be played! Now days, everybody clicks 20cps and can godbridge.
Riptidewolf 13 horas atrás
​​@Kale Kroll If you are under like 20 star it'll put you in easier games I don't remember what the exact cutoff is, but once I hit like 70 star I started getting a lot more 200-300 star games. but stars are gained just from playtime
Universo & Void
Universo & Void 5 dias atrás
that's what I'm saying. it's more fun to play how he plays.
Kale Kroll
Kale Kroll 7 dias atrás
@Raphaël Kieffer wait is there skilled matchmaking? Lol
Raphaël Kieffer
Raphaël Kieffer 11 dias atrás
If you are starting playing bedwars you don't get sweaty games. If you have 200 stars, it is normal that everyone in your game knows how to godbridge.
Scyye Gaming
Scyye Gaming 27 dias atrás
6:53 that got me laughing he knows so little about the game, but is still so entertaining to watch.
The Terror of Dimensions
If you do another hardcore survival, maybe I have an idea: change the entire world to a single biome, preferably one of the harsher ones, and see if you can survive in it.
Zoroth Puglord
Zoroth Puglord Dia atrás
Great idea!
M W 4 dias atrás
That could be fun for a one of
Butterandmilkk Mês atrás
These 100 days spin offs are always so good
5280 and KP
5280 and KP 2 dias atrás
@5_blaze_rods yus
Eskillmo 3 dias atrás
@Boxoid come thats just getting old, do you have any idea how time consuming it is to make another 1000 days in minecraft? it should have ended at 1000 days. now he cant do as much of the content he was doing before because he has to play so much minecraft
5_blaze_rods 3 dias atrás
theyre actually spin offs of his 100 drops videos/
5280 and KP
5280 and KP 5 dias atrás
@Ovidiu Candidiasis exactly
Eskillmo 6 dias atrás
its actually 100 drops, 100 days came later and 100 drops are way better.
Wallibear Mês atrás
Awesome job Luke, 😎 You did very well
TheRealSidekik Dia atrás
Sub0 6 dias atrás
bro he was using 1.9+
b0y__ 7 dias atrás
bro that is so wholesome lol
Kale Kroll
Kale Kroll 7 dias atrás
H4CK3R379 8 dias atrás
You should collaborate with LTN I would love to see that!
Owgeh 28 dias atrás
9:21 Yeah this is definitely the part he started spiraling into madness
Account 29 dias atrás
27:13 not only did he kill the best player, he also managed to save himself while trying to die, pure skilz.
Fortior est Christo
Fortior est Christo 6 dias atrás
This is like a perfect mesh of your Fortnite 100 Drops series and your Minecraft 100 Days series. The former is what got me into your content (I’ve been a subscriber since your first Tilted Towers 100 Drops) and the latter is my favorite series so far. This is by FAR my favorite video of yours, and I think my fellow “Écuyers de notabilité” can agree.
Jackson Tiesi
Jackson Tiesi Mês atrás
Ah yes. Long time Java players like myself see this and immediately start crying. Very notable indeed.
Yummy Nubs
Yummy Nubs 6 dias atrás
@V XYPEN! Don't car, didn't ask + kpoop is cringe
goatsmilky 9 dias atrás
@V XYPEN! u rlly thought u did smth huh
Jon Mann
Jon Mann Mês atrás
@V XYPEN! K-pop is mega cringe
V XYPEN! Mês atrás
Ratio + k-pop better🤡🤡🤡🤓🤓🤓
PokefanPlayz Mês atrás
i play bedrock😭
Trey Gryphon
Trey Gryphon 5 dias atrás
"remember lads, no matter how good you get at bedwars, nothing will get your dad back" best line i have heard from him yet
Phantom Mês atrás
Tip: you should use the ender chest, you can store any item in them. However, when you die they can access your items.
zijuiy wttuy
zijuiy wttuy 28 dias atrás
28:37 your tools weren’t really slow, he bought a mining fatigue trap
ARK fan NGL Mês atrás
When someone crouches, looks down and walks towards a wall, it means they know they'll die and they're just emotionally accepting their fate...
Thomas Darrington
Thomas Darrington Mês atrás
“I forgot to enchant my sword with reach 5” -LTN “I got smashed between 2 men… that would’ve been good if I was your mom”-LTN
Minecraftrobloxian Mês atrás
Temzin Mês atrás
Alipin_ Mês atrás
“He called me disgusting in Spanish” - LTN
KennyG Mês atrás
@Rid "Who cares" - LTN
Rid Mês atrás
“Most of you are unoriginal and just quote me”-LTN
C_films! 26 dias atrás
"You know your bad when you can't even take yourself out" I really hope that Napolean Bonaparte heard that in the after life...
Its_urboyCHIPSAHOY 69
Its_urboyCHIPSAHOY 69 15 horas atrás
by far ltn is the most entertaining youtuber for me at the moment his humor and effort to try new things is super cool
Nitai tries to fish
Nitai tries to fish 3 dias atrás
I gotta see a "100 days training in melee pvp in minecraft", would be awesome and I'm sure most people would like to watch it!!! (also, loved the vid!!! keep it up!)
heliuminhailer 26 dias atrás
as a former 10 year god at the game, i can definetely relate when it comes to pvping when you first start playing
Moon Mês atrás
honestly ive gained a new-found respect for you you: were able to take losses like a champ able to recognize when people were better than you instead of being toxic still enjoy the game and yes i would love to see more of this
The Abyss
The Abyss 16 dias atrás
Idk why i still play the game. I dont have fun when i play anymore its just way to grind heavy. Everyone just clicks at 100 cps
senmole Mês atrás
@Judy Patooty did you hear what he said directly after that?
Games For Noobs
Games For Noobs Mês atrás
NOT REALLY hard to see when people are better than you LOL!!!
rayloc Mês atrás
@Judy Patooty but he said it is a chill tone
Repent and believe in Jesus Christ
Repent to Jesus Christ “Righteousness guards the person of integrity, but wickedness overthrows the sinner.” ‭‭Proverbs‬ ‭13:6‬ NIV
Ahuman 25 dias atrás
"Black is an endless void, our life is an endless suffer" - leyum "looking for a team to grind ranked in bedwar" - also leyum
E-DoubleU Gamer
E-DoubleU Gamer 8 dias atrás
It’s satisfying watching Luke progressively get better, and develop new strategies.
griddo 15 dias atrás
props to you, luke, for effectively countering the absolutely terrible meta that is being able to click 25cps.
lord lem
lord lem 23 dias atrás
I definitely want a part two. Thanks for ensuring the suffering that is being a new player in bedwars you strange little masochist, you.
pholtom Mês atrás
1:18 lasting more than 4 minutes is a skill you gotta learn not just for bedwars..
CT Warp
CT Warp 23 dias atrás
HeavenAscendedMilk 26 dias atrás
yeah you really need to be able to swim for more than 4 minutes or you are screwed
Jacob Snider
Jacob Snider 26 dias atrás
Faxe_TY Mês atrás
also in real bed wars if you know what i mean XD
JustWoaf Mês atrás
Caught 📸
fastchubbers3 28 dias atrás
Considering the fact that you were playing post-combat update, you're a survival youtuber, and it was your first 100 games, you did pretty well.
dolimi jotoo
dolimi jotoo Mês atrás
“I forgot to enchant my sword with reach 5” -LTN “I got smashed between 2 men… that would’ve been good if I was your mom”-LTN
senmole Mês atrás
Please turn on “toggle sprint.” It makes running a lot easier helped me improve a lot. It’s in accessibility settings for default Minecraft.
PiPi 28 dias atrás
Can we take silent on how incredible his bow shot was on day 13
StillConfident Mês atrás
Great Editing! Love your content... Keep it up!
unsolveddiamond 15 dias atrás
Lol botted acc
FNAFPlushUltimate 19 dias atrás
y'all do realize he isn't a bot since he replies to y'all unlike bots
StillConfident 22 dias atrás
@ファトノジ shut
ファトノジ 22 dias atrás
Nice bot
StillConfident Mês atrás
@Vatreen YT go on I'm not using any bots scamer
Kyle Curtis
Kyle Curtis 24 dias atrás
Essentially they have more reach because they are moving forward, you gain a block of reach (I think). Once they hit you, you aren’t moving forward anymore, so they can press the advantage and combo you. Don’t worry, I suck too.
JackMatt Mês atrás
This was so funny! I hope you do another one of these.
Samuel Jo
Samuel Jo Mês atrás
4:37 Autoclicking is generally looked down upon by the PVP community as it's essentially cheating. Also, 4v4v4v4/team bedwars is much more enjoyable to play than solos and duos, especially for more casual players. Solos and Duos tend to be filled with sweats
Ollo Turtle
Ollo Turtle 29 dias atrás
"he dosnt have a sword.... he has a lance." got me sooo gooood.
_ Snew
_ Snew Mês atrás
absolutely hate bedwars but this was a great vid, would love to see more!
nee 6 dias atrás
luke, i noticed that you are not on the optimal minecraft version for hypixel pvp, its important to use 1.8.9 or earlier versions to not have the newer combat system(1.9 the combat update) interfere with your battles, im sure you wouldve won alot more if you just used this simple trick. (also i love ur hypixel minigames videos pls do more)
Nigel Richardson
Nigel Richardson Mês atrás
I admire your ability to take losses with valor. Hypixel PvP modes are a melting pot of sweat-lords and salt.
Sweaty Gamer
Sweaty Gamer 5 dias atrás
Hey Luke personally I would love to see more bedwars content so yeah if you can I’m sure me and many more would love ur content even more then we already do
SavageChocolate06 Mês atrás
Bedwars is by far my favourite mini game in Minecraft, for a long time Really hyped to watch this vid
Robert Butler
Robert Butler Dia atrás
@LemonsQHD bruh bedwars is a competitive game mode, if you don’t like that then just play survival, and of course everyone is trying to win? What do you think they are trying to lose?
Enderman Gaming
Enderman Gaming Mês atrás
@LemonsQHD trying to win is the point, but you could alternatively make a private game with your friends where you just chill.
SavageChocolate06 Mês atrás
@LemonsQHD I can relate
LemonsQHD Mês atrás
@Sam I was never trying to say I’m good at the game??? I like to have fun, and I can’t have fun when literally everyone else is trying to win
Sam Mês atrás
@Telomem Memester literally yes tho
iSwiftyFox 3 dias atrás
Honestly your criticism with the melee combat is exactrly why I think Hypixel should switch to 1.9 + pvp for bedwars or at least offer it as a mode with sheilds and axes and swords and crossbows etc.
Michael Watson
Michael Watson Mês atrás
Being someone who used to be way into bw its really weird and interesting to get recommended this notable video
Ask to seduce Miss
Ask to seduce Miss 27 dias atrás
How hard do you want to milk the 100 days series? Luke: yes
Min(oob)cra(p)ft 27 dias atrás
7:30 NGL that fireball move was actually really well done
Serqco 21 dia atrás
Idk why but there’s always a special feeling when ltn makes a new vid
Owen Read
Owen Read 27 dias atrás
Luke's rolling out with the jokes this one, too bad there's so few people to see it.
Isaiah Josh
Isaiah Josh Mês atrás
Tors: Wow, didn't know you were that *durable* Luke...
Clare McCulloch
Clare McCulloch 20 dias atrás
"It sucks to die to lag" my life in minecraft in 1 sentence
Dr. Pepper
Dr. Pepper Mês atrás
Pro Tip : When faced with the decision[4:23] whether to destroy an enemy's bed or engage them head on. It is often the correct option to disable their method of respawning first rather than mildly inconveniencing them.
Flare Mês atrás
@Madsmiles I feel like instead of that he could've just broke the bed and booked it.
James Moffatt
James Moffatt Mês atrás
@herobrine8763 true
herobrine8763 Mês atrás
@Madsmiles Sounds like you just wrote a convinving school essay
Madsmiles Mês atrás
I disagree. In this situation, he did not have a bed. He could easily have broken the bed but it would have allowed the other player to kill him. If Luke had a bed, I would agree that breaking their bed would be the better option, but in this situation I would have ran away to regen since it is too risky to either fight them or break the bed. He could also have blocked in which would have prevented the problem of getting hit while breaking the bed.
Shark Attack 21
Shark Attack 21 5 dias atrás
Luke's self esteem dropped so low even tho you can tell he was fighting a lot of reach hackers and scaffolders. You aren't as bad as you think Luke.
Crystal Navarro
Crystal Navarro 29 dias atrás
"I hope he eats a chicken nugget that is too hot and burns his mouth." So much anger, Luke.
Deep Fried Caprisun
To help always run at your opponent and try not to back up. strafe around your opponents while moving toward them also keep clicking repeatedly don’t stop
Tek0 Mês atrás
great job! i'd definitely watch a part 2.
hussi06 Mês atrás
Tips for next Episode: a good mouse is not everything, you should practice pvp things like W-tapping and probably use a texturepack. But I am really impressed by the way you took all those losses, I would’ve rage quitted a lot of times in that time. Also you should definitely play on 1.8.9 Minecraft Version because Bedwars is made for 1.8.9, this makes pvp (sword combat) a little easier.
Riptidewolf 7 horas atrás
@Lettuce The two ways for someone to hit you from more than for blocks is litterally just bad internet or cheats/hacks. But, vertical reach and horizontal reach stack so reach is farther diagonally. Also the texture pack thing is just personal preference :D.
Lettuce 7 horas atrás
@Riptidewolf ok. It always seems more than 4 blocks though. And I think that texture pack everyone uses for bed wars looks bad.
Riptidewolf 13 horas atrás
​@Lettuce maximum reach is 4 blocks and clicking faster gives you a higher chance of hitting them when they enter your reach zone. Texture packs are purely cosmetic, but can provide some neat visual cues
CasualCat64 Dia atrás
@SirDrippy why would you sweat in minecraft
Beesechurger Dia atrás
@Jole_Azer learn
DPG_Draws Mês atrás
This was great! And yes I would love to see u do more bed wars and maybe even go on pvp legacy
Kanchan Singh
Kanchan Singh 27 dias atrás
Getting obsidian when you're new in solo I recommend it you need 8 Emeralds to cover the entire bed
earthsquash940 Mês atrás
little tip from someone who had my ass railed when i first started playing, your reach depends on your movement speed, if you're sprinting your reach is bigger, if you're moving backwards your reach is smaller, combos exist because you're getting knocked back so your reach is smaller, and their sprinting foward, so their reach is bigger, hence why they can keep you locked out of hit distnce, so always try to sprint foward to break their combos, a good technic so start your own is w tapping, their first hit you get onto an enemy had increased knockback, every hit after whitin the same sprint deals less knockback, so you want to tap w while holding the sprint key to reset your sprint and deal max knockback at every hit giving you a better chance to start combos of your own, it takes a while to get used to but once you break a combo and comeback with your own its so satisfying
Atticus Moreno
Atticus Moreno 16 dias atrás
Its impressive how much you improved in the100 days. I have a little bit of advice that might make your experience a little easier. 1. Remember to stay on 1.8 since its the PvP that this game is meant for. 2. Try and get a mod with toggle sprint (since it gives more range and knockback) and that's about it. Good job and love the video!
Tony Bernard
Tony Bernard Mês atrás
I would highly suggest sprinting while you fight bc you deal more knockback and it can sometimes help with those cases where it seems like you can reach. W tapping also helps, but takes a bit of time to learn. It's best to keep the momentum after you hit someone, instead of backing off after every hit. Also a great bedwars strategy if you don't like melee as much is to just use a knockback stick and use the sprint and w tapping to deal as much knockback as possible. This really helps when you don't want to actually fight someone.
Tony Bernard
Tony Bernard Mês atrás
@Honda Ken Yeah that would be first thing he'd have to do loll
Redslayer one Shorts
@BrighterChip oh
BrighterChip Mês atrás
@Redslayer one Shorts I actually am allergic to grass...
Honda Ken
Honda Ken Mês atrás
he should also play on 1.8 in which case he would be less glitchy and he can blockhit.
BubbA GE
BubbA GE 28 dias atrás
As a wise guy once said, “ the next technoblade”
Dermot M.
Dermot M. Mês atrás
try to sprint into enemies when fighting, also moving in a sort of sideways arc works for me.
KitSucksAtYoutube 6 dias atrás
"I thought I will lived but he lived instead" - Luke TheNotable
Revalor 29 dias atrás
Hi Luke, I know this didn't get as much views as your other videos but I'd like to say that I really enjoyed this one. It would be cool to see more Bedwars 100 Days, especially as you're starting to get better. I think it could be fun to try out other games, too, like Skywars (this one might be harder, but there's a nice progression as you can use the coins you earn from each game to buy kits/perks.)
Demoman Mês atrás
As someone who's put thousands of hours into bedwars, I can say you did really well considering you had never played before :)
niemand 2 dias atrás
@Elijah Pelito 1.8 combat on 1.18 is kinda impossible
RL_Raconstar23 3 dias atrás
hey demoman where were you in the meet the spy video hmm, you could've helped your team.
Donald Cuh
Donald Cuh 4 dias atrás
@destroyer50 “only 2 hours a day”
Riceball 6 dias atrás
@shrqk I mean obviously? he'd literally never played a game of bedwars in his life and probably has very little pvp experience in the first place
Darkest Light
Darkest Light 8 dias atrás
@shrqk lmfao, that's not the point, the commenter said he was good considering he just started, considering a lotta people just die twice then quite, I'd agree
Jacob Rutzke
Jacob Rutzke Mês atrás
4:41 this is why I support the current combat system(the one added in 1.9)
Kiel198 minecraft
Kiel198 minecraft 19 dias atrás
Tip: get the BRvid rank so you can do the /nick command to disguise yourself so you don't get targeted. Also you should practice the tricks in bedwars like speed bridging and TNT/fireball jumping.
Shettah 19 dias atrás
2 tips fire charges can be used to help destroy bed if it has wool, wood, n endstone so u have easy access to the bed. If they can hit you but you cant hit them more than likely they’re hacking with “reach” more hitting distance
Bob 28 dias atrás
I’d love to see 100 days of Sky Factory (not skyblock). Sky Factory is an interesting mod where you start on one tree in a void and I’d love to see him do a 100 days of it being that I used to watch Ssundee play it when I was little.
Sheehan Banka
Sheehan Banka Mês atrás
It’s here…finally…BEDWARS! honestly, this is my favorite LTN concept so far
L GaMeR  PrO
L GaMeR PrO Mês atrás
Chaotic Slap
Chaotic Slap Mês atrás
Oki dokie
Why I wake Up
Why I wake Up 27 dias atrás
As a discord user’s bio once said: “Life is but an endless void, darkness, an unending black. Dms are open for bed wars team invites!”
Dusk Mês atrás
On the Cube, I used to play egg wars. And my brothers would do most of the melee while I managed the building. They’d make sure to buy me enough time to encase the egg in up to 6 different layers! I also would make the most insane bridges with mazes inside of them that only we knew how to navigate. So people would get stuck in the pillars and corners and die to my brothers. Best defense for the egg/bed I ever found was obi in the center, wood, glass, wool for two layers, more obi, then wood. I miss those days, bring back memories :)
Jrlopez 5 dias atrás
Ok but why are we not talking about this man and his aim? Give it another 100 days and hes going to be the next hawkeye
2fore2 20 dias atrás
this was very good! though btw there is a limit to how much times you can swing the sword, and try strafing back and forth to confuse the enemy. im not a very good bedwars player but ive won a decent amount of rounds and can say you are very good for a new player!
Pokemonxysm97 Mês atrás
As a long time hypixel player, this brings a tear to my eye
Gen-x SCA
Gen-x SCA 27 dias atrás
Christopher Noble
Christopher Noble Mês atrás
69th like
Nina 849
Nina 849 Mês atrás
@mSlash nerd - nerd
Meowmere Mês atrás
it also brings a tear to my eye a tear of pain
The Boulder takes issue with that comment
As someone who can only play Minecraft on his PS4 and so who can't play on Hypixel, it brings a tear to my eye as well
Ben Levine
Ben Levine 6 dias atrás
Luke: "And now his only daughter would live without a father. For what? For wha-" Reese's ad: "Chocolate, ooh!"
Lord Rom4n
Lord Rom4n Dia atrás
at the start you had the best chance to say "war, war never changes"
nwite 4 dias atrás
Great Job Luke, you did way better than most people starting out, stay on the grind!!
Lightning _11
Lightning _11 7 horas atrás
It makes me both sad and happy to get this video right before the death of Technoblade, the Legendary Bedwars player... RIP o7
DiegoOcelot Mês atrás
As a 500 star bedwars sweat, this was both hilarious and painful to watch, I would recommend always having a finger on W and using a sprint key, it will allow you to hit players much easier and you won't be comboed as much. But still, a very entertaining video would love to see more bedwars content.
slybollie 2 dias atrás
@Flare Elemental zombie fox in what way is it cheating, ur mad because u cant do it?
Flare Elemental zombie fox
@slybollie That's cheating technically Go play crapnite for that if you wanna cheat.
the generic block
the generic block Mês atrás
Jeremiah Pandian
Jeremiah Pandian Mês atrás
@DiegoOcelot average 9 cps and i don't get destroyed
TotalBee Mês atrás
@Birch I respect your way of thinking but personally after 2 years of playing PvP and bedwars 11 months ago I came to the conclusion that if I brainlessly keep playing I'm gonna keep getting rekt by other sweats so I actually started taking it seriously and improved over the last few months and now yeah I feel u it's actually really boring. Same old stuff bridge over kill blah blah but got nothing better to do so even if it's boring some sweats have to deal with it and since we're that jobless we continue playing for stats and numbers
laskin riubn
laskin riubn Mês atrás
I would really love to see a 100 days (or more) skyblock series from you
Affan vlog
Affan vlog 22 dias atrás
28:48 It is if he's amazing at Bedwars or he's hacking.
Christina Hunter
Christina Hunter 4 dias atrás
I'm trying to get good at egg wars in Skywars watching this video made me much better at it since I play on console you probably don't know what that is but thanks keep up the good work
Wild_Animal Will
Wild_Animal Will 25 dias atrás
I really liked the video and I'm excited for the next one. I was also wondering if you would ever consider doing 100 games of Skywars
Mira C.
Mira C. Mês atrás
Ik I've said this b4, but *_You're hilarious_* There's so many great snarks in this video, I'm saving it in my playlist! Keep up the good work, TY 😀
pitifulScientist 6 dias atrás
If you're gonna play Bed Wars for your first time, do the following to get a good grasp on the game: 1. Play Team wars It's easier to learn when you have experienced teammates to back you up. This provides you with more leeway and you also get more resources. 2. Fill a Scout roll Filling the Scout roll means that your first priority is to get as much premium currency as possible to spend on team boosts and Obsidian while your team deals with any possible intruders. After that, you help your team in raids by shooting arrows and fireballs from afar. You are essentially the backbone of your team's support when you fill this roll. It sounds like a lot of responsibility, but it's really easy. All that is necessary is map knowledge.
MrDac 21 dia atrás
Hey Luke, I think you should add on to the 100 Days series by doing a "I Survived 100 Days in 100 by 100 Minecraft border video" I think it would be fun to watch you overcome the obstacles of being stuck inside a 100 by 100 minecraft border :) PS: Everyone like this so he can see it :)
Thraka's Mek Shop
Thraka's Mek Shop 23 dias atrás
can't wait for him to find out what god bridging is if he thinks that speed bridging is the best
ThatOneGuy Mês atrás
Excited to see 3000 days soon! Oh yeah, I say this because 1.19 is coming out in about a week or something WITH the warden. No pressure :)
Isaagamer plays
Isaagamer plays Mês atrás
If you ever do this kind of thing on hypixel again, please play on 1.8. The experience is so much better and your performance will be improved.
mdragzee Mês atrás
@jpxfrrd poggers yes, i couldn't do it in 1.8, but i can in 1.18.
jpxfrrd poggers
jpxfrrd poggers Mês atrás
@mdragzee you literally said you cant in do it in 1.8
mdragzee Mês atrás
@jpxfrrd poggers i know
jpxfrrd poggers
jpxfrrd poggers Mês atrás
@mdragzee you can press 4 to get an item in the 4th slot tho
Isaagamer plays
Isaagamer plays Mês atrás
@mdragzee no idea what the heck your computer's problem is, cause the shift to slot thinv works, and you need to rebind the mouse buttons on your computer. 1.8 runs better and is less buggy.
Mohamed Amine Krimi
"I was minding my own thing shopping when i started dying, the most American thing" I laughed
Cj Dippolito
Cj Dippolito Mês atrás
19:16 “White was outside my bed so I thought it was a perfect time to go shopping!”
Alexander Hannah
Alexander Hannah 24 dias atrás
Your videos are perfect to listen to when I am playing a game or something because the are very verbal and enjoyable 😄
Terra <3
Terra <3 25 dias atrás
Now that we know he's okay with servers and stuff... Who's gonna ask for Hypixel Skyblock 100 Days?
Anngle Mês atrás
I can watch luke do the most annoying thing in bedwars, win, and I’ll still be proud
Matei Andrei
Matei Andrei Mês atrás
​@Enderman Gaming it better with 1.8
Enderman Gaming
Enderman Gaming Mês atrás
the most annoying thing is using 1.9 for bedwars like bruh
Pool_Deck 19 dias atrás
The reason why you might have been losing pvp is because you might have been playing on 1.18. The sever is on 1.8 but you also have to play on that version for the best performance
OceanGypsy 25 dias atrás
Hay Luke! I was wondering if I could try the “100 days in hardcore” challenge and post it on social media. With your permission since it was your idea in the first place. Thanks very much! P.s. love your content
Matthew Ford
Matthew Ford 25 dias atrás
It wasn't his idea in the first place and you don't don't his permission. Go ahead man, best of luck.
IsBacon Mês atrás
when people drop tnt over your bed you can block it by quickly building like a giant block of wool so it lands on and blows that up instead of your bed, but that requires really fast clicking. or you can just do it before the tnt drops if you know theyre gonna drop it
fentseboy 20 dias atrás
WE NEED PART 2! btw using 1.8 version is much easier so use that in the next part you can also use tnt and fireballs to boost you
B & B Quality content
I just got here really early. I can’t wait for bedwars of all things!
cactus narwhal
cactus narwhal Mês atrás
Video: 1h ago. Comment: 16h ago HUH
David Milidrag
David Milidrag Mês atrás
And the thing reminded of the live thing.
David Milidrag
David Milidrag Mês atrás
Me to
ItsmeMMH Mês atrás
Albert fingernoodle
Now. 20 milliseconds
Wolfey 10 dias atrás
Don’t concentrate too much on clicking fast. You can be as good as the player that click high cps if you learn how to straithe and W tap or block hit. Also you should use a resource pack and use 1.8.9. (You can either play it on forge or lunar client). Use 1.8.9 becuase it’s the version bedwars was released on and it’s the one pretty much every bedwars player and pvper.
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