1 Mortis vs 99 Dynamike's! 10 Round Showdown! Who Will Win?!

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18 Jan 2022



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BenTimm1 Anos atrás
Yes 9x10=90 butttt we played way more than just 10 games So I hope you enjoyed it! Let me know if youd like to see something similar in the future! >Remember to use code BT1 in the Brawl & Clash shop if you are gemming!! Your support goes a long way! - > Be sure to subscribe to not miss a video! -
lion obama
lion obama 3 meses atrás
1x10 is 10 meaning that it’s 10 morti vs 99 dynamikes
Official Moai
Official Moai 4 meses atrás
nice video
Mr pika
Mr pika 4 meses atrás
You won
EasyGamingYT 5 meses atrás
Nah this is good
william 5 meses atrás
Marco van Vuuren
Marco van Vuuren Anos atrás
The speed the quickness the versatility the smily shovel
Marco van Vuuren
Marco van Vuuren Anos atrás
@Yadira Valina yup it is
Yadira Valina
Yadira Valina Anos atrás
Arctic BS isn’t that the same pic as u
Marco van Vuuren
Marco van Vuuren Anos atrás
@Balcky nice pic youve got there
Balcky Anos atrás
Hello brother
Ng Yi Ron
Ng Yi Ron Anos atrás
Jaeyong Shim
Jaeyong Shim Anos atrás
Ben: I'm going to count that as a win for me because I won the first one also Ben: (Loses to IX the first game) "I absolutely dominated" (Gives point to him)
john Anos atrás
Same thing I thought
ramon c
ramon c Anos atrás
Whyyy though
Cringe Lord
Cringe Lord Anos atrás
I like how Ben hearted all the coments but skipped this one
Descapalot Anos atrás
I thought I was the only one to notice it lol but if anything it’s a Tie
Andreas Jason Johanes
Yup idiot ben
iamhumanokk Anos atrás
Dynamike: we are jumpy boys ;) MORTIS: "Sees him" MORTIS: looks like Ima have a early lunch Dynamike: JUMP AWAY!
Wandering Commentor
So comedy cancels out the cringe 👍
Honcho Anos atrás
Can we take a second to appreciate the edits and the time stamps great work👍🏽
Arul 1209
Arul 1209 Anos atrás
Mortis : have you seen heaven Dynamike: no Mortis : then go see it
Johan Lee
Johan Lee Anos atrás
Imagine the dyna grouping, but Ben using the other gadget. Total domination.😂
Diogo Faria
Diogo Faria Anos atrás
I swear bentimm1s editing is getting better every video
Dark Souls ツ
Dark Souls ツ 11 meses atrás
For round 2, I think it would've been more fair, if you only moved by dashing.
Mr_Toxic Anos atrás
Alternate title: Abusing dynamike for 21 minutes
Reece McLaren
Reece McLaren Anos atrás
@spike boi then what were you trying to say if it was auto correct
Reece McLaren
Reece McLaren Anos atrás
@Aesthetic Rose hey man
spike boi
spike boi Anos atrás
Auto correct
spike boi
spike boi Anos atrás
What’s good toxic it’s me grimmz I saw tiny. Try let also
Aesthetic Rose
Aesthetic Rose Anos atrás
Yo this is me D1RTY GEMMER
Night niro
Night niro Anos atrás
I feel like the rounds should only have given the dynas buffs/nerfing Mortis It's just unfair when you make yourself better
Murilo Anos atrás
I like how in the Dyna power round tbe Mortis had the most of the powercubes even if he's not supposed to have powercubes
Neutral Anos atrás
If it was a movie: Revenge of the Dyna's
Micha Kreie
Micha Kreie Anos atrás
Please so more vids like this, that was absolutely hilarious.
username isnt taken
Ben : Rocks No hat Mortis Rey : **insert Mr.Krabs staring image**
F1 Flix
F1 Flix 7 meses atrás
I was thinking the same thing lol
joe Morris
joe Morris Anos atrás
I am a hat mortis fan
Tragic Brawl Stars
Tragic Brawl Stars Anos atrás
Better title Mortis bullying Dynamikes for 21 minuter straight
GrimWraith Anos atrás
OP video by the OP youtuber. Had a ton of fun watching. Can't imagine how much fun I would have playing!!!
Vegeta Anos atrás
Dynamikes straight up destroyed mortis in every round lol thats 🔥
Pain Anos atrás
Wait on the no rules round if there's no rules can you change brawler?
Vishnu Anos atrás
Mortis: **sees Dynamike in showdown** Dynamike: My time has come... Goodbye my friends!
Aahaan Jeswani
Aahaan Jeswani 3 meses atrás
Lol One time i killed 2 teaming mortis as a dyna with dyna jump
Rogue_Melody 7 meses atrás
crampy walls, third party, annoying dynamike but these happen very rarely tho
MIN TUN 7 meses atrás
What if it’s......... PRO DYNA
Ionut Gaming
Ionut Gaming 7 meses atrás
Not really...I was once a Dinamike and a Mortis randomly jumped on me without doing nothing .When I was about to die I put a sad face and he let me alone.
LastoGT Anos atrás
WB Anos atrás
Btw if you are not Dyna mains, you maybe didn't know that Robo Mike is usually the worst skin for jumping.
5:41 *When ur falling towards a cave spiders spawner:*
Biglyp Anos atrás
Is anyone going to talk about how he failed the only attack challenge at 14:06
Cezar Vinckier
Cezar Vinckier Anos atrás
When the Dynamikes lose the first round, but win the second: No points for you! When he loses the first round, but wins the second: Gimme those points! ( 11:15 )
BenTimm1 Anos atrás
Cezar Vinckier scoring system was originally i had “3 tries to win” each round but I changed it as time went on and made it super confusing so ill just let the comments decide haha
Anu Anos atrás
This was a really fun video 🔥
Solar Anos atrás
Me: Ben how many dynamikes have you killed in the pass week? Ben: *It’s over 9 thousanddddddd!!*
Dodo Anos atrás
nice dragon ball reference
wo people
wo people Anos atrás
Solar Anos atrás
Bruh 😂
Solar Anos atrás
O hi lol
wo people
wo people Anos atrás
@Solar you have mastered the ben heart but what about the chief pat ?
Gigachad Anos atrás
Dynamike: *exists* BenTimm1: *im about to end this man's whole career*
Jamie Hay
Jamie Hay Anos atrás
**Dynamike in showdown** *Mortis:* “So you have chosen death”
Business Koala
Business Koala Anos atrás
I am good at both brawlers and want them to just be friends but mortis is just hungry as F**K for dyna
Dodo Anos atrás
bruh lol
Muaz'ın Çöp videoları
No they were bad its easy to beat
Harun Senturk
Harun Senturk Anos atrás
Most mortis suck so not all the time
Baseball legend and rl legend :D
The shovel is a legendary brawler that does 10,000 damage, 1,000,000,000 health and the reload speed is 0.01 seconds
Luis Gerardo
Luis Gerardo 9 meses atrás
Loses one, wins one "I'm gonna put this point to me" ._.
Benjamín Robles
Benjamín Robles Anos atrás
Should have done only auto aim but for mortis also but the other ideas are fun
Vivaan Khalpada
Vivaan Khalpada Anos atrás
Mortis after killing everyone: “time to rest” tahaha
Hunter Anos atrás
I love it when people think a double jump is hard lol
Noah Jackson
Noah Jackson Anos atrás
I love those videos keep them up!!!
Μøhαηηεd I.
Μøhαηηεd I. Anos atrás
All the dynamikes: "ggs we lost" Ben: *R E V E N G E ! !*
Μøhαηηεd I.
Μøhαηηεd I. Anos atrás
@Adem Dhib sort of
Adem Dhib
Adem Dhib Anos atrás
are you arabic
انتا عربي
Alex Wu
Alex Wu Anos atrás
I can’t believe that the dynas just wait around for their turn. So nice people
Danny Tse
Danny Tse 16 dias atrás
When you try dodging power cubes but still end up grabbing 8
Zena Nakazato
Zena Nakazato Anos atrás
This is like normal showdown. Dynamikes doing what they always do
GodzUnit01 Anos atrás
How do you set up a game round like this? Aren’t there limits to how many of the same brawlers can be in one round?
Caleb Haley
Caleb Haley Anos atrás
Dinamikes low key destroyed. Especially IX in that 1v1
Mason Caruso
Mason Caruso Anos atrás
I love the original content keep it up!
"We will be a Mortis against *N I E N N I E N* Dynamikes."
Snapple Apple
Snapple Apple Anos atrás
You should more like these♥️ U love your vids! Have a nice day and Stay safe:)
Rubén Doodlz
Rubén Doodlz Anos atrás
Now I can’t wait for 100 Mortises vs one Dynamike
iamnotowowo Anos atrás
Alternate Title: Mortis killing Dynamike for 21 minutes straight ASMR
Papa T Jimbo
Papa T Jimbo Anos atrás
Id use all my money for mortis Asmr lmfao
Fabs Anos atrás
wow hello again, I didn't expect you to be here
Amy Li
Amy Li Anos atrás
@BenTimm1 Ohhhhhh
Amy Li
Amy Li Anos atrás
@BenTimm1 What????
BenTimm1 Anos atrás
iamnotowowo 😝👊
Saroj Sharma
Saroj Sharma Anos atrás
Ben your videos are so amazing than others and you always try to do something new. Use code: bt1
Leela Shekar
Leela Shekar Anos atrás
The Speed The Quickness The Versality And The Mobility
Leela Shekar
Leela Shekar Anos atrás
I can't beleieve
Leela Shekar
Leela Shekar Anos atrás
Ava T
Ava T Mês atrás
I'd just like to point out that you game *Mortis* an unfair advantage, saying that in one of the rounds you were aloud to move while the dyamikes weren't.
IffyOgKing -
IffyOgKing - Anos atrás
4:49 the sound mortis makes when he walks into a bush and sees a shelly
Tabrez Alam
Tabrez Alam Anos atrás
I like how he just added the "Oof" sound lol 😂
Oscar Anos atrás
Imagine if either of the power rounds happened in Forsaken Falls
Mikal Morris
Mikal Morris Anos atrás
Would it not be 90 vs 1 since it’s only 9 dynas per round?
Noob Brawl Stars
Noob Brawl Stars Anos atrás
Honestly if Lukiebear was here it would be a boss fight XD
real Anos atrás
Dynamike: Exists Mortis: You know the rules, its time to die.
Yain't Anos atrás
Dynas:see mortis Also dynas:this is an avengers level threat
OldWinter Anos atrás
Round 5 *got bodied* Dyna : so we won? Ben : yes, but actually no
Luke Okey
Luke Okey Anos atrás
It would be more fair in the dyna jump round if you could only move by dashing
Brawl 100%  Legends
Brawl 100% Legends Anos atrás
this looks really fun, u should do more of these... 10 ppl xD
Jelly apex Prime
Jelly apex Prime Anos atrás
Round 4 should belong to the dynamikes since you pick them up on accadent.
zentdylan 29
zentdylan 29 Anos atrás
alternative title: ben smacking old people with a shovel
nikash manuel
nikash manuel Anos atrás
Mackattack33 Anos atrás
I love these do more please!
Arman Arya
Arman Arya Anos atrás
Ben likes to play without hat mortis But he actually wears his own hat
BenTimm1 Anos atrás
Armaan Arya hat gang is still alive
Patrick Lalunio
Patrick Lalunio Anos atrás
i love this back to back content
Ευστρατια Τσαλαπατα
Supercell: we only allow 10 players in a friendly match Bt1: we do not care
XItsLiamTubeZ Studios
XItsLiamTubeZ Studios 10 meses atrás
I think Team Mortis Won because he was the first to reach the score 5 before Team Dynamike
Jacob Curtis
Jacob Curtis Anos atrás
The fact that he's using no-hat Mortis
BenTimm1 Anos atrás
Jacob Curtis 🤑👊
Sharad Jaisal
Sharad Jaisal Anos atrás
He is totally enjoying his life!!🤣🤣(In 1 and 2 round)
Yin-Yang Anos atrás
Everyone: watches the video me: remind myself what Kairos said about no hat Mortis
Jake Wu
Jake Wu 10 meses atrás
i don't think dyna power round was fair because at the first match ben had 8 cubes and the second match he lost.
Luke ZHU
Luke ZHU Anos atrás
...most games were in favor of Ben and sometimes when Dyna beat him the first round he literally gave himself the point.
aw ASMR 3 meses atrás
do we need a special gadget to jump as dynamike?
WeirdChamp 10 meses atrás
11:20 we just gunna pretend that Ben didn’t fight the last guy with 10 power cubes uh
Mr.Matosm Anos atrás
10 x 9 is 90 so you need 1 more round to make it 99 dynamikes
In the dyna power Round he had 9 power cubes so I wouldn’t count it
Continue Gaming
Continue Gaming Anos atrás
Amazing video Ben I just used the code Bt1 in the shop for my brawl pass keep up the good work and funny video I feel like you guys tied 5 vs 5
Jashandeep Singh
Jashandeep Singh Anos atrás
Really enjoyed the vid BT upload more like these
✨rainy-san senpai ✨
I felt bad for the dynamike, they got killed so many time
Vineet dahiya
Vineet dahiya 10 meses atrás
Imagine having dynamike stuns gadget
Mega man Fan
Mega man Fan Anos atrás
10:24 i think it shouldn’t count cuz in solo showdown 4th place or below counts as a win
Xtruh 123
Xtruh 123 Anos atrás
Ben is curing my bored ness during quarantine
SPOKEN Mango 9 meses atrás
Dynamite: *Exists* Mortis: * just for a few more seconds*
Boris Gaming Channel
Dyna's should have won 😂
Dapty de Duck
Dapty de Duck Anos atrás
That was crazy fun, I'd say Dino's won
Dapty de Duck
Dapty de Duck Anos atrás
BenTimm1 Anos atrás
Dapty de Duck
Emilia Arancibia
Emilia Arancibia Anos atrás
Ben: literally looses the match Also Ben: *redoes the match with all the right knowledge* omg I’m gonna give this point to Mortis!❤️😏✨💘🙄🥰😘🙈🍒💅🏻
Flat Cup
Flat Cup Anos atrás
I feel like a lot of points should not count since the no cube for mortis one he got 8 cubes and the 1v1 ones should not count cuz he lost the 1st round
pugpotato Anos atrás
Ill be honest at some rounds hes unfairly giving points to himself an example is the 1v1 round he lost the first round but he still got the point
Fame Gamer163
Fame Gamer163 Anos atrás
Dyna:exists Ben:im gonna end this mans whole carreer
Takee Imran
Takee Imran Anos atrás
Dynamikes won the 1v1 round fair and square though..
Point dexter
Point dexter Anos atrás
The dynamikes should’ve won round 5
CyrusMapleSyrup Anos atrás
dyna definitely won round 5, IX rekt you lol
28 - Piyush kumar - 8E
Mortis bullying dynas for 21 minutes and 18 seconds straight
Quix Edits
Quix Edits Anos atrás
I oNlY sAy fAcTs
I oNlY sAy fAcTs Anos atrás
Yo bro the edits were clean keep up the good work and I'm using code BT1 don't worry I stopped using K-A-I-R-O-S
Jonas Gordijn
Jonas Gordijn Anos atrás
If you do the first starpower in round 3, you win...
Lynoxfn420 Anos atrás
Bentimm thinking he’s pro killing 9 dynamites Rzm killing 9 shelly’s easily: Am I a joke to you?
Lynoxfn420 Anos atrás
Lol no
Bruhhh are underestimating BEN ..
Wren Joseph
Wren Joseph 4 meses atrás
Mortis vs dina mortis always lose but I laughed cuz spawn trap round was easy😆
Khaaaaos Anos atrás
Ben needs to watch my Mortis guide 😉
cool men
cool men Anos atrás
The way dynamike moved when he died
Achyut Adhyapak
Achyut Adhyapak Anos atrás
The speed the quickness and the versatility
Achyut Adhyapak
Achyut Adhyapak Anos atrás
Achyut Adhyapak
Achyut Adhyapak Anos atrás
Yeah I do
Spoorthi Maradugu
Spoorthi Maradugu Anos atrás
hi Achyut, you know me..
Ranjeet Kaur Bawa
Ranjeet Kaur Bawa Anos atrás
ben replied someone omg😱
Omar Gaming Zero
Omar Gaming Zero Anos atrás
And the mobility
Pilario, Joshua Nichol N.
*no Dynamikes were hurt in the filming of this video*
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