1 Hour - Best Music for Relaxing-Studying Vol.1 | Anime Edition

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Relaxing Music Mix
● Composed by:
Yuki Kajiura: Sword Art Online
Yasuharu Takanashi: Fairy Tail, Naruto Shippuden/Movies
Yuki Hayashi: My Hero Academia, Haikyuu!! (with Asami Tachibana)
Makoto Miyazaki: One Punch Man
Evan Call: Violet Evergarden
Hiroyuki Sawano: Attack on Titan
Joe Hisaishi: Princess Mononoke
Yukari Hashimoto: 3-gatsu no Lion
Shinji Orito: Clannad
Asami Tachibana: Darling in the FranXX
● Wallpaper:
● Vol.2:
● More Relaxing Music:
I hope you like it ;)
00:00 From Me to You | My Hero Academia
02:50 Never Coming Back | Violet Evergarden
05:06 Main Theme - Piano Version | Fairy Tail
07:26 I've Seen too Much | Naruto Shippuden
09:21 Breakdown | Haikyuu!!
12:01 Mellow Twilight | My Hero Academia
13:43 A Tiny Love | Sword Art Online
15:21 Princess Mononoke Theme (Piano) | Princess Mononoke
16:54 Theme of ONE PUNCH MAN -Sadness- | One Punch Man
18:36 進撃gt20130218巨人 | Attack on Titan
21:01 May 5 | 3-gatsu no Lion
23:40 Roaring Tides II | Clannad
27:50 Adults | Haikyuu!!
29:25 Supportive Heart | My Hero Academia
31:48 Charle no Kokuhaku | Fairy Tail
34:17 The Long Night | Violet Evergarden
36:49 Code:015 | Darling in the FranXX
39:39 Ultear, Time of Life | Fairy Tail
41:56 Cloudiness | Naruto the Movie: Blood Prison
44:54 Companions | Naruto Shippuden
46:50 Everyday Life | Sword Art Online
48:40 Main Theme 2014 - Piano Version | Fairy Tail
51:18 Hero's Shadow | My Hero Academia
53:05 Vita | Darling in the FranXX
54:34 Charle no Kokuhaku (Music Box Version) | Fairy Tail
56:31 Nostalgia | Naruto Shippuden
58:27 Loneliness | My Hero Academia


More Info
● Non-monetized account
● Any ad revenue generated are property of Lantis Company and others
● I do not own any of the music or images displayed in this video
● The music and images belong to their composers and artists


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22 Set 2018



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Comentários 80
NS16 Anos atrás
↓↓ TRACKLIST ↓↓ More information in the description (the vol.2 is available there)!! THANKS
Ebola 2 dias atrás
@researchinbreeder for real though lol. Thanks Hiroyuki Sawano.
Annalise Wedewer
Annalise Wedewer 6 dias atrás
Roaring Tides is one of my favorites, it reminds me of Interstellar
Moni Singh
Moni Singh 8 dias atrás
Israel Aghahowa no it's from Bnha only .
Emanuel Rodas Ortiz
Emanuel Rodas Ortiz 9 dias atrás
Thanks! 💓
Sujevan Ravikumar
Sujevan Ravikumar 15 dias atrás
Good selection
Teodóra Tóth
Teodóra Tóth 3 horas atrás
REALLY relaxing!!
William Wu
William Wu 6 horas atrás
Why did the first one, even though it's from bnha, sound like it came from Violet evergarden??? There's something to that that song that reminds me of the nostalgia and sadness that was in Violet evergarden
Faisal Al-Bandar
Faisal Al-Bandar 7 horas atrás
I found this to be not optimal for studying. Some of the music is too good to the point of being distracting.
JAYSONS pogis 7 horas atrás
Not bad pretty helpful
Shruthi sa
Shruthi sa 9 horas atrás
I'm vibing with Deku right now
Kompler 11 horas atrás
this is to study or to cry?
Mactor SD
Mactor SD 16 horas atrás
Thumbnail: Midoriya studying Me: yessss plus Ultraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa💛❤️
Kauê Lima
Kauê Lima 16 horas atrás
Muito bom! Parabéns Ns16.
Guilherme Roxo
Guilherme Roxo 18 horas atrás
Nice update, now it shows the parts of every song detailed
Victor Hugo Flores
Victor Hugo Flores 20 horas atrás
que buen servicio.jpg
icyhot meh
icyhot meh Dia atrás
if you read this I wish you a good day and good luck in learning ^^
Andrei Dia atrás
weebs after watching this: game:weeb has gone plus ultra game:weeb has done homework in [UNDEFINED] seconds game:weeb is relax
Zephy r
Zephy r Dia atrás
Wen Bin
Wen Bin Dia atrás
2020 sucks
Genavive Jimenez
Genavive Jimenez Dia atrás
i like relxing and studing music
Merlisa Dia atrás
It's so weird I got a deja vu listening to this and I felt so distant to everything I was doing at the moment even right now
James Dia atrás
Listening and watching Darling in the FranXX made me cry but it also made me realize that the life that we were given was special, but what's even more important with this special gift is how we put it to good use. I personally think that human life is spectacular and amazing, but I just can't brush off the feeling that this life has more meaning to it. I don't know what I am saying I am rambling but to put it into a few words, I say this. "I expected more from life, but I was disappointed" -Personal quote
AMX M4 45 100
AMX M4 45 100 2 dias atrás
To random persons who did read this message, I wish you to the very best, and I hope you succeed in your life. I'm probably just like you, just another person who is probably will never sees eyes to eyes in this world. One day, If we do sees each others, we won't know each others but I will be smiling at you. I hope you will do the same in return. I'm just a living person who is happen to pass by.
TheRWS96 2 dias atrás
[picture] Studying with eyes closed?
ITACHI UCHIWA 2 dias atrás
56:31 nostalgia ❤️❤️🤧🤧🤧
Oliverio Moran
Oliverio Moran 2 dias atrás
I like it so much, thank you
Stu Pedasso
Stu Pedasso 2 dias atrás
Sad, although i might not watch anime in my future i know deep down i will have memories when they help me through the time, and get me in the vibe of not crying the whole night.
Roger Essue
Roger Essue 2 dias atrás
stop commenting about my hero acidamia and tell people to stay safe at home or something! zxn is cool
Roger Essue
Roger Essue 2 dias atrás
imean that zxn is good
Roger Essue
Roger Essue 2 dias atrás
love my hero acidamia
Pengpeng Xu
Pengpeng Xu 2 dias atrás
I lost myself today.......
xXx Seiko xXx
xXx Seiko xXx 3 dias atrás
I'm crying while studing and listening these songs
•Blossom• Chan•
•Blossom• Chan• 3 dias atrás
Idk what to say at latest chapter and listening to this Im too speechless to atleast spoil something
KROWINE 3 dias atrás
Just WOW !
Xeon music & trap
Xeon music & trap 3 dias atrás
good job budy
kelly raspin
kelly raspin 4 dias atrás
the first for my hero academia i almost cried just remembering all he went trough.
kelly raspin
kelly raspin 4 dias atrás
i saw deku, I Clicked.
NAI LEK 4 dias atrás
Niclas Sjørslev
Niclas Sjørslev 4 dias atrás
I would write some cool emotional thing, but i got nothing. so then i would just say I hope you have a nice day, random person out there reading this.
Gossiya 4 dias atrás
hello friend. can u subscribe to my channel. I also got some good music
Werd Destructer
Werd Destructer 5 dias atrás
えおあいう 5 dias atrás
TシャツにTシャツの文字がはいっている斬新なTシャツ。 悪くないだろう
Corvus Garden
Corvus Garden 6 dias atrás
A beautiful song
NOTERIC OK 6 dias atrás
I listen to this every day while I am studying. It gives me so much motivation to study. Study hard guys, you can do it. Thanks, NS16 for this amazing video.
Adriano 6 dias atrás
Idk for others but for me I can't use these music to study, it brings too much memories and then I can't focus...
Gharza Dzaki Rachman
Gharza Dzaki Rachman 6 dias atrás
Luke Pardo
Luke Pardo 6 dias atrás
"Best music for relaxing-studying," this guy starts the playlist off with "From Me to You," instead of studying im sitting here crying... Yea thanks
Crystal Gaming
Crystal Gaming 6 dias atrás
*when you try to do your homework but instead fangirl over the FairyTail theme*
Dijana Zrnić
Dijana Zrnić 6 dias atrás
So, no one noticed a picture of Kacchan and Deku under the book...? Sorry, I am not sure how to spell Kacchan...
Kitamura realT_
Kitamura realT_ 6 dias atrás
Dijana Zrnić
Dijana Zrnić 7 dias atrás
No matter what study music I pick, somehow i always get back to this one. It is perfect! Thank you so much!
Michael Brown
Michael Brown 7 dias atrás
some people be hating on anmie for no reason
Fairy Tail Guild
Fairy Tail Guild 7 dias atrás
Is it just me or do others do this too: Where they read either a book or manga but also find music like this just to have in the background. It's weird, I read faster, rather than without music like this. Sometimes I go as far as picking specific soundtracks for specific books to help fit the theme or mood. Idk Maybe it's just me.
isra mira
isra mira 7 dias atrás
That's cool my friend!! for me its the opposit , it after i read a story that i comprehand its mood, then when i listen to music i can say oh! this music could fit perfectly to my faverit scenes! but your experience sounds nice, so I gonna try it!! thanks
Panda lover
Panda lover 7 dias atrás
Am in loaf with the haikyuu. (best volleyball boiz)
kim nederpel
kim nederpel 8 dias atrás
Omg love the background
オレいちご 8 dias atrás
_人人人人人人_ > Tシャツ <  ̄^Y^Y^YY^Y ̄
MultiSofik 8 dias atrás
This rlly help alot I can finally chill and study =>= some time to lost and think, thank you!
Krystal Balyan
Krystal Balyan 8 dias atrás
I am sorry, the only reason I clicked the video was bc I was doing homework, and saw Deku... I do not regret clicking tho!!
Icyspicy13 8 dias atrás
ight imma head out- *cries in corner*
Icyspicy13 8 dias atrás
am i the only one who started crying on the first song-
Дармен Паримбек
its izuku midoria?
عالم الراندة
Sander Lindqvist
Sander Lindqvist 9 dias atrás
purplex gacha
purplex gacha 9 dias atrás
When i saw Deku i went crazy, not relaxing-
ForThe Ball
ForThe Ball 9 dias atrás
Those dislikes are from cartoons character
Gabriel Melo
Gabriel Melo 9 dias atrás
Parasyte- Next to you :(
まあ悪かった 9 dias atrás
i ended up crying instead of studying
Ana Galera
Ana Galera 10 dias atrás
OMG this video is the best. I loved it!! Thank you for post something like that!!! You're an angel!
Iulian-17 10 dias atrás
The best part at the final Obito 🤍
Mavis V
Mavis V 10 dias atrás
Liana Medina-Serpa
Liana Medina-Serpa 10 dias atrás
anime squad am meh right??
Paulin 10 dias atrás
Musica boa para alcama a mente
Asha475 10 dias atrás
Just a pic of Calm Deku is Relaxing me and making me Calm and caring smile
K O.G.
K O.G. 10 dias atrás
I heard Fairy Tail n started tripping like i was on acid😭😂
Skeld Pt
Skeld Pt 10 dias atrás
Very nice update,
Danti o
Danti o 10 dias atrás
3 Songs I just love on this... the Haikyuu breakdown.... the one punch Man sadness theme.... and the sangatsu may 5. So beautiful, always make me turn my head
PolishMelon 10 dias atrás
I came here to relax, not to cry ;-;
Nd J
Nd J 10 dias atrás
Toooo good , I had too much feelings while listening to this masterpiece 💜💜💜💜
Mika cha __
Mika cha __ 10 dias atrás
Yorgo Badr
Yorgo Badr 11 dias atrás
1:36 best part
Karosuno 11 dias atrás
i honestly felt like *crying* through these songs... but i felt *happy* as well... ANIME BROKE ME Edit: I was not able to finish my homework within 1 hour. I'm mad... I wanted to finish my homework when the video finished.
Direwolf 18
Direwolf 18 12 dias atrás
What is Joker doing here?!?!? I mean, he does study but its waaaaay past his curfew, Morgana is going to get mad at him! Note: no I do not think that is deku btw
Bludy Rose
Bludy Rose 12 dias atrás
Forest room code: 34MG4YW
GOD PIERRE 12 dias atrás
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