100 EASY nail ideas! | HUGE nail art compilation

Gabby Morris
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Today I have a 100 easy nail ideas! So a few days ago I realized I did over 200 nail designs in 2018 which is crazy! I decided to make a huge nail art compilation so I can look back on the designs I made this year and also just in case you guys missed some of them!
Enjoy this super long video lol and comment any videos you would like to see this year♡
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matte top coat
Striping tape
Nail barrier/protector (tape around nail)
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Comentários 80
ღary loara ღ
ღary loara ღ 11 horas atrás
Dilbag Singh
Dilbag Singh 13 horas atrás
Please diy dark grey colour nail art
Nisha Devi
Nisha Devi 13 horas atrás
Awesome Application
Awesome Application 17 horas atrás
💅🏻 DIY Easy Nail Art 💅🏻 👉 🔔Click on the ball icon to get the latest video update. ➡️Please don't forgot to like, Share, Comment and subscribe
Kylee Ann
Kylee Ann 21 hora atrás
is any one else here from having a middle school throw back idea and watching these kinda videos because quarantine is giving them literally nothing else to do
نور نور
نور نور Dia atrás
Belles Belle
Belles Belle Dia atrás
What kind of polish are you using? Gel or lacquer?
دَايمونْد 2 dias atrás
Look where quarantine took me.
Silvana Hupan
Silvana Hupan 2 dias atrás
sybrina hall
sybrina hall 3 dias atrás
Yeah my birthday was on July 7th
Belles Belle
Belles Belle 3 dias atrás
May I know what kind of polish are you using.
Joanna M Taylor
Joanna M Taylor 3 dias atrás
Love 💕 the music :)
Aliana Huaylinos
Aliana Huaylinos 3 dias atrás
Quick question how did she get her nails to be matte? Is it like a special top coat she uses?
Ameliamusic 2 dias atrás
Yes, it is
Camille McBean
Camille McBean 4 dias atrás
Do you remove the tape while the polish is wet or after it dries?
Crystable Gaming - Tutorial
This is so satisfying..
Azhelio Qanly
Azhelio Qanly 4 dias atrás
Azhelio Qanly
Azhelio Qanly 4 dias atrás
Goood jooooop
Sheree Smith
Sheree Smith 6 dias atrás
All of the nails were beautiful going to try mostly all of them.
Ruth Arriaza
Ruth Arriaza 6 dias atrás
Are those gel or regular nail polish
mayank sharma
mayank sharma 7 dias atrás
Shweta Mehrotra
Shweta Mehrotra 7 dias atrás
Can you some harry Potter nail art plz
amby Aguinaldo
amby Aguinaldo 8 dias atrás
Making my left hand so nice but when it comes to right nevermind 😂
Khalil Alrahabi
Khalil Alrahabi 8 dias atrás
يا عرب وينكم
Marianna Babayan
Marianna Babayan 9 dias atrás
Smiles247365 9 dias atrás
Thanks so much for sharing your art and work. Inspiring! Wishing u plenty business and time to enjoy its fruits ✨
Smiles247365 9 dias atrás
Omg I need the whole damn set🤯 brushes, polish, tapes, top coats🤩🤩🤩🤩 ain’t too proud to take a hand me down 😂🤣🤔🍓
Lindha Gabrielly
Lindha Gabrielly 11 dias atrás
aimee Grace
aimee Grace 11 dias atrás
what nail varnish brand do u use please?
Oriazelin 11 dias atrás
Does all top coat nail polishes make the polish below matte oooorrrr?
Santie de Waal Malan
Santie de Waal Malan 11 dias atrás
Beautiful 🌻🌻🌻💅💅💅💅💅💅💅💅
XARA AYLONITH 12 dias atrás
Where do you find the strips for the nails? 2:33
Yuno Gasai
Yuno Gasai 13 dias atrás
Sze'pek. Tetszenek. A. Minta'k. E's. A. Szinek. Is
Itz _ Lei
Itz _ Lei 13 dias atrás
Do you prefer polish over gel? I’m a beginner and of course I’m doing everything wrong. I was thinking maybe I should just stick to polish. I frequently flood my cuticles, maybe this would be less of a problem with regular polish. Also no matter how thick or thin I apply it like it’s half way dry before I get close to the side.
Amy Patterson-Serfass
Amy Patterson-Serfass 14 dias atrás
You do your nails so good
Daniela FG
Daniela FG 15 dias atrás
And Where do you buy that nails polish ? please . I want to buy some of them and some materials .
Daniela FG
Daniela FG 15 dias atrás
There are very cool but i have a question . Where do you buy that scotch tape ? Tell me please.
Little Flower
Little Flower 15 dias atrás
Buy clear press ons and do them before you apply them
Samyuktha 16 dias atrás
It’s all fun and games until you have to paint your right hand. 😂
Alex Riska
Alex Riska 16 dias atrás
Ok but does anyone have a hack on how to make your own striping tape for the peel always? because I tried using tape once and no go lol
Komal Seth
Komal Seth 17 dias atrás
What shall I should use instead of this tape Strip
espejo 17 dias atrás
mm interesting to see how you can do so many things with a bit of a budget and I thought you had to pay hundreds of dls to get your nails like that!!!
Laura Martin
Laura Martin 17 dias atrás
I do both of my hands with no trouble
//Aline //
//Aline // 18 dias atrás
I am the only one who just look at the video because it’s satisfying ??
jeremy klinglesmith
jeremy klinglesmith 18 dias atrás
machine gun kelly
Raylex R
Raylex R 18 dias atrás
Where do you get the rhinestones
Isaura Nascimento Silva
Uma decoração mais bonita que a outra, não vejo a hora de trabalhar sou manicure .
Sanaa Ali
Sanaa Ali 19 dias atrás
What is the product thats wrapped around the nail to prevent polish going onto the skin? Whats the name of it?
Alana Jubow
Alana Jubow 19 dias atrás
Thank you!! I got so many ideas from this. 😊
Tasha Kessinger
Tasha Kessinger 19 dias atrás
Question for the first 2-3 mins in the video, the top clear coat she adds, it looks like it turns the color to Matte, is that real? Are their top coats that do that?
Shan & anna
Shan & anna 20 dias atrás
💗new friends here showing love and support, please visit back our home and do the same for us please the right way. 👍plz watch a video and leave a comment as well
ivana santos
ivana santos 20 dias atrás
Amei 🌻❤💅👏👏👏
Martina De La Rosa
Martina De La Rosa 20 dias atrás
Me dejaste sin palabras son hermosas tengo envidia yo las quiero 😢ja
Riva Harima
Riva Harima 20 dias atrás
Gabut banget gue nonton yg kek gini😭🤣
Dalyn Clarke
Dalyn Clarke 21 dia atrás
these nail art designs are so pretty and AMZING that i wish i could do the but i don't have the right shades of colours and the strip thingy so ya. peace out nail art lovers.
Abu Nashir Khan
Abu Nashir Khan 22 dias atrás
Its so amazing nail art 😍
Rosana Zanardi
Rosana Zanardi 22 dias atrás
I love you nails ...Gabby Morris i love you ideias for nails♥♡♥♡; please heart♥
maha severa
maha severa 24 dias atrás
first step have long nails
yt.logoless 25 dias atrás
0:35 6:33
Missblingbling Nails
Missblingbling Nails 26 dias atrás
Hey Chicas come check out my new Etravagant Gothic Nails with lots of BlingBling and 3d design subscribe for more new videos!
Eduarda Yasmin
Eduarda Yasmin 26 dias atrás
Alguém do Brasil ??
Tanvi Pawar
Tanvi Pawar 26 dias atrás
i love these nail i am going to do one of these
Yani Jasmine
Yani Jasmine 27 dias atrás
This is amazing👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 such hard working and dedication✨
Kedelin Offical
Kedelin Offical 27 dias atrás
17:03 you made an estonian flag🇪🇪
Araibia Aida 2019 Aida
Araibia Aida 2019 Aida 28 dias atrás
الي عجبوا الفيديوا ايحط لايك يوفقو ربي 😉🤗🇩🇿💅🏼
Anhblue Nk
Anhblue Nk 29 dias atrás
Chanthosini Arumugam
I love it . I love this channel ♥️♥️♥️♥️
delovely day
delovely day Mês atrás
This was so relaxing to watch😁
Belen Padilla Mata
Belen Padilla Mata Mês atrás
Muy hermosas todas ❤❤❤
Barbara Stojanova
Barbara Stojanova Mês atrás
Names of the songs?
Carlos Eduardo Mora Mora
ome el banat
ome el banat Mês atrás
Karoline Fernandes Games Br
Fawzi NINJa
Fawzi NINJa Mês atrás
Katherine 1
Katherine 1 Mês atrás
Gorgeous nail art. What is the light minty green colour you use please?
ullas Maharub
ullas Maharub Mês atrás
Just wow 😱😱
Lyle Snodgrass
Lyle Snodgrass Mês atrás
100 WoW
Marika Potterhead
Marika Potterhead Mês atrás
00:34, 13:50, 21:31😍
Yellow Star
Yellow Star Mês atrás
All of them are soo beautiful and hard to do...yup I failed to do all 9 I tried...😢
Annabella Wilson
Annabella Wilson Mês atrás
The so much explain pretty stuff 😂 everyone keeps stuffing for nail stuff and makeup stuff OK make sure you { $10'0'0000000 }
Annabella Wilson
Annabella Wilson Mês atrás
I'm exploding right now this is amazing
Annabella Wilson
Annabella Wilson Mês atrás
I'm going to be very nice and I'm going to be kind ok tonight I'm going to be kind
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