10 Extreme Dangerous Fails Biggest Crane Operator Skills, Fastest Heavy Equipment Machines Working

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10 Extreme Dangerous Biggest Fails Crane Operator Skills, Fastest Heavy Equipment Machines Working

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17 Dez 2021



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R.I.P. for the 2 workers at
A good crane operator knows the rig he operates, the lifting capacity and weight limitations when picking up a heavy load, when the boom is down or overly extended, knows his línes main and auxiliary and the weight charts by heart
Ted Sevilla 1
Ted Sevilla 1 9 horas atrás
I counted four souls lost when that pedestal crane collapsed
Zdzislaw Dardzinski
Podziękowania dla bratniego narodu rosyjskiego, a szczególnie dla operatorów dźwigów za dostarczenie dobrej rozrywki dla internautów. 100 razy lepsze i śmieszniejsze niż amerykańskie Gwiezdne Wojny i Rambo. Teraz pewnie w nagrodę wczasy na Kamczatce i kredyt do spłacenia na 3 pokolenia, bo firmy ubezpieczeniowe za debilizm chyba nie wypłacą odszkodowania
When I first started working heavy construction there were so many crane fails that I was led to believe that it was just a normal every day thing. On one job we had 2 cranes crash on the same day then another one the very next day.
Stuart Gray
Second failure: There is nothing more dangerous with cranes than trying to use TWO simultaneously to control a load.
The lack of safe techniques and lack of experience are the main factors in this type of accident... whoever directs the work must know what the load capacity of a crane is, the appropriate type of cables, place the equipment on land insurance, weather conditions, and above all, the ability and experience of the equipment operator...
Stuart Gray
First failure: Ill BET that the engineers miscalculated the weight of that beam.
Wendel Baltazar🇧🇷
Deus abençoe o teu projeto grandemente
robert mccully
i was a foreman in charge of lifting and setting many tilt up panel buildings in the 80s. Watching this brings back that old throat in the stomach feeling.
Verana Colecionaveis
Steve Jones
There's some astonishing levels of dangerous incompetence shown here where clearly some operators have got any calculations they've made on weights and reach very wrong. Of course there's a couple of equipment fails as well (but did they do those calculation right) and some ground giving way underneath. However, not excuse for a lot of these.
Stu Sargent
It’s imperative not to rush or be in a hurry when maneuvering heavy equipment and large scale components! Safety first! Death can come on in a hurry when there’s less than stellar project management 😓
La falta de técnicas seguras y la falta de experiencia, son los principales factores de este tipo de accidente...quien dirige la obra debe saber cual es la capacidad de carga de una grúa, tipo adecuado de los cables, colocar los equipos en terrenos seguros, condición del clima, y sobre todo capacidad y experiencia del operador de los equipos...
Some of the cranes used looked a little small for the job (keeping costs down).
plh613 11 horas atrás
And what was the catastrophic failure at the
Operators of any equipment must know the limits of it's capability. 🤔
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World's Largest All Terrain Crane
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