10 Wild Facts About Killua You Didn't Know!

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13 Ago 2022



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Jake Anthony
Jake Anthony 7 meses atrás
Fun Fact for Fun Fact #3 most of the transmuters in the show change their outfits often, it's an example of how fickle transmuters are and that's probably why the anime made that change. Bisky, Hisoka, and Killua are all transmuters and they all change clothes/ hair every opportunity they get.
Derpsty 19 dias atrás
@yao che oh yeah lol thanks
yao che
yao che 19 dias atrás
@Derpsty I‘m pretty sure you meant "never fails to impress" or "always fails to disappoint"?
Bloodborne Kart
Bloodborne Kart 26 dias atrás
@Jeff Clancy She's just jacked.
giselle v
giselle v 26 dias atrás
ooo so thats why thier outfits changed!! I did notice that those three would change outfits and I always wondered why gon had that outfit 24/7 😀.
Slevin Channel
Slevin Channel Mês atrás
@Duck_6reak Being rude to strangers is cringe-af, just a friendly reminder.
Normal 7 meses atrás
I think they did try to teach Killua how to use Nen, he just accidentally skipped that "class." Killua's parents sent him to Heaven's Arena and told him not to come back until he reached Floor 200. This is the floor where, when you join, other Nen fighters give you an initiation by attacking you with Nen, forcing you to either die or adapt and learn to use Nen yourself. He was meant to learn Nen through a secret trial by fire, but he instead got to Floor 200 and then just... went home without visiting the floor, thus evading his Nen "baptism." I think all the Zoldyck kids learned their Nen at Heaven's Arena; Killua was just an outlier for wanting to leave the arena so early.
Normal 2 meses atrás
@Urtoryu dy Althraidn Remember that Milluki was still intimidated by Killua even before Killua unlocked Nen, despite Milluki being a Nen user. I think the reason the family didn't go out of their way to teach him Nen again was because they were impressed that he was so capable without it. If they gave him harder jobs and he started failing then they might have sent him back, but he kept delivering on all their expectations so they never had a reason to address the Nen issue.
Urtoryu dy Althraidn
Urtoryu dy Althraidn 2 meses atrás
This makes some sense, but if that was the case, they'd have noticed he didn't learn it and teached him (directly, sending him there again or finding another way, doesn't matter) after he came back.
Normal 5 meses atrás
Technically he beat floor 199 and qualified for floor 200, he just didn't go in because he wanted to go home
Maddy bkg
Maddy bkg 6 meses atrás
@LKCynric i thought once he reached floor 199, he just got bored and left
Silverkingx2 7 meses atrás
that seems legit
Kwakho Pani
Kwakho Pani 7 meses atrás
Hey guys do you remember when killua thought he could kill netero, those were funny times
hunyodaisynueve Mês atrás
@Slevin Channel The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy!!!
Slevin Channel
Slevin Channel Mês atrás
@hunyodaisynueve WHAT IN THE WORLD is Thhgtttg???
hunyodaisynueve Mês atrás
@Slevin Channel if there was a Venn diagram for HxH and THHGttG fans, the intersection would be the number of likes your comment gets. hehehe
annika_ 2 meses atrás
@no one haha
no one
no one 2 meses atrás
even hisoka wanted to kill netero 💀
Tadiwanashe Chikanya
Tadiwanashe Chikanya 7 meses atrás
Killau is truly a men of culture, no wonder we all love him.
Jules 2 meses atrás
remigal 6 meses atrás
@amogus fax
Totally Not Kairi
Totally Not Kairi 7 meses atrás
@AgarWorstPlayer 😭✋
Totally Not Kairi
Totally Not Kairi 7 meses atrás
@AgarWorstPlayer 😭✋
Michael 7 meses atrás
this channel is so good Liam doesn't even need a title, he just puts New World Review like a boss
OhiedhinTheKind 7 meses atrás
how exactly is "New world review" not considered a title..? Like.. I really don't even know what to say lol.. one of us is very confused, and at this point with no one else even pointing it out.. it might just be me
Steffan Joseph
Steffan Joseph 7 meses atrás
@Des Supurr As if it really matters
Abbreviation of light
Abbreviation of light 7 meses atrás
@Des Supurr how so?
Des Supurr
Des Supurr 7 meses atrás
Funny this vid made me unsub.
Slevin Channel
Slevin Channel 7 meses atrás
But grammar?
Mattew klzr
Mattew klzr 7 meses atrás
i think the manga tried to show the difference between a psychopath and someone trained to behave like one. killua was able to change due to his interactions with gon.
Crystal Paws
Crystal Paws Mês atrás
@Nas Raken source please
Urtoryu dy Althraidn
Urtoryu dy Althraidn 2 meses atrás
@Nas Raken Wgere did you find that? I'm curious, can you give me the link?
North Belle
North Belle 3 meses atrás
@Nas Raken oh? 👀 I wanna read too TT haha that desperate for any DC content 🤣
Nas Raken
Nas Raken 7 meses atrás
Final chapter ends on the center of Dark Continent being a multiverse gateway where Gon meets Yuske
irighterotica 7 meses atrás
I wonder if the Zoldycks withheld Nen because of Killua's little rebellious streak?
Kobra Gaming
Kobra Gaming 11 dias atrás
@Demi they literally sent him to heavens arena and said he couldn’t come back till he had reached floor 200, uno the nen floor where you get ambushed by a nen user and either die or unlock nen yourself, in his initial backstory. Not to mention Hisoka and illumi both clearly demonstrated the use of ren in the Hunter exam. Togashi may of not completely defined the power system but he clearly had an idea for some type of aura like power that was shared throughout the verse. To say he completely made nen up is to do him misjustice he didn’t need a completely defined power system but he definitely had an idea of what he wanted
Captainsnake 7 meses atrás
@Demi Well obviously no shit but it’s still not a plot hole because it conveniently lines up with the story. You don’t teach someone to get stronger if you haven’t fully controlled them yet. Which is literally how Killua found the needle and was 100% no longer manipulated by the family
Slevin Channel
Slevin Channel 7 meses atrás
@Andrew Manook Nah, it’s clearly cause of his Type: Transmutation. That’s just not good for Babys. Kalluto meanwhile is a Manipulator, so he was taught Nen earlier than him.
Slevin Channel
Slevin Channel 7 meses atrás
@Captainsnake Nah, it’s clearly cause of his Type: Transmutation. That’s just not good for Babys. Kalluto meanwhile is a Manipulator, so he was taught Nen earlier than him.
Andrew Manook
Andrew Manook 7 meses atrás
@Demi Right, either you completely missed Hisoka's show of Ren during the hunter exam or you didn't watch the show.
RedStarX5CJ 7 meses atrás
Kil was hunting for Friendship. From the beginning he wanted friends and he got one in the end
RedStarX5CJ 7 meses atrás
@Nitish Kumar Jurel well there is Gon, kurapi, Leo, knuckle and the other guy with the hands, the octopus dude from the chimera ant ark, I'm sure I'm missing some. But he makes a lot of friends in the end.
RedStarX5CJ 7 meses atrás
@Asmaa Mofleh yea but this only happens along the way through the exam.
Asmaa Mofleh
Asmaa Mofleh 7 meses atrás
But his best friend is Gon
Drianb2 7 meses atrás
@Nitish Kumar Jurel Ikalgo and Knuckle/Zepile
Slevin Channel
Slevin Channel 7 meses atrás
@Nitish Kumar Jurel What about a 'Recommendation-List' so we HxH-Fans are not so Scattered af and uncoordinated af anymore?!? The Number One BRvidr should really recommend at least the english Big-Shots of the HxH-BRvid-Realm, so to make us less scattered. What about fan-made Hatsu, a topic that always hyped every comment-section i EVER saw doing it. EVER: What about my What about Questions?
Michael Katz
Michael Katz 7 meses atrás
My nine-year old son just watched the prisoner battle episode for the first time. I’d always assumed that the sack was a paper bag, and thought it was hilarious that Killua was carrying one around. But I was wrong. The “sack,” my son deduced, was part of the prisoner’s shirt, torn off and repurposed when Killia took the guy’s heart. Brutal.
zandrom ex
zandrom ex 12 dias atrás
Is it bas that i always thought the bag was made with the guy´s skin?
Tsukasa 2 meses atrás
I always new it was his shirt
Th3Uns0c1al 2 meses atrás
I just though killua had a paper bag on him, it took me awhile to see it was the guys shirt
凛鐘富宇☀︎ 5 meses atrás
@Alex Geary nope, i read the manga first, i thought it was just weird censorship
Alex Geary
Alex Geary 5 meses atrás
Wait y’all didn’t realize it was his shirt?
Emeka American
Emeka American 7 meses atrás
Imagine if Togashi didn't have health problems and HxH kept going like One Piece.
Rin Arts and Gacha
Rin Arts and Gacha 2 meses atrás
bahaha what-
BlueGate 2 meses atrás
Wouldve been big as onepiece
Veronica Jata
Veronica Jata 2 meses atrás
Boy do I have news for yall :))
Narukami 7 meses atrás
Isn't Killua hunting for his own value and purpose though?
daisuke910 2 meses atrás
He is hunting for happiness for himself and Alluka. Isn't that a noble hunt?
Bungee Gum😏
Bungee Gum😏 4 meses atrás
Didn't killua say he wanted to hunt down his entire family (-Alluka) tho?
JK1029 6 meses atrás
Like Gon was a hunter hunter, Killua was a hunt hunter
F M 7 meses atrás
So.. you're saying he is Hunting for his Dream? 😂 But yeah you got a good point
Slevin Channel
Slevin Channel 7 meses atrás
@GOW Fun Fact 22: Killua is the Second-Best at using the Art-Form 'Nen' among the Protagonists. Theres a very clear Hieracy: Kurapikachu, Kill-and-Run, Mr.Leoreo-kun, and lastly Gone. Fun-Fact 32: Transmuter have such a big Representation-Problem that it'd be enough for it's own NWR-Video. We dont know what Zeno, Silva and Netero transmuted their Aura into (we just know themes for them), and even funnier: The Ants had FIVE Specialists! 5! But ZERO Transmuters. It must have slipped Togashi's mind.
Cynthia Wu
Cynthia Wu 7 meses atrás
I don't think that Illumi's needle is an all encompassing mind control at all. It was simply like a little voice in his head that told him to be so scared of fighting stronger opponents, he would run when he encounters one. In a twisted way, it was Illumi trying to protect Killua from harm. but the needle never actually controlled any of his other actions. It also did not make him a cold blooded killer. Killua was trained to be an assassin but his base character was always a kinder gentler kid (hence, he left his family estate entirely on his own to find his own self... not after he ripped out the needle. not after he met Gon. not after a million friendship speeches by other protagonists like may have happened to other similar character types in other anime, etc). He has to "flip a switch" to turn on his assassin mode. In fact after he takes out the needle he can still flip his switch which means the needle had nothing to do with that. What is really interesting about the needle is that Killua was so committed to his friendship with Gon that no voice in his head telling him to run from rabbit-ant and leave a nen-less Gon unprotected would ever stop him from being by Gon's side. He knew this so definitely that he finally realized it was not his own mind telling him to run but something else. He knew this so definitely that he plunged his claws into his own skull (? or maybe at least scalp??) without any "proof" he would find a needle there until he bloodily ripped it out. it was one of the most cathartic moments (one of many!) in Killua's character growth.
Y/N L/N 7 meses atrás
Random fun facts (?) Leorio didn’t take the Hunter Exam only fir the money, in the anime he did say to Kurapika that he wanted to become a doctor because when he was young his friend did die. Kurapika doesn’t have a last name at all, the fandom gave him the last name “Kurta” because he was the last of the Kurta Clan. There is a theory that Gon didn’t have a mom. Because his father (Jean) was a developer of “Greed Island” he did have direct access to a card named “pregnancy stone.” This card wasn’t mentioned in the anime, but it exists. Jean (Gon’s father) could have used this card to well, make Gon. Another theory connected to this one was that Gon is made out of all nen. Why the anime was named “Hunter x Hunter” is because Gon’s father (Jean) is a hunter and Gon did become a hunter, and because Gon was hunting/looking for his father, he was a hunter hunter. Kurapika wears colored eye contacts to hide his scarlet eyes because they are very very treasured and that he was the last of his clan. I might add more :) Btw I put all of these off of random memories._.
Zeldrire 11 dias atrás
i thought everyone knew the first one??
Xian Rustin
Xian Rustin Mês atrás
Levi Acrkerman
Levi Acrkerman 2 meses atrás
I was about to say it's Ging
ughidunno 2 meses atrás
Damn what's Jean doing here I thought he was into mikasa
Kolos Bonu
Kolos Bonu 2 meses atrás
Dude it's been 4 months where the add up?
tonyjr97 7 meses atrás
randomly just thought this but it would make sense if illumi or maybe one of the elders of his family decided to teach kalluto about nen immediately before or (more likely) after the first hunter exam. my first thought was maybe illumi wanted to make kalluto stronger than killua for some reason(but i dont think thats a good reason since kils coming back) but more likely kalluto asks one of the family members to help him get stronger, maybe he admits its to join the spiders or they already know and offer the help so he can get in, idk just thinking
Slevin Channel
Slevin Channel 7 meses atrás
Fun Fact 22: Killua is the Second-Best at using the Art-Form 'Nen' among the Protagonists. Theres a very clear Hieracy: Kurapikachu, Kill-and-Run, Mr.Leoreo-kun, and lastly Gone. Fun-Fact 32: Transmuter have such a big Representation-Problem that it'd be enough for it's own NWR-Video. We dont know what Zeno, Silva and Netero transmuted their Aura into (we just know themes for them), and even funnier: The Ants had FIVE Specialists! 5! But ZERO Transmuters. It must have slipped Togashi's mind.
Slevin Channel
Slevin Channel 7 meses atrás
Who ever hires a Programmer and makes finally some Nen-using Game will be hailed as a Hero.
DragnTulius' Chat Room - One Piece Discussions
DragnTulius' Chat Room - One Piece Discussions
Nen Master5
Nen Master5 7 meses atrás
@DragnTulius' Chat Room - One Piece Discussions You-embarassed-yourself-hard and you dont even realize it, while the likes on slevin’s comment go up and up and up
Slevin Channel
Slevin Channel 7 meses atrás
@Thermophile I think that's more of a problem with youre understanding of what kind of game i meant and how i meant to realize it (which is not impossible, at all).
nofumar 7 meses atrás
The 2011 anime toned down Killua's fashion sense for one notable scene. In Chapter 69, and only Chapter 69, Killua is wearing a shirt with these huge rings hanging from it which I would definitely not describe as "plain and practical"
jayye 7 meses atrás
where can i see this
Soul Reaver
Soul Reaver 7 meses atrás
That shirt looks cool. It's like something illumi would wear
Amilcar Safeca
Amilcar Safeca 5 meses atrás
Technically Killua did go to the Hunter Exam with a purpose, it was to hunt his entire family when he was still at massive odds with them after having ran away. He mentions this while speaking to Gon about his family for the first time. Thats really only up until he reunites with Gon though after the Retrieval Arc, from that point on he doesn't seem to be hunting anything he just piggybacks Gon.
Oireal 7 meses atrás
Irish lad here from the Republic and I'm hoping I can give some insight here as to the separation with the North: Over a century ago, the UK invaded Ireland and setup military might in our country, however this wasn't for any direct produce gain (although they did take quite a bit of that which worsened the effects of the Famine since we had nothing to eat and gave almost everything to Britain). Instead, the UK were afraid of the French attacking them by using Ireland as a "back door", so they decided to get into Ireland first and setup occupation in Ireland to protect themselves from a possible French invasion. Of course, this didn't sit too well with the Irish who started Rebellions all over the country to take it back. I'm skipping a ton here but there were two main figureheads of the Rebellion: Michael Collins and Eamon de Valera and they were invited straight to England to speak with and negotiate peace between the two countries. De Valera didn't go and sent Collins instead who was able to work out a deal where the Irish would get back 26 of the 32 counties in Ireland and would be able to establish our own Republic of Ireland. Collins and his group took this deal since they knew they wouldn't get anything better and went back to Ireland to report said deal, saying that the 26 county deal was a "stepping stone" to regaining the full country. De Valera was pissed (to put it politely) and labeled Collins a traitor for taking any deal that didn't restore the entire country - eventually sparking a Civil War between the two Rebel factions which led to Collin's death and De Valera being established as the new President of Ireland from 1959 - 1973. He passed relatively recently in 1975 at 92 years old and is generally looked down upon for labeling the person who gave Ireland her Independence as a Traitor. Meanwhile, Northern Ireland continues to remain apart of the United Kingdom (Wales, Scotland, England & Northern Ireland). There is constant turmoil amongst the citizens of the North with many fighting to break free from the UK; many wanting to stay with the UK; and many just looking for peace and quiet. Personally, I would love to see a fully united Ireland, however I know it's not something I'll see conceived in my lifetime so all I can do is hope people stay safe and try to negotiate peacefully instead of using the bombs and molotovs I've heard destroy the peace in the North. Hopefully this gives some insight into whats been going on in Ireland for the last few centuries and I apologise for any bias
Oireal 6 meses atrás
@Rekt_Yer_Nan_Darding _ It's so unfortunate and yet was so avoidable - just like most conflicts sadly are
Rekt_Yer_Nan_Darding _
Rekt_Yer_Nan_Darding _ 6 meses atrás
So many innocents died in the troubles so sad
Someone Else
Someone Else 7 meses atrás
I like the Killua cat thing being a continuation from Yu Yu Hakusho... Just like a lot of HxH. And, the best Killua fact is that rides horses like a boss.
MAElillusionesta99 7 meses atrás
I mean 1999 killua is more faithful to the manga than 2011. From his hair and eyes design to his brutality to how terrified he was vs Illumi in the hunter exam, so I don't really agree with your statements there Liam
凛鐘富宇☀︎ 7 meses atrás
manga >>> 2011 anime >>> 1999 anime (my thoughts)
Klasse 7 meses atrás
Personality wise 2011 is more accurate, 1999 made Killua way edgier and darker (bad choice imo) whilst the manga and 2011 version put more emphasis on his playful side which makes him more unique imo. 1999 Killua is more similar to early manga Killua in appearance though.
Justin Marsh
Justin Marsh 7 meses atrás
Killua not being taught nen as a child is almost certainly due to nen being an afterthought in the series that didn't play a role until after the hunter exam. Which you actually did acknowledge halfway through me typing this comment, so there ya go.
infected maggot
infected maggot 7 meses atrás
people always say that togashi hadnt invented nen in the hunter exam. what about illumi brainwashing? of all the things that don't fit, that seems to fit perfectly.
Violetwister 7 meses atrás
not to mention, hisoka's cards which were most likely imbued w nen to slice some of the participants at the exam.
GEN x GEN 7 meses atrás
I fully expect Kalluto to either give me chocolate at the end of my life, or to give me the answer to what happened in his story arc, at the very least.
blackbird16 7 meses atrás
A grandline video AND a new world video in a single morning?? Is it Christmas again?
Slevin Channel
Slevin Channel 7 meses atrás
Yeah, but still no video about self-made Hatsu, despite this topic always generting much Hype whenever i see it used.
LegacyFTW 7 meses atrás
Yesssss, the Hiei comparisons are on point. And of course both of them are the favorite characters. Cold, standoffish, deadly serious, though I'd say their motivations in the animes are significantly different. Of course Hiei is driven by a need to protect his sister as well as a general pursuit of power, whereas Killua seems driven to compete with Gon for the sake of their friendship and maintaining it (in the anime) as well as discovering his own purpose beyond being an assassin. Love both of them. I also love Kurama's character in YuYu for how his every sentiment seems to hold the sorrow of his many lifetimes, but I'm not sure who could be the HxH equivalent in that regard.. Possibly one of the side characters 🤔 And yes I know Kurapika is an obvious comparison but he has more rage in his demeanor, though he is similarly stoic and sorrowful.
Leslie M
Leslie M 6 meses atrás
@LegacyFTW Well first of all I read the manga. I'll read it again just for you, but you should know that a lot of things are toned down or otherwise changed for the anime. Sooo, that's what I was saying!!
LegacyFTW 6 meses atrás
@Leslie M I feel like you literally have never even watched the show for saying that. Just because a character can be violent or cruel at times does not mean they don't have any compassion. Kurama was thousands of years old and as powerful as most anyone in his peak years and specifically discusses the things he regrets and wishes he could change about the past and his part in it. Sooo, what were you saying??
Leslie M
Leslie M 6 meses atrás
The only thing Kurama is sorrowful about from his time as a demon is that his actions have consequences lol
Slevin Channel
Slevin Channel 7 meses atrás
@LegacyFTW ?
Slevin Channel
Slevin Channel 7 meses atrás
@LegacyFTW Man, ya never stop Learning! That's why i love various science-channel so much: i love learning. Here, have some RANDOM Recommendations cause WHY NOT: Tier Zoo, Sci Show, Joe Scott, Veritasium, Hbomberguy, SEA.
Balas Bogdan
Balas Bogdan 7 meses atrás
Killua was also much darker in the 1999 version🖤
Mr. NoViews
Mr. NoViews 2 meses atrás
For those that didn't see the original anime, you see the guy's ripped out heart in Killua's hand before he crushed it (love that scene. The guy was a murderer anyway)
Novathebird 7 meses atrás
A cool idea for a video would be the top 10 most powerful attacks, like the one you did with top nen users but with individual attacks instead Also I guessed A so subscribed now
Umbra 7 meses atrás
One can argue Killua was hunting for his freedom and by the end hunting Gon
Austin Smith
Austin Smith 7 meses atrás
I think he was a “fun hunter” because he was just looking for fun.
Mrs. Morj
Mrs. Morj 7 meses atrás
Dude in a room! Two videos at a same time (one in GrandLineReview)
Slevin Channel
Slevin Channel 7 meses atrás
What about a 'Recommendation-List' so we HxH-Fans are not so Scattered af and uncoordinated af anymore?!? The Number One BRvidr should really recommend at least the english Big-Shots of the HxH-BRvid-Realm, so to make us less scattered. What about fan-made Hatsu, a topic that always hyped every comment-section i EVER saw doing it. EVER: What about my What about Questions?
Paregoric 7 meses atrás
I need to point out that I have watched a number of videos on this channel, many of which contained mini-games. Each time I played, I lost. You will be shocked to hear that I did not follow the clear instructions contained therein and subscribe, afterwards. Yes, it is true, to my shame, I decided to pretend ignorance of the rules. And so, I continued losing, well past the point that I should have won at least once by random chance. Finally drawing the correct conclusion, I subscribed, and won for the first time ever on this video. Since this is irrefutable proof that these videos are imbued with a nen curse, I can only say: well played, well played.
Francesco Giordano
Francesco Giordano 7 meses atrás
Well, we can say that Killua was hunting his objective in life... It's still a hunt for something, right?
Jordan S
Jordan S 6 meses atrás
could you consider he was on the hunt to become happy? i mean.. with gon as a friend considering all his self-worth issues and being a person rather than a tool? 🤔
Gael Lopez
Gael Lopez 7 meses atrás
The New World Review loves adult films, huh, not surprised really
cushan griffith
cushan griffith 20 horas atrás
Did his family intentionally try to slow his development for a period of time? It’s almost like they’re afraid of his real potential. He mastered Nen almost instantaneously. 🤔
Akaza Dono
Akaza Dono 2 meses atrás
i love how you referred to milluki as the third one 😂 and how you said it was a punishment to sub- 😭
LegacyFTW 7 meses atrás
9:23 By the way, the Killua 'cockpit' reference does not refer to "Di--" so much as the place one might PUT their "Di--" 😅
G0oBerDM 7 meses atrás
The final call of Killua castle caught me completely off guard, like if Liam was outside my window pointing at me and saying "look, there" and scurries away back in his *dude in a room* room.
Atul Patel
Atul Patel 7 meses atrás
I just love the voice of Liam and his narration style. 🤓
Rekt_Yer_Nan_Darding _
Rekt_Yer_Nan_Darding _ 6 meses atrás
I hate his room though it looks like a sound proof torture chamber with all that black foam lol
Amilcar Safeca
Amilcar Safeca 5 meses atrás
Togashi probably had already made Nen considering technically Killua was exposed to it during the Hunter Exam by Illumi, he just couldn't see it (expressed as him feeling pressure and heat)
•みずき• 6 meses atrás
I like how he just calls milluki "the third one"
Spirit Kat !
Spirit Kat ! 7 meses atrás
remember guys Killua is cool but we also love gon a lot
Slevin Channel
Slevin Channel 7 meses atrás
Kalluto was taught before Killua because of their Nen-Type. Transmuter is a bad Type for a BABY to 'use'.
Sheba Lathoria
Sheba Lathoria 7 meses atrás
Chairman i have a question, is there a Kutata in the zodiacs family? It seems like the mothers side(black hairs) are trying to control/ take over the fathers side(white hair) the white hair seems more revered as true memebers of the zodiacs. I remeber illumi stating something similar and the mother saying that Killua is the "one" child she wont let go. Also, was Gordo the father of feitan, canary said they from meteor city as well. Just curious 🤔
PringlesCan69 22 dias atrás
i think Killuas use of nen before the concept was even astablished is due to Togashi not placing that power set up until later, but a head canon i have is that since nen is basically the bodies natural energy, Killua couldve been using it at a small scale of enhancement thinking it was just his families skill with assassination, recognizing Zenos technique was probably an effect of his father telling him about it, or him seeing it in a book? either way at least they kept the white hair zoldyk being transmuters consistent
Fabrizio ART
Fabrizio ART 5 meses atrás
Am I the only one that finds the 2011 anime version of the heart rip WAY more disturbing than the manga? It's one thing to see "simple" brutality, and a totally different one to see a disturbing implicit allusion, followed by the whole scharade of giving the still beating, dripping heart in the bag BACK to the dying broken man. Imho it would have been way less sadistic to just crush it or toss it aside by that point, and while I'm not saying the scene should have been different, I don't get how you can call it less disturbing.
Sankalpa Satyal
Sankalpa Satyal 7 meses atrás
So early that I'm here before the title.
BanAnaplz 7 meses atrás
Half way and I’m still here before the title
Squirtcobain 7 meses atrás
Damn wish I could’ve seen it titles. “NWR video without a title”. That could be a NFT
πSwanzz 7 meses atrás
im early too
x Hale
x Hale 7 meses atrás
I cant believe i also got the honro
SJNaka101 7 meses atrás
Wow, so the illumi needle thing was worse in the manga? I mean, the scene was pretty good in the anime, but the big flaw with it is that killua physically removing the needle makes it feel like magic character growth, though the scene does good at giving him for reals character growth too. And, you're telling me that togashi made it an entire magic personality change? Oof.
Xander Kirk
Xander Kirk 7 meses atrás
About fact three, Killua changes clothes in the anime every time he changes in the manga. It’s One to one
A random monke
A random monke 7 meses atrás
Wing said that everyone has an ability they’re born with so maybe killua’s was being able to manipulate his body
Clayton Everett
Clayton Everett 7 meses atrás
This channel is the perfect vehicle to resurrect one piece 101, the devil fruit encyclopedia, and the best/worst of one piece. That kind of stuff was always my favorite GLR content and if you add it here I'd be forever grateful. Please consider, I know you're a busy guy but read this comment and do me some fan service good sir.
Niyasaky Zoldyck
Niyasaky Zoldyck 7 meses atrás
good video as always keep up the good work for hxh and happy new year :)
SushiNekoProductions 7 meses atrás
Can you please do a video on what would go down if hisoka had decided to go after killua and betray Illumi during the election arc? Would hisoka be able to actually kill killua? Would killua be able to escape? Would the wrath of the entire zoldyc family descend upon him or would most of them be apathetic? We know it would be against his ideals because he wants gon to get stronger so he could fight him, but I still would like to theorize it.
Dustin Vanscoy
Dustin Vanscoy 6 meses atrás
Killua was hunting for a new way of life, he made it clear he ran away from home to get away from the ways of his family and be different
lil.patison 7 meses atrás
Please make a video like this on the troupe in the future!! Those are so fun
Kai Amethyst
Kai Amethyst 7 meses atrás
Can I just say he's so pretty in the 1999 version of the anime, and I will also completely agree he is a fashion icon, and one more thing I'm also very much a connoisseur of the cockpits if you know what I mean😏 great videos always man.
Kai Amethyst
Kai Amethyst 7 meses atrás
@Goofy ahh akaza lmfao
Goofy ahh akaza
Goofy ahh akaza 7 meses atrás
h u m s t
Glen Gaines
Glen Gaines 7 meses atrás
The 1999 HxH is great. Has a lot of heart and a bit slower paced.
Sadath Salman
Sadath Salman 3 meses atrás
but Gon is weird in that one ngl
Swordeaser 7 meses atrás
Liam I would drop dead if you made Jojo vids, I love your style of content and as much as I love the GLR channel and here (for all the extras) I'd frekin love a jojo theory or discussion some day ! 🙏 Edit: Lol I just noticed u made jojo vids, maybe make one soon for part 6?? (You know I kinda meant manga when writing that but anime is just fine)
JoshQwerty 7 meses atrás
New World Review! love the title 😂
Ploppman 7 meses atrás
Slightly in line with the 10th fact. In World of Warcraft you can get an item called "Memory of the Zoldyck Insignia" which can be used to make a legendary item.
Rinoki Mês atrás
he really goes into detail with fact 4
Arnel Arroyo
Arnel Arroyo 7 meses atrás
its not that he didnt learn nen earlier, rather he chose to leave heaven's arena (where he was supposed to) after he got bored 😅
PHD In Wombology
PHD In Wombology 7 meses atrás
Ur a beast keep grinding bro.
Aodhan 7 meses atrás
Imo, when killua first became a hunter, he was hunting for the cards in Greed Island, then he hunted the chimera ants, so technically he didn't break any bylaws
SamTheGumMan 117
SamTheGumMan 117 7 meses atrás
Killua enjoys that quality Shmentai that isn't Queen Bee
EDGE 7 meses atrás
❤️❤️❤️❤️ Talking about my all time favourite anime character. Killua.... Perfect 😁😁
Johnny Pollack
Johnny Pollack 7 meses atrás
Love the video keep up the great work
Leanne Kwan
Leanne Kwan 7 meses atrás
2:46 I'd like to think Killua was hunting for a purpose
Tyler Steinbrunner
Tyler Steinbrunner 7 meses atrás
amazing content like always man
Gorou's Butterfly
Gorou's Butterfly 2 meses atrás
Fun fact: the legend of the meeting on July 7 sounds very similar to a Chinese legend I heard as a child, where they were allowed to meet only because of their illegitimate child.
William dabbs
William dabbs 7 meses atrás
Killua goal was to find his goal
tracksama 7 meses atrás
i was so shocked when i heard the birthday fact lol. my birthday is june 15th and my moms is july 7th. what's also even weirder is that my dads side grandma had the same birthday as me and my moms side grandma has the same birthday as my sister.
SÈ SÈ HD 7 meses atrás
José 7 meses atrás
Great video! Do you plan to go back to doing jjk chapter reviews? I really liked them, and the culling game has been pretty good so that’d be a good place to start again
Steve 7 meses atrás
This is a hot take but I don't care killua has the potenital to be the most powerful character in the whole series...he has everything talent, work ethic, and brains. Also can I add i wish we got to see maha and zigg zoldyck in action
Henrque Freitas
Henrque Freitas 7 meses atrás
The title is so inspirational
Kyle Broom
Kyle Broom 7 meses atrás
Keep up the good work.
𝒞𝓁ℴ𝓊𝒹𝓎 𝒮𝓀𝓎𝓈
i only guessed Kalluto because out of Zeno,Kalluto and Milluki, Kalluto's my favorite
mia 7 meses atrás
i live in ireland and was intrigued about killua castle, i look it up and it’s literally 16 minutes away !! looks like i know what i plan to do tomorrow
Janko2K 7 meses atrás
Woah those Killua fact were wild and I totally didn't know them
Ben 10-Inches
Ben 10-Inches 7 meses atrás
Damn. My favourite episode yet, |.
Kakuzato 7 meses atrás
if they must always hunt something, what does Gon hunt now with his current state?
ssnipxrpug 6 meses atrás
killua's job was to stay by gons side for as long as possible is what I believe
Jackie 7 meses atrás
Also was in the 1999 version the heart was shown. The manga/1999 showed of Killua darker side. Normally why I tell people to watch 1999 then 2,011.
Jaden Foox
Jaden Foox 7 meses atrás
I just want to say Killua did have a goal it was….. At first he wanted to cure his boredom and then he wanted to be good friends with Gon, and finally he wanted to keep Gon safe. Tada! 😁
twelvedoors 7 meses atrás
This 'series' is the equivelent of trying to reach the word count requirement for and essay, and I enjoy.
White Hunter
White Hunter 4 meses atrás
The fact that I knew he watched an adult film in the 1900's but barely anything else just boggles my mind
Niall Healy
Niall Healy 7 meses atrás
Most of us Irish don't mind talking about our history with Britain! Happy to explain the famine, struggles, etc. anytime
MJ 7 meses atrás
Liam, I think you forgot to add 10 Killua Facts or 10 Facts you didn't know about Killua lmao
Slyden Fernandes
Slyden Fernandes 7 meses atrás
gibarel 7 meses atrás
Him giving the heart back is way funnier though.
Azazel 7 meses atrás
video name is so good explains everything
Kodoq Besar
Kodoq Besar 7 meses atrás
Killua be cultured ever since 12.
Slevin Channel
Slevin Channel 7 meses atrás
What about a 'Recommendation-List' so we HxH-Fans are not so Scattered af and uncoordinated af anymore?!? The Number One BRvidr should really recommend at least the english Big-Shots of the HxH-BRvid-Realm, so to make us less scattered. What about fan-made Hatsu, a topic that always hyped every comment-section i EVER saw doing it. EVER: What about my What about Questions?
TheShinyMagician 7 meses atrás
I didn't know you even had this channel. This Video Popped up in my recommendations today. Subscribed I love your content man. Especially your channel GrandLineReview.
Tarokid 7 meses atrás
New World Review 👍
Jared E O Speedwagon
Jared E O Speedwagon 7 meses atrás
Well as long as if your after something as a hunter..... killuia could be a " Freind Hunter"
NotOrdinaryInGames 2 meses atrás
Killua was hunting his purpose in life. There. Got you.
Akinats 7 meses atrás
Love the title
Victor bustos
Victor bustos 7 meses atrás
Thanks for the vids
Drianb2 7 meses atrás
Guess Killua's favorite genre of "Adult film". It's definitely not MILF as we know he has difficulty dealing with older women.
AgarWorstPlayer 7 meses atrás
Fangirl dream: Hisoka: hi girl, you look cute 😍 you make me mad Fangirl: are you attracted to my body or strength? Hisoka: both Hisoka: will you train and get stronger in Heaven's Arena? I'm looking forward to a death match someday Fangirl: with pleasure, Sir Hisoka. Btw now that I actually see it from so close, your swing is huge Hisoka: oh you interested? There is a third nen divination to check what your nen type us. Wanna see it up close in my room? I'm sure you are a specialist, because you are so special Fangirl: yes
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